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41. AR Tests By Author
The.Secret.Garden ..frances.Burnett ..6.3 ..13.0. Zombies.Don ..Dadey/Jones Mrs..Roosevelt ..C..coco.DeYoung ..4.7
Accelerated Reader
AR Tests by Author
NORTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - PANAMA CITY, FL USA Book Title Author Reading Level Point Value Anansi.Does.the.Impossible!..An...Verna.Aardema........3.2......0.5 Borreguita.and.the.Coyote.........Verna.Aardema........3.1......0.5 Why.Mosquitoes.Buzz...Ears........Verna.Aardema........4.0......0.5 Song.and.Dance.Man................Karen.Ackerman.......4.0......0.5 Japan.............................Ackley/Taylor-Boyd...6.8......1.0 Yours.Truly,.Goldilocks...........Alma.Flor.Ada........4.7......0.5 The.Cat.That.Was.Left.Behind......C.S..Adler...........4.3......4.0 Eddie's.Blue-Winged.Dragon........C.S..Adler...........4.4......4.0 Ghost.Brother.....................C.S..Adler...........4.2......5.0 The.Magic.of.the.Glits............C.S..Adler...........5.5......3.0 That.Horse.Whiskey!...............C.S..Adler...........4.8......5.0

42. Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice
Zombies Don t Play soccer, Dadey/Jones, 3.5, 1.0. Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt,A, DeYoung, C. coco, 4.7, 3.0. Dovey Coe, Dowell, frances O Roark, 5.4, 6.0.

43. Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice
Top Secret, Gardiner, John, 4.0, 2.0. Total soccer, Hughes, Dean, 4.0, 2.0. HorseCalled Holiday, A, Wilbur, frances, 4.2, 6.0. coco Grimes, Stolz, Mary, 4.3,2.0. Level 4.htm
EVRC Tests by Level 4.0 - 4.9 Title Author Book Level Points 213 Valentines Cohen, Barbara 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, The Seuss, Dr. Addie's Long Summer Lawlor, Laurie Addy Saves the Day Porter, Connie All About Sam Lowry, Lois Almost Starring Skinnybones Park, Barbara Amber Brown Is Feeling Blue Danziger, Paula Angel's Mother's Baby Delton, Judy Angelina's Christmas Holabird, Katharine Antarctica Stone, Lynn M. Apples Gibbons, Gail Arabian Horses (Checkerboard) Gammie, Janet L. B. Bears Go Out for the Team, The Berenstain, Stan/Jan B. Bears Go to Camp, The Berenstain, Stan/Jan B. Bears Trick or Treat, The Berenstain, Stan/Jan B. Bears' Trouble at School, The Berenstain, Stan/Jan B. Bears' Trouble With Money, The Berenstain, Stan/Jan Baby MacLachlan, Patricia Bats (Nighttime Animals) Stone, Lynn M. Be First in the Universe Spinner/Bisson Beauty Wallace, Bill Benjy the Football Hero VanLeeuwen, Jean Berenstain Bears and...Junk Food Berenstain, Stan Betsy-Tacy Lovelace, Maud Hart Blizzards (Forces of Nature) Merrick, Patrick Blue Heron Avi Broccoli Tapes, The

44. Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice
30611 EN, Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt, A, DeYoung, C. coco, 4.7, 3.0. 14231 EN, Lookingat Procompsognathus, Freedman, frances, 6.2, 0.5. 46463 EN, Louise, soccer Star?
Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice
Quiz ID Title Author Book Level Points 15493 EN Kangaroo (Life Cycles), The Crewe, Sabrina 46745 EN Kangaroos and Koalas: What They Have in Common Swan, Erin Pembrey 45826 EN Kangaroos and Other Marsupials Fenton, Julie A. 14352 EN Kangaroos (Nature's Children) Ivy, Bill 12416 EN Kansas Fradin, Dennis/Judith 30758 EN Kansas Capstone-Geography-Dept. 47040 EN Kansas (America the Beautiful) Masters, Nancy Robinson 36955 EN Kansas City Chiefs (NFL Today) Nelson, Julie 9818 EN Karate Gutman, Bill 8266 EN Karts Cazin, Lorraine 12473 EN Kate Shelley: Bound for Legend Souci, Robert D. San 9321 EN Katie Can McDaniel, Becky 9322 EN Katie Couldn't McDaniel, Becky 9323 EN Katie Did It McDaniel, Becky 54441 EN Katje the Windmill Cat Woelfle, Gretchen 19575 EN Katy and the Big Snow Burton, Virginia Lee 36006 EN Katy No-Pocket Payne, Emmy 15364 EN Kayaking Lund, Bill 7150 EN Keep Ms. Sugarman in the Fourth Grade Levy, Elizabeth 60569 EN Keeping Faith Daniels, Lucy 20677 EN Keeping Quilt, The Polacco, Patricia 18553 EN Keeping Room, The Myers, Anna

45. Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice
10752 EN, Backup soccer Star, Hughes, Dean, 4.7, 3.0. 933 EN, Bread and Jamfor frances, Hoban, Russell, 2.8, 0.5. 8694 EN, coco Grimes, Stolz, Mary, 4.3,2.0.
Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice
Quiz ID Title Author Book Level Points 43532 EN 1 Is One Tudor, Tasha 14796 EN 13th Floor: A Ghost Story, The Fleischman, Sid 661 EN 18th Emergency, The Byars, Betsy 7351 EN 20,000 Baseball Cards Under the Sea Buller, Jon 6201 EN 213 Valentines Cohen, Barbara 30629 EN 26 Fairmount Avenue Paola, Tomie De 166 EN 4B Goes Wild Gilson, Jamie 413 EN 89th Kitten, The Nilsson, Eleanor 14601 EN Abby Hanel, Wolfram 45400 EN Abe Lincoln Remembers Turner, Ann 101 EN Abel's Island Steig, William 9751 EN Abiyoyo Seeger, Pete 19059 EN Abraham Lincoln: President of a Divided Country Greene, Carol 13551 EN Abraham Lincoln (Read and Discover) Usel, T.M. 11577 EN Absolutely Normal Chaos Creech, Sharon 17501 EN Abuela Dorros, Arthur 102 EN Across Five Aprils Hunt, Irene 7201 EN Across the Stream Ginsburg, Mirra 17602 EN Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: The Oregon Trail Diary... Gregory, Kristiana 65164 EN Action Jackson Greenberg/Jordan 36046 EN Adaline Falling Star Osborne, Mary Pope 1 EN Adam of the Road Gray, Elizabeth Janet 301 EN Addie Across the Prairie Lawlor, Laurie

46. INSIGHT Columns: March 3, 1998
Latina Performance in the Global Economy by coco Fusco, writer to the sport of boys soccer in New frances Markunas of the Center for Continuing Education is
March 3, 1998
  • Stories
    Jacobs to explain power of accessible language in Presidential Invited Address
    Rita Jacobs of English learned the power of language growing up the daughter of immigrants who could barely read or write English. "They were, however, adamant about their children not learning Hungarian or Yiddish because they wanted us to be 'Americans,' " she explained. Jacobs will talk about her experience as a first-generation American and college student mastering the English language when she delivers this year's Presidential Invited Faculty Address, "Mastering English: Inventing an American Self," during Spring Convocation on Thursday, March 26. A professor of English who has been at Montclair State for more than 20 years, Jacobs said her lecture also will be a plea for language clarity in writing, speaking and teaching. "I want to stress the importance of accessible language. The English language should be inclusive, not exclusive, opaque and filled with jargon," Jacobs said, adding that her lecture will include examples of problematic English. "As teachers, we have a responsibility to nurture articulate, educated human beings who can communicate across cultures and professions." A widely published journalist, she has written A Day in the Life of America, A Day in the Life of Canada, A Day in the Life of Japan and Tommy, the Musical. Her many published articles are frequently profiles of well known artists and photographers, discussions of the arts and travel pieces. They have appeared in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Parade, Diversion, Frequent Flyer, Glamour, Self and Graphis, among others. She is working on several writing projects, one of which is an academic murder mystery set in New York City where she lives.

47. AR List, By Author
78, Secret Garden, The, Burnett, frances, 7.5, 14.0. 5386, soccer Halfback, Christopher,Matt, 4.6, 4.0. 30611, Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt, A, DeYoung, C. coco, 4.7, 3.0.
Accelerated Reader List
Many fifth grade classes use the Accelerated Reading Program. The list is arranged by author.
Test Number Book Title Author Reading Level Point Value Night Crossing, The Ackerman, Karen Watership Down Adams, Richard Courtyard Cat Adler, C.S. Eddie's Blue-Winged Dragon Adler, C.S. Ghost Brother Adler, C.S. Magic of the Glits, The Adler, C.S. Cam Jansen...Babe Ruth Baseball Adler, David A. Cam Jansen...Chocolate Fudge Mys Adler, David A. Cam Jansen...Gold Coins Adler, David A. Cam Jansen...Mystery...Stolen Di Adler, David A. Cam Jansen...Television Dog Adler, David A. Fourth Floor...Skyscraper Parade Adler, David A. Lou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man Adler, David A. Many Troubles of Andy Russell, T Adler, David A. Meet Samantha Adler, Susan Samantha Learns a Lesson Adler, Susan S. Black Hearts in Battersea Aiken, Joan Cold Shoulder Road Aiken, Joan Dangerous Games Aiken, Joan Nightbirds on Nantucket Aiken, Joan Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The Aiken, Joan Little Men Alcott, Louisa May Little Women (Part I and II) (Un Alcott, Louisa May Out of the Dark Aldrich, Kathleen

48. Author
The Secret Garden, frances Hodgson Bu, 6.3, 13. Shadrach, Meindert DeJong, 4.9,5. A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt, C. coco DeYoung, 4.7, 3. soccer Circus, Jamie Gilson,4, 4.
Title Author Book Level Points Barry Sanders: Star Running Back Nathan Aaseng Florence Griffith Joyner Nathan Aaseng Sports Great Michael Jordan Nathan Aaseng Watership Down Richard Adams Daddy's Climbing Tree C.S. Adler That Horse Whiskey! C.S. Adler Silent Snow, Secret Snow Conrad Aiken The Wolves of Willoughby Chase Joan Aiken Jo's Boys Louisa May Alcott Little Men Louisa May Alcott Little Women Louisa May Alcott The Black Cauldron Lloyd Alexander The Book of Three Lloyd Alexander The Castle of Llyr Lloyd Alexander The High King Lloyd Alexander Taran Wanderer Lloyd Alexander Westmark Lloyd Alexander The Fir Tree Hans Christian And The Steadfast Tin Soldier Hans Christian And Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biograph William Anderson Kindred Spirit: A Biography of L Catherine M. Andro The Mystery of the Smashing Glas William Arden The Dreams of Mairhe Mehan Jennifer Armstrong Lili the Brave Jennifer Armstrong Sounder William H. Armstro Incredible Comparisons Russell Ash I, Robot (Robot Series) Isaac Asimov It's Such a Beautiful Day Isaac Asimov Mr. Popper's Penguins Richard/Florence A Emma Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen The Barn Avi Beyond the Western Sea: Lord Kir Avi Beyond the Western Sea: The Esca Avi Night Journeys Avi Nothing but the Truth Avi Punch with Judy Avi Romeo and Juliet Together (and A Avi Something Upstairs Avi The True Confessions of Charlott Avi Kneeknock Rise Natalie Babbitt Tuck Everlasting Natalie Babbitt National Velvet Enid Bagnold Miss Hickory Carolyn Sherwin Ba Life in the Rain Forests Lucy Baker Everything...Drug Abuse

49. Advertisement
by Thumbshots Lalvani Jetu, Emma, and coco includes photos Tom, George, Fred, Julia,frances, Sheila, and Pictures, youth soccer links, resources for people
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and Portal to the Best Sites on the Internet
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Top Home Family Family Websites : L (146)
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  • Home: Family: Babies: Baby Homepages: L Lynam - Bill, Leticia, and Keoni. Contains a few family pictures. Law - Provides pictures and information on knitting, crocheting, quilting, woodworking and canning. Lachance and Bussell - Ancestors and descendents of both Lachance and Bussell (Bressell) with other surnames, family stories, photos and links. Loscheider - Contains favorite links, photos, and recipes. Lopez - La Familia Lopez of Three Rivers, Tx. Family news, genealogy, history, coat of arms, and photos. Larsen-Salbu - The Norwegian Debora Expedition and South African descendants of farms Nygaardsvig, Hordnes and Salbu Langdon - Kevin, Shelley, Joshua, and Alexander. Includes family pictures and interests. Lewis - Information about toddlers, twins, child abuse, hearing impairment, parents humor and poetry. Liles - Paul and Sue of Seal Beach, California. Offers family information, memories, and pictures.

50. Miami News Photographic Prints
Chester, Jeremiah Chester, Jo frances Chevalier, Maruice coco, Eddie Codina, ArmandoCodrington, Simon (Basketball Harry David, Steve (soccer) Davidson, Dean
Site Map Events Exhibits ...
Miami News Photographs
Miami News Photographic Prints Subject headings: A-B C D-H I-N ... T-Z Biographical headings: A-B C-D E-H I-N O-R S-Z C Cabasay, Frank
Cabel, Rene (Cuban Tenor)
Cabellero, Emilio (Sports)
Cabellero, Henry (Baseball)
Cabrales, Galileo (Air Race)
Cabrera, Daniel (Santa Claus)
Cabrera, Hector
Cabrera, Lydia
Cabrera, Manuel (Food-Chef) Caccato, Sharon (Jockey) Caceido Ramon G. Caceres, Luis (Geomundo Magazine) Cactus, Jim (Radio) Cadahia, Miguel (Fassini Magician) Cadon, Alberto (Hijacker) Cadwallader, Alvin Caesar, Jack R. Caffie, Joe (Marlins) Cain, Cullen Cain, Harry P. Calautti, John (Mayor, Florida City) Calder, Stephen Caldwell, George L. Caldwell, Max Caleb, Joe Calero, Mario (Nicaragua Contras) Calhoun, Jessie Mae (Mta Bus Driver)

51. Movado Portico Women's Two Tone And Chase Authentics Tony Stewart Beach Towel
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    10.8 Volt Li-Ion Laptop Battery

52. NewStandard: 7/15/97
and was inducted into the Foxpoint soccer Hall of two daughters, Beverly Ann Barbosaand frances Marie Smith of Fall River, and Arthur Soares of coco Beach, Fla
  • Related: Death Notices
  • Shirley White Curran
  • Isabelle I. Marland
  • Mary W. Deveney
  • John J. Dagnall ...
  • Angelina Imbriglio
    Shirley White Curran
    DARTMOUTH Private funeral services were held for Shirley White Curran, 74, who died at home Monday, July 14, 1997, after a long illness.
    She was the widow of Matthew J. Curran Jr. and daughter of the late Roland W. and Emily G. (Hickey) White.
    She was born in Boston and lived in the New Bedford area most of her life.
    Mrs. Curran was a real estate agent for several local Realtors until her retirement.
    Survivors include two daughters, Leah A. Curran of South Dartmouth and Katherine C. Krikorian of Milburn, N.J.; two sons, Matthew Curran of South Dartmouth and Rafi Krikorian of Milburn, N.J; and a grandson, Matthew M. Krikorian of Milburn, N.J.
    She was the sister of the late E. Jean Dennie.
    Arrangements are by the Saunders-Dwyer Home for Funerals, 495 Park St., New Bedford.
    Isabelle I. Marland, 91
    DARTMOUTH Isabelle I. (Stevens) Marland, 91, died Monday, July 14, 1997, at The Oaks nursing home after a long illness.
    She was the widow of Robert F. Marland and daughter of the late Hiram and Ellen (Chadwick) Stevens.
  • 53. Oasis Beach Hotel Dubai - Dubai Hotels And Beach Resorts, UAE
    tennis court, beach volleyball, beach soccer, Petanque (French ball cuisine fromItalys Piemonte and frances Province region coco Cabana Beach Bar Restaurant.
    Jumeirah Dubai Hotels - Oasis Beach Hotel Dubai, United Arab Emirates with huge discount on published rates guaranteed!
    Dubai Hotels Jumeirah
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    Oasis Beach Hotel Dubai
    Jumeirah Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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    Along the hotel's white sandy beach, fun water sports such as water-skiing, knee boarding, pedalos, catamarans, windsurfing, banana boat rides and dingo rides are all there for the asking. Tuition is available for a variety of water sports.
    Land Sports The hotel offers a choice of land based sports including a floodlit tennis court, beach volleyball, beach soccer, Petanque (French ball), archery and table tennis.
    Wellness and Beauty Health Club The Health Club includes a fully-equipped gymnasium, separate sauna and steam baths for ladies and gents. Massages are available.

    54., News Archives
    a free entry fee to one of the summer soccer camps our If interested please contactFrances at 6534501. Stairs ( 537-5075) has them at his store, coco Loco.
    Soccer, Canada, Salt Spring Island, BC, Saltspring Island, Salt Spring, Saltspring, Salt Spring Island Soccer Association, football, fussball, futbol, Salt Spring FC, Saltspring FC, Dragons, Salt Spring Dragons Womens Soccer Club, Old Boys, Salt Spring Old Boys, Saltspring Old Boys SaltSpringSoccer com
    Home of the Salt Spring Island Youth Soccer Association more Home Contact Us Field Locations ... Soccer Links News Archives - December 2003 SOCCER KICKS By Malcolm Legg December 22, 2003
    With Christmas upon us and all our coaches/teams/referees are resting, it was time for our Association to reflect on the past fall and what is on the horizon in 2004 for the youth soccer program, something our Association achieved with the coaches get together at the Legion on the evening of December 16th. A quick review of the evening events will high-light both the past and the future, a bit like Ebenezer had to face, and reveal what looks to be a fast growing and exciting organization, full of hard working enthusiastic people. ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY-PROGRAM: Bob Howe gave details how our club/teams can raise money through looking after sections of road on salt Spring (basically collect garbage from the roadsides). If your team is interested please contact Bob at 653-4542.

    55. France Daily
    France Daily provides latest World News from WN Network Paris A HAPPY ENDING.. By frances Traynor THIS could be the historic Ashikaga, Tochigi Prefecture, is coco Farm and Winery to
    WN RELATED Headlines
    News Archive

    Weather in Paris

    -East Europe

    -Central Europe

    -North Europe

    -South Europe

    SECTORS -Business -Economy -Politics -East E.Sport ... -Correspondent WN SERVICES -Site Map -WN by Email -Feedback -Advertising ... -Employment DIRECTORY WN WORLD WN Asia WN Africa WN Australasia WN Caribbean ... WN SPORT WN BUSINESS WN Business WN Industry WN Energy WN Economy ... WN Money Related Links "The News" France, French News, French newspapers, news from ... AngloINFO Newsroom - French News Cannes News Current Papers / French News ... Volterre-Fr Paris France: French News Groups Useful Links Annuaire E/R CFHT Home Page CIA The World Factbook France Embassy of France in the US ... WN TOOLBAR! Sat, 5 Jun 2004 WN Business Broadcasts WN Europe Bush hails Iraqi PM letter on security Bush hails Iraqi PM letter on security... Iraq Military Photos Security ... Bush Looks Past Differences With France Bush Looks Past Differences With France... France Iraq Photos Terrorism ... World Leaders Remember D-Day, Look to the Future CAEN, France (Reuters) - Seventeen world leaders and thousands of World War II veterans commemorate the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy on Sunday, looking to the future as well as to the past... Bush Says Reagan 'Helped Save' the World PARIS - President Bush ( - ) mourned Ronald Reagan ( - ) on Saturday as a great American who "leaves behind a nation he restored and a world he helped save." He called Reagan's death at his home in California "...

    56. | Providence, R.I. | Pet-O-Rama
    coco s three owners were arraigned yesterday in District Court, South Kingstown,on The police arrested Aubrey L. Phillips and his parents, frances E. Rapozo
    Providence, R.I. Customize E-mail newsletters E-cards MySpecialsDirect ... More subscriber services Dog owners arraigned on animal-cruelty charges The leg of the brown cocker spaniel had to be amputated and the police also found an iguana, two cats, four guinea pigs and three birds in poor condition at the North Kingstown home of Aubrey L. Phillips. 01:29 AM EDT on Saturday, April 24, 2004 By MEGAN MATTEUCCI
    Journal Staff Writer
    NORTH KINGSTOWN Neglect and cruelty caused part of 5-year-old Coco's paw to rot off, leaving a bloody stump of mangled fur, the police said. Coco, a brown cocker spaniel, is now recovering at the North Kingstown Animal Hospital. Her leg has been amputated. Coco's three owners were arraigned yesterday in District Court, South Kingstown, on charges of mistreatment to animals, unnecessary cruelty to animals and failure to provide a rabies vaccination. The police arrested Aubrey L. Phillips and his parents, Frances E. Rapozo and Edward Rapozo, after they received an anonymous complaint last Saturday about a dog limping around the trailer park at 6101 Post Rd. North Kingstown Police photo Coco, a 5-year-old cocker spaniel, is now recovering at the North Kingstown Animal Hospital and will probably be put up for adoption the police say.

    57. Untitled
    M6847 code, modified coco 1/coco 2/Dragon drivers to their interrupts, and modified coco 3 EI1 interrupt signals to wobble problem during the soccer game by auto adjusting the
    January 2001
    January 01, 2001 - Monday
    HAPPY NEW YEARS! [Posted by DarkMazda
    ITs 2:05AM right here in New Jersey.. but Happy New Years 2001 to everyone!!! Hopefully this year would be a great year for you people!! Take care! :D Discuss this Topic over at the DarkMazda's Domain Forums
    Japump Dumps! [Posted by DarkMazda
    Team Japump
    has released some new dumps!
    • Gun Dealer
    • Sotsugyo Shousho
    • Mahjong Block Jongbou (JPN Ver.)
    • Rod Land (Alt JPN Ver.)
    • Sky Adventure (JPN Ver.)
    • Super World Stadium '92 - Tokubetsuban
    Discuss this Topic over at the DarkMazda's Domain Forums
    Genesis Power's 400th release! [Posted by DarkMazda
    Genesis Power
    's 400th release was Genesis Release #400: Sonic Spinball (J)! Congrats for GP for releasing all of these roms!! Hopefully, we can see more this year :) Discuss this Topic over at the DarkMazda's Domain Forums
    New OverClocked Remixes! [Posted by DarkMazda
    's 2001 Remixes are here!! Here is the releases of new remixes has been released
    • Arkanoid
    • Seiken Densetsu 3
    • Goldeneye 007
    • Chrono Trigger
    • Shadowgate
    • Castlevania II
    • Doom
    • Blaster Master
    • And David's own Yoshi's Island 2001 ElsasticNewYear remix. :)

    58. | Providence, R.I. | South County
    The police found coco, the cocker spaniel, limping around a Rapozo s wife, FrancesE., and son, Aubrey L School Golf Motor Sports Outdoors Skiing soccer Tennis.
    South County
    Providence, R.I. Customize E-mail newsletters E-cards MySpecialsDirect ... More subscriber services Man, 72, released on bail after probation violation 01:00 AM EDT on Friday, May 7, 2004 BY MEGAN MATTEUCCI
    Journal Staff Writer
    SOUTH KINGSTOWN A 72-year-old man was released on bail yesterday, but ordered not to leave his Jamestown home after he violated probation when he allegedly abused his dog. Edward Rapozo, of 57 Pemberton Ave., faces charges of mistreatment to animals, unnecessary cruelty to animals and failure to provide a rabies vaccination. Washington County Superior Court Judge Edwin J. Gale released Rapozo on $25,000 personal recognizance yesterday. Rapozo's lawyer requested his release because of health problems, said Michael J. Healey, spokesman for the attorney general's office. However, Rapozo is only allowed to leave his home for court appearances, religious services or doctors' appointments, under the judge's order. Last month, Gale ordered Rapozo held at the Adult Correctional Institutions after he allegedly neglected his cocker spaniel to the point that part of his paw rotted off, leaving a bloody stump and mangled fur. The police found Coco, the cocker spaniel, limping around a North Kingstown trailer park. Part of the dog's right back leg was missing, according to a police report. Inside the trailer, police found an iguana, two cats, four guinea pigs and three cockatiels;all were in poor condition, the police said.

    59. @ FANSITES.COM - Links
    102 Singer coco LEE at the 73rd 105 frances McDORMAND (left) KATE

    60. Untitled
    Eastman 1.0 0.5 7254EN The Bunny Hop Teddy Slater 1.0 0.5 7255EN Can You Play? Harriet Ziefert 1.0 0.5 18606EN The Cow in the House Harriet M. Santa Almost Misse Marian frances 2.0 0.5 16959EN Circus Adventures de 2.0 0.5 6293EN soccer Sam Jean Marzollo 2.0 0.5 7175EN The B. Bears' soccer Star Stan/Jan Berenstai 2.2

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