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         Stojko Elvis:     more detail
  1. Heart and Soul by Elvis Stojko, 1998-02
  2. Elvis Stojko: Skating from the Blade (Figure Skaters) by Linda Shaughnessy, 1997-10

1. An Elvis Stojko Fan Page's fan page for elvis stojko An elvis stojko Fan Page. If there is any information you think belongs on this from Figure skating A Celebration. elvis and Kurt chatting on the ice .
An Elvis Stojko Fan Page
If there is any information you think belongs on this page, please send it to CLW Let's start by linking in all the pictures that are already out there: Finally some things I've scanned:

2. Elvis Stojko King Of The Ice
Board Kingquad elvis stojko Figure skating Page elvis stojko Heart of a Champion a indepth fan page of elvis stojko The King of the ice Stacey s Li l
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Date Last Modified Mar. 19th, 2000
Elvis poll added. Please vote. You too skaters. Competion link in Elvis' Competitions link for 1999 and 2000 season.

Way to go, ELVIS! You're doing a great job. Keep it up. Get some rest, talk with Glen and have lots of fun.
You all know what Elvis did for Canada in Nagano.

Elvis Stojko Quotes.

The Webmaster's Head Tripping Quotes.

Fun Elvis Stuff.
... Books, search engines and webrings. Let's keep praying for Elvis Stojko and his family. You can post ElvisPrayers here. Elvis has persevered through a long season of competitions on his road to recovery from a painful injury that almost ended his career. Once again, he proved to us that nothing is impossible when you have a dream. Elvis' dream lives in children who are dealt with daily by RMCC (Ronald McDonald's Childrens Charities). In honour of Elvis and his strength, courage and true mettle in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, please make a donation to RMCC and give to the kids Elvis is trying to help live their dreams. It doesn't matter if it is $1, $5, $10, $20 or $100 it all helps.

3. Elvis Stojko Champions On Ice 1999 Ice Skating Photos By Tracy Marks
elvis stojko. photos copyright 1998, 1999 by Tracy Marks. NEW! Go to Four elvis photos from ImprovIce 1999! GO TO Tracy Marks' skating Photo Index. Since April 3, 1997, you are visitor. Last update
Elvis Stojko
Champions on Ice 1999
NEW! Go to Four Elvis photos from ImprovIce 1999! Please note:
All three are available at Ebay as 4x6 photos. See Tracy Marks' (torreyphilemon's) auctions:
For more information, contact tracy here. GO TO:
Tracy Marks' Skating Photo Index

Since April 3, 1997, you are visitor
Last update December 27, 2001

4. Ice Style By Icejoan
The good, the bad and the ugly of fashion on ice. Michelle Kwan, Todd Eldredge, Tara Lipinski and elvis stojko are all reviewed and includes photos.
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Best of 2001 Worlds
Best of 2001 US Nationals ... 2001 Baddies - learn from your mistakes! On the Road : a review of the 2000-2001 tours Off the ice (or in practice) and looking fine Fashion Best-Evers by discipline Links to the best-dressed View my Guestbook Sign my Guestbook Medals, schmedals... Let's face it, when all is said and done no one will remember if Michelle Kwan flutzed but we will all remember that incredible Vera Wang number with the mocha underskirt . This is a site dedicated to the truly well-dressed and a hopeful inspiration to the truly fashion devoid. e-mail the fashionable IceJoan

5. Sports, Skating, Ice Skating, Skaters: Stojko, Elvis
champion, Canadian champion and twice Olympic silver medalist in figure skating,with games, info, and schedules. elvis stojko King of the ice Online Fan,_Elvis/
Top Sports Skating Ice Skating ...
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6. Elvis Stojko - The Terminator! - Ice Skating
Trivia Quiz on elvis stojko The Terminator!, elvis stojko is a 2-time Olympic silver medallist, who competes for Canada. Questions in this quiz cover his family life, as well as his skating

7. Elivs Stojko | Figure Skater | World Champion | Ice Skating | Picture
him after elvis Presley a rock n roll star who was popular with old people hundredsof years ago. That s why stojko often performs his skating routines to
advanced Scroll down for the article Elvis Stojko
When you think of guy figure skaters, you probably don't think of some of the world's toughest athletes. I mean if it came down to a cage match between a linebacker and a figure skater - you probably wouldn't be picking the guy who skates. But World Champion figure skater, Elvis Stojko, is an exception to that rule. Sure he's one of the best at all that jumping and dancing stuff, but Elvis also has a black belt in karate , is a kick-ass dirt bike rider and rides jet skis. There's even a rumor that he beat the crap out of Eric Lindros one time when the two got into an argument. That's right, the E-Train vs. Elvis - and Elvis the figure skater came out on top. Elvis was born in Ontario, Canada. His parents named him after Elvis Presley - a rock n'roll star who was popular with old people hundreds of years ago. That's why Stojko often performs his skating routines to rock n' roll music, rather than classical music like a lot of those other figure skaters. He started figure skating when he was five years old and became hooked. By the time Elvis was a teenager, he was being recruited by the top figure skating coaches in Canada.

8. Blades On Ice - Figure Skating News Briefs & Results
including Victor Petrenko, Rudy Galindo, elvis stojko and Philippe Candeloro are also in girls a powerful afterschool ice skating and educational enrichment program that


Latest Competitions PAST NEWS TV SCHEDULE
TV Figure Skating EMPORIUM
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Email Editor OUR HOME PAGE
BLADES On Ice Past Issues
Welcome to the BLADES On Ice website! We hope you enjoy our pages - bringing you skating news as it happens - on the internet. Then you can read our full-featured bi-monthly magazine for the hottest interviews with today's top skating stars, the coolest people in the sport, tomorrow's stars and skating's best color photography. Be sure and check out these sources on the "Emporium Figure Skating Store" for skating related products. Accessories and Skating items The Skating Gallery Apparel Harlick Skating Boots SP-Teri Books, Videos and Internet The World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame Icesport Photos Kathy Goedeken J. Barry Mittan

9. Elvis Stojko: Skating Links
News About elvis skating Info Multimedia Weekly Features Interactive Figure skatingPage Amy s Figure skating Page An ice Skater s Homepage Artistic Flair

About Elvis Skating Info Multimedia
About Elvis Skating Info Multimedia ... Misc

10. Elvis Stojko:Heart Of Gold
2001, Katarina Witt. Spotlight on skating, Feb. 1999, elvis stojko. Blades on ice,June 1999, elvis stojko,Michelle Kwan. 8/6, Blades on ice, Aug. 1998, Tara Lipinski.

About Elvis Skating Info Multimedia ... Trivia Note from me:
Everytime it is updated it will have a blueish background Vol/Number Magazine Title Issue Cover? Skating Magazines n/a International Figure Skating July/Aug '02 Timothy Goebel Blades On Ice Oct. 2001 Katarina Witt Spotlight on Skating Feb. 1999 Elvis Stojko Blades on Ice June 1999 Elvis Stojko,Michelle Kwan Blades on Ice Aug. 1998 Tara Lipinski n/a Canadian Skate Mar/Apr 98 Elvis Stojko 10 Vol Eissport Dec. 1997 Elvis Stojko n/a International Figure Skating Nov/Dec 97 Nicole Bobek n/a Piroutte July 97 Elvis Stojko American World Skating Sept.96 Elvis Stojko Blades On Ice Brian Boitano Ice Chronicles Fall '96 Nicole Bobek American World Skating Nov '95 Elvis Stojko n/a nternational Figure Skating Oct/Nov 95 Elvis Stojko n/a Patinage May/June 95 Elvis Stojko American Skating World May '95 Stojko, Candeloro,Eldredge n/a Ice Age April '95 Elvis Stojko N/a Skating Dec. '94 n/a Tracings Aug/Sept 94 Elvis Stojko American Skating World Aug. '94 Elvis Stojko n/a Patinage May/June '94 Phillipe Candeloro N/a Tracings Jan/Feb 94 Blades on Ice Brian Boitana Olympic Issues Magazines n/a International Figure Skating May/June '02 Sarah Hughes n/a Patinage Feb 94 n/a Patinage Feb. 94

11. Elvis Stojko:Heart Of Gold
News. About elvis. skating Info. Multimedia. Weekly Features time National Champion. elvis stojko has been the skater that The 2004 Champions On ice started today. On Jan 11, elvis was

About Elvis

Skating Info

New Fan page Join KingQuad

This page is dedicated to 2-time Olympic Silver Medalist 3-time World Champion and 7-time National Champion. Elvis Stojko has been the skater that has raise the bar in the technical difficulty since 1991. He is the ultimate example of persistance and determination and that's what I admired him about the most

May 2, 2004
First Time: 11:18 pm Newsflash
The 2004 Champions On Ice started today On Jan 11, Elvis was finally inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame Even though Elvis has left the building, he is still around doing shows and specials. The former owner of the mailing list, Kingquad has now passed the torched down to me to run the mailing list. Please be part of KingQuad because it's a fan group of Elvis Stojko Subscribe to Kingquad Powered by Keep in mind that I am not Elvis nor do I have any contact with him (I wish), I am a fan just like you Photos on logo:from left to right 1 © Anderson, 2 © Mctchuceon, 3 © by Gaillard, 4-7 ©

12. Stojko, Elvis --  Encyclopædia Britannica
powerful triple and quadruple jumps and nontraditional choreography, Canadian athleteElvis stojko raised the technical level of men s ice skating and pushed

13. Elvis Stojko ImprovIce 1999 Ice Skating Photos By Tracy Marks
elvis stojko Improvice 1999 photos copyright 1999 by Tracy Marks Above photos arefrom elvis practice session Go to elvis in Champions on ice 2000 Go
Elvis Stojko
ImprovIce 1999
Above photos are from Elvis' practice session.
Go to Four More Elvis photos , from ImprovIce 99!
Go to Elvis in Champions on Ice 2000
Go to: Tracy Marks' Skating Photo Index Please note: Tracy Marks' (torreyphilemon's) auctions. For more information, contact tracy at

14. Wauu.DE: Sports: Skating: Ice Skating: Skaters: Stojko, Elvis elvis stojko Fan Site Provides biographical information,message board, photo gallery, and quotes from this popular ice Skater.
Home Sports Skating Ice Skating ... Skaters : Stojko, Elvis Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
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  • Elvis Stojko - Heart of a Champion
    Contains a picture gallery, biographical information, interviews, transcripts, and lyrics.
  • Elvis Stojko Fan Site
    Provides biographical information, message board, photo gallery, and quotes from this popular Ice Skater.
  • Elvis Stojko Fan Site - Dragon's Lair
    An unofficial site about Elvis Stojko, the world champion, Canadian champion and twice Olympic silver medalist in figure skating, with games, info, and schedules.
  • Elvis Stojko forum A place to share ideas and views about Elvis Stojko.It would allow fans to express themselves.
  • Elvis Stojko King of the Ice Online Fan Club
  • Elvis Stojko Mosaics An Elvis Stojko photo gallery containing hundreds of pictures presented in a unique way. New photos are added every week.

15. Elvis Stojko News Archive
with elvis Website Official site for the tour skating superstar, elvis stojko,headlines all-star cast for Canada s hottest new show on ice - Press Release.
Welcome to the Elvis Stojko News Archive Page. Here you'll find links to all of this season's articles and photos arranged by date and event. ( Click here to go to the Elvis Stojko Discussion Board where you can talk with other Elvis Stojko Fans.) LATEST NEWS May 30, 2003 Stojko assigned to China event by ISU - TSN
The Moves that Move Them
- Anh Do, Orange County Register May 29, 2003 Stojko draws Cup of China for his return - Beverley Smith, Globe and Mail May 27, 2003 World medallists headline thirtieth anniversary MasterCard Skate Canada International - Skate Canada Press Release May 26, 2003 Grand Prix assignments - Men -
Stojko Announces Return to Eligible Competition
- Lynn, Rutherford, Spotlight on Skating Interview May 21, 2003 Figure skating club celebrates 50 years - John Cudmore,
Skaters Show SLC Why They Are Champions
- Janet Rae Brooks, Salt Lake Tribune May 3, 2003 Stojko, Malar deserve a welcome back - Stephen Brunt, Globe and Mail May 1, 2003 Refocused Stojko skating in a dream world - Steve Simmons, Toronto Sun
Too much of a good thing?

16. Martial Arts Cross-training For Figure Skaters
and refining via World Champion elvis stojko, a set of Kung Fu based moves andtechniques directly related to the movement and attributes of ice skating.
Glen Doyle's
Martial Arts Cross-Training
For Figure Skaters
Written by Lisa T.

Synopsis I know what you are thinking What in the world does figure skating have to do with Martial Arts? How could Martial Arts training benefit a figure skater? Well how about the muscle explosion required to execute a triple jump? How about the muscle awareness and the control of power necessary for learning excellent jumping technique? How about fluid circular motion found both in Kung fu and in Ice skating? How about the balance necessary to execute moves that exploit edge control? How about the focus and self-confidence necessary to be in the right frame of mind during a competition? Traditional martial arts training can have a serious positive impact on all of these areas and more. But what if a skater doesn't have the time to devote for training of a martial art in the traditional manner? For the last twelve years Glen Doyle, a 3-time Canadian Kung fu champion, has been helping to bridge this gap by developing and refining via World Champion Elvis Stojko, a set of Kung Fu based moves and techniques directly related to the movement and attributes of ice skating. Glen's unique cross-training program comprises a highly effective, streamlined, powerful cross-training technique that can have an immediate impact on the skater's competitive performance. This streamlined approach allows the skater to reap many of the benefits of martial arts without going through years of classical martial arts training. (Oh and don't worry; the skaters won't be breaking boards with their bare hands nor sparring on the ice with their fellow skaters.)

17. Ice Skating - 729 Of The Best Sites Selected By Humans
elvis stojko A Canadian Hero elvis stojko Heart of Gold Synchronized_or_Precision_skating-Custom Made skating Music -Meghans ice skating Page -Synch Team
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18. Ice Skating - 729 Of The Best Sites Selected By Humans
News Archive elvis stojko King of the ice -elvis stojko forum Browning South-AfricanNational Championships 1999 -US Figure skating Championships 2001 -BMO

19. SLAM! Elvis Stojko: Photo Gallery
18, 1992 At the 1992 Winter Olympic Games. 8K AWAY FROM THE ice Oct. 23, 1991 elvisStojko goes high in the air. 10K Apr 5, 1992 elvis goes inline skating.

SLAM! Sports

SLAM! Skating

SLAM! Stojko


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    Elvis Stojko Photo Gallery
    2000 WORLD FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIP March 30, 2000: Elvis Stojko proudly shows off his silver medal. March 30, 2000: Elvis Stojko smiles as he shows his silver medal. March 30, 2000: Stojko, Yagudin and Weiss pose with medals. March 30, 2000: Stojko acknowledges crowd applause following his free skate. ... March 26, 2000: Stojko jumps during practice. STAYING AMATEUR June 24, 1999: Stojko is kissed by his mom. 1999 CANADIAN FIGURE SKATING CHAMPIONSHIPS Jan. 28, 1999: Stojko falls during his short program. Jan. 30, 1999: Stojko hits a quadruple jump. Jan. 30, 1999: Stojko performs a spin during his long program. 1998 ELVIS TOUR OF CHAMPIONS Nov. 19, 1998: Stojko and Katarina Witt ham it up at a press conference.
  • 20. Elvis Stojko - Heart Of A Champion
    in Richmond Hill is renamed The elvis stojko Arena ; 1997 1997 elvis Dragonheartperformance at Worlds is voted poll conducted by Blades on ice (a skating
    Richmond Hill, Home of Elvis Stojko
    "As soon as he was born, I knew he was special. That's why I named him Elvis." Irene Stojko
    Hometown Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
    Parents: Steve and Irene Stojko
    Born March 22, 1972
    Training Site Ice Works in Pennsylvania
    Sifu Glen Doyle
    History of a Champion
    "When you look up the word "champion" in the dictionary,
    Elvis' picture will be there."
    Uschi Keszler GOLD 2000 Four Continents 2000 Canadians 1999 Canadians 1998 Canadians 1997 Skate Canada 1997 Nations Cup 1997 World Championships 1997 Champions Series Final 1997 Canadians 1996 NHK Trophy 1996 Skate Canada 1996 Canadians 1995 NHK Trophy 1995 World Championships 1994 Canadians 1994 Nations Cup 1994 Skate Canada 1994 World Championships 1993 Piruetten 1992 Skate Canada 1991 Skate Canada 1988 Canadians (Junior) SILVER 2000 World Championships 2000 Grand Prix Final 1999 Canadian Open 1999 Skate Canada 1998 Skate Canada 1998 Olympic Winter Games 1997/98 Champions Series Final 1996 Champions Series Final 1994 Olympic Winter Games 1993 Canadians 1993 World Championships 1992 Canadians 1992 NHK Trophy 1991 Canadians 1990 Canadians BRONZE 1999 Skate America 1999 Four Continents 1995 Trophee de France 1992 World Championships 1990 Trophee Lalique THE KING'S ACCOMPLISHMENTS "We don't do it because we have to.

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