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1. - Discover Figure Skating Accessories And Figure Skating Dresses Her
At we offer figure skating accessories and figure skating dresses and boots. We provide information on fits and sizes. Browse our website for more information. in the USA by ice Skate. ice skating Australia. ice skating Institute. Polish skating Association Official Website official fan club page) jozef sabovcik ( fan club) Viktor Petrenko
Tons of Skating Links
Here are some quality figure skating links to check out. We are very confident that you will find tons of info on skating, competitions, skaters, fan clubs and more. We will be adding to this list as we find them but if you have any suggestions please let us know in our comments/guest book and we will be happy to list them too!
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Information Sites Skating Club, Regional or Rink Sites SkateCanada
ISU International Skating Union
US Olympic Committee

Sandra Loosemores SkateWeb

Ask Skating Mom's

Don Korte's Figure Skater's Website
Figure Skating Corner

The Zamboni® Page

Toller Cranston Art
Skating Apparel Patterns
by Jalie Dream Designs - Fabric/Patterns/Crystals Skate Mate - Personal sharpener Lovena's Skating Info Site Coquitlam FSC - Coquitlam, BC, Cdn

2. Ice Show Schedule
April 30, 2004. ice skating ice Shows ice skating School Professional World Champions. jozef sabovcik. June 28
June 5, 2004 Ice Skating Ice Shows Ice Skating School Sleigh Rides ... Event Calendar What's Hot! 2004 SUMMER SKATING SCHOOL
Call Horizon Air
Brochure Request: History Schedule Prices Venue Map Purchase Tickets
Below is a list of who appeared in our 2003 summer season: June 2003
June 14 8-time Lithuanian Dance Champions
World Medalists June 21 Professional World Champions Jozef Sabovcik June 28 Olympic Medalist
European Champion July 2003 2002 Olympic Gold Medalists
World Champions Canadian Champions Timothy Goebel July 12 2002 Olympic Bronze Medalist 2003 U.S. Silver Medalist Steven Cousins July 19 Eight Time British Champion Three Time Olympian Elena Sokolova July 26 2003 World Silver Medalist 2003 Russian National Champion August 2003 Takeshi Honda August 2 2002 Olympic Finalist National Champion of Japan Scott Hamilton August 9 Olympic Gold Medalist Four-time World Champion Six-time U.S. National Champion

3. Sports, Skating, Ice Skating, Skaters: Sabovcik, Jozef
jozef sabovcik s Official Home Page Visit this Olympic Figure Skater ssite and see another side of jozef. See his personal paintings,_Jozef/
Top Sports Skating Ice Skating ...
  • Jozef Sabovcik's Official Home Page - Visit this Olympic Figure Skater's site and see another side of Jozef. See his personal paintings, wedding pictures and stop by his chat room. Jozef and his coach often hold informal chats with fans. Meet a great group of people in this family oriented site. Jump'in Joe's Fan Club - Contains membership details, pictures, officers listing, merchandise, and a kids' corner.
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4. Jozef Sabovcik
jozef sabovcik began skating at the age of six, after his grandmother took him to an ice rink success to her " said jozef. sabovcik has been skating for more that
dqmcodebase = "/scripts/" Home Forum Sitemap Search ... Contact
Jozef Sabovcik
Online Interview
February 02, 2003
Barry Mittan
Lori: Love to see you skate! Where can one see you perform? Any U. S. shows in the near future? Jozef: In the past year I have been doing a lot of stuff in Japan and Europe. This year it looks like I'might be doing even more in Europe, although nothing is set in stone yet. After the New Year, I performed in Brian Boitano's Ice Spectacular and there are some plans for me to do some short tours. Hopefully everything will get done and I will skate more in the United States and Canada, because this is where I live, so this is where I like to perform. But I came from Europe, so I can't forget about them. Anonymous: How did you first'start'skating? Do you have any brothers and sisters? Jozef: I started skating when I was 6-years-old. It was really my Grandmother who took me on the ice for the first time. She made sure I stayed there after I had convinced her that this is what I wanted to do. Without her, I never would have become what I am today. As for brothers and sister, I don't have any. Mary: What keeps you motivated?

5. Electricbrain Home: Index: Sports: Skating: Ice Skating: Skaters: Sabovcik, Joze
electricbrain Index Sports skating ice skating Skaters sabovcik,jozef, home index write privacy. Famous quotes I wonder if,_
Sports Skating ... Skaters : Sabovcik, Jozef home index write privacy Quote of the Minute...
Coach: What would you say to a beer, Normie? Norm: Daddy wuvs you. Cheers, The Mail Goes to Jail Sam: What'd you like, Normie? Norm: A reason to live. Gimme another beer. Cheers, Behind Every Great Man Sam: What will you have, Norm? Norm: Well, I'm in a gambling mood, Sammy. I'll take a glass of whatever comes out of that tap. Sam: Oh, looks like beer, Norm. Norm: Call me Mister Lucky. Cheers, The Executive's Executioner
Find someone: Old Friends New Friends Lost Love
New Love
... privacy

6. Ice Show Schedule
May 8, 2004. ice skating ice Shows ice skating School 2000 Professional Champions. jozef sabovcik. June 19
June 5, 2004 Ice Skating Ice Shows Ice Skating School Sleigh Rides ... Event Calendar What's Hot! 2004 SUMMER SKATING SCHOOL
Call Horizon Air
Brochure Request: History Schedule Prices Venue Map Purchase Tickets Check back often for more 2004 Ice Show schedule updates! June 2004
June 12 2000 Professional Champions Jozef Sabovcik June 19 Olympic Medalist
European Champion June 26 Professional World Champions July 2004 2002 Olympic Gold Medalists
World Champions
Canadian Champions July 10 2002 Olympic Gold Medalists
World Champions Canadian Champions Surya Bonaly July 17 3 Time World Silver Medalist 5 Time European Champion 9 Time French National Champion Johnny Weir July 24 2004 U.S. National Champion

7. Ice Skating Sabovcik, Jozef - World-Of-Celebrities - Your Online
http// modified 20 Mar 2002. 2. jozef sabovcik s Official HomePage Visit this Olympic Figure Skater s site and see another side of jozef.,_Jozef

8. Jozef Sabovcik Magazine Articles
November, 1985 AMERICAN skating WORLD, "Czech's sabovcik is All-Skater March - April, 1996 - BLADES ON ice, "jozef sabovcik
Magazine Articles
A Collection Of Magazine Articles That Follow Jozef's Career
To view the article, click on the date
November, 1985 AMERICAN SKATING WORLD "Czech's Sabovcik is All-Skater" - by Monica Friedlander
March, 1994 - TRACINGS, "Jozef Sabovcik: Playboy No More" - by Monica Friedlander
September, 1995 - ICE AGE MAGAZINE, "A New Blade" - by Nichole Gantshare
March - April, 1996 - BLADES ON ICE, "Jozef Sabovcik" - by Monica Friedlander
June, 1997 AMERICAN SKATING WORLD "Jumping Joe Rocks This Ice" - by Nat Lathy
Olympic Interview by Golden Skate.
Check out Jozef's online Interview at Golden Skate , February 3, 2003
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9. Ice Skating - World-Of-Celebrities - Your Online Source For
Plushenko, Yevgeni (7); sabovcik, jozef (2); Sale, Jamie and Pelletier http// size 1k. 5. Polk s Lady Figure skating Pages Fan site

10. Figure Skating
jozef sabovcik. Jumpin' Joe at ice Chips. jozef sabovcik The Official Page For Jumpin' Joe The Figure skating Corner. Webwind's ice skating Gallery
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Ma Petite's Cool Links Figure Skating Home Unsorted Alternative Media Animals ... Cults Figure Skating Games and Cheats Geek Stuff Genealogy Health and Fitness ... Wine and Spirits
Please report any broken links to site owner . Thanks! Tara Lipinski Tara Lipinski Online Tara Lipinski: Genie In A Bottle Tara Lipinski Fan Page ... Tara Lipinski Image Gallery Surya Bonaly Surya Bonaly Official Site Surya Bonaly: Authority On Ice! The Surya Bonaly Shrine Elvis Stojko An Elvis Stojko Fan Page Dragon's Lair: An Elvis Stojko Site Elvis Stojko Fan Page Elvis Stojko: A Canadian Hero Rudy Galindo The Official Rudy Galindo Website Rudy Galindo Fan Page Review of "Icebreaker: The Autobiography of Rudy Galindo" Rainbow Ice - Rudy Galindo Scott Hamilton Joelle's Scott Hamilton Fan Page YesterdayLand - Interview with Scott Hamilton Czarina's Figure Skating Page: Scott Hamilton Kurt Browning The Kurt Files A Kurt Browning Fan Page Kurt Kards - E-Cards Featuring Kurt Browning Phillipe Candeloro Phillipe Candeloro Gallery Links The Unofficial Phillipe Candeloro Home Page Jozef Sabovcik Jumpin' Joe at Ice Chips Jozef Sabovcik: The Official Page For Jumpin' Joe Jumpin' Joe's Fanclub Viktor Petrenko Viktor Petrenko Homepage Lu Chen A Lu Chen Fan Page Oksana Baiul The Official Oksana Baiul Website Oksana Baiul - Ice Princess Scott Williams Skating Datasheet on Scott Williams Other Skating Links International Skating Union The Figure Skating Corner Webwind's Ice Skating Gallery

11. Wauu.DE: Sports: Skating: Ice Skating: Skaters: Sabovcik, Jozef
Links URL hinzufügen. jozef sabovcik s Official Home Page Visitthis Olympic Figure Skater s site and see another side of jozef.
Home Sports Skating Ice Skating ... Skaters : Sabovcik, Jozef Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
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  • Jozef Sabovcik's Official Home Page
    Visit this Olympic Figure Skater's site and see another side of Jozef. See his personal paintings, wedding pictures and stop by his chat room. Jozef and his coach often hold informal chats with fans. Meet a great group of people in this family oriented site.
  • Jump'in Joe's Fan Club
    Contains membership details, pictures, officers listing, merchandise, and a kids' corner.
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12. Wauu.DE: Sports: Skating: Ice Skating: Skaters
sabovcik, jozef (2). website for Lauren Flynn and Leif Gislason, Canadian ice dancers.http// Charisma s skating Page Dedicated to all
Home Sports Skating Ice Skating : Skaters Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
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Abt, Alexander Andreev, Fedor Anissina, Marina and Peizerat, Gwendal Baiul, Oksana ... Zivanovic, Trifun
  • A Braden Overett Fan Page
    An unofficial fan page for US Senior men's figure skater, Braden Overett
  • A Pair of Hearts: Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze
    Biographical information, news, competition results, and photos of the two-time World Champions.
  • The official website for the 2001 Canadian pairs bronze medalists includes the latest news and photographs.
  • Angie Lien Fan Site
    Site for Angie Lien the Us Figure Skater Site Includes.. Info, Photos, Chatroom, and all sorts of fan stuff
  • Fanpage for the Olympic Champions Oksana Kazakova and Artur Dmitriev.
  • Ariel's and Lisa's Skating Page Offers competitive history, programs, schedule, and journal.

13. Czarina's Figure Skating Page: Links
Viktor Petrenko, The Baryshnikov On ice by Soojee Club - Official Fan Page Donna sTribute to jozef sabovcik. by Carol Wang Elvis Stojko Figure skating Page by
Oksana Baiul
Oksana Baiul Offical Fan Club Page
The Oksana Baiul Home Page - by Amanda Belfiore
Scott's Oksana Baiul Painting - by Scott Campbell
Tribute to Oksana Baiul - by Mike Pak
Oksana Baiul - by Steven Wolfe
Oksana Baiul Central - by Firebird
Denise Biellmann Denise Biellmann - by Ingrid Guttek Nicole Bobek
Nicole Bobek... Bobek Backers - by George Clemente Tiffany Chin Tiffany Chin's Homepage - by Steven Kan Josee Chouinard The Josee Chouinard Page - by David Grumbine Ekaterina Gordeeva
Timeless Figure Skating Gallery
- Ekaterina Gordeeva
Celebration... A Life. A Love. A Legend.
- by Traci Lyn
- by Su-jan Yip
- by Katja Dorothy Hamill Joelle's Dorthy Hamill Fan Page - by Joelle Midori Ito Midori Ito Nancy Kerrigan Elegance On Ice: A Fan Page For Nancy Kerrigan - by Traci Lyn Karen Kwan Karen Kwan - by Violet1221 Michelle Kwan Michelle Kwan - by Violet1221
Steven's Michelle Kwan Page by Steve Chamberlin
Michelle Kwan's Web Corner - by Adrian Chew
The Michelle Kwan Fan Page - by Hether Winfield
Michelle Kwan - by Triplelutz
The Michelle Kwan Web Page - by Noelle Keon
Skating On Thin Ice - Michelle Kwan - by Shin Yi
The Journey: A Michelle Kwan Diary
Michelle Kwan~ A Champion on Ice Tonia
Kwiatkowski Tonia Kwiatkowski's Journal Tara Lipinski Tara Lipinski - Official Website
Tara Lipinski Appreciation Page - by Brad Miller
Tara Lipinski - by Jason McFiggins
Tara Lipinski: 1997 World and National Champion - by Noele Keon
My Tara Lipinski Page - by Heidi Holman Elizabeth Manley

14. Josée Chouinard Fan Club
Eisler, Elizabeth Manley, and jozef sabovcik on autobiographies It was called theWinterlude ice Champions 17/01 Tomorrow night, Josee will be skating in the
Photo © Andrea Durkac News Current News News Archive Canadian fans will have an opportunity to catch Josee on her own farewell tour this September and October. Rehearsals will be held in Edmonton from September 23-25, then the tour begins in Edmonton on the 26th. Stops follow in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Halifax. Ticket information has yet to be determined. Also, this may be Josee's only tour for the 2001-02 season, so if you have the opportunity don't miss out on it! More info on the Schedules page. Ticketmaster Canada . Tickets for Hip Hop on Ice go on sale 10:00 AM on August 3 at Ticketmaster in the U.S. - Josee was mentioned several times in the new issue of Blades on Ice magazine. Nothing but kind words regarding Josee filled paragraphs among the reviews of the Canadian Stars on Ice and Skate the Nation tours. And it was also announced that Josee will be featured in the October 2001 "Super Singles" issue featuring Katarina Witt on the cover. - Another opportunity to see Josee skate live this fall has just been announced. She will be skating at the Mariposa Club's annual charity gala in Barrie, Ontario, on Thursday, August 9. Other skaters in the show include Midori Ito, Steven Cousins, and Elvis Stojko. Tickets for the show are now on sale through

15. Sports, Skating, Ice Skating, Skaters
sabovcik, jozef (2); Sale, Jamie and Pelletier, David (9); Sandhu, Emanuel (6);Sargeant, Kristy and Usenet news - Google Groups.
Top Sports Skating Ice Skating ... Skaters
Web Directory: Sports, Skating, Ice Skating, Skaters
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16. NEWS.TERADEX.COM - Sports/More Groups/Skating/Ice Skating/Skaters/Sabovcik, Joze
NEWS.TERADEX.COM Sports/More Groups/skating/ice skating/Skaters/sabovcik,jozef. Banner Network.,,,

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17. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Sports > Skating > Ice Skating > Skaters
Maria and Tikhonov, Alexei (2); Plushenko, Yevgeni (9); sabovcik, jozef (2); Iceskating Synchronized or Precision skating Clubs and Teams (47); People K

18. Lisa's Favorite Ice Skaters & Figure Skaters
skaters like Scott Hamilton, Kurt Browning, Viktor Petrenko, Rudy Galindo, PhilippeCandeloro and jozef sabovcik to choose J. Barry Mittan s ice skating Photos.
My Favorite
Ice Skaters
I have separate sections below for my favorite amateur skater and my favorite professional skaters. So many skaters changed from amateur to professional after the Winter Olympics this year that I may have to redo this page.
Visit My New Clipart Site - Gymnastics Clipart Galore!
My Favorite Amateur Skaters
Michelle Kwan
Michelle Kwan won the Ladies' Figure Skating World Championship in 1996, 1998 and 2000. Her Silver Medal performance in the Nagano Olympics was wonderful. I think Michelle is the most graceful single skater in the world. When Michelle skates she has a wonderful way of making you feel the music. Her outside edge inside edge long spiral is awesome! Michelle is only 19 which makes you wonder how much better she can become. If Michelle stays an amateur until the next Olympics she could win 4 or 5 World Championships!
Todd Eldredge
Todd Eldredge won the Men's Figure Skating World Championship in 1996 and has won the U.S. Nationals 5 times! Todd always seems to have trouble skating in the Olympics and then skates better than ever afterwards. Todd is probably the best skater in the world at doing spins. Todd spins in the opposite direction from most skaters on his jumps. For some reason I never worry when Todd skates. He always makes you feel comfortable. I admire Todd's persistence and dedication. His ability to bounce back from an injury or a bad performance is incredible.
Also Sprach Zarathustra made popular again in 2001, A Space Odyssey

19. ► Skaters [Sports: Skating: Ice Skating] -
Golf; Gymnastics. Handball; Hiking; Hockey and ice skating; Apparel and Accessories;skating and Skateboarding; Alexei; Plushenko, Yevgeni; sabovcik, jozef; Sale, Jamie
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Sports Skating ... Ice Skating
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20. Skating Games For Kids
com Fun games includes ice horoscopes, useful JHB Website Figure skating Generalskating, news, links Jumpin jozef sabovcik s Chat Room Meet a fun group of
Skating games for kids
Even if you're a klutz at the double lutz, you can still have a blast on ice. Here are a few activities that will keep young skaters' spirits on the rise, even when the mercury continues to fall.
Choose a starting line from which every contestant can skate three strides and then glide. Whoever goes the farthest wins. For a greater challenge, try gliding on one skate.
1...2...3 RED LIGHT
One skater, It, stands at the far end of the ice with his back to the rest of the crowd. While It counts aloud, everyone else skates forward. At any time, It may shout "red light" and turn around. Skaters still moving must return to the starting line. The game continues in this manner until one skater reaches and tags It.
The object of this contest is to be the first pair to travel the length of the ice, circle around a specified marker and make it back. The trick is that pairs must stand face-to-face holding hands so that one person skates backward, pulling the other forward.
In this team game, each captain tries to tag and "freeze" players from the other group. Once frozen, skaters cannot move unless they are tagged by their own team captain. When all the members of one team (except for the captain) are frozen in place, the other team is declared the winner.

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