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  1. Gold!The Todd Eldredge Story by Alicia Styles, 2001-03-26

1. Todd Eldredge Ice Skating Photos By Tracy Marks, Webwinds Figure Skating Photogr
todd eldredge ice skating photos by Tracy Marks, Webwinds figure skating photography, hundreds of photographs todd eldredge. Champions on ice. April 2001 Please note that skating photos are
Todd Eldredge
Champions on Ice
April 2001
Please do not reproduce without
permission. Photos taken at
Champions on Ice
April 2001
GO TO: Champions on Ice 2001 index Please note that skating photos are now on three sites:
Webwinds (Geocities), Webwinds (50megs) and Windweaver.
Do sign my guestbook at Webwinds or Windweaver!
Tracy Marks,
Internet and Photoshop trainer and web designer Windweaver Arlington, MA. USA (781) 641-3371 Email: Tracy Marks This page is Last updated April 21, 2001
Since Feb. 17, 1997, you are visitor to Windweaver. Last updated April 21, 2001 Windweaver and Webwinds are both domains owned by Tracy Marks

2. Todd Eldredge And Skating Links
eldredge Competitive Highlights (in French) Jordanna's skating Haven todd Page. TEN todd eldredge News ( Mary Lally) pictures on the ice World site. The todd eldredge Gallery at the
Home Biography News and Schedule Reviews and Reports ... Internet Triple Challenge 1999-2000 Essential Todd Links Last updated: 10/2/99 Todd Fan Pages Todd Discussion List Pages Great General Skating Sites by Fans Official Sites ...
Submitting New Links
Other Cool Stuff
Discussion Tapes Articles/Interviews ... Resource Guide to the ToddNet Todd Fan Pages (in no particular order)
has moved
Photo Chronology of Todd Eldredge
has also moved
MacWolf's Todd Eldredge T-Shirt design can be found online. Check out her Independence Day montage, too, while you're in her site.
Diane's Adopt-a-Skater page
will allow you to adopt Todd and/or other skaters. Note: If that link doesn't work right, try
Toeloopy's Todd Eldredge Photo Gallery
features photos from the 1999 Hershey's Pro-Am, with more to come
Diane's Skating Page
features photos and screen shots of Todd from several events
J's Home Page
features photos of Todd from several events
Stefany's Todd Eldredge Competitive Highlights (in French)
Jordanna's Skating Haven Todd Page TEN - Todd Eldredge News (Mary Lally) Loretta Haberman's page is at

3. Ice Style By Icejoan
The good, the bad and the ugly of fashion on ice. Michelle Kwan, todd eldredge, Tara Lipinski and Elvis Stojko are all reviewed and includes photos.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Check out the NEW Hotbot Tell me when this page is updated
Best of 2001 Worlds
Best of 2001 US Nationals ... 2001 Baddies - learn from your mistakes! On the Road : a review of the 2000-2001 tours Off the ice (or in practice) and looking fine Fashion Best-Evers by discipline Links to the best-dressed View my Guestbook Sign my Guestbook Medals, schmedals... Let's face it, when all is said and done no one will remember if Michelle Kwan flutzed but we will all remember that incredible Vera Wang number with the mocha underskirt . This is a site dedicated to the truly well-dressed and a hopeful inspiration to the truly fashion devoid. e-mail the fashionable IceJoan

4. Todd Eldredge: Glory On Ice
The most comprehensive fansite dedicated to U.S. and world champion figure skater todd eldredge. Banners Buttons. skating Fiction. skating Game. Click here to hear a MIDI file of "Il Mare Calmo

Click here to hear a MIDI file of "Il Mare Calmo Della Serra" by Andrea Bocelli, one of Todd's most defining programs.
52,080 as of July 20, 2002 Todd Eldredge: Glory On Ice is © 1999-2004

5. Kwan_links
todd eldredge Page Team todd Homepage (I am a member of Team todd) UnofficialScott Hamilton Page Brasseur Eisler Stars with a Twist. ice skating Sites
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
Links to other Michelle Kwan Pages
Michelle Kwan Fan Page

Steve's Michelle Kwan Fan Page

Heather's Michelle Kwan Page

Michelle Kwan Mailing List.
Michelle Kwan: Dramatic Diva on Ice

This is my favorite Male Figure Skater Todd Eldredge. I know that this is a Michelle Site but I always have to put a picture of
Todd on any page that I create. I also thought that this was a cute picture of him ( of course I think that every picture of Todd is
cute). Links to other Skaters pages
Unofficial Todd Eldredge Page
Haley Smith's Todd Eldredge Page Team Todd Homepage (I am a member of Team Todd) Unofficial Scott Hamilton Page Ice Skating Sites Lovena's Ice Skating Page Figure Skating Page Figure Skater Top Ten List The United States Figure Skating Association Homepage ... Brillance on Ice Non Skating Sites Linda- The Orchid Lady's Personal Page Sarah's Realm A Touch of Rose Shooter's Yorkie Doghouse ... My Dollz Page

6. It's Great To Skate: The Allure Of Ice Skating By Todd Eldredge
News Stand. Return to News Stand. It's Great To Skate The Allure Of ice skating. by todd eldredge. ( NAPSI)Figure skating has been such a big part of my life since I first put on a pair of ice skates at age 5. I knew figure skating was for me. skating club with the Chevy/USFSA Basic Skills Program, the best beginning ice skating program for all skaters
News Stand Return to News Stand
It's Great To Skate: The Allure Of Ice Skating
by Todd Eldredge
(NAPSI)-Figure skating has been such a big part of my life since I first put on a pair of ice skates at age 5. I knew figure skating was for me. By the time I was 10, I was training full-time with my coach, Richard Callaghan. After competing in three Olympic games, and winning six U.S. and one world championship, I find myself at a point in my career that I can give back to the sport that has allowed me to spend my life doing something I love. One of the great things about figure skating is that you can enjoy it at all levels, whether your goal is to achieve Olympic fame or simply enjoy the recreational benefits of skating. With friends, family or alone, skating is fun, challenging and rewarding all at once. There are many important aspects of all sports that go into making great athletes, venues and activities. Ability, training, coaching and financial support are just a few of the factors. Corporate sponsorship greatly enhances opportunities and programs, as well as eases the burdens athletes experience. Chevrolet is one company whose grass roots support has made a difference in figure skating. As a sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA), Chevy's extensive support of these organizations and its member athletes helps make the hopes and dreams of aspiring athletes a reality by providing high quality training, coaching, equipment, transportation and facilities.

7. MSN Encarta - Related Items - Ice Skating
Curry, John Anthony. eldredge, todd. Fleming, Peggy Gale. Gordeeva, Ekaterina. icehockey. Olympics. pictures of ice skating and skaters. roller skating. speed skating.
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8. - Todd Eldredge Website
visitor number May 21, 2004 To finish off the skating season, todd skated intwo club shows Radio on ice in Denver and Superstars on ice in Skokie.
Image of the Day!
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"In your mind, you can imagine anything.
You dream certain things and you hope to achieve those dreams."

Upcoming Events! 08/29: Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic
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Welcome to!
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June 4, 2004: Todd schedule is continuing to grow for next year. He is confirmed to participate in the 2004 Ice Wars. The tentative date is November 18th and the city is still to be determined. Also there's been a change to the Disson show Todd is headlining. Yanni is no longer the music guest. That spot now goes to Kenny Logins. In addition the date has moved forward to December 8th and the new location has not yet been decided. Todd won the Gustav Lussi Award - see below. Also Sharon Modjeska has provided us with over 50 fantastic photos from Stars on Ice in Lake Placid and Todd has answered another fan question.
Todd wins Gustav Lussi Award Todd recently won the 2004 Gustave Lussi Award, which is awarded by the Professional Skater's Association. The award is presented to a male Professional skater who has brought World recognition to the sport and set a standard of wholesomeness and family-oriented entertainment which reflect in a positive and favorable manner. Congratulations Todd
Thank You!

9. Blades On Ice - Figure Skating News Briefs & Results
YANNI ON ice STARRING todd eldredge. Budweiser Events Center, Loveland, CO of girls a powerful afterschool ice skating and educational enrichment program that combines professional


Latest Competitions PAST NEWS TV SCHEDULE
TV Figure Skating EMPORIUM
Figure Skating Store SUBSCRIBE
Email Editor OUR HOME PAGE
BLADES On Ice Past Issues
Welcome to the BLADES On Ice website! We hope you enjoy our pages - bringing you skating news as it happens - on the internet. Then you can read our full-featured bi-monthly magazine for the hottest interviews with today's top skating stars, the coolest people in the sport, tomorrow's stars and skating's best color photography. Be sure and check out these sources on the "Emporium Figure Skating Store" for skating related products. Accessories and Skating items The Skating Gallery Apparel Harlick Skating Boots SP-Teri Books, Videos and Internet The World Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame Icesport Photos Kathy Goedeken J. Barry Mittan

10. Todd Eldredge News - Library
October 2001. Superguides ice skating (Superguides) by Peter Morrissey,todd eldredge (February 2000). Inside Figure skating. Inside
Computer Goodies
[ Library ] Links Todd In Print Click on photo for a larger image.
J. Barry Mittan
ISU Figure Skating Element Series on CD ROM and Video
ISU Figure Skating Element Series
CD #1 - Comments on the Axel from Alexei Yagudin, Sarah Hughes, Todd Eldredge and Tatianna Malinina; CD #2 - Comments on the Loop from Sarah Hughes, Elvis Stojko, Timothy Goebel and Todd Eldredge CD #3 - Comments on the Lutz from Elvis Stojko, Todd Eldredge, Takeshi Honda and Tatianna Malinina CD #4 and 5 - Comments on spins from Todd Eldredge, Timothy Goebel, Takeshi Honda and Sarah Hughes The web site has all the pricing info. You can buy individual CD or tapes or buy in multiples to save money Magic Memories on Ice III By ABC Sports (Video highlighting the1995-1996 season including Todd's gold medal performance at 1996 Worlds) The Passion to Skate : An Intimate View of Figure Skating
by Sandra Bezic, David Hayes

11. Wauu.DE: Sports: Skating: Ice Skating: Skaters: Eldredge, Todd
http// todd eldredge Glory On ice A unique and comprehensivefan site dedicated to American figure skating legend todd eldredge.
Home Sports Skating Ice Skating ... Skaters : Eldredge, Todd Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
All Categories Categories Onlye
  • Celebration of Todd Eldredge
    Todd Eldredge: Fan site: A site by fans for fans content includes photos and reviews.
  • EldredgeFans Mailing List
    Yahoo Groups mailing list.
  • Spiral Edge: The Todd Eldredge Mailing List
    This list is dedicated to the five-time National champion, and all around wonderful skater, Todd Eldredge
  • The Todd Eldredge Forum A figure skating message board, with emphasis on American champion Todd Eldredge.
  • The Todd Eldredge WebRing A webring devoted to World and U.S. figure skating champion Todd Eldredge.
  • Todd Eldredge One fan's personal page for Todd, including photos and event reports
  • Todd Eldredge News Provides news and information about Todd Eldredge, world and U.S. men's figure skating champion. Also including photos, reports, schedules, competitive history, jump statistics, and event and travel planners.

12. Wauu.DE: Sports: Skating: Ice Skating: Skaters
eldredge, todd (10). website for Lauren Flynn and Leif Gislason, Canadian ice dancers.http// Charisma s skating Page Dedicated to all
Home Sports Skating Ice Skating : Skaters Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
All Categories Categories Onlye
Abt, Alexander Andreev, Fedor Anissina, Marina and Peizerat, Gwendal Baiul, Oksana ... Zivanovic, Trifun
  • A Braden Overett Fan Page
    An unofficial fan page for US Senior men's figure skater, Braden Overett
  • A Pair of Hearts: Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze
    Biographical information, news, competition results, and photos of the two-time World Champions.
  • The official website for the 2001 Canadian pairs bronze medalists includes the latest news and photographs.
  • Angie Lien Fan Site
    Site for Angie Lien the Us Figure Skater Site Includes.. Info, Photos, Chatroom, and all sorts of fan stuff
  • Fanpage for the Olympic Champions Oksana Kazakova and Artur Dmitriev.
  • Ariel's and Lisa's Skating Page Offers competitive history, programs, schedule, and journal.

13. Czarina's Figure Skating Page: Links
Traci Spiral Edge The todd eldredge Mailing List todd eldredge Photo Gallery TheTeam todd Page Viktor Petrenko, The Baryshnikov On ice by Soojee Pyo.
Oksana Baiul
Oksana Baiul Offical Fan Club Page
The Oksana Baiul Home Page - by Amanda Belfiore
Scott's Oksana Baiul Painting - by Scott Campbell
Tribute to Oksana Baiul - by Mike Pak
Oksana Baiul - by Steven Wolfe
Oksana Baiul Central - by Firebird
Denise Biellmann Denise Biellmann - by Ingrid Guttek Nicole Bobek
Nicole Bobek... Bobek Backers - by George Clemente Tiffany Chin Tiffany Chin's Homepage - by Steven Kan Josee Chouinard The Josee Chouinard Page - by David Grumbine Ekaterina Gordeeva
Timeless Figure Skating Gallery
- Ekaterina Gordeeva
Celebration... A Life. A Love. A Legend.
- by Traci Lyn
- by Su-jan Yip
- by Katja Dorothy Hamill Joelle's Dorthy Hamill Fan Page - by Joelle Midori Ito Midori Ito Nancy Kerrigan Elegance On Ice: A Fan Page For Nancy Kerrigan - by Traci Lyn Karen Kwan Karen Kwan - by Violet1221 Michelle Kwan Michelle Kwan - by Violet1221
Steven's Michelle Kwan Page by Steve Chamberlin
Michelle Kwan's Web Corner - by Adrian Chew
The Michelle Kwan Fan Page - by Hether Winfield
Michelle Kwan - by Triplelutz
The Michelle Kwan Web Page - by Noelle Keon
Skating On Thin Ice - Michelle Kwan - by Shin Yi
The Journey: A Michelle Kwan Diary
Michelle Kwan~ A Champion on Ice Tonia
Kwiatkowski Tonia Kwiatkowski's Journal Tara Lipinski Tara Lipinski - Official Website
Tara Lipinski Appreciation Page - by Brad Miller
Tara Lipinski - by Jason McFiggins
Tara Lipinski: 1997 World and National Champion - by Noele Keon
My Tara Lipinski Page - by Heidi Holman Elizabeth Manley

14. 2001 Onyx Ice Arena "Tribute To Skating" - Todd Eldredge
Onyx Rochester ice Arena. Rochester, Michigan. May 1920, 2001. Tributeto skating . todd eldredge. Il Mare Calmo Della Sera by Andrea Bocelli.
Onyx Rochester Ice Arena Rochester, Michigan May 19-20, 2001 "Tribute to Skating" Todd Eldredge "Il Mare Calmo Della Sera" by Andrea Bocelli Click on a thumbnail for the full-size version. Back to the main Onyx "2001 Tribute to Skating" page. Please do not reproduce any portion of this page without my consent. If you would like to be notified of changes to my skating pages, enter your e-mail address below and click Submit! If you want information about this feature, click here Send mail to Leigh Meydrech

15. Lisa's Favorite Ice Skaters & Figure Skaters
todd eldredge won the Men s Figure skating World Championship in 1996 and has I admiretodd s persistence and dedication. J. Barry Mittan s ice skating Photos.
My Favorite
Ice Skaters
I have separate sections below for my favorite amateur skater and my favorite professional skaters. So many skaters changed from amateur to professional after the Winter Olympics this year that I may have to redo this page.
Visit My New Clipart Site - Gymnastics Clipart Galore!
My Favorite Amateur Skaters
Michelle Kwan
Michelle Kwan won the Ladies' Figure Skating World Championship in 1996, 1998 and 2000. Her Silver Medal performance in the Nagano Olympics was wonderful. I think Michelle is the most graceful single skater in the world. When Michelle skates she has a wonderful way of making you feel the music. Her outside edge inside edge long spiral is awesome! Michelle is only 19 which makes you wonder how much better she can become. If Michelle stays an amateur until the next Olympics she could win 4 or 5 World Championships!
Todd Eldredge
Todd Eldredge won the Men's Figure Skating World Championship in 1996 and has won the U.S. Nationals 5 times! Todd always seems to have trouble skating in the Olympics and then skates better than ever afterwards. Todd is probably the best skater in the world at doing spins. Todd spins in the opposite direction from most skaters on his jumps. For some reason I never worry when Todd skates. He always makes you feel comfortable. I admire Todd's persistence and dedication. His ability to bounce back from an injury or a bad performance is incredible.
Also Sprach Zarathustra made popular again in 2001, A Space Odyssey

16. Ice Skating Links & Figure Skating Links Page IV
Tara Michelle Pages Unofficial todd eldredge Home Page Fantastic todd eldredgeCoverage (Wow A Web ice skating Rink - Cool Crescendo Music Lots of skating
Ice Skating Clipart Galore
Reciprocal Links IV
21 Full Pages of Ice Skating Images!
Visit My New Clipart Site - Gymnastics Clipart Galore!
Reciprocal Links - Page 4
I want to thank the following sites for establishing links to my pages. Your support is really appreciated. Our Links Pages have been expanded from 4 pages to 6 pages. Personal skating sites now appear on Pages 3 and 4.
Personal Skating Sites (M-Z)
Reciprocal Links - Page 1
Major North American Skating Sites
Major International Skating Sites

Figure Skating Clubs
Reciprocal Links - Page 2
Synchronized (Precision) Skating Sites
Official Skating Sites

Commercial Skating Sites
Reciprocal Links - Page 3
Personal Skating Sites (A-L)
Reciprocal Links - Page 5
Reciprocal Links - Page 6
Website Design Help Sites
Other Non-Skating Sites
Personal Figure Skating Sites (M-Z)
Making a Skating Rink
Charles MacDonald's Skating Links

Mike's Page/Top 25

Millennia Cliff
- Nice Page Dedicated to Elena Sokolova
The Mistress of Music
My Favorite Sports My Skating Page - Cool Outdoors Skating Rink In Minnetonka, MN Nancy's Figure Skating Page Nicole Bobek Fan Headquarters Norma's Skating Page - Nice In-Depth Reviews of Recent Skating Programs - By Marianne Merola Patinação Artística Por M@rcus RJ's Skate Center Ryan Wolford's Figure Skating Pages - Over 200 Skating Links Sabrina-Lea's Web Site - Meine Familie, Meine Freunde, Meine Hobbies (Switzerland)

17. Todd Eldredge -
1 Page 2 Page 3 Richard Callaghan (todd s Coach) Page 1 Masters of Figure skating Boise ID 10/12/00. Page 1 Champions On ice - Baltimore Washington 4/6-7/00.
Holiday Celebration on Ice - Columbia, SC 12/02/03 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 5
Ensemble Pictures
Page 1
Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
Stars on Ice - Lake Placid, NY 11/28/03, Philadelphia, PA 02/20/04 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 5
Ensemble Pictures
Page 1
Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 17
Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic - Raleigh, NC 08/24/03 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 7
Stars On Ice - Lake Placid, NY 11/30/02, Baltimore, MD 12/28/02 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 5
Ensemble Pictures
Page 1
Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 11 Hallmark Skaters' Championship - Colombus, OH 12/14/02 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 10
Ensemble Pictures Page 1 Canadian Open - Red Deer, AB 12/5-6/02 Page 1 Page 2 Page 1 Page 2 ... Page 6 Ensemble Pictures Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic - Cary, NC 8/25/02 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 5 Canadian Stars On Ice - Ontario 5/3-5/02 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Ensemble Pictures Page 1 Page 2 Stars On Ice - Philly, PA 3/9/02 Page 1 Page 2 Ensemble Pictures Page 1 Page 2 Grand Prix Final - Kitchener, ON 12/13-16/01 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 ... Page 6 Sears Canadian Open - Ottawa, ON 11/30-12/1/01

18. Webwinds Ice Skating Photo Gallery By Tracy Marks, Figure Skating Photos, Photog
Windweaver site Sasha Cohen Evgeny Plushenko todd eldredge MORE Stars on ice 2001(100+ photos in process) Providence 35mb of web space here, skating photos are
Webwinds Figure Skating Gallery
Ice Skating Photos by Tracy Marks
Shows Index of Photos 1999 - 2003
Lang and Tchernyshev, EWC 99
Men Skaters
Women Skaters

Pairs Skaters Index

Ice Dance Index
Tracy's Web Sites
This is an alternative index - an informal list with links to photos
I've taken at skating shows during the past two years. Enjoy! MOST RECENT SHOWS!
Evening With Champions 10/03
Expressions on Ice 10/03

Champions on Ice 2003
Ice Chips 2003 ... Champions on Ice 2002 Stars on Ice 2002
(not posted yet; directory here Champions on Ice April 13, 2001 See Champions on Ice Index at Windweaver site Sasha Cohen Evgeny Plushenko Todd Eldredge MORE! Boston Ice Chips April 6 and 8, 2001 Ice Chips Index Caryn Kadavy Jenny Kirk Lang and Tchernyshev ... Angela Nikodinov Stars on Ice 2001 (100+ photos in process) Providence, RI, March 7 and Worcester, MA, March 10 Kristi, Scott, Tara, Kurt, more! Due to having used up 35mb of web space here, skating photos are now at several different sites. See Stars on Ice 2001 index at:

19. Ice Skating - 729 Of The Best Sites Selected By Humans
and Vanagas ice Shows Drobiazko and Vanagas skating Page -Unofficial Drobiazko andVanagas Homepage eldredge,_todd -Celebration of todd eldredge -eldredgeFans
Pages A-G 2 Columns
Pages H-O
Order by Alphabet Ordered by Theme Order by Popularity 3 Columns Pages P-Z 4 Columns
Ice Skating
CBEL Sports ( 729 links, last update: 12 April 2004 )
* = new links
[Find on this page]

A Buyers Guide to Figure Skating

A Figure Skating Art Gallery

April Knights Fan Page
Yahoo News Coverage

Abtsolutely Sasha

Aleksander Abt
Alexander Abt at Pixieworld Obojanie Sashas Dancing Spirit ... Sasha Andreev,_Fedor Fedor Andreev Fan Page Fedor Andreev: The Site Anissina,_Marina_and_Peizerat,_Gwendal Anissina and Peizerat Anissina and Peizerat Online Anissina/Peizerat Fan Club Ice Dance - Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peiz... ... Pixieworld: Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peiz... Aspiring Adam Smith Ben Woolwine Billy and Jeannes Page Daniel Raad ... World Skating Federation Baiul,_Oksana Life of a Saucy Showgirl Oksana Baiul - Ice Princess Oksana Baiul - Then and Now Oksana Baiul at Pixieworld ... Oksanas ChatWorld Belbin,_Tanith_and_Agosto,_Benjamin U.S. Figure Skating Association: Tanith Belb... Berezhnaya,_Elena_and_Sikharulidze,_Anton A Pair of Hearts: Elena Berezhnaya and Anton...

20. Ice Skating - 729 Of The Best Sites Selected By Humans
of todd eldredge todd eldredge Glory On ice -todd eldredge News -The todd eldredgeForum Events International -World Figure skating Championships 1999 -2003

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