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  1. Chicago Blackhawks Ice Hockey: 2003-04 Yearbook

61. Hockey Digest: Firepower: Starting With Al MacInnis, We Pick The NHL Players Wit
fans like to debate about who has the smoothest jumper, hockey aficionados can list,he can still bring it, and Chicago defender alexander karpovtsev has the X
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YOU ARE HERE Articles Hockey Digest Feb, 2003 Content provided in partnership with
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Tell a friend Find subscription deals Firepower: starting with Al MacInnis, we pick the NHL players with the best slapshots
Hockey Digest
Feb, 2003 by Chuck O'Donnell
GOALTENDING GREAT GRANT Fuhr once observed: "There's no safe place when Al MacInnis is shooting." Just ask goalies Jocelyn Thibault (broken finger), Chris Osgood (broken hand), and teammate Rich Parent (bruised testicle), who were all hurt over the course of the same season trying to stop MacInnis slapshots. Or Dallas Drake and Mike Sullivan, who both suffered fractured toes in the same game when their feet got in the path of MacInnis slappers. Or Andrew Cassels, who had the big toe on his right foot broken in three places by a MacInnis slapshot. Or you can ask Alexander Karpovtsev, who spent an entire hellish night in his bathroom after being hit in the stomach with a MacInnis bullet last season.

62. Hockey Digest: Money For Nothing
Here s hockey DIGEST s look at the most overpaid and underpaid players in the NHL,based on their salaries at the alexander karpovtsev, CHICAGO, $1.8 MILLION.
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YOU ARE HERE Articles Hockey Digest April, 2001 Content provided in partnership with
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Tell a friend Find subscription deals Money For Nothing
Hockey Digest
April, 2001 by Barry Wilner
We take a look at the NHL's most overpaid players, plus those who are earning every cent of their pay LET'S GET ONE THING OUT OF the way immediately: All of these guys make a lot of money. Even the scrubs in the NHL are well-compensated. The NHLs minimum salary is after all a healthy $150,000. As for the starssuper, alleged, and buddingwell, we should all take home this kind of pay at some point in our lives. But who actually earns their money? And which players are vastly overpaid, providing a minimal return on the investment their teams make? Remember that although baseball is in a wicked financial mess and the NBA is struggling at the gate and in the television ratings, the NHL still brings in less money than any of the other major sports leagues. Add in the fact that the league must deal with the weak Canadian economy and that its collective bargaining agreement expires in three years, and there are more than enough arguments for some kind of financial sanity. "Something is going to have to be done," says Washington Capitals general manager George McPhee. "When you compare us to other sports in terms of income, some of the numbers just don't make any sense."

63. Official Site Of World Cup Of Hockey 2004
first player to be permitted by the USSR Ice hockey Federation to Stanley Cup withfour Soviet regulars in their lineup alexander karpovtsev, Alexei Kovalev





NHL - International timeline
The first organized hockey games are played in Montreal. The first bandy club is formed in Sweden. (The game of bandy is a form of field hockey on ice. Hockey was not introduced in Sweden until 1919). The first hockey game is played in Finland. Bandy would remain the game of choice until hockey was taken up again in 1927. The game of hockey is introduced to Bohemia (Czechoslovakia). Bandy had been played there since 1890 and provided a basis for the growth of hockey. The International Olympic Committee agrees to recognize ice hockey as a demonstration sport at the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp. World Cup of Hockey 2004 Eight of the top hockey nations in the world will compete in the second World Cup of Hockey tournament Aug. 30 through Sept. 14, 2004, the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA) announced. Ice Hockey is officially introduced as an Olympic sport at the first Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France. The 1932 Winter Olympics, staged for the first time in the United States (Lake Placid), feature the first international hockey tournament ever held in North America.

64. FAQs: ESPN NHL Hockey: Updating FAQ
for making this great game The ESPN NHL hockey Community - www Steve (-) KARLSSON,Andreas (-) KARPA, Dave (NYR) karpovtsev, alexander (CHI) KASPARAITIS
ESPN NHL Hockey Updating FAQ by Phil Parent

65. RDS - Hockey
Translate this page Dazé (3). Le plus de passes, Scott Mellanby (3), Lyle Odelein (2)Steve Sullivan (2) alexander karpovtsev (2) Tony Amonte (2). Le plus
Hockey RDSite Aide
Boutique LNH
Résultats LNH ... Marché aux puces
1 Jeu, 18 avril: Chicago à St. Louis 19h00
2 Sam, 20 avril: Chicago à St. Louis 15h00
3 Dim, 21 avril: St. Louis à Chicago 19h00
4 Mar, 23 avril: St. Louis à Chicago 20h00
*5 Jeu, 25 avril: Chicago à St. Louis 19h00
*6 Sam, 27 avril: St. Louis à Chicago 13h00
*7 Lun, 29 avril: Chicago à St. Louis 19h00 Fiche en 2001-2002 Fiche à domicile Fiche à l'étranger Fiche en prolongation CLASSEMENTS 2001-2002 Classement LNH Classement Conférence Ouest Avantage numérique Désavantage numérique Buts pour Buts contre INFORMATIONS SUR LES ÉQUIPES Taille moyenne Poids moyen 202 livres 201 livres Âge moyen 29.7 ans 30.5 ans Plus vieux joueur Al MacInnis (38.8 ans) Steve Thomas (38.7 ans) Plus jeune joueur Mike Van Ryn (22.9 ans) Mark Bell (21.7 ans) Salaire moyen Recrues Joueurs de 30 ans ou plus Sélections de première ronde Joueurs canadiens Joueurs américains Joueurs européens Gradués Ligue canadienne Gradués collèges américains COMMENT LES ÉQUIPES ONT ÉTÉ CONSTRUITES Joueurs repêchés Marché des joueurs autonomes Transactions Ballottage EXPÉRIENCE EN SÉRIES ÉLIMINATOIRES Matchs joués en séries Matchs joués par les gardiens Matchs joués par les défenseurs Matchs joués par les attaquants LES MENEURS EN 2001-2002 Le plus de buts cette saison Keith Tkachuk (38) Eric Dazé (38) Le plus de passes cette saison Pavol Demitra (43) Michael Nylander (46) Le plus de points cette saison

66. - Baseball Salaries Database
Top 25. Player. karpovtsev, alexander. Year, Team, Total Salary, Position. 200304,Chicago Blackhawks, $ 3,100,000, D. 2002-03, Chicago Blackhawks, $ 2,950,000,D.

67. - Hockey Salaries Database
Colleges, hockey directory, hockey archive, City Guides, Tools, Karpa, Dave, Kloucek,Tomas. karpovtsev, alexander, Knuble, Mike. Kasparaitis, Darius, Knutsen, Espen.

68. TAHA - Trans-Atlantic Hockey Association Transactions
TAHA Trans-Atlantic hockey Association Transactions. Stockholm Johnny Oduya UFASignings - Ales Pisa STO 2A $750,000 alexander karpovtsev LAB 1C
TAHA - Trans-Atlantic Hockey Association Transactions
2003-2004 Transactions ======================= 2003 OffSeason Transactions ============================ September 19, 2003 To Amsterdam : Curtis Joseph To Halifax : Trevor Daley, Matt Murley and Alexander Polushin September 21, 2003 To Amsterdam: Kirk Maltby and Ottawa 2004 5th draft pick To Ottawa: Mathieu Biron and Amsterdam 2003 4th draft pick Restricted Free Agents : Results Expired A contracts : Signings May 26, 2004(Day 170) Sherbrooke sends down Marc Denis and Jiri Fischer Sherbrooke calls up Guillaume Lefebvre and Stephane Veilleux Halifax calls up Alexander Frolov Detroit calls up Dan Blackburn, Jeff Jillson and Brian Sutherby Sth Carolina calls up Brad Stuart

69. The Info Depot - Search Results For Alexander Zhurik
4. Joy of hockey/NHL Players born in Russia index NHL Players born in the Russiaindex of Chris Joseph 0 0 0 1 1 2 alexander karpovtsev 1 1 2 1 0 0 LAST GAME Zhurik

70. EPier Auction Site. The Better Home Of Auctions, Collectibles
147856, CAPITALS 1991 hockey CARDS LOT OF 17 ALL MINT INC BONDRA HATCHER, $2.00,0, 5/12 056. 393625, 00 PACIFIC alexander karpovtsev 409, $0.19, 0, 5/12 1956.

71. Dinamo (Moscow) - Head Coach Igor Tuzik Goalies
Mukhometov (72) Defensemen Vladislav Buljin (72) Sergei Voronov (71) Sergei Gontchar(74) Evgeni Gribko (73) Roman Zolotov (74) alexander karpovtsev (70) Oleg
Dinamo (Moscow) - Head Coach: Igor Tuzik Goalies: Igor Galkin (born in 1969) Ildar Mukhometov (72) Defensemen: Vladislav Buljin (72) Sergei Voronov (71) Sergei Gontchar (74) Evgeni Gribko (73) Roman Zolotov (74) Alexander Karpovtsev (70) Oleg Shargorodski (69) Alexander Yudin (69) Forwards: Igor Bakhmutov (71) Valeri Belov (67) Vladimir Vorobjev (72) Vladimir Gratchev (73) Igor Dorofeev (68) Mikhail Zdanovski (72) Roman Iljin (70) Sergei Klimovitch (74) Viktor Kozlov (75) Andrei Kuzmin (71) Andrei Nazarov (74) Dmitri Nazarov (71) Andrei Nikolishin (73) Alexander Prokopjev (71) Valeri Tcherny (69) Ravil Yakubov (70) Lada (Toljatti) - Head Coach: Gennadi Tsygurov Goalies: Andrei Bolsunovski (64) Vadim Nikitin (64) Defensemen: Oleg Burlutski (64) Oleg Volkov (69) Maxim Galanov (74) Pavel Zubov (73) Alexander Ivanov (65) Oleg Koftun (66) Igor Nikitin (66) Vladimir Tarasov (68) Dmitri Shulakov (71) Rafik Yakubov (66) Forwards: Alexei Alekseev (74) Vyatcheslav Bezukladnikov (68) Petr Gorjunov (67) Pavel Desyatkov (75) Anatoli Emelin (64) Sergei Zherebtsov (72) Yuri Zlov (71) Kirill Kuzmitchev (75) Sergei Martchkov (73) Alexander Nesterov (71) Ivan Svintsytski (70) Vadim Shaidullin (66) Kryliya Sovetov (Moscow) Head Coach: Igor Dmitriev Goalie: Oleg Bratash (66) Sergei Zvyagin (71) Andrei Karpin (63) Defensemen: Vadim Brezgunov (70) Dmitri Erofeev (70) Igor Ivanov (70) Alexander Lysenko (64) Dmitri Rodin (75) Andrei Skopintsev (71) Ilya Stashenkov (74) Oleg Tvardovski (76) Maxim Tchukanov (74) Nikolai Schedrov (75) Forwards: Pavel Agarkov (72) Pavel Boitchenko (75) Alexander Boikov (75) Igor Zelentchev (73) Sergei Zolotov (71) Alexei Isakov (76) Yuri Litvinov (76) Alexei Pogonin (71) Andrei Potaichuk (70) Konstantin Ratchkov (67) Alexei Stepanov (72) Alexander Savtchenkov (73) Toivo Suursoo (75) Vladimir Terekhov (71) Vitali Tomilin (74) Traktor (Chelyabinsk) - Head Coach: Valeri Belousov Goalies: Andrei Zuev (64) Ostap Ploskov (75) Defensemen: Vadim Glovatski (70) Oleg Davydov (71) Sergei Kolesnik (74) Valeri Nikulin (69) Andrei Sapozhnikov (71) Sergei Tertyshni (70) Alexei Tchikalin (74) Yuri Usenko (75) Alexander Shvarev (67) Forwards: Evgeni Bobykin (70) Konstantin Astrakhantsev (67) Igor Varitski (71) Sergei Gomolyako (70) Ravil Gusmanov (72) Dmitri Demidov (73) Andrei Didenko (75) Sergei Ivanov (60) Alexei Kokovin (67) Andrei Kudinov (70) Pavel Lazarev (70) Sergei Purtov (73) Maxim Smelnitski (74) Stanislav Tugolukov (70) Oleg Tchercasov (69) Torpedo (Yaroslavl) - Head Coach: Sergei Nikolaev Goalies: Sergei Nikolaev (72) Defensemen: Alexei Amelin (65) Andrei Zhukov (63) Oleg Komissarov (70) Dmitri Krasotkin (71) Igor Martynov (64) Eduard Matjukhov (71) Andrei Sobolev (69) Sergei Suyarkov (69) Vladislav Shvedov (70) Ildar Yubin (74) Vyatcheslav Yakovenko (67) Forwards: Alexander Ageev (72) Alexander Ardashev (68) Egor Bashkatov (71) Alexei Gorshkov (71) Dmitri Zatevakhin (64) Dmitri Zinin (68) Andrei Kolesov (71) Anatoli Lvov (64) Sergei Martynjuk (71) Mikhail Mikeshin (71) Konstantin Peregudov (69) Stanislav Romanov (71) Vladimir Samylin (72) Andrei Tarasenko (68) Alexei Traseukh (68) SKA (Sankt-Peterburg) - Head Coach: Boris Mikhailov Goalies: Valeri Ivannikov (67) Kirill Korenkov (68) Maxim Sokolov (72) Defensemen: Vladimir Aleksushin (69) Dmitri Alekhin (70) Yuri Gailik (61) Marat Davydov (72) Dmitri Zherebenkov (72) Igor Ivanov (66) Dmitri Kukushkin (66) Alexei Rubov (72) Dmitri Tsvetkov (68) Forwards: Nikolai Akimov (70) Vladimir Andreev (68) Viktor Belyakov (69) Andrei Vinogradov (70) Alexei Egorov (75) Alexei Efimov (72) Vasili Ivakin (72) Vasili Kamenev (64) Pavel Klemantovitch (72) Evgeni Pavlov (71) Valeri Petrov (68) Sergei Pushkov (64) Yuri Rykhlov (58) Alexander Smagin (67) Maxim Sushinski (74) Yuri Tsyplakov (70) Avtomobilist (Ekaterinburg) - Head Coach: Viktor Kutergin Goalies: Alexander Byzov (74) Albert Shirgaziev (65) Defensemen: Alexander Bezrodnov (63) Alexander Vyazgin (73) Vladimir Karimov (71) Andrei Korshunov (65) Evgeni Mukhin (68) Sergei Narushko (73) Vladislav Otmakhov (74) Andrei Skomorokha (68) Valeri Soldatov (74) Vitali Sharaburyak (74) Forwards: Zakirjyan Gataulin (65) Igor Gordievski (75) Oleg Zaikov (73) Alexander Krapivin (74) Dmitri Pirozhkov (69) Dmitri Popov (66) Andrei Subbotin (73) Viktor Timoschenkov (65) Andrei Khazov (71) Stanislav Khritoshin (71) Alexander Shpakovski (73) Metallurg (Magnitogorsk) Head Coach: Valeri Postnikov Goalies: Andrei Bessonov (65) Sergei Zemtchonok (76) Boris Tortunov (73) Defensemen: Evgeni Gubarev (69) Denis Denisov (69) Valeri Zagvozdkin (72) Sergei Zalipyatskikh (64) Yuri Isaev (65) Konstantin Isakov (67) Andrei Mazhugin (63) Georgi Musataev (70) Evgeni Tutikov (66) Evgeni Shalygin (70) Forwards: Vladimir Gromylin (66) Sergei Devyatkov (62) Dmitri Ivanov (70) Vladimir Elovikov (66) Igor Knyazev (65) Igor Lukjyanov (63) Viktor Marusov (67) Sergei Mogilnikov (58) Sergei Osipov (67) Alexei Pogodin (64) Viktor Salnikov (68) Igor Starkovski (65) Igor Ulshin (65) Dmitri Fillipov (63) Vladimir Khromykh (70) Yuri Shpigalo (65) Spartak (Moscow) Head Coach: Valentin Gureev Goalies: Alexei Ivashkin (69) Andrei Fedotov (71) Oleg Shevtsov (71) Defensemen: Sergei Butko (68) Fedor Lukinski (76) Yuri Lynov (67) Ilya Makarov (72) Daniil Markov (76) Mikhail Mitkin (67) Dmitri Podlegaev (74) Alexei Putilin (70) Nikolai Semin (73) Alexander Yudin (71) Forwards: Georgi Evtyukhin (70) Vadim Epatchintsev (76) Mikhail Ivanov (71) Dmitri Klevakin (76) Konstantin Korotkov (72) Sergei Kozlov (69) Maikl Nemirovski (74) Dmitri Rozhkov (67) Alexander Selivanov (71) Vladimir Uvarov (74) Sergei Shalomai (76) Dmitri Shamolin (72) Salavat Yulaev (Ufa) Head Coach: Rafael Ishmatov Goalies: Igor Vasiliev (72) Alexander Nikiforov (67) Defensemen: Vladimir Alekseev (75) Oleg Vasiliev (67) Andrei Volkov (67) Artur Galeev (70) Valeri Davletshin (64) Rustam Kamaletdinov (72) Sergei Lopatin (69) Mikhail Potapov (68) Vener Safin (64) Nikolai Tsulygin (75) Andrei Yakhanov (73) Forwards: Denis Anfinogenov (74) Nikolai Bykov (68) Alik Gareev (70) Dmitri Denisov (70) Nikolai Zavarukhin (75) Yuri Ivanov (63) Rail Muftiev (68) Oleg Saldin (72) Alexander Sverzhov (72) Ruslan Suleimanov (66) Boris Timofeev (67) Vyatcheslav Khaev (68) Aidar Khairullin (65) Vadim Sharifjanov (75) Alfred Yunusov (60) Avangard (Omsk) - Head Coach: Leonid Kiselev Goalies: Alexander Dmitriev (63) Evgeni Loiferman (70) Defensemen: Viktor Arkhipov (62) Vladimir Gaponov (73) Vladimir Kapulovski (60) Oleg Katchesov (65) Sergei Korobkin (68) Albert Loginov (70) Konstantin Maslyukov (70) Evgeni Rytchkov (75) Oleg Ugolnikov (68) Forwards: Viktor Belyakov (63) Sergei Berdnikov (71) Sergei Gubarev (65) Igor Dyakiv (67) Mikhail Ermolin (74) Alexei Zhdakhin (66) Yuri Kuznetsov (71) Igor Latyshev (64) Dmitri Parkhomenko (73) Pardaugava (Riga) - Head Coach: Mikhail Beskashnov Goalies: Andrei Zinkov (68) Sergei Polyakov (70) Peteris Scudra (73) Defensemen: Igor Bondarev (74) Konstantin Grigorjev (66) Artur Kupaks (73) Rodrigo Lavinsh (74) Normund Seieis (68) Karlis Skrastinsh (74) Gatis Tseplis (71) Alexander Shishkovitch (72) Forwards: Artis Abols (73) Sergei Boldoveshko (70) Andrei Ignatovitch (71) Yuris Opulskis (69) Aigars Razgals (69) Alexander Semenov (72) Leonid Tambiev (70) Yanis Tomans (73) Aigars Tsyprus (72) Alexei Khromtchenkov (74) Oleg Yurenko (73) Alexander Tchuntchukov (71) Sokol (Kiev) Head Coach: Alexander Fadeev Goalies: Evgeni Brul (67) Alexandr Vjukhin (73) Defensemen: Sergei Garkusha (71) Yuri Gunko (72) Vladimir Kirik (67) Vyatcheslav Zavalnyuk (74) Andrei Oleksienko (71) Alexander Savitski (71) Oleg Polkovnikov (73) Vyacheslav Timchenko (71) Forwards: Evgeni Alipov (65) Vasili Bobrovnikov (71) Konstantin Butsenko (69) Viktor Goncharenko (69) Anatoli Koveshnikov (73) Vitali Litvinenko (70) Evgeni Mlinchenko (72) Valentin Oletski (71) Dmitri Pidgurski (73) Vitali Semenchenko (74) Mikhail Fadeev (71) Vadim Shakhraichuk (74) Torpedo (Ust-Kamenogorsk) - Head Coach: Vladimir Golts Goalies: Vladimir Borodulin (61) Evgeni Nabokov (75) Alexei Shimin (70) Defensemen: Alexander Artemenko (71) Igor Zemlyanoi (67) Igor Medvedev (69) Igor Nikitin (73) Andrei Savenkov (75) Andrei Sokolov (68) Alexei Troschinski (73) Viktor Fedorchenko (61) Forwards: Sergei Antipov (74) Igor Belyaevski (61) Pavel Kamentsev (69) Yuri Karataev (65) Maxim Komissarov (72) Alexander Koreshkov (70) Oleg Kryazhev (70) Andrei Pchelyakov (72) Erlan Sagimbaev (70) Andrei Samokhvalov (75) Roman Shipulin (70) Konstantin Spodarenko (72) Khimik (Voskresensk) Head Coach: Gennadi Syrtsov Goalies: Oleg Lavretski (66) Alexei Chervyakov (65) Yuri Shundrov (56) Defensemen: Vitali Dryndin (75) Alexander Zhdan (71) Andrei Kozlov (71) Oleg Kobzev (70) Igor Monaenkov (66) Sergei Perezhogin (69) Nikolai Syrtsov (71) Dmitri Timofeev (72) Vladimir Tolokonnikov (73) Alexei Yashkin (65) Forwards: Igor Alexandrov (73) Sergei Artyushenko (74) Sergei Berezin (71) Andrei Galkin (67) Evgeni Garanin (73) Alexander Zhinkov (75) Alexei Klimantov (74) Sergei Korolev (73) Alexander Levenok (72) Dmitri Sandrogailov (69) Oleg Santuryan (70) Alexander Syrtsov (73) Alexander Shlykov (72) Vyatcheslav Polikarkin (70) Alexander Chibiryaev (70) Oleg Yashin (68) Torpedo (Nizhni Novgorod) - Head Coach: Valeri Shaposhnikov Goalies: Alexei Ignatenko (70) Sergei Kiryakhin (64) Vladimir Tikhomirov (69) Andrei Tsarev (75) Defensemen: Nikolai Voevodin (73) Vadim Galimkhanov (68) Nikolai Golyshev (61) Alexander Danchishin Pavel Komarov (74) Andrei Kulikov (74) Lev Latin (66) Alexander Kupriyanov (70) Vadim Musatov (67) Vyatcheslav Glushko (67) Oleg Namestnikov (70) Forwards: Evgeni Bobariko (74) Yuri Bogusevitch (73) Alexander Vasenev (69) Anatoli Vodopjanov (60) Sergei Grigoriev (67) Sergei Zhebrovski (63) Alexei Ivanov (74) Vladimir Kireev (67) Vladimir Konkov (68) Evgeni Kudimov (67) Sergei Novoselov (65) Konstantin Obrezha (62) Vladimir Orlov (71) Alexei Rotanov (66) Vyatcheslav Rjanov (59) Vasili Smirnov (73) Alexander Troshin (68) Mikhail Chuprov (73) Sergei Shesterikov (67) Metallurg (Cherepovets) - Head Coach: Vladimir Golev Goalies: Yuti Nikitin (61) Pavel Cherkas (71) Alexander Chizhevski (74) Defensemen: Oleg Achapkin (70) Vladimir Leshko (68) Valeri Saliev (70) Alexander Menchenkov (58) Vitali Solin (74) Alexander Terekhov (69) Andrei Khaidin (66) Maxim Tsvetkov (74) Forwards: Oleg Boltunov (73) Vladimir Vershinin (73) Alexei Ivanov (74) Sergei Ichenski (72) Sergei Kondrashkin (75) Vladimir Kochin (65) Igor Nikulin (72) Igor Petrov (65) Andrei Smirnov (70) Alexei Sokolov (73) Alexei Chistyakov (68) Itil (Kazan) Head Coach: Viktor Kuzhetsov Goalies: Sergei Abramov (59) Konstantin Bakhutashvili (70) Defensemen: Dmitri Barmin (70) Eduard Valiullin (71) Alexander Zavjalov (69) Andrei Zubkov (64) Leonid Lobzov (73) Khalim Nigmatullin (72) Alexei Puchkov (62) Vladimir Starostin (72) Forwards: Igor Ageev (68) Roman Baranov (73) Gleb Veselov (69) Oleg Vlasov (71) Almaz Garifullin (71) Ilnur Gizatullin (69) Alexei Zuev (74) Airat Kadeikin (70) Rinat Kasjanov (71) Igor Krasheninnikov (71) Eduard Kudermetov (72) Alexei Chupin (72) Tivali (Minsk) Head Coach: Andrei Sidorenko Goalies: Alexander Gavrilyuk (65) Yuri Ivashin (73) Sergei Shabanov (76) Defensemen: Marat Askarov (70) Sergei Erkovitch (74) Vladimir Kopat (71) Alexander Makritski (71) Oleg Romanov (70) Ruslan Salei (74) Sergei Stas (74) Oleg Teterev (75) Oleg Khmyl (70) Forwards: Oleg Antonenko (71) Vadim Bekbulatov (70) Valeri Ermolov (75) Vyacheslav Dolishnya (71) Eduard Zankovets (69) Dmitri Ovsyannikov (75) Vasili Pankov (68) Roman Romanov (75) Andrei Skabelka (71) Igor Tarnovski (71) Yuri Faikov (69) Sergei Chernyavski (74) Molot (Perm) Head Coach: Vladimir Fokeev Goalies: Valeri Erokhin (63) Dmitri Khomutov (75) Defensemen: Vadim Galkin (74) Sergei Galkin (72) Valeri Ganzha (67) Oleg Guschin (71) Dmitri Kirillov (66) Mikhail Kovalkov (70) Sergei Milto (71) Murat Sterzhanov (70) Forwards: Sergei Gubanov (75) Alexander Gulyavtsev (73) Mikhail Ipatov (68) Vyacheslav Kurochkin (75) Seregi Nechaev (71) Murat Mullagaleev (66) Dmitri Romanov (71) Evgeni Obrushny (75) Oleg Savchuk (66) Alexander Smagin (71) Mikhail Soldatov (71) Kristall (Saratov) Head Coach: Vladimir Kuplinov Goalies: Alexei Scheblinov (63) Dmitri Sychkov (70) Defensemen: Dmitri Glebov (77) Alexei Krivonozhkin (74) Andrei Lyulin (68) Mikhail Milekhin (65) Dmitri Porkhunov (75) Dmitri Starodubtsev (73) Dmitri Stulov (73) Dmitri Chikin (76) Forwards: Alim Aleev (68) Boris Bezhykov (74) Ali Burkhanov (68) Fedor Volodin (71) Alexander Gorelov (75) Andrei Evseev (74) Dmitri Ermoshin (72) Alexander Ivanov (75) Igor Ivliev (68) Andrei Korolev (70) Sergei Martynov (66) Vadim Molotilov (68) Sergei Samoshkin (75) Igor Stepanov (70) Evgeni Tarasov (74) Nikolai Cherepukha (76) Vadim Umnov (73) Metallurg (Novokuznetsk) Head Coach: Alexander Zaikin Goalies: Dmitri Kuroshin (59) Alexander Filippenko (65) Defensemen: Evgeni Baklanov (72) Dmitri Butsenko (65) Evgeni Goldenkov (71) Andrei Evstafjev (72) Yuri Zuev (62) Alexei Kitsyn (65) Sergei Trofilov (65) Andrei Troschenkov (72) Forwards: Alexander Voronov (66) Oleg Gross (65) Dmitri Zaitsev (70) Sergei Kalinin (71) Alexander Kitov (68) Vladimir Kormachev (72) Sergei Lantratov (75) Andrei Makarov (66) Alexander Malakhov (70) Vladislav Morozov (67) Alexander Ragulin (65) Andrei Smirnov (70) Nikolai Ustinov (62) CSKA (Moscow) - Head Coach: Viktor Tikhonov Goalies: Maxim Mikhailovski (69) Nikolai Khabibullin (73) Defensemen: Vasili Demin (74) Andrei Doronin (73) Yuri Eresko (75) Roman Mozgunov (75) Artur Oktyabrev (73) Alexander Osadchi (75) Sergei Selyanin (66) Sergei Simonov (74) Vasili Turkovski (74) Stanislav Shalnov (73) Forwards: Mikhail Belobragin (74) Oleg Belov (73) Mikhail Borodulin (67) Sergei Brylin (74) Andrei Vasiljev (72) Denis Vinokurov (72) Dmitri Gorenko (75) Pavel Evstigneev (73) Vladimir Zhashkov (73) Alexei Lazarenko (76) Albert Leschev (71) Valentin Morozov (75) Dmitri Pigolitsyn (74) Alexander Skoptsov (73) Dmitri Starostenko (73) Alexander Kharlamov (75) Vladislav Yakovenko (74) Stroitel (Karaganda) Head Coach: Petr Pavlyuchenko Goalies: Vladimir Balandin (64) Nikolai Poleoglov (72) Leonid Shilyaev (59) Defensemen: Vladimir Aleksandrov (65) Oleg Bolyakin (65) Alexei Gasnikov (74) Valeri Gorbunov (57) Sergei Gunyakin (72) Dmitri Dubrovski (73) Mikhail Zharenov (73) Yuri Mikhailis (69) Andrei Smoljakov (71) Oleg Kryukov (69) Valeri Shestitko (70) Forwards: Alexander Vysotski (68) Bulat Gabdrakhmanov (71) Alexei Murzin (74) Andrei Zalipyatskikh (70) Murat Mukhametov (73) Igor Nikolaev (70) Mikhail Petrov (64) Oleg Salimov (63) Dmitri Fedorov (72) Alexander Filippov (73) Valeri Khamrakulov (71) Alexander Kharitonov (74) Oleg Shulaev (64) Mikhail Schedrin (74) Roman Shilenko

72. Centre Sport Statistics. NHL. Teams
hockey. NHL. Spacek, Jaroslav, 60, 3, 10, 13, 29, , -, -, -, -. karpovtsev,alexander, 65, 1, 9, 10, 40, 5, 1, 0, 1, 0. Poapst, Steve, 56, 1, 7,8, 30, 5, 0, 0, 0, 0.

73. Centre Sport Statistics. NHL. Teams
hockey. NHL. Eastwood, Mike, 48, 5, 5, 10, 16, , -, -, -, -. karpovtsev,alexander, 47, 3, 7, 10, 38, -, -, -, -, -. Berg, Bill, 67, 1, 9,10, 55, -, -, -, -, -.

74. Alexander Karpovtsev Autographed Card
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75. Hockey Trade Rumors - Hockey Information And Rumors - Rumors From Around The Lea
Various sources say he is thinking of moving defenseman alexander karpovtsev andwith many Neill from the Hurricanes to play the same type of hockey along with

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... The Soccer Times HTR Affiliate Sites Spectors Rumors Canucks Central Mofo Sports Outside The Garden ... Russian Prospects Great Sites Rumors From Around The League writes "Rumors Circulating Around The League... Rumors:
  • Sabres looking for D:
  • With the Sabres nearing a playoff spot, mostly because of the poor play from Montreal and with injuries to 2 of their key defensemen, Jay McKee and James Patrick, Sabres GM Darcy Regier says he will look to acquire a defenseman at the NHL’s trade deadline but he also said it wouldn’t be easy. The biggest names being shopped around are Washington’s Sergei Gonchar, New York’s Brian Leetch and Chicago’s Alexander Kapovtsev. Leetch would help the Sabres in the experience department but I see him retiring as a Ranger.
  • Devils eyeing solid D and another Center:
  • New Jersey had their eye on Zhamnov until he was traded and with Gonchar’s trade value getting higher everyday, the Devils might be more interested in acquiring Brendan Witt. The club that acquires Gonchar (most likely the Leafs) will try and get Witt included in the deal so the Devils may try to acquire him quickly. Also, as a replacement for Zhamnov at the center position, Lamoriello may be looking at Phoenix’s Chris Gratton.
  • Colorado – Too Many Defensemen?:
  • 76. Hockey Trade Rumors - Hockey Information And Rumors - Chicago To Ship More Playe
    make some big roster changes over the next few weeks. And, they saidthat alexander karpovtsev will be the next player traded. .

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    ... The Soccer Times HTR Affiliate Sites Spectors Rumors Canucks Central Mofo Sports Outside The Garden ... Russian Prospects Great Sites Chicago to ship more players. writes "According to, the Black Hawks GM is getting ready to make some big roster changes over the next few weeks. And, they said that Alexander Karpovtsev will be the next player traded." Options Printer Friendly Page Send to a Friend Login/Create an Account Search Discussion Threshold No Comments Nested Flat Thread Oldest First Newest First Highest Scores First The comments are owned by the poster. We aren't responsible for their content. No Comments Allowed for Anonymous, please register Re: Chicago to ship more players. (Score: 1) by mogilny_4_ever on Sunday, February 22 @ 16:18:38 EST User Info Send a Message To which team would they be traded to? Re: Chicago to ship more players. (Score: 1) by AmericasteamRedWings on Sunday, February 22 @ 16:22:24 EST

    77. - NHL Islanders - Canada S Sports Leader
    Fantasy hockey. Site Map », alexander karpovtsev 25 D. NY Islanders. DOB Apr7, 1970. Age 34. Place of Birth Moscow, USSR (RUS). HT 63 WT 221. Shoots R.

    78. - NHL - Canada's Sports Leader
    Translate this page FANTASY GAMES. Fantasy hockey. Site Map », SEARCH BY NAME. Karlsson, Andreas (C).Karpa, Dave (D). NYI, karpovtsev, alexander (D). NYR, Kasparaitis, Darius (D).

    79. Sportz Tawk: Newz Forum - HOCKEY: Jason Blake Out With Sprained Ankle
    hockey Jason Blake out with sprained ankle Associated Press NEW YORK short on defenseas the Islanders announced that alexander karpovtsev voluntarily left
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    Author: Subject: HOCKEY: Jason Blake out with sprained ankle Ocelot

    Posts 1658
    Registered 4/6/2003 Location Puerto Rico Member Is Offline Mood:
    Great!!! Head Coaching Sportz Ability: 552/1267 Sportz Strength: 414/1100 Sportz Intelligence: 4000/4000 posted on 3/27/2004 at 09:38 AM edit quote HOCKEY: Jason Blake out with sprained ankle Associated Press [more] Blake has a high ankle sprain that limited him to six shifts totaling just over four minutes of ice time against the Flyers on Thursday.

    80. 1999-2000 Scoresheet's NHL Players List
    Scoresheet hockey Order Form Fantasy hockey Draft Packet Index hockey Players Lists 35NJ Stevens, Scott 391) 16.7 0.3 29 TOR karpovtsev, alexander 392) 16.5
    1999-2000 Scoresheet's NHL Players List
    This is the player list used for the 1999-2000 hockey season. Do NOT use this list for the hockey season beginning in October, 2000 - use the 2000-01 player lists Go to instructions on downloading this list if you have problems. Scoresheet Home Scoresheet Fantasy Hockey Scoresheet Hockey Order Form Fantasy Hockey Draft Packet Index ... Goalies The first number is the Scoresheet Player number, the second number is his total points earned last season (using our game's formulas), the third number is his average rating per game he played last season, the fourth number is the player's age as of Opening Day, and then his current NHL team is shown. Additions

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