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61. Old C.H.L. Player Of The Month
ciccarelli. Although he only played part of two seasons in the old CHL, he made a big impact in the NHL. Love him or hate him, dino is one heck of a hockey
"Old" C.H.L. Player of the Month
This page will highlight some of the great players that played in the "Old" C.H.L.. These guys did their time in the minors like everyone else did. Some might have gone on to win the ultimate award, the Stanley Cup and some might have never had the chance. I will not just do the big name players that everyone knows. I will also do the lesser known players, the guys I like to call the "lunch pail bunch". The guys who played on defense, the Iron men, you know the guys who showed up to play every night. I hope you enjoy this, please let me know. - Paul
March 1999 Player of the Month
This month's Player of the Month we feature Dino Ciccarelli. Although he only played part of two seasons in the old C.H.L., he made a big impact in the N.H.L.. Love him or hate him, Dino is one heck of a hockey player. Yeah, Yeah... he's a pest and is known for his garbage goals, bad attitude and behavior. But, let me ask you a question. Wouldn't you have loved to have him on your team roster? Dino hasn't won a Stanley Cup yet, but he is part of an elite club within the N.H.L.. Dino is one of only nine players in the N.H.L. to score 600 goals or more. A few others in this elite club are Marcel Dionne, Bobby Hull, Wayne Gretzky, Phil Esposito, Mario Lemieux and Gordie Howe. Needless to say this little gritty player is destined to go the Hockey Hall of Fame.
Lou Nanne wanted to see how Dino's leg would hold up. So Lou sent Dino to the Minnesota North Stars farm team in the C.H.L., the Oklahoma City Stars. Dino joined the Stars late during the 1979/80 season. In 6 games Dino scored 3 goals along with 2 assists. The 1980/81 season Dino rejoined the Stars and went on to become one of the league's top rookies that year. During his time with the OKC Stars Dino played in 48 games, scoring 32 goals, 25 assist, for 57 points. When he left the Stars he was in the top 10 in the league in scoring and in second place in rookie scoring. Even though he didn't play the entire season with the Stars, he still was fifth in final team scoring and tied for second in goals scored. The North Stars saw all they needed, Dino was called up to the big show in early Febuary of 1981 and has never gone back down to the minors.

62. Le Salaire De Plus De 100 Joueurs
ciccarelli, dino = 2 174 688 $; Tocchet, Rick = 2 150 000 $; Richer, Stephane = 2 067 962 $. Les 40 moins payés. Stephen Leach = 150 000 $ can. hockey Quebec 98.html
Les 100 joueurs les mieux payés
  • Fedorov, Sergei = 14 000 000 $ Kariya, Paul = 8 500 000 $ Lindros, Eric = 8 500 000 $ Hasek, Dominik = 8 000 000 $ Sundin, Mats = 6 347 164 $ Forsberg, Peter = 6 000 000 $ Gilmour, Doug = 6 000 000 $ Gretzky, Wayne = 6 000 000 $ Messier, Mark = 6 000 000 $ Joseph, Curtis = 5 500 000 $ Blake, Rob = 5 267 500 $ Zigmund Palffy = 5 200 000 $ Roy, Patrick = 5 113 260 $ Richter, Mike = 5 100 000 $ Francis, Ron = 5 000 000 $ Modano, Mike = 5 000 000 $ Jagr, Jaromir = 4 988 491 $ Yzerman, Steve = 4 800 000 $ Selanne, Teemu = 4 750 000 $ Turgeon, Pierre = 4 650 000 $ Hull, Brett = 4 500 000 $ MacInnis, Al = 4 500 000 $ Recchi, Mark = 4 500 000 $ Mogilny, Alexander = 4 200 000 $ Stevens, Scott = 4 152 579 $ Krupp, Uwe = 4 100 000 $ Tkachuk, Keith = 4 100 000 $ Bourque, Raymond = 4 000 000 $
  • 63. NHL Hockey Trading Cards For The Hockey Fan
    Attention dino ciccarelli fans! Have you ever opened countless packs of hockey cards without ever coming across one card of dino ciccarelli?
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    64. As I Live The Questions: "He Was Like A Little Boy Searching For Approval"
    Thus begun an exhaustive onemonth journey into a man lurking in the hockey shadows, with truths The guy is a lunatic, Rob ciccarelli, dino s brother and
    as I live the questions
    postings, weblinks and ramblings by Ryan Schultz Main
    April 21, 2004
    "He was like a little boy searching for approval"
    Fascinated, I have been following the Mike Danton story since it first broke. Here's an excellent overview of the story plus editorial comments by King Kaufman of (note: you'll need to sit through an ad to see the full story if you're not a Salon subscriber). At first, I completely agreed with the assessment made by Jim Buzinski of Danton had an argument with his "male acquaintance" (i.e. live-in lover) and, afraid that the acquaintance was going to leave him and out him, made arrangements to hire a hit-man to have him bumped off. So at first the closted-gay angle spun out, was picked up by the gay media, and such mainstream media sources as Reuters reported the other man as Danton's male lover.
    But later it was reported that the "male acquaintance" in question was Danton's agent, David Frost, who appears to have been living with the hockey player. Now the media spotlight has been turned full-force upon Frost, and his rather unusual relationships with Danton and several other hockey players: Five hockey seasons ago, the St. Michael's Majors traded four of their best players to the Barrie Colts in a deal that from the outside appeared to make little sense. Out of curiosity more than anything else, I asked Terry Koshan, who covered junior hockey at the time: "Why would St. Mike's do this?"

    65. Here S The Final Standings In The Regular Season Hockey Pool.
    Here s the final standings in the regular season hockey pool. Mike Ridley 37 14 Nelson Emerson 37 15 Doug Weight 40 16 Benoit Hogue 16 17 dino ciccarelli 43 18
    Here's the final standings in the regular season hockey pool. Last update: Thu May 4 20:28:35 EDT 1995

    66. BeeHive Hockey 96/97 Pool Final Standings
    Check the list of Previous Pool Winners. Enter the 1997 hockey Playoff Pool. 6, PETER FORSBERG, COL, 65, 28, 58, 86. 7, dino ciccarelli, TAM, 77, 35, 25, 60.
    beeHive Hockey 96/97 Pool Final Standings
    It's official... Larry slips into first on the last day of the season and claims the ROGUE PUCK!!! Check the list of Previous Pool Winners Enter the 1997 Hockey Playoff Pool
    Rank Total Owner Email Larry Nelson Derek Chapman dschapma@watarts David Kribs dwkribs@barrow Geoff MacDonald ggmacdon@watarts Geoff Haddock Troy A.W. Visser tvisser@watarts Dalton Wolfe Mark Zanna mzanna@watarts Dave Klassen dklassen@watserv1 David 'The Mask' Brandow Amy Rubin Tim Farrell tim@watarts Marla Bigel mbigel@watarts Chester Eickmeier chet@daycare Kyle Adam Paul Fera Charissa Cheah Kathy Wolfe Ken Rubin Rob Coplan Cameron MacLean Steve Shikaze shikaze@cgrnserc Bob Hicks bjhicks@dcs1 Steve Wright Wade Gibbons wngibbons@biology.watstar

    67. Past Shows
    Show 08, 11/14/1999. dino ciccarelli, Future Hall of FamerNational hockey League. Show 08, 1/24/1999. Wendel Clark, PlayerTampa Bay Lightning. Show 06, 1/10/1999.
    Click on any of the guests to hear what they had to say Listening to streaming audio requires the Free Real Player G2 Looking for your favorite player or favorite team?
    Don't forget to check out Past Guests. Click here to see Past Teams PAST GUEST
    Show Glen Adamo GlenNational Hockey League Show Kevin Allen Hockey WriterUSA Today Show Kevin Allen WriterUSA Today Show Mike Barnett AgentWayne Gretzky's Show Don Beaupre Former GoalieNational Hockey League Show Gary Bettman CommissionerNational Hockey League Show Gary Bettman CommissionerNational Hockey League Show Jeff Beukeboom Former NHLer Show Mike Bossy Hall of FamerNational Hockey League Show Ray Bourque DefensemanColorado Avalanche Show Les Bowan WriterPhiladelphia Daily News Show Scotty Bowman Head CoachDetroit Redwings Show Scotty Bowman Head CoachDetroit Redwings Show Scotty Bowman Head CoachDetroit Redwings Show Scotty Bowman Head CoachDetroit Redwings Show Scotty Bowman Head CoachDetroit Redwings Show Fred Brathwaite GoaltenderCalgary Flames Show Ron Bremner PresidentCalgary Flames Show Mark Brender WriterHockey News Show Mark Brender WriterHockey News Show Martin Broduer GoaltenderNew Jersey Devils Show Larry Brooks WriterNew York Post Show Herb Brooks Head CoachPittsburgh Penguins

    68. FANTASY HOCKEY Journal FORUM - A Forum
    (Clickable from the home page at Fantasy hockey Journal.) Aside from the Bertuzzi/Moore and fellow Sarnian dino ciccarelli slamming his stick on the head of
    FANTASY HOCKEY Journal FORUM Welcome to the FORUM at Fantasy Hockey Journal. Feel free to discuss anything that is hockey or fantasy sports. Please be respectful of other posters. Commercial messages posted without permission of the webmaster will be deleted.
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    Author Comment Randy Steinman
    Apr 16, 04 - 1:35 AM Ugly Incidents
    I just posted an article I wrote for the now-defunct (forerunner of about an ugly hockey incident from 1968. (Clickable from the home page at Fantasy Hockey Journal.)
    Aside from the Bertuzzi/Moore and McSorley/Brashear incidents, can anyone relate an NHL incident they find rather ugly?
    Off the top of my head I can think of a few:
    -Dan Maloney slamming Leafs defenseman Brian Glennie
    head against the ice several times (late 70's or early 80's). -fellow Sarnian Dino Ciccarelli slamming his stick on the head of Luke Richardson (of the Leafs at the time) for which Dino served a day in jail. -No-talent cement-head Matt Johnson sucker punching Jeff Beukeboom to the back of the head, virtually ending Beukeboom's career.

    69. When Is Hockey Violence Illegal? - Roughhousing Versus Assault. By Brendan I. Ko
    In 1988, for example, Minnesota North Stars forward dino ciccarelli pleaded guilty to assault case followed a 1999 incident during a highschool hockey game in
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    When Is Hockey Violence Illegal?

    Roughhousing versus assault.
    By Brendan I. Koerner
    Posted Thursday, March 11, 2004, at 2:33 PM PT
    Bertuzzi: Thug? The National Hockey League has suspended Vancouver Canucks forward Todd Bertuzzi for the remainder of the season and the playoffs as punishment for his vicious thumping of Colorado Avalanche forward Steve Moore. In addition, Vancouver police are investigating the incident, and criminal charges could be filed. Given that the law generally frowns upon the clobbering of human beings, isn't all hockey violence illegal? Perhaps in a technical sense, but prosecutors would have a tough time obtaining convictions in the vast majority of cases. There's no law that specifically exempts athletes from being prosecuted for assaults that occur during competition, so it's theoretically possible that a prosecutor could file charges every time a winger gets cross-checked or sucker punched. However, there's a gentleman's agreement of sorts that exists between professional sports leagues and the authorities: As long as the NHL polices itself, and metes out fines and suspensions to offenders, prosecutors generally leave it alone. Both sides prefer it that way: the NHL because it doesn't want the courts interfering with its business, and prosecutors because guilty verdicts would be few and far between. "Implied consent" is an accepted defense against assault charges, and it's clear that NHL players realize that serious roughhousing is part of their job. Many simple assault cases also depend on the willingness of victims to press charges, and few if any pro hockey players want to carry their on-ice feuds into the courts.

    70. Sarnia Sports And Entertainment Centre
    Tuesday July 27, Mike Weir AllStar Challenge Mike Weir plays against a team of hockey legends including Wayne Gretzky, dino ciccarelli and Adam Oates.

    71. PLAYERS 1917-03
    Bobby 1969 1984 1280 400 929 1605 628 1966 2594 5257 29 Lemieux, Claude 1983 2003 DAL 1430 459 484 2285 738 1999 2737 5237 30 ciccarelli, dino 1980 1999 1373
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    Yahoo GP - G - A - PIM - Ñîòâîðèòü ÷èñòî ñòàòèñòè÷åñêóþ, ìîäåëü íå òàê óæ è ñëîæíî. íî çàìó÷àåøüñÿ ïîòîì èñêàòü çäðàâûé ñìûñë. Ïîýòîìó ñòà÷àëà ñîîáðàçèì íàñ÷åò íåêîòîðîé ìîäåëè, òàê ñêàçàòü "ôèçè÷åñêîé" GP. - Goals per Games (GPGmax) G/GPGmax. - A/APGmax APGmax (Assists per Game) Àíàëîãè÷íî è ñ øòðàôíûìè ìèíóòàìè, âðåìÿ çà èõ "çàðàáàòûâàíèå" ðàâíî PIM/PIMPGmax. PIMPGmax (Penalties in Minutes per Games) m Èòàê ìû ñ÷èòàåì ÷òî êàæäûé èãðîê çàáèâàåò êàê ëó÷øèé áîìáàðäèð, ïàñóåò êàê ëó÷øèé ïàñóþùèé è øòðàôóåòñÿ êàê ñàìûé "õóëèãàíèñòûé" õîêêåèñò â ÍÕË. Îòäåëüíî î "õóëèãàíàõ". Íà ñàìîì äåëå, äåéñòâèÿ øòðàôíèêîâ íàïðàâëåíû íà ïðåñå÷åíèå àòàê ñîïåðíèêîâ. Åñëè áû ýòî áûëî ïðîñòî õóëèãàíñòâî, òî âðÿä ëè òðåíåð äåðæàë áû òàêîãî èãðîêà äîëãî íà ïîëå. Ïîýòîìó ìû áóäåì ñ÷èòàòü, ÷òî øòðàô - ýòî ïðåðâàííàÿ àòàêà, íå çàáèòûé ãîë â ñâîè âîðîòà, à çíà÷èò øòðàôíûå ìîãóò áûòü ðàññìîòðåíû íàðàâíå ñ ïàññàìè è ãîëàìè. Âû÷òÿ èç âñåõ èãð âðåìÿ, çàòðà÷åííîå íà øàéáû, ïàñû è øòðàôû ìû ïîëó÷èì åùå íåêîòîðîå "!ñâîáîäíîå "

    72. Hockey Digest: Quick Quiz - Hockey Teams And Players - Brief Article
    8. Which former hockey star played professional soccer for the Toronto Blizzard one playoff year Chris Drury, Mario Lemieux, Don Maloney, or dino ciccarelli?
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    Hockey Digest
    March, 2001
    1. Who is the only player other than Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier to score more than 100 career NHL playoff goals: Glenn Anderson, Mario Lemieux, Jari Kurri, or Mike Bossy? 2. Name the two current NHL genera managers to have, in their playing days, served as captain of the team which they are currently employed. 3. From which junior team was Mario Lemieux selected when he became the No. 1 overall pick in the 1984 NHL entry draft? 4. What is the name of the new four-forward, one-defenseman system invented by Swedish coach Mats Waltin: the tornado, the torpedo, the submarine, or the destroyer? 5. Which Edmonton Oilers player's father was an NHL referee in the 1970s: Tom Poti, Chad Kilger, Ethan Moreau, or Doug Weight?

    73. Hockey Digest: All-time Franchise Leaders - Names And Numbers
    Find subscription deals Alltime franchise leaders - Names and Numbers hockey Digest, Feb 745 Goals Mike Modano 416 Brian Bellows 342 dino ciccarelli 332 Neal
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    Hockey Digest
    Feb, 2003
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    74. NHL Hockey At Represents Florida Panthers
    turn the Broward County Convention Center into a mecca for hockey enthusiasts, when February 3, 1998 Right wing dino ciccarelli scored his 600th career goal vs

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    HISTORICAL HIGHLIGHTS - Page 2 September 4, 1994
    The Panthers open their second annual training camp as 59 players report to Peterborough, Ontario. January 11, 1995
    The NHL Players Association accepts the NHL's final collective bargaining agreement proposal, bringing an end to the 103-day labor dispute, which reduced the NHL's 84-game season to a 48-game season. April 20, 1995
    The Panthers kick-off state-wide license plate program, benefiting the Florida Sports Foundation. June 7, 1995
    The Carolina Monarchs are named as the Panthers' top minor league affiliate, while Florida retains its affiliation with the Cincinnati Cyclones of the IHL. June 8, 1995
    Roger Neilson is relieved of his head coaching duties. Neilson was the Panthers' first-ever head coach, and in two seasons, posted a record of 53-56-23, for a winning percentage of .489. June 9, 1995

    75. Be A Player : 2001-2002 Parkhurst Series
    PGS1, Bobby Hull, 30. PGS-2, Mr. hockey, 30. PGS-3, Marcel Dionne, 30. PGS-4, Phil Esposito, 30. PGS-5, Mike Gartner, 80. PGS-10, dino ciccarelli, 80. PGS-11, Jari Kurri, 80.
    Be A Player Trading Cards Products > 2001-2002 Parkhurst Series Numbers Product Description Pictures Checklist Inserts ... 150 Parkie Reprint Inserts P-1 Parkhurst Vintage Memorabilia range from 5-90 of each card produced P-2 Teammates Triple Jersey only 30 of each card produced P-3 500 Goal Scorers Jerseys (11 limited) only 30 of each card produced 500 Goal Scorers Jerseys (16 non-limited) only 80 of each card produced P-4 Parkhurst Autographs range from 20-90 of each card produced P-5 Game-Used Jerseys only 90 of each card produced P-6 Game-Used Sticks only 90 of each card produced P-7 World Class Game-used Jerseys only 80 of each card produced P-8 World Class Game-used Emblems only 20 of each card produced P-9 World Class Game-used Numbers only 20 of each card produced P-10 NHL Milestones only 50 of each card produced P-11 NHL Heroes only 40 of each card produced P-12 Game-used Stick and Jersey only 70 of each card produced
    Parkhurst Vintage Memorabilia PV-2 Rocket Richard number PV-3 Rocket Richard emblem PV-6 Jacques Plante emblem PV-7 Jacques Plante number PV-11 Doug Harvey emblem PV-12 Doug Harvey number PV-14 Mr. Hockey

    76. ESPN NHL Hockey Historic Team Conversions ::
    MIN 8081, 77, 11, Left Wing, 2, McCarthy, Tom, MIN 80-81, 61, 20, Right Wing, 2, ciccarelli, dino, MIN 80-81, 48, 26, Center, 2, Payne, Steve, MIN
    Team ENH # REAL # Default Name Last Name First Name TBL 95-96 Goalie, 1 Puppa Darren TBL 95-96 Left Wing, 1 Klima Petr TBL 95-96 Right Wing, 1 Selivanov Alexander TBL 95-96 Center, 1 Bradley Brian TBL 95-96 Houlder, Bill Houlder Bill TBL 95-96 Hamrlik, Roman Hamrlik Roman TBL 95-96 Goalie, 2 Reese Jeff TBL 95-96 Zamuner, Rob Zamuner Rob TBL 95-96 Right Wing, 2 Bellows Brian TBL 95-96 Center, 2 Cullen John TBL 95-96 Cross, Cory Cross Cory TBL 95-96 Defenseman, 4 Ciccone Enrico TBL 95-96 Left Wing, 3 Burr Shawn TBL 95-96 Right Wing, 3 Andersson Mikael TBL 95-96 Gratton, Chris Gratton Chris TBL 95-96 Ulanov, Igor Ulanov Igor TBL 95-96 Defenseman, 6 Shaw David (could also be Michel Petit [#95]) TBL 95-96 Left Wing, 4 Ysebaert Paul TBL 95-96 Right Wing, 4 Poulin Patrick TBL 95-96 Wiemer, Jason Wiemer Jason TBL 95-96 Left Wing, 5 Tucker John TBL 95-96 Gavey, Aaron Gavey Aaron OTT 97-98 Goalie, 1 Rhodes Damian OTT 97-98 McEachern, Shawn McEachern Shawn OTT 97-98 Alfredsson, Daniel Alfredsson Daniel OTT 97-98 Yashin, Alexei Yashin Alexei OTT 97-98 Redden, Wade Redden Wade OTT 97-98 Kravchuk, Igor Kravchuk Igor OTT 97-98 Tugnutt, Ron

    77. London Free Press: Recreation And Leisure
    Former London Knights star dino ciccarelli was with the revived Detroit Red Wings. In hockeymad Sarnia, that meant something. The

    78. The Upper Deck Company, Card Checklist
    2002, 21, Borje Salming, Red Wings, Foundations, 2002, 22, dino ciccarelli, Red Wings, Foundations, 2002, 23, Mr. hockey®, Red Wings, Foundations,

    79. Ciccarelli Relishes Return To Ice - 02/25/02
    dino ciccarelli still has the same intensity and ferocity on pulling a prank on me. But ciccarelli was quick opportunity to play a little hockey and golf
    var letteradress = "wings" var pageName=""; var server=""; var channel=""; var pageType=""; var pageValue=""; var prop1=""; var prop2=""; var prop3=""; var prop4=""; var prop5=""; var prop6="news"; var prop7=""; var prop8=""; var prop9=""; var prop10=""; var s_code=' ';
    Monday, February 25, 2002




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    80. 1998-99 NHL Statistics By Ontario Hockey League Team
    82 23 53 76 158 5 68 ciccarelli, dino, Fla. 79 4 31 35 177 17 48 = QUEBEC MAJOR JUNIOR hockey LEAGUE (QMJHL = BEAUPORT GP G A PTS SOG
    Final 1998-99 stats by OHL team
    Statistics provided by Elias Sports Bureau. BARRIE GP G A PTS SOG +/- PIM Brown, Brad, Mtl.-Chi. 66 1 7 8 26 -4 205 BELLEVILLE GP G A PTS SOG +/- PIM Bicanek, Radim, Ott.-Chi. 14 13 -4 10 Marchment, Bryan, S.J. 59 2 6 8 49 -7 101 McCarty, Darren, Det. 69 14 26 40 140 10 108 McSorley, Marty, Edm. 46 2 3 5 29 -5 101 Thornton, Scott, Mtl. 47 7 4 11 56 -2 87 GP W L T GAA SV% SO Billington, Craig, Col. 21 11 8 1 2.87 89.43 Wilkinson, Derek, T.B. 5 1 3 1 3.08 89.84 BRANTFORD GP G A PTS SOG +/- PIM Gagner, Dave, Fla.-Van. 69 6 22 28 100 -16 63 CORNWALL GP G A PTS SOG +/- PIM Gilmour, Doug, Chi. 72 16 40 56 110 -16 56 Nolan, Owen, S.J. 78 19 26 45 207 16 129 Ray, Rob, Buf. 76 4 4 23 -2 261 Reekie, Joe, Was. 73 10 10 81 12 68 Schneider, Mathieu, NYR 75 10 24 34 159 -19 71 Sheppard, Ray, Car. 74 25 33 58 188 4 16 Slaney, John, Nsh. 46 2 12 14 84 -12 14 Stapleton, Mike, Pho. 76 9 9 18 106 -6 34 GP W L T GAA SV% SO

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