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  1. West is best: just in case there was any doubt left in your mind about which conference is dominating the NHL, chew on this--10 of the 12 players on our ... Team).: An article from: Hockey Digest by Keith Loria, 2003-06-22

81. Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League
bertuzzi fans. Because what I saw from todd bertuzzi had absolutleynothing to do with hockey and people are still defending him.

82. Sports Betting King - Live News, Scores, Stats And Matchups - Guide To Online Wa
punished with jail time. What a great influence todd bertuzzi is havingon our kids that play hockey. Posted by todd s shameful

83. The Hammer - A Statement From Todd Bertuzzi: "I Only Meant To
ca is Canada s favourite tool for hardhitting headlines, Canadian stories and over-the-topSatirical News todd bertuzzi, cheap shot, hockey, hitting, sprain
sprain his neck" Welcome to The Hammer - Canadian Satirical News and Hard-Hitting Humour.
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Search the Archives Services Links ... Contact Canadian Satire and Hard-Hitting News Issue 55 - March 15th, 2004
A Statement from Todd Bertuzzi: "I only meant to sprain his neck"
I know a lot of people are mad at me right now. I don't blame them. I made a mistake, and I'm man enough to admit it. There's no place in hockey for what I did. Sometimes, in the heat of battle, and when I say "battle," I mean "professional hockey game played by millionaires," you do some stupid things. If there's anything I could do to take back what I did, I would do it. As long as I didn't have to y'know, do any work or talk to anyone or anything like that. I didn't mean to hurt him. It was an accident. I accidentally wailed back and drove all of the force of my 250-pound frame into the side of his head. It could have happened to anyone. Really, I'm just as much a victim as he is, you could say. In comparison to the Bhutan Death March, hitting that guy upside the head pales in comparison. Totally.

84. Canucks Fans Rally To Support Steve Moore And Todd Bertuzzi - HardCOREware Forum
On Thursday todd bertuzzi was suspended by the league for the remainder of the regular likelybe banned from competing in this summer’s World Cup of hockey.

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86. : Todd Bertuzzi Is A Prick
I used to like todd bertuzzi, but after seeing what he did page of the USA Today,we re talking about bertuzzi. We all agree that hockey is a pretty cool sport
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... archives 09 March 2004 I used to like Todd Bertuzzi, but after seeing what he did last night to Steve Moore , I have decided that Bertuzzi is a prick. I hope he gets suspended for a long time. Video Clip
Comments Section
The Taxi (Mar 9, 2004 11:46 AM) Wow. Unbelieveable. What an ass hat. Looks like Moore was out before he hit the ice.
(Mar 9, 2004 11:51 AM) There is no reason for something like that. Sure Moore knocked out Naslund, but this was just uncalled for.
Bouche (not Moe, the closet Blue Jackets fan)
(Mar 9, 2004 04:51 PM) 1) 24 teams in the NHL
2) College rules on fighting (fight, you're out; third man, you're dead).
3) Death penalty for Bertuzzi. Lifetime ban from the NHL. I'm all for justice, but that is just stupid.
(Mar 9, 2004 04:56 PM) That's the funniest (name) yet. ;) Fighting is important though - unless they dumped the instigator rule. The players could have taken care of everything last week by fighting after the hit on Naslund. Instead they had to wait a week and this happens. And real fisticufts is better than the annoying "glove in the face" tactic used by the Badgers.

87. - Hockey
By JOHN WAWROW AP Sports Writer March 12, 2004, 1001 AM EST TORONTO todd bertuzzi ssuspension until at least next Fighting in the game of hockey has been,0,7629137.story?

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90. Todd Bertuzzi Suspendat Pina La Sfirsitul Sezonului (cel Putin)
bb9df9f289d8cc) anunta ca atacantul todd bertuzzi (Vancouver Canucks In cazul luibertuzzi se speculeaza ca acuzatia va headline-ul a fost hockey is so sick

91. Teal Sunglasses: Todd Bertuzzi And Steve Moore.
March 09, 2004. todd bertuzzi and Steve Moore. It is a difficult dayto be a hockey fan today. I just happened to be watching (on
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March 09, 2004
Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore.
It is a difficult day to be a hockey fan today. I just happened to be watching (on and off) the Colorado/Vancouver game last night; I was priviledged to see Bertuzzi's mugging of Steve Moore. He who lives by the testosterone occasionaly dies by it, and last night, Bertuzzi, who's game always has an edge to it, fell off the cliff and did something really stupid. I'll bet he feels horrible about the results; players intend to send messages, not that . But it's too late for remorse, it doesn't change the act. Echos of McSorley's hit on Donald Brashear, or perhaps even moreso Owen Nolan's hit on Hurricane Grant Marshall in 2001 (which led to an 11 game, well earned, suspension). Todd Bertuzzi shouldn't skate the rest of the season. If it were up to me, he wouldn't skate the first round of the playoffs, either you not only have to punish Bertuzzi for this, you have to send a message to ALL teams in the NHL that this kind of behavior won't be tolerated. They way you do that is not taking away the instigator penalty as some experts propose, that solution only leads to this kind of violence, not away from it.

92. Hockey Pictures
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93. Index Of /2004/hockey/nhl/03/10/bc.hkn.bertuzzi.spunch.ap/
DIR Parent Directory index.xml 17Mar-2004 0011 4K......Index of /2004/hockey/nhl/03/10/bc.hkn.bertuzzi.spunch.ap/. Name Last modifiedSize

94. CBC Sports Online: Indepth: The Bertuzzi Incident: Bios
t long before the young teen took his skill and size to the Guelph Storm of the OntarioHockey League. RELATED Player stats todd bertuzzi. bertuzzi played two
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MENU Bertuzzi Incident main A blow-by-blow account Viewpoint Kelly Hrudey's take ... Discuss it
INDEPTH: THE BERTUZZI INCIDENT A look at Todd Bertuzzi and Steve Moore
Todd Bertuzzi Todd Bertuzzi is the prototypical NHL power forward: he boasts an imposing six-foot-three-inch, 245-pound frame, soft hands around the net, and blistering speed down the right side. It's a mixture of grit and talent that's made him one of the most popular, and detested, players in the league.
Bertuzzi began playing hockey as a kid in Sudbury, Ont. It wasn't long before the young teen took his skill and size to the Guelph Storm of the Ontario Hockey League. Bertuzzi played two seasons with the Storm before the New York Islanders made him the franchise's first-round selection (23rd overall) in 1993 NHL Entry Draft. After becoming Islanders property, Bertuzzi returned to Guelph to play two more seasons.
His play dramatically improved. The second-team OHL all-star sharply reduced his trips to the penalty box while posting career-best numbers in goals and points during his final junior season.

95. FSU - Fantasy Sports Unlimited : Free Fantasy Sports : Fantasy Baseball : Fantas
NHL on FSU. Vancouver Canucks Clubhouse. Fantasy Games. bertuzzi, todd(F). Skater Stats. G, AST, SH. 17, 43, 156. PEN, +/, HAT. 122, 21, 0.FSU NUMBERS.

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97. - NHL Sits Bertuzzi For Remainder Of Season
QUICK QUESTION, How far will the Canucks go in the playoffs withoutTodd bertuzzi? One events. Search a region for hockey events
Cars Jobs Tickets Travel ... Weather NHL Hockey home Scores Hockey briefs Standings ... TV schedule More hockey Minors Junior Colleges Hockey directory ... City Guides Tools Game matchups Sheridan's odds Live odds Sagarin ratings Indexes Scores Columnist index Sports briefs TV listings ... Sports index Posted 3/11/2004 9:15 AM Updated 3/11/2004 5:58 PM Vancouver Canucks
Statistics Roster Depth chart ... otes BEYOND WORDS Audio/Video Gary Thorne Audio: NHL needs to take measures Video: The NHL announces its decision Story and video: Denver station KUSA-TV Avalanche players try to maintain focus on ice RELATED ITEMS Crime and punishment Mar. 11: NHL suspends Bertuzzi for remainder of regular season and playoffs Retribution key to understanding ugly attack Players, fans react angrily Mar. 8: Cheap hit mars Avs' victory ... Feb. 17: Naslund injured, Canucks irate Commentary Brennan: Hockey could quickly be afterthought O'Connor: Blood-stained image calls for new NHL logo QUICK QUESTION How far will the Canucks go in the playoffs without Todd Bertuzzi?

98. In Todd They Trusted, With Little Return
todd bertuzzi, the brooding, scowling office figure, seemed to be the only personcapable of stopping todd bertuzzi, the best power forward in hockeyand, in

99. Bertuzzi
GM Place. Participants todd bertuzzi of the Vancouver Canucks hockeyteam and Steve Moore of the Colorado Avalanche. Event In a
todD bertuzzi - "LOSING IT" a study in heliocentric astrobiology. Event Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Monday March 8, 2004, GM Place Participants: Todd Bertuzzi of the Vancouver Canucks hockey team and Steve Moore of the Colorado Avalanche. Event: In a game which saw the Vancouver Canucks losing very badly to their intense rivals, the Colorado Avalanche, Todd Bertuzzi finally "lost it" in the final 10 minutes of the game. He skated to Steve Moore and from a rear approach landed a hard sucker punch to the right side of Steve Moore's head and then with his impressive size and weight pushed him head first into the ice sheet below. Steve Moore was seriously hurt, with two cracked neck vertebrae, concussion and cuts requiring stitching. It was a very ugly attack and the consequences have been very severe for Todd Bertuzzi and the Vancouver Canucks hockey team. Everyone is hopeful that Steve Moore will make a complete recovery and suffer no consequences to his health as a result of that vicious attack. Todd Bertuzzi has acquired the unflattering image of a hockey goon that he will have to live with for a long time to come. The National Hockey League is seen as unable to control its players and promoting violence for profit. Everyone lost! What precipitates a man or woman to suddenly erupt and commit mayhem on someone else? I have seen it in myself and probably most of you have seen your own really ugly side as well. The planetary pattern for the moment always reveals a cosmic look at human consciousness.

100. Todd Bertuzzi Suporter's Petition
View Current Signatures. The todd bertuzzi Suporter s Petition to National HockeyLeague, Colin Campbell was created by and written by Alain Johnstone.
Todd Bertuzzi Suporter's
View Current Signatures Sign the Petition To: National Hockey League, Colin Campbell For everyone out their who is on Todd Bertuzzi's side! Accidents happen as do emotions run high in every hockey game but let us not forget what a great guy Todd Bertuzzi is. Bearing the Number 44, a wife, children and friends on and off the ice, why would such a caring guy such as himself want to throw everything away, possibly his career and even worse, possible jail time? Lets back Bertuzzi up. Think of all the good things that he has done for the Vancouver Canucks. Look at all the bumps and bruises that he has faced trying to get goals for the Canaucks by parking his read end at the top of the crease.
He made a public statement, tears coming down his eyes. He has probably not slept much in the last few days and he most certianly did NOT mean to injure anyone as bad as he did. Quite a touching speach that he said from his heart, not off some Q cards or a letter. Letting the Moore family, the fans, young hockey players, the Canucks, and the rest of the world know that he was truly sorry for what he did.
Let us back Bertuzzi up. Show your true support for him! Anyone could have made such a mistake and let the better get of them. Remember Marcus Naslunds statement about him saying that Todd is really a great guy, just because he does not want to talk to the media it does not make him a bad person.

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