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         Polgar Judit:     more detail
  1. Judit Polgar: The Princess of Chess by Tibor Karolyi, 2004-09-01
  2. Judit Polgar Princesa Del Ajedrez/ Judit Polgar. The Princess of Chess by Tibor Karolyi, 2005-10
  3. Judit Polgar progresa. (ajedrez).(jugador; análisis de movida de ajedrez)(TT: Judit Polgar continues to improve. (Chess).)(TA: player; analysis of chess ... Breve)(Columna): An article from: Epoca by Román Torán, 2001-07-27
  4. The Polgar Sisters: Training or Genius? (Batsford Chess Library) by Cathy Forbes, 1992-09

watched website chessPLAYER.COM 21 yearold Hungarian beauty judit polgar had taken a commanding 4 - 2 lead over Anatoly Karpov, FIDE World chess Champion, in
CHESSPLAYER SLUDGE REPORT By Fatt Sludge and Staff Sun June 14 21:26:45 EXCLUSIVE REPORT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TO; IM Georgi Orlov @ CHESSPLAYER JUDIT POLGAR DEFEATS KARPOV; FATT SLUDGE CRUSHED!! Georgi Orlov was almost certainly the first source in the United States to report the news from Budapest that would soon be rocking the chess world to its very foundation. On Thursday, June 11, 1998, Orlov posted the startling results on his widely watched website CHESSPLAYER.COM: 21 year-old Hungarian beauty Judit Polgar had taken a commanding 4 - 2 lead over Anatoly Karpov, FIDE World Chess Champion, in their eight-game speed chess match. And then on Friday Orlov confirmed the inevitable: Judit had won the match by the convincing score of 5 - 3. Judit Polgar has many things going for her. She's young. She's beautiful. Upon reading the reports of Karpov's defeat on the pages of CHESSPLAYER.COM, Fatt Sludge slipped immediately into a deep depression. Our Fearless Leader has been devastated by the failure of his hero in this match. Fatt's response is akin to what the residents of Mudville must have felt when Mighty Casey Struck Out. We - the faithful, hard-working staff of the SLUDGE REPORT - have never seen Fatt Sludge in such a condition. It's a sad situation. Indeed, it's a dire situation. Readers, our man is despondent. He's disconsolate. He's inconsolable. You get the idea.

82. The London Chess Centre
World Cup of Rapid chess Gp A Playoff Cannes FRA (FRA), 2122 iii 2001, cat. XVIII (2676). 1, 2, 3. 1. polgar, judit, g, HUN, 2676, *, *, ½, 1, 1, 1, 3½, 3012.

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World Cup of Rapid Chess 2001 World Cup of Rapid Chess Gp A Cannes FRA
(FRA), 21-22 iii 2001 cat. XVIII (2686) Kasparov, Gary g RUS Bareev, Evgeny g RUS Grischuk, Alexander g RUS Svidler, Peter g RUS Lautier, Joel g FRA Polgar, Judit g HUN Gulko, Boris F g USA Bauer, Christian g FRA Round 1 (March 21, 2001) Kasparov, Gary - Bareev, Evgeny French Tarrasch Variation Grischuk, Alexander - Gulko, Boris F Pirc Defence Lautier, Joel - Polgar, Judit Nimzo Indian Defence (Rubinstein Variation) Bauer, Christian - Svidler, Peter Gruenfeld Defence (Main Line) Round 2 (March 21, 2001) Kasparov, Gary - Grischuk, Alexander Sicilian Defence (Classical System) Bareev, Evgeny - Polgar, Judit English Opening (Symmetrical Variation) Svidler, Peter - Lautier, Joel Sicilian Defence (Classical System) Gulko, Boris F - Bauer, Christian Dutch, Queen's Indian and King's Indian Systems Round 3 (March 21, 2001) Grischuk, Alexander - Bareev, Evgeny French Advance Variation Lautier, Joel - Gulko, Boris F Unusual Replies to 1.d4 Polgar, Judit - Svidler, Peter

83. Index
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84. Welcome To The Austin Chess Club
White. Black. Venue. Year. Result. Opening. judit polgar. Alexander Grischuk. Russia Vs. World. Attack. Sergey Rublevsky. judit polgar. Russia Vs.
Click on any of the links to see the corresponding game in a PGN format: White Black Venue Year Result Opening Judit Polgar Alexander Grischuk Russia Vs. World C86: Closed Ruy Lopez: Worrall Attack Sergey Rublevsky Judit Polgar Russia Vs. World A34: Symmetrical English: 2.Nc3, lines with ...d5 Judit Polgar Johan Alvarez Bled Olympiad B90: Sicilian Najdorf: Unusual White 6th moves, 6.Be3 Ng4 and 6.Be3 e5

85. Polgar Article
favorite games from each of the polgar sisters, highlighting Many members of the Boston chess community joined the famous game of her sister judit which judit
Woman's World Champion GM Susan (Zsuzsa) Polgar Delights All at Boston University
by Jack Litwinsky, 3/27/97
From Chess Horizons , May-July, 1997 In a rare Boston appearance (she was in Boston in 1993 and 1985 at the BCC), Grandmaster Susan Polgar gave a free lecture to the students and friends of Boston University. Invited by the Boston University Chess Club to give a talk, GM Polgar chose to present favorite games from each of the Polgar sisters, highlighting differences in their playing styles. Allan Ong, president of the BU Chess Club, introduced the Champion. The talk would not have happened without Allan's hard work and that of other club members and club advisor Assistant Dean Robert Oresick. Many members of the Boston chess community joined the students for this wonderful event. Susan first went over a famous game of her sister Judit which Judit played when she was only 14 years old. The game was played on national television in the then East Germany. We learned from this game that Judit's secret move is a well-timed g4! Well, I think the secret is out, but she still loves to play this move according to Susan. Susan then went over one of her sister Szofia's games. We learned that perhaps Szofia's rating could be higher, but she likes to let her creative nature take over and will play for a beautiful game whenever she can, even passing up more obvious, practical and mundane wins.

86. Internet Chess Journal
místo. Ponomariov, Ruslan (UKR) * Akopian, Vladimir (ARM) 1-0 0-1 1/2 0-1 Kasimdzhanov, Rustam (UZB) * - polgar, judit (GM) (HUN) 1-0 0-1 1-0 0-1 1-0.

87. Internet Chess Journal
1. kolo polgar, judit Ehlvest, Jaan 1/2 Karpov, Anatoly - Gunawan, Ruben 1-0 Adianto, Utut - Milos, Gilberto 1/2 Timman, Jan H - Seirawan, Yasser 1/2 Zaw Win

88. Match Of The New Century : Tournament Progress : Comments
Gelfand, Boris, Grischuk, Alexander, Drawn game, , . Karpov, Anatoly, polgar, judit, White wins, , . Zvjaginsev, Vadim, polgar, judit (GM), Drawn game, , . Set 7.
You can download the detailed PGN file of a particular game by clicking on the link next to it. «Match of the New Century»
Set 10 White Black Result Look Download Anand, Viswanathan Kasparov, Garry Drawn game
Bareev, Evgeny Leko, Peter Drawn game
Gelfand, Boris Grischuk, Alexander Drawn game
Karpov, Anatoly Polgar, Judit White wins
Khalifman, Alexander Short, Nigel D. Drawn game
Morozevich, Alexander Ivanchuk, Vassily Drawn game
Ponomariov, Ruslan Kramnik, Vladimir Drawn game
Radjabov, Teimour Zvjaginsev, Vadim White wins
Shirov, Alexei Svidler, Peter White wins
Smirin, Ilia Dreev, Alexey Black wins Set 9 White Black Result Look Download Azmaiparashvili, Zurab Khalifman, Alexander Drawn game Dreev, Alexey Radjabov, Teimour Drawn game Grischuk, Alexander Shirov, Alexei Black wins Ivanchuk, Vassily Bareev, Evgeny Drawn game Kasparov, Garry Ponomariov, Ruslan Drawn game Kramnik, Vladimir Anand, Viswanathan Drawn game Leko, Peter Morozevich, Alexander White wins Rublevsky, Sergei Smirin, Ilia Drawn game Short, Nigel D. Karpov, Anatoly Black wins Svidler, Peter Gelfand, Boris

PROFESSIONAL WORLD chess RANKING. For players rated 2500+. 18, Zvjaginsev,Vadim, 18.08.1976, RUS, 2626, 146. 19, polgar,judit, 23.07.1976, HUN, 2625, 181.
For players rated Produced by Ken Thomson , New Jersey Calculated by Vladimir Dvorkovich , Moscow
Results up to October 1, 2002 N Name Birthday Fed Rating Variance Kasparov,Garry RUS Kramnik,Vladimir RUS Topalov,Veselin BUL Ponomariov,Ruslan UKR Anand,Viswanathan IND Bareev,Evgeny RUS Leko,Peter HUN Adams,Michael ENG Ivanchuk,Vassily UKR Gelfand,Boris ISR Grischuk,Alexander RUS Khalifman,Alexander RUS Shirov,Alexei ESP Morozevich,Alexander RUS Svidler,Peter RUS Azmaiparashvili,Zurab GEO Malakhov,Vladimir RUS Zvjaginsev,Vadim RUS Polgar,Judit HUN Karpov,Anatoli RUS Bacrot,Etienne FRA Dreev,Alexey RUS Short,Nigel D ENG Lautier,Joel FRA Krasenkow,Mikhail POL Smirin,Ilia ISR Sutovsky,Emil ISR Van Wely,Loek NED Sakaev,Konstantin RUS Ye Jiangchuan CHN Akopian,Vladimir ARM Sokolov,Ivan BIH Nikolic,Predrag BIH Vallejo Pons,Francisco ESP Vaganian,Rafael A ARM Lputian,Smbat G ARM Radjabov,Teimour AZE Rublevsky,Sergei RUS Tkachiev,Vladislav FRA Graf-Nenashev,Alexander

90. Duif's Hot Chess News: Recent Events
Events Scoreboard Return to top of Hot chess News Page. Dos Hermanas. This very strong event featured superstars like Kasparov, Kramnik, judit polgar, Anand, and

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Duif's Place Chess Pages
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NORTH AMERICAN OPEN: , a mid-sized American event
  • Tied for 1st: D. Gurevich and IM I. Ivanov

91. British Chess Magazine: Chess Book Reviews : May 2004
taken to tournaments. JS. judit polgar The Princess of chess by Tibor Karolyi, Batsford, 288 pages, £15.99. The author of this
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BCM Chess Book Reviews : May 2004
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The book is beautifully printed, contains many excellent photographs and vignettes of chess players and personalities. All in all, a quite remarkable volume, weighing in at 2lb 10oz (1.19 kgs), one of the heaviest chess books this reviewer has seen. It is also one of the best. Review by Ray Edwards
Informator 88
, this remains a good and useful reference tome, and is less expensive and troublesome to replace than a stolen laptop when taken to tournaments. JS
This book purports to be a complete survey of the most popular opening in chess. Two sample games are given for every major variation, showing the strategies for White and for Black. This first volume of two covers the Sicilian Gambit, the Morra, the Richter-Rauzer, 2 c3, and the Rubinstein, Sveshnikov, Paulsen, Sozin, Benko, and Boleslavsky variations. JS
Another cheap and cheerful title from Russia, laid out in almost identical style to

92. Boris Vasilievich Spassky Home, UP, Soundchess, My Games, chess Openings, Current Games. Boris Vasilievich Spassky. Black, polgar, judit. Printable Game Format PGN. 1/21/2.

93. Press Release - July, 29 (english)
partially. He drew with man competitors, and was defeated by incomparable judit polgar, the only lady among the chess players. Boris
Press release - July, 29
In jest and in earnest
After her birthday, Judit Polgar appeared on the stage in a new suit - dark trousers and a blue jacket and... she won the game with Vasily Ivanchuk. It was difficult, just impossible, to with stand such a charming competitor. We may recommend her to forget about her other clothes: many coacher never change she suit as well as the team that brought the victory. It's possible that not only beatiful Judit, but her mother too - nice-looking and always social Clara polgar, will follow our recommendations. By the way, light colours match Clara Polgar very much... Veselin Topalov, in his turn, should pay attention to a neck tie. Better, to its absence. In the game with Judit polgar he played without a tie, and win. In other games he played with a tie on, and got a draw. Last year he had a funny incident just before the ceremonial opening of the competitions. Standing before a mirror in the lobby of the theater, he did at least 15 attempts to tie his neck tie. The last attempt, thank God, was a successful one, because a few minutes later the grandmasters were invited to the stage. One more note, dealt with Boris Gelfand. The best grand master from Belorussia, as we have found out, prefers a grey suit. Every time he wears it , he got a draw. In the first round. But what about the second one?

94. Mainz Chess Classic - Polgar X Anand
Translate this page Mainz chess Classic - polgar x Anand. Nome T País Elo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total - polgar,judit GM HUN 2718 1 0 1

95. Cannes World Cup Of Rapid Chess
G (2849) Bareev,E (2709) C09 World Cup of Rapid chess Final Cannes Kasparov Gary 1/2 Kasparov Gary - Grischuk Alexander 1/2 polgar judit - Bareev Evgeny 0
Cannes World Cup of Rapid Chess Kasparov is the 1st World Cup holder of Rapid Chess. He won the final 1,5-0,5 against Bareev!
Finals, 25/3/2001
(1) Bareev,E (2709) - Kasparov,G (2849) [A34]
World Cup of Rapid Chess Final Cannes FRA (1.1), 25.03.2001
(2) Kasparov,G (2849) - Bareev,E (2709) [C09]
World Cup of Rapid Chess Final Cannes FRA (1.2), 25.03.2001
Get the games: Preliminary Quarter Semi-Finals View the games ... Official site... Semi-Finals 24/3/2001
Grischuk Alexander - Kasparov Gary 1/2
Kasparov Gary - Grischuk Alexander 1/2
Polgar Judit - Bareev Evgeny 0-1
Bareev Evgeny - Polgar Judit 1/2
Games in PGN View the games Quarter Finals Tkachiev, Vladislav - Kasparov, Gary 1/2 Kasparov, Gary - Tkachiev, Vladislav 1-0 Bacrot, Etienne - Bareev, Evgeny 0-1 Bareev, Evgeny - Bacrot, Etienne 1/2 Grischuk, Alexander - Gurevich, Mikhail 0-1 Gurevich, Mikhail - Grischuk, Alexander 0-1 Polgar, Judit - Adams, Michael 1/2 Adams, Michael - Polgar, Judit 0-1 Games in PGN View the games Group A Round 1 - 21/3/2001 Kasparov, Gary - Bareev, Evgeny 1-0

96. Anand Loses Again, Polgar Takes Lead
Vishwanathan Anand lost yet again, paving the way for the world s top woman player, judit polgar, to take lead for the third time in the chess Classic now in

Sports News > PTI > Report
Anand loses again, Polgar takes lead
Former World champion Vishwanathan Anand lost yet again, paving the way for the world's top woman player, Judit Polgar, to take lead for the third time in the Chess Classic now in progress at Mainz. The eight-game match now stands at 3-2 in favour of Judit, whose attacking style again left Anand wanting. However, going by the pattern of this event, with Judit starting with a  victory in the first game of the day and Anand equalizing in the second, the Indian is expected to bounce back with his white pieces in the sixth game. The king meets the queen contest, that is also labelled as the battle of sexes, has just three games remaining and Anand might just be happy to stretch the match to a tiebreak stage which will happen in case of a 4-4 score after the normal games played under Rapid Chess rules. It was another saga of Judit ruling the roost with her nonchalant, uncompromising and yet thematic and brilliant attacking chess. Anand failed to repeat his performance with the last black when he had come back after being on the ropes and scored a fine victory. Once more the Nazdorf was the opening choice and this time Judit was in mood to go for the Classical variation. 

97. Anand Faces Tough Challenge At World Rapid Chess
Anand s last outing in Rapid chess was against judit polgar at the chess Classic in Mainz, Germany, in August and he came from behind to score a 53 victory in

Sports News > PTI > Report
Anand faces tough challenge at World Rapid Chess
Former World champion Vishwanathan Anand has a tough field to handle in the World Rapid chess championship which gets underway in Cap D'agde, France, on Thursday. All together 16 Grandmasters, including 11 of the 12 top-rated players, will fight it out for the crown. The line-up is quite impressive, with the world's second highest rated player Vladimir Kramnik of Russia and Judit Polgar of Hungary figuring in the favourites list along with Anand. The format is interesting. The players are divided into two groups of eight and they play a round-robin event between them. Four from each group will qualify for the quarter-finals, from where the tournament takes a knock-out format. Each player will have 25 minutes on the clock at the start and 10 seconds will be added after every move is made. This is the most acceptable time control these days in Rapid chess events. An average game will last about 50 minutes to one hour. Generally Anand has had a gala time in tournaments this year and the trend is likely to continue in World Rapid too. Anand's last outing in Rapid Chess was against Judit Polgar at the Chess Classic in Mainz, Germany, in August and he came from behind to score a 5-3 victory in the eight-game match - all of them decisive.

98. Judit Polgar Page
Enormously talented, beautiful (see the pictures that prove it!), and fascinating, learn how judit beat Bobby Fischer's records, see her current events and news, play over her famous games, learn
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Judit Polgar: Greatest Woman Chessplayer ever.
Comprehensive news games biography and links
Best book of 1999

(British Chess Assoc.)
Strategy Advances
Since Nimzowitsch
Judit Photo Gallery

Judit on the web

Latest News
Hot100 Books ... Non-english sites Last update GMT+6 Deutsch Españole Portuguêse Français Italiano Norsk More Free
Quote of the month: New!
"(Judit's) attacks are the ultimate in terms of viciousness
... surviving her attack is almost impossible. Her aggressive style is so intimidating that the most important thing is to remain calm ... the worst part is that she exploits every tiny mistake you make." GM Schwartzman The four ESSENTIAL chess books: 300 Most Important Positions and Ideas Essential for all players see more like this Complete Chess Mastery Course Essential for better players see more like this 5334 Combinations,

99. Chess Megapage
Graf polgar from Euro-CH in Ohrid Daily pictures, Lost and found! All historical chess Treasure analysis (D.Mozes et al) from around 1996 has been added.
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Judit Polgar
Judit Polgar picture 495; Judit Polgar pictures from Merida; daily Judit Polgar pictures here;
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Judit Polgar
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