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  1. Judit Polgar: The Princess of Chess by Tibor Karolyi, 2004-09-01
  2. Judit Polgar Princesa Del Ajedrez/ Judit Polgar. The Princess of Chess by Tibor Karolyi, 2005-10
  3. Judit Polgar progresa. (ajedrez).(jugador; análisis de movida de ajedrez)(TT: Judit Polgar continues to improve. (Chess).)(TA: player; analysis of chess ... Breve)(Columna): An article from: Epoca by Román Torán, 2001-07-27
  4. The Polgar Sisters: Training or Genius? (Batsford Chess Library) by Cathy Forbes, 1992-09

1. Judit Polgar
GM judit polgar, chess Goddess. Introduction judith polgar, a chess Goddess! Is there anything that has NOT been written about this lovely Grand Master?
GM Judit Polgar, Chess Goddess Introduction: Judith Polgar, a Chess Goddess! Is there anything that has NOT been written about this lovely Grand Master? She is the number one Chess Goddess of our modern age. Judit does not play in "women only" tournaments but competes directly and successfully in both open and invitational tournaments that are overwhelmingly populated by male players. Her style as a player can be characterized as aggressive; she rarely shrinks from breathtaking sacrificial attacks or head-to-head battles. On the other hand, her sunny and gentle personality revealed in her lovely smile. Judit is a true chess goddess and is an outstanding role model for females and chess lovers - of every age - every where. Starting with the 2000 season, Chess Goddesses presents tournament and play results, along with Judit's games in PGN format, all in one convenient place. Some of the pages may be slow loading because I have included pictures from her tournaments where I could find them. Dave Hardenbrook has started an e-groups discussion about Judit and women in chess. Please join us at

2. Dave's Shrine To Judit Polgar
Leading the new generation women players are the polgar sisters of Hungary judit, Zsuzsa, and Sofia, the Three Adepts at chess I like to call them (in an
Dave's Shrine to Judit Polgar!
Judit in her red sweater
( Lana Turner eat your heart out! :) )
(I'd love to know what you think of this page Especially if your name is Judit Polgar! : )
Please E-mail me at:
(Last Page update: May 26, 2003)
About Judit Polgar


Unfortunately, so much has been happening in my life that I have had hardly any time to update this page, let alone post recent news (shame on me!). For the latest news, I recommend checking my friend JanXena's Chess Goddesses page, and/or joining my Yahoo!Group devoted to the Polgar sisters and other women chess players
I also regret to point out that I do not know Judit Polgar personally or have any contact info for her. Therefore, I am unable to forward any mail (electronic or snail) to her. I apologize to all those who have E-mailed me asking how they can contact her. The only lead I can offer is to E-mail her sister Zsuzsa at:

3. The Chess Games Of Judit Polgar
25. Kudrin vs judit polgar, 10, 57, 1987, Brussels (Belgium), B80 Sicilian, Scheveningen. page 1 of 51; games 1-25 of 1,273, New in chess Yearbook 67.
Judit Polgar
Number of games in database:
Years covered: 1984 to 2003
Highest rating achieved in database:
Overall record:
* Overall winning percentage = (wins+draws/2) / total games
Based on games in the database; may be incomplete.
98 exhibition games, blitz games, etc. are excluded from this statistic.
MOST PLAYED OPENINGS With the White pieces: Sicilian
Ruy Lopez

Ruy Lopez, Closed
Caro-Kann ... French With the Black pieces: Sicilian King's Indian Sicilian Taimanov Sicilian Najdorf ... Modern Benoni NOTABLE GAMES:
Judit Polgar vs Kasparov, 2002 Judit Polgar vs F Berkes, 2003 Judit Polgar vs Karpov, 2003 Judit Polgar vs Anand, 1999 ... Search Google for Judit Polgar page 1 of 51; games 1-25 of 1,273 Game Result Moves Year Event/Locale Opening I Balogh vs Judit Polgar Budapest Sicilian, Alapin Judit Polgar vs H Grooten Budapest Sicilian Judit Polgar vs Szendrei Budapest Sicilian, Fischer-Sozin Attack Judit Polgar vs Joel Benjamin It (cat.9) Catalan, Open, 5.Nf3 Judit Polgar vs T Hutters Copenhagen Sicilian, Accelerated Fianchetto, Maroczy Bind, 6.Be3 Hay Trevor vs Judit Polgar It (open) Sicilian Judit Polgar vs K Hornung Adelaide open 10 King's Gambit Declined, Falkbeer Counter Gambit

4. Jpolgar34Olympiad
Story Source Official Site. judit polgar is one of six GM s on the Hungarian Men s Team at the 34th chess Olympiad, which started October 28, 2000.

October 28 - November 12, 2000
Story Source Official Site Judit Polgar is one of six GM's on the Hungarian Men's Team at the 34th Chess Olympiad, which started October 28, 2000. This is a Swiss system team event over 14 rounds. The number of board points accumulated (rather than match points) over the entire event decides the positions. The men's teams consist of 6 players 4 of whom play in each match, the women's teams consist of 4 players of whom 3 play in each match. Note: There has a great deal of difficulty with getting correct games and results. I have included the games from the official site, and at the end of the Olympiad I will recheck for any corrections in the games notation. That Gadfly Sam Sloan's Commentary and Observations on the 34th Chess Olympiad. October 28, 2000 Round 1 Results: Harmoodi, A. (UAE) Polgar, J. (HUN) Game in PGN: [Event "34th Chess Olympiad (men)"] [Site "Istanbul"]

5. La Mecca - Chess Encyclopedia
Biography, career highlights age 9 to present.

6. Susan Polgar
polgar News. polgar chess Center. Articles. Photos. Games. Home Coached both judit and Sofia polgar) Advocate for Womens chess and Scholastic chess
Polgar News
Polgar Chess Center

7. Polgar, Judit - FIDE Online Personal Card
chess Player card. 700070, polgar, judit, F. Federation, Hungary. FIDE title, Grand Master. Current rating 2728. more, Birthday, 197607-23. Rating chart.

8. La Mecca - Chess Encyclopedia
polgar, judit. Birth. Jul 23, 1976. Nationality. HUN Hungary. Titles. GM - International Grandmaster. Woman. Images. 101. Last update. Nov 1, 2002. Biographical data. Hungarian player. International Grandmaster, 1991. World Under 14 Champion, 1990. World Under 14 Champion for boys and FIDE's highest rated woman. chess Career. 1988 first girl to win the World U-12 Boys

9. The My Hero Project - Judit Polgar
judit polgar was born into a family of chess players. judit polgar, a pioneer in womens’ chess competition, is one important reason for the change.

10. Judit Polgar - Links To News And Pictures Of The Greatest Woman Chessplayer!
judit polgar grandmaster chess news, events, pictures, chess games and player photos, history, PGN download and Java files, and world chess tournament info for the greatest grandmaster woman judit polgar, chess Goddess tournaments, photos and more (thanks JanXena!) Biography La Mecca chess Encyclopedia polgar, judit . An icon of Women's chess
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News Games ... Interviews Judit Polgar: Greatest Woman Chessplayer ever.
Comprehensive news games biography and links
Queen of the King's Game
...essential reading!
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Photos New!
New! Special topics Ratings watch Non-english sites Last update GMT+6 Deutsch Españole Portuguêse Français Italiano Norsk More Free Quote of the month: New! "( Judit's) attacks are the ultimate in terms of viciousness ... surviving her attack is almost impossible. Her aggressive style is so intimidating that the most important thing is to remain calm ... the worst part is that she exploits every tiny mistake you make." GM Schwartzman Biography, fan and related sites: (news, games, pictures, bio, etc) Judit Polgar, Chess Goddess tournaments photos and more ( thanks JanXena Dave's Shrine to Judit Polgar news games ... pictures and more Leonid's Judit Polgar Page Judit Polgar Discussion Group at Egroups New!

11. CHESSGAMES.COM * Free Online Chess Game Search Engine
25. judit polgar vs Karpov, 1/21/2, 19, 1996, It (cat.18), Vienna (Austria), B14 Caro-Kann, Panov-Botvinnik Attack. Disney s Guide to chess, by Karpov.

chess Goddesses Women in chess judit polgar Recent tournaments, brief biography, photos and links. Controltheweb judit polgar - Comprehensive news, biography and links with viewable games, optimized photos and extensive articles. to judit polgar. La Mecca chess Encyclopedia polgar, judit - Biography, career highlights
  • Chess Goddesses: Women in Chess: Judit Polgar - Recent tournaments, brief biography, photos and links.
  • Controltheweb: Judit Polgar - Comprehensive news, biography and links with viewable games, optimized photos and extensive articles.
  • Dave's Shrine to Judit Polgar
  • La Mecca Chess Encyclopedia: Polgar, Judit - Biography, career highlights age 9 to present.
  • Megapage: Judit Polgar - Includes photographs of the match.
  • 13. MindZine - Chess News - MSO
    with Bologan The Najdorf chess Festival Super judit Polgár and Viktor Bologan shared overall Round 8 polgar, judit Bologan, Viktor ½-½ Short, Nigel D
    Search MSO Worldwide MSO Events Mind Sports Zine Brain Power Play Games Online ... Chess Najdorf Chess Festival 29 September 2000
    The Najdorf Chess Festival Super Final took place 18th to 27th September in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    and Viktor Bologan shared overall victory in the tournament as a result of their last round draw. Nigel Short clinched third place after his main rival Anatoly Karpov was beaten by Ricardi's Volga/Benko Gambit.
    Round 8
    Polgar, Judit - Bologan, Viktor ½-½
    Short, Nigel D - Flores, Diego 1-0
    Karpov, Anatoly - Ricardi, Pablo 0-1
    Milov, Vadim - Milos, Gilberto ½-½
    Leitao, Rafael - Pierrot, Facundo ½-½
    Final standings 1. Polgar, Judit HUN 2656 6½ Bologan, Viktor MDA 2641 6½ 3. Short, Nigel ENG 2677 6 4. Karpov, Anatoly RUS 2699 5½ 5. Ricardi, Pablo ARG 2488 4½ Milov, Vadim SUI 2626 4 Leitao, Rafael BRA 2567 4 8. Pierrot, Facundo ARG 2423 3½ 9. Milos, Gilberto BRA 2633 3 10. Flores, Diego ARG 2358 1½ Games in PGN Official website Earlier rounds Round 1 Polgar, Judit - Leitao, Rafael 1-0

    14. Judit Polgar - The Princess Of Chess By Tibor Karyoli At
    Find the best price on judit polgar The Princess of chess by Tibor Karyoli at PriceGrabber - Comparison Shopping Beyond Compare

    15. MindZine Chess News - MSO
    2000 Japfa Classic in Bali The Japfa Classic International chess Tournament runs $56,500 prize fund are GM Anatoly Karpov (2696), GM judit polgar (2658), GM
    Search MSO Worldwide MSO Events Mind Sports Zine Brain Power Play Games Online ... Chess Japfa Classic 2 May 2000 Polgar Wins Japfa!
    Judit Polgar has won the Japfa Classic held April 22 to May 2 in Bali, Indonesia, with a score of 6.5/9.
    Polgar dropped Milos with the Silician Najdorf in 44 moves. Karpov essayed the Petroff Defense against Khalifman, and the result was a draw in 64 moves, as the current FIDE champion's extra pawn wasn't enough for a win. Zaw beat a struggling Ehlvest to move into a tie for last place; his ELO rating will drop about 20 points.
    Final round results:
    Milos 0-1 Polgar
    Khalifman ½-½ Karpov
    Seirawan ½-½ Adianto
    Gunawan 0-1 Timman
    Zaw 1-0 Ehlvest
    Final Crosstable
    The tournament website is Jaan Ehlvest reports on Japfa Alexander Khalifman reports on Japfa Games in PGN 30 April 2000 4-Way Tie Going into Final Round! With one round left, 4 players are tied for the lead: Karpov, Polgar, Milos, and Khalifman. Surprisingly, Karpov could only draw with Zaw after 72 moves. In a knight-and-pawn ending, Zaw held his own despite Karpov's attempts to find a win. Polgar-Seirawan was a quick draw from a Caro-Kann. Milos chased Ehlvest's king around the board and emerged up the exchange for the win. Khalifman's Winawer French blasted through Timman's kingside for a quick crush. Tuesday's final round features Khalifman-Karpov and Milos-Polgar.

    16. InterTran - Translate Between 1,482 Language Pairs
    Ævisaga Söngheiti tóns Mekka Skák Encyclopedia polgar, judit óákveðinn greinir í ensku helgimynd af Essential part of every. library Modern chess Openings 14 (1999

    17. - Chess News - Polgar Beats Ponomariov In Spectacular Tiebreak
    Tiebreak 1 de Diciembre de 2002 1 4 polgar, judit HUN 1/2 1 Ponomariov, Ruslan UKR 2 1 Ponomariov

    18. - Chess News - Judit Polgar In The Lead In Wijk
    polgar, judit. 10. Timman, Jan H. after just three games world champion Vladimir Kramnik has re-familiarized himself with just about every emotion in big chess.

    19. Chess Olympiad, Day Nine: Judit Polgar Sensational Win Against Smirin
    chess Olympiad, day nine judit polgar sensational win against Smirin. ISTANBUL, November 5 In what may be the best game thus far
    Chess Olympiad, day nine: Judit Polgar sensational win against Smirin
    ISTANBUL, November 5: In what may be the best game thus far in the Olympiad, Judit Polgar scored a smashing win over Ilya Smirin of Israel. Smirin is rated 2674 and is the number 21 rated player in the world. Judit Polgar, age 24, who is by far the top rated woman player in the world, played what seemed to be a speculative exchange sacrifice against Smirin. Several grandmasters present were uncertain of her attack, but she proceeded to mate Smirin quickly. However, her Hungarian team failed to improve its position, as Sax on board three lost to Avrukh of Israel. Judit Polgar
    It is said that Avrukh is the last person to have played Grandmaster Tal. Avrukh played Tal blitz chess in the hospital, just before Tal died. Germany, who entered the tournament ranked number 11, continued her surprising first place run with a 3-1 win over Holland. Russia remained in second place by beating Slovakia 3-1. In the other top matches, Armenia beat Switzerland 2.5 to 1.5, Hungary drew Israel 2-2, Ukraine beat Philippines 3.5 to .5, Bulgaria beat Croatia 3.5 to .5, England drew Poland 2-2, USA beat Brazil 3-1, Spain beat Lithuania 3.5 to .5, Romania beat Yugoslavia 3.5 to .5, Cuba drew China 2-2, Bosnia beat the Czech Republic 3-1, Uzbekistan beat India 2.5 to 1.5, Estonia beat Kazakhstan 2.5 to 1.5, Denmark beat Italy 3-1, Iceland beat Sweden 3-1, and Georgia beat Azerbaijan 3-1. After eight rounds and 32 games, Germany leads with 23.5, followed by Russia with 22.5, Ukraine with 22, Armenia and Bulgaria with 21.5, Spain and Romania with 21, Switzerland, Hungary, Israel and USA with 20.5, Netherlands, Slovakia and Bosnia with 20, England, Poland, Uzbekistan, Estonia, Denmark and Iceland with 19.5, China, Cuba and Georgia with 19, Philippines, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and India with 18.5, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Lithuania and Czech Republic with 18.

    20. Judit Polgar, At Long, Long Last, Finally Has A Boyfriend
    lost to Khalifman, the eventual winner. chess Grandmaster judit polgar with her friend, Gustav Fonts. judit, who was born in 1976
    Judit Polgar, at long, long last, finally has a boyfriend
    Recent press reports have said that Judit's parents are moving to Israel, but Judit, 23, is staying behind in Hungary to be with her boyfriend. (A good decision.) Judit recently reached the final eight of the World Chess Championship in Las Vegas , before she lost to Khalifman, the eventual winner.
    Chess Grandmaster Judit Polgar with her friend, Gustav Fonts
    Judit, who was born in 1976, became a grandmaster in 1991 at the age of 14 and was the youngest chess grandmaster in history. Here are links:

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