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1. US Chess Federation: Players Gallery: Irina Krush
Biography and links.
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NM Irina Krush
NM Irina Krush is 15. She was the 1998 US Women's Champion. She is one of the World Team coaches in the Kasparov vs the World match at MSN. Irina has also represented the United States in the FIDE World Junior Championship for Girls and at the Pan American Youth Games. Irina was the Gold Medalist in the 1998 Pan-American Youth Championships in Brazil with a perfect score of 7-0. She has been the top US Player (boys and girls) under age 16 several times on the USCF Top 50 Lists
Past Accomplishments

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2. R&D Publishing World Wide Chess SuperStore
The chess Site for the TwentyFirst Century! The Official World WideWeb Site of. USA s Top Woman chess Player irina krush. World
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3. IM Irina Krush - Site Pros - About Us - World Chess Network
IM Tomas Hutters . WGM irina krush ·. GM Arthur Kogan When and how I achieved my chess title irina became the youngest women ever to compete in the
About Us Contact Us Retrieve Password Update My Account ... IM Tomas Hutters WGM Irina Krush GM Arthur Kogan GM Alexandre Lesiege GM Eric Lobron GM Luke McShane ... Chess History
Place of birth:
Born in Ukraine
When and how I achieved my chess title:
Irina became the youngest women ever to compete in the U.S. Women's Chess Championship, at age 11. A Master at age 12, Irina is now the #1 ranked Woman in the U.S. Her accomplishments also include scoring a perfect 7-0 at the 1998 Pan American Youth Championships in Brazil.
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4. Krush, Irina - FIDE Online Personal Card
chess Player card. 2012782, krush, irina, F. Federation, United States of America.FIDE title, International Master. Current rating 2465. more, Birthday, 198312-24.

5. IM Irina Krush
irina krush became the youngest US Women's Champion in history in 1998 at the age of 14 and more about the chess activities of irina krush at her website
Biographies IM Irina Krush (USA) Irina Krush became the youngest US Women's Champion in history in 1998 at the age of 14 and is widely recognized as the USA's top female chess-player. She became the first American woman to earn the full International Master title (in 2000) and holds one GM norm (as co-winner of the 2001 NYC Mayor's Cup Category 10 international chess tournament in New York). Videos by IM Irina Krush
Published and distributed by
  • Krushing Attacks! Volume 1 Krushing Attacks! Volume 2 American Chess Princesses!
Learn more about the chess activities of Irina Krush at her web-site within SmartChess Online Photograph of Irina Krush
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6. SmartChess Online
chess Superstore!! The Gaming Zone of irina krush. HOME PAGE
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7. US Chess Federation
chess Center (in Rego Park, NY), the official 2004 Olympiad Training Center ( left to right WGM Anna Zatonskih, IM irina krush, WGM
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Pictures of the US Women's Olympiad Training Squad
Left to Right: WGM Goletiani, GM Polgar, IM Krush, USCF Executive Director Frank Niro, WGM Zatonskih and WIM Shahade
Left to Right: WGM Goletiani, GM Polgar, IM Krush, USCF President John McCrary, WGM Zatonskih and WIM Shahade Team training session at the Polgar Chess Center (in Rego Park, NY), the official 2004 Olympiad Training Center (
From left to right: WGM Anna Zatonskih, IM Irina Krush, WGM Rusa Goletiani and WIM Jennifer Shahade with Canadian Men’s Champion IM Pascal Charbonneau and GM Susan Polgar in the background.
From left to right: WGM Rusa Goletiani vs. WIM Jennifer Shahade From left to right: WGM Anna Zatonskih vs. IM Irina Krush From left to right: WIM Shahade, GM Polgar, IM Krush, WGM Goletiani, WGM Zatonskih We welcome your feedback about our site! Please write to: What's New Join Shop ... Governance

8. Irina Krush
Worlds 2000. Olympiad 2000. Judit Polgar. irina krush. Viji Subbaraman. News Briefs. News 0910/00. News 09/00. News 08-09/00. News 08/00. chess GODDESSES. Women in chess. A well-played chess game
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Judit Polgar

Irina Krush
Viji Subbaraman

News Briefs

News 09-10/00

News 09/00
News 08/00
CHESS GODDESSES Women in Chess A well-played chess game, like a beautiful woman, is music to the soul. IM Irina Krush, Chess Goddess Introduction: At sixteen, Irina is the highest ranking female player in the United States. While she is working her way up the rank and file, she may not, perhaps, get as much publicity as Judit Polgar and other more mature chess goddesses, but I can't help but think Irina's day will come, perhaps sooner than some think! Irina competes in both "mixed" and "women only" events. She recently played in the 2000 World Cup (Women's) event, where she had a rather disappointing showing but gained much valuable experience. Earlier in the summer of 2000, she successfully completed her third IM norm in a mixed event. Irina has been invited to play in the 2000 World Championship (Women's) and has confirmed her acceptance. Irina is probably most well known on the world scene for her recent participation as part of the "World Team" who played against GM Garry Kasparov under the auspices of Microsoft. Her conduct throughout a difficult and embarrassing situation surrounding the end of the match was exemplary, demonstrating that she is a role model all chessplayers can strive to emulate, whether female or male.

9. MSN Gaming Zone - Kasparov Vs. The World - Kasparov Wins! Press Release
player under 21. irina krush, 15, is the US women s chess championand youngest member of the US Olympiad team. Elisabeth Pähtz, 14
Move 58: The Crucial Move Analysis by Garry Kasparov with Commentary by Danny King Kasparov's October 27, 1999 End of Game Chat Transcript Kasparov Wins! Press Release Read Kasparov's Endgame Analysis! ... Faces of the World Team
For Immediate Release
Oct. 25, 1999
World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov Defeats World Team In Kasparov vs. the World on MSN.COM
World Team Resigns on Move 62
REDMOND, Wash. - Oct. 25, 1999 - World chess champion Garry Kasparov achieved victory Friday afternoon in the Kasparov vs. the World online chess tournament on the MSN.COM™ network of Internet services. With 51 percent of the world team voting to resign, the intense game ended at move 62 after four challenging months of play, during which the world team proved to be a formidable opponent.
"Although I have technically won the chess game, I think the real winners are everyone who participated on behalf of the world team," Kasparov said. "The world team was able to take advantage of Internet technology and join together to mount a real challenge. Over the past four months, I have been highly impressed by the proficiency of the collective world team and truly have enjoyed the competition."
Kasparov, from Moscow, and event moderator Danny King, from London, will hold a live public chat on MSN.COM Wednesday, Oct. 27, 10 a.m. PDT at Kasparov will take questions about the game and his winning strategy.

10. America's Foundation For Chess - 2003 US Championship Irina Krush
2004 Qualification Info. Sponsors. The Specifics. Additional Information. The Players. Pairings and Results. Reports. Game of the Day. The Games. Children's Tournaments. Children's Simul. Archive. WGM irina krush WGM irina krush. irina was born 24 December 1983 in Odessa, Ukraine irina considers her best chess achievements so far, gaining the men's International Master title, and she is
US Championships 2004 Qualification Info Sponsors The Specifics ... Archive WGM Irina Krush Irina was born 24 December 1983 in Odessa, Ukraine. Just before she was 5 years old, when she and her family emigrated from Odessa to the USA, she learned the game from her father. Irina considers her best chess achievements so far, gaining the men's International Master title, and she is confident that her best achievements in chess are yet to come... However, worth mentioning is that Irina won the prestigious US Women's Championship very convincingly at the tender age of 14! Irina is attending NYU The aspect she likes most about chess is winning the game. Other interests and hobbies include tennis, reading and shopping. Irina also loves to travel and her favorite country is India, her favorite city St. Petersburg, Russia.
Phone: 206.675.0490 eMail:

11. Board Games - Krush, Irina
in time, and a different move was played. irina krush Biography Biography of leading Kasparov v 57 times). US chess Federation Players Gallery irina krush - Biography and links
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Websites Controversy of Krush's lost move in Kasparov v. World Commentary and links to articles on the controversy: Krush recommended a move that (many feel) would have prevented Kasparov from winning. Her move was not shown in time, and a different move was played.
Irina Krush Biography
Biography of leading Kasparov v. the world commentator Irina Krush (her move recommendations were played 53 of 57 times).
US Chess Federation: Players Gallery: Irina Krush
Biography and links.
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12. FIDE Online. FIDE Individual Calculations For July 2004.
Home, Info, Calendar, Ratings, Forum, Individual Calculations. krush, irina Totalchange 7.20, Rating chart Personal card. Best chess player award. chess Oscar.

13. Irina Krush - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
irina krush. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. irina krush (December24, 1983 ) is an American chess player. Born in Odessa
Irina Krush
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Irina Krush December 24 - ) is an American chess player. Born in Odessa USSR (now in Ukraine ), she is widely known for her series of chess training videos, the "Krushing Attacks" series. Krush won the US Women's Chess Championship at the age of 14, but has not participated in the event since for various reasons. She holds the title of International Master (IM) and has one of three tournament results (norms) necessary to qualify for the International Grandmaster (GM) title. As of April 2004, Krush had a FIDE Rating of 2465, 17th best among active female players. Krush gained a measure of fame both inside and outside chess circles during the well-publicized " Kasparov versus The World " chess competition in Garry Kasparov played the white pieces and the Internet public, via a Microsoft host website, voted on moves for the black pieces, guided by the recommendations of Krush and three other young chess experts. On the tenth move, Krush suggested a stunning novelty, for which the World Team voted. Kasparov said later that he lost control of the game at that point, and wasn't sure whether he was winning or losing. In addition to discovering a new move, Krush displayed great patience, tact, and generosity while participating in the bulletin board discussion of the game. Due to her social skill and tireless work on behalf of the World Team, she gradually became the focus of all the team's analytical efforts. The analysis tree she maintained gained considerable authority, and the recommendations therein were chosen by the team for more than twenty consecutive moves. Even grandmasters rated considerably higher than her began making primary reference to her analysis tree.

14. The Chess Games Of Irina Krush
Nov06-03, Diggitydawg irina did end up second in the US Nov-06-03, Eggman I. krush- that s a pretty intimidating pairing. Not bad lookin for a chess player.

15. Countdown To The 1997 Interplay US Chess Championships
Date "1997.09.02" Round "7" White "krush, irina" Black "Khan, Anna" Result "1/21/2 ENGAGE games online and the United States chess Federation - All Rights Reserved
Summary Page for all Events
The 1997 Interplay US Women's Championship
The Format
Standings/Results The Games The Players ... List of Annotated Games The Krush-Khan game from Round 7 has now been added to the Round 7 file an the all games file. Round 9, PGN format Round 8, PGN format Round 7, PGN format Women's Round 6, PGN format ...
All rounds to date, PGN format, zipped
Games from round 9
Results for the final round
Frenklakh-Shahade 1/2-1/2, Burtman-Khan 0-1, Jezierska-Zitserman 1-0, Krush-Epstein 0-1, Belakovskaia-Gulko 1-0.
Report from Matt Guthrie at the Site
The last round of the women's championship began with Esther Epstein and Anna Gulko sharing first place, and Anjelina Belakovskaia a mere half point back. The first game to conclude was a draw between the two teenage friends, Shahade and Frenklakh. Right at the first time control Jezierska's centralized pieces broke through and mated Zitserman. Immediately following time control Burtman resigned to Khan, and Epstein guaranteed herself at least a share of the title by cornering Krush's King. That game had been a Leningrad Nimzo-Indian, in which Irina's decision to trade Queen for two Rooks had proven extremely misguided. Epstein then had to wait for the result of Belakovskaia-Gulko, in which a large middle-game edge for Anjelina had dissipated in time pressure. However, applying superlative endgame technique, she eventually converted Q vs. R+2P into a full point (in 125 moves!) to clinch second place for herself, and first for Epstein.

16. Irina Krush Vs Varuzhan Akobian (2003), irina krush vs Varuzhan Akobian Generation chess International2003 · Dutch (A92) · 10 troubleshooting download

17. List Of People By Name: Kr
Krusenstern, Adam Johann von, (17701846), naval commander; krush, irina,(born 1983), chess player; Kruss, James, (1926-1997), author.
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18. The Week In Chess
The organizer of the tournament is the chess Federation of Alexandra Cmilyte, ViktorijaAlexandrova, Olga - Kovalevskaya, Ekaterina krush, irina - Kachiani-G
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WELCOME TO THE WEEK IN CHESS News TWIC Magazine Main stories Issue #499, May 31st 2004. Latest News Completed events Archive of past issues ... Future events TWIC #499 zipped downloads - Games from last week John Watson Book Reviews - Latest: 8th March 2004 John Watson Book Review #62 Danish Dynamite - 3rd March 2004: John Watson Book Review #61 The Past: A Reliable Guess? . Last - John Watson Book Review #60 Opening Books in Pairs News section Games in New ChessBase format (CB6 onwards) Year in Review Games in PGN (text) Games in old ChessBase format (cbf) 2004 (former front page stories) Free zip/unzip software Last update: 21:05 GMT, 16:05 EST, Saturday 5th June 2004.
Send news feedback to Mark Crowther at MAIN NEWS STORIES FIDE Women's Championship. Antoaneta Stefanova wins the title beating Ekaterina Kovalevskaya in the four game final 2.5-0.5

19. US Championships Seattle 2003. Women's Playoff
Hahn, from Jersey City, NJ, caused a major chess upset in the threeway playofffor the crown by beating former champions Jennifer Shahade and irina krush.

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US Championships Seattle 2003. Women's Playoff

Press Release by John Henderson 2003 AF4C US Chess Championships, 9-18 January Northwest Rooms, Seattle. AF4C US WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYOFF 19th January 2002 In a fairytale ending to decide the 2003 Af4C US Women's Champion, underdog Anna Hahn, from Jersey City, N.J, caused a major chess upset in the three-way playoff for the crown by beating former champions Jennifer Shahade and Irina Krush. Scoring back to back wins against the two top US women players gave Hahn both the title and the record first prize of $12,500. For Hahn, 26, who was seeded No.6 for the women's crown at the start of the Championship, the final result proved to be the biggest win of her career - and one that shocked many of the commentators and spectators in the playing hall. Biographical details of Anna Hahn, 2003 AF4C US Women's Champion Women's International Master Anna Hahn was born in Riga, Latvia June 21, 1976 and currently resides in Jersey City, N.J. As a child she used to watch her father and grandfather play chess and when she was seven years old her grandfather decided to take her to the local chess club. Her best chess achievements include the Latvian Women's Champion in 1992 and, after moving to the U.S., tying for second place in the World Girl's Championship in 1993. Anna earned her Women's international master title in 1995. In 2000 Anna participated in the chess Olympiad in Turkey, and the women's world championship in India.

20. Zilbermints
Here is that game White Zilbermints Black irina krush Marshall chess Club offhandblitz, Game/5 minutes January 30, 1994 BLACKMAR-DIEMER GAMBIT Teichmann
Official web site of the
Wyoming Chess Association
the Cheyenne Chess Club
"Chess is touchstone to the intellect." Goethe
Zilbermints vs Irina Krush
In our very first game, played before I invented my gambit (see below) Krush had me on the ropes but fell victim to a swindle and time trouble. WHITE: Krush (1696)
BLACK: Zilbermints (1900)
Marshall Chess Club Game/45
November 1, 1992
1 d4 Nc6 2 c4 e5 3 d5 Nce7 4 Nc3 d6 5 e4 Ng6 6 Nf3 f5 7 ef5 Bxf5 8 Bd3 Bxd3 9 Qxd3 Be7 10 OO Nh4 11 Ne4 Nxf3+ 12 Qxf3 Bf6 13 Be3 b6 14 Qh5+ g6 15 Qf3 Qe7 16 b4 Qf7 17 a4 Be7 18 Qe2 Bf6 19 a5 b5 20 Rfd1 Ne7 21 Nxf6 Qxf6 22 cb5 OO 23 Rac1 Rfc8 24 Qd3 Nf5 25 Rc3 e4 26 Bd4 Qh4 27 Qc2 Rf8 28 Rxc7 Rab8 29 Bxa7 Rxb5? 30 Qc4 Rbb8 31 Bxb8 Nh6 32 Qd4 Nf5 33 Qb2 Rxb8 34 b5 e3 35 fe3 Qe4 36 Qd2 Re8 37 Qd3 Qg4 38 h3 Qg5 39 e4 Nh4 40 Qd2 Nf3+! The remaining moves were unrecorded as I too was by now in time trouble. We played on some more, but the outcome, now that her Queen was gone, was never in doubt. 0-1. White: Irina Krush (1857)
Black: Lev D. Zilbermints (1950)

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