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         Fischer Bobby:     more books (100)
  1. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by Bobby Fischer, Stuart Margulies, et all 1982-07-01
  3. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by Bobby Fischer, 1972
  4. Bobby Fischers Outrageous Chess Moves (Fireside Chess Library) by Pandolfini, 1985-10-14
  5. Bobby Fischer's Chess Games by Robert G Wade and Kevin J O'Connell, 1972
  6. The Complete Games of Bobby Fischer (Batsford Chess Library) by R. G. Wade, 1993-03
  7. Bobby Fischer's games of chess by Bobby Fischer, 1959
  8. Bobby Fischer: From Chess Genius to Legend by Eduard Gufeld; et al, 2001-08
  9. Three Days With Bobby Fischer and Other Chess Essays: How to Meet Champions & Choose Your Openings by Lev Alburt, Al Lawrence, 2003-11
  10. Bobby Fischer's Chess Games by Bobby Fischer, 1973
  11. The Chess of Bobby Fischer (McGraw-Hill paperbacks) by Robert E. Burger, 1980-09
  12. The Chess of Bobby Fischer by Robert Burger, 1975
  13. Finding Bobby Fischer: Chess Interviews by Dirk Jan Ten Geuzendam, 1994
  14. Bobby Fischer's Chess Games by Robert G. & O'Connell, Kevin J. & Fischer, Bobby Wade, 1972

1. The Amazing Robert James 'Bobby' Fischer
Features an article and links to books on fischer.

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English 165 4 Nov. 1994
The Amazing Bobby Fischer
It does not take a chessplayer to realize that Bobby Fischer is an absolutely amazing man. Aside from his numerous chess accomplishments, he has an astronomical I.Q. with an exceptional memory; in the world of chess, no player has ever proved to be as devoted as Bobby Fischer. Fischer is "generally acknowledged as the greatest chessplayer of all time" (Pandolfini 1). Robert James Fischer was born in Chicago, Illinois, on March 9, 1943. His parents were divorced in 1945, and his mother moved him and his sister to Brooklyn a year or so later. "At the age of six he acquired a chess set and soon became deeply absorbed in the game" (Hooper and Whyld 115). This was the beginning of a legend. In 1963 Fischer played in and won the New York State Open Championship at Poughkeepsie, New York. During the last round I was involved in a complicated ending with Frank S. Meyer . . . Fischer, on his way to the washroom, briefly paused at my board -for perhaps five seconds- and then walked on. A few months later, he visited me at my office . . . "How did that last round game turn out?" he inquired. I told him I had won, but with difficulty. "Did you play Q-B5?" he asked. I told him quite frankly I couldn't remember what I had played. He immediately set up the exact position to "help" me remember, and then demonstrated the variation I should have played to have secured a much more economical win. The main point is . . . he remembered not only the position but also his fleeting analysis as he had passed my board months previously. (VII)

2. The Atlantic | December 2002 | Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame | Chun
rene chun on bobby fischer to make us forget that when bobby fischer played chess, it was absolutely riveting theater, even for he coauthored bobby fischer Teaches chess, the best-selling chess book ever
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on politics and society from The Atlantic Monthly. From the archives: "Computers Aren't So Smart After All" (August 1974) "In the late sixties a chess-playing, computer program was written at MIT and was entered into some local tournaments." By Fred Hapgood From Atlantic Unbound Web Citations: "Chess on the Net" (September 17, 1997) An online community where those with the best moves always mate. Elsewhere on the Web Links to related material on other Web sites. Bobby Fischer.Net A privately maintained fan page, offering articles, related links, diagrams of Fischer's important chess games, and more. Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame by Rene Chun You go walking down Broadway, watchin' people catch the subway! Take it from me, don't ask for a helping hand, mmm, 'cause no one will understand! " With each note he became increasingly strident. " Bright lights will find you, and they will mess you around! Let me tell you, millions will watch you! Have mercy now, as you sink right down to the ground! " Even if you knew nothing about Bobby Fischer, listening to him sing this song would tell you all you needed to know. "

3. Bobby Fischer
In 1988 bobby patented the fischer digital chess clock which adds twominutes per move. The match used the new bobby fischer chess clock.
The world's greatest Chess player Robert James Fischer was born in Chicago, Illinois at the Michael Reese Hospital by the banks of Lake Michigan on March 9th, 1943. His father Gerhardth Fischer was born in Berlin, Germany in 1909, he was a biophysicist. His mother was Regina Wender. They separated when Bobby was 2 years old, and Regina had custody of Bobby and his older sister Joan who was then 7 years old. She was a qualified registered Nurse and wanted to take a Master's Degree at New York University in Nursing Education. She decided to move to Brooklyn. It is there that the legend of the world's greatest Chess player begins. On May 1949, Bobby and his sister Joan learned how to play the game with a Chess set given to them as a present. Both, six and eleven, learned the moves from the instructions that went with the set. Even as a six-year-old, Bobby became increasingly fascinated with Chess and enjoyed enough success in solving its complexities. By age seven, he was so thoroughly absorbed that his mother became worried. "Bobby isn't interested in anybody unless they play Chess and there just aren't many children who like it" she once said.
She also attempted to place an ad in the Brooklyn Eagle inquiring whether there might be other children of Bobby's age who would come and play Chess with him. On January 17, 1951 Bobby played a game against master Max Pavey who was giving a simultaneous exhibition and Bobby lost in 15 minutes. A few weeks later Bobby joined the Brooklyn Chess Club, headed by Mr. Carmine Nigro, President of the Brooklyn Chess Club and for the next few years he rarely missed a Friday evening.

4. Philadelphia Inquirer 11/17/2002 Files Reveal How FBI Hounded
and missile counts, bobby fischer beat the Russians' best a noted chess teacher who was featured in the movie Searching for bobby fischer, said of fischer's beginnings "Nothing

5. TCS: Tech Central Station - Searching For Bobby Fischer's Platonic Form
Searching for bobby fischer's Platonic Form. By Kenneth Silber TCS. chess is not just a mentally challenging game to play
HOME Kenneth Silber Contributor, TCS Email Author Biographical related articles Britain's Culture War Darkness at One? The Purpose of Pain Bumper Sticker Moralities? ... Taking Silliness Seriously
articles by author Dismantling Space and Time I Dream of Techno-Genie Buy Space Bonds Conservatism's Journey Away From Me ... Things to Look For in 2004
Font Size: Searching for Bobby Fischer's Platonic Form By Kenneth Silber Published E-Mail Bookmark Print Save TCS
Chess is not just a mentally challenging game to play. It is also a game that generates examples and analogies relevant to a broad range of intellectual concerns. If you do a search for "chess" here at TCS, you will find, among other things, Arnold Kling's discussion of man-versus-machine chess, Lee Harris's illustration in chess terms of the difference between rational and irrational enemies , Iain Murray's likening of Russian global-warming policy to a knight's move, and a piece by me noting philosopher Daniel Dennett's evocation of chess computers in his argument for the compatibility of free will and determinism. I am a competent chess player (unlike Kling, that is), albeit no threat to the world's grandmasters. After falling off in participation for a few years, I have recently played frequently perhaps a bit too frequently aided by the ready availability of opponents at chess websites like

of the millions of opening variations in traditional chess, computers do not reallyplay chess all that well. On January 13, 1999, bobby fischer conducted his
Some Fischer facts
  • Born: March 9, 1943 in Chicago, Illinois
  • Learned the rules of chess at age 6!:
  • First recorded tournament game: July 1955
  • International Grandmaster title:
  • U.S. Champion eight times in eight attempts!:
  • Winner of:
  • Bobby Fischer's tournament and match results: 415 wins, 248 draws and 85 losses out of 748 games played from 1955 through 1992 for a performance average of .721 or 72.1%
  • Fischer's highest achieved rating: 2785 ELO.

Robert J. Fischer, USA, World Chess Champion 1972-75 Featured email: Subject: coming clean If bobby was reading this somewhere on this planet, I would say. Come clean, and do what your suppose to do do as a human being. People do things all the time that they don't want to do, but they have to. Come back to us. The least you could do is be a man about it and do the right thing. Maybe you'll get lucky and get a little respect back, and maybe not, but at least you got off your lazy ass and done something instead of whining all the time like a little kid. For someone who has an i.q. of 180 or whatever you show no common sense. Think about it. Wonder just how many letters such as this Bobby has read? Why can't we all do what we're supposed to instead of griping all the time. No wonder people go insane. derek
Remote IP address:
Date and time: Sat Jan 17, 2004 14:50:24

7. Fischer Rook House - Home
The former world chess champion expressed a desire for a rookshaped house. This is a design for such a house. Plans and 3D computer reconstructions.
A Rook-House for Bobby Fischer "I want to live the rest of my life in a house built exactly like a rook." (Former World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer) This is a modern design for such a house. View Facade View Interior View Floor Plans View WTC A-Project Home page View Facade View Interior View Floor Plans View WTC A-Project

8. The Bobby Fischer Home Page Has Moved To Http://
play better chess by studying bobby fischer's games and his life. 2nd place ½ point behind Spassky). bobby fischer's tournament and match results 415 not really play chess all that well .

100 Notable Games in bobby fischer s chess Career You can downloadthese 100 games if you like. You can view these games online
100 Notable Games in Bobby Fischer's Chess Career You can download these 100 games if you like.
You can view these games online using JavaScript (80k download) by clicking the
game # below:
  • ) Grossguth-Fischer [7/2/56] Bobby's first tournament Najdorf Defense, a real squeeze.
  • ) Donovan-Fischer [7/28/56] Black cooks up a Kingside attack to force a superior ending in an early King's Indian.
  • ) Byrne,D-Fischer [10/17/56] Thirteen year old Fischer stuns the chess world with a fascinating Queen sacrifice and celebrated victory over Donald Byrne. The game was subsequently dubbed "Game of the Century" by Hans Kmoch.
  • ) Fischer-diCamillo [11/56] A tactical bolt clears up an endgame.
  • ) Fischer-Rinaldo [8/8/57] A theoretical error is efficiently converted to a winning endgame.
  • ) Fischer-Mednis [8/12/57] A slight advantage is used to bring about a nice zugzwang finish.
  • ) Fischer-Green [8/31/57] White shows maturity in converting a superior minor piece ending.
  • ) Fischer-Sherwin [9/2/57] White launches a Ringside breakthrough resulting in a King hunt.
  • ) Fischer-Cardoso [9/57] A positional rout caps a match victory.
  • 10. Regeln Fischer Random Chess
    bobby Fischers Variante des Shuffle chess, bei der die Stellung der Offiziere vor Partiebeginn nach bestimmten Vorgaben ausgelost wird, wird erl¤utert. Regeln.htm
    Bitte beachten:
    • "Zweizügige Rochade": Einen Zug mit dem König, einen Zug mit dem Turm. "Platzwechsel-Rochade": König und Turm wechseln die Plätze. "König-Rochade": nur der König zieht. "Turm-Rochade": nur der Turm zieht.
    Beim FRC spricht man nicht von langer und kurzer Rochade, sondern von "a"-Rochade (entspricht 0-0-0 ) und "h"-Rochade (entspricht 0-0). Egal, wo König und Türme zu Beginn stehen, wenn sich eine Partei zur Rochade entschließt, finden die beiden Figuren ihr vertrautes Plätzchen: Bei der so genannten "a-Rochade" der Turm auf d1 (d8) und der König auf c1 (c8), bei der "h-Rochade" der Turm auf f1 (f8) und der König auf g1 (g8) Ansonsten sind aber die üblichen Rochade-Regeln zu beachten:
    Bemerkung: Beim FRC kann es vorkommen, dass nach der "a"-Rochade (0-0-0) auf den Feldern a1, b1 und e1 eine Figur steht, oder nach der "h"-Rochade Figuren auf e1 und h1 zu finden sind. Dies ist im klassischen Schach nicht möglich. Alle andere Spielregeln sind wie beim klassischen Schach.

    11. Robert (Bobby) Fischer
    Robert (bobby) fischer. 1943 . 11th World Champion, 1972 - 1975. Robert Jamesfischer is considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time.
    Robert (Bobby) Fischer 11th World Champion, 1972 - 1975 Robert James Fischer is considered by many to be the greatest chess player of all time. He was born in Chicago, USA in 1943 and brought up in Brooklyn where his mother moved after she was divorced in 1945. He learned to play chess at the age of 6 and soon became deeply absorbed in the game saying "All I want to do, ever, is play chess." At the age of 13 he became the youngest national junior chess champion in the USA and at the age of 14 he became the youngest senior US Champion. In 1958, at the age of 15, he became the youngest Grandmaster in the history of chess. He broke the Soviet domination of the World Championship when he became the first American to win the title by defeating Boris Spassky of the USSR in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1972. In 1975 FIDE refused to meet Fischer's conditions for a World Championship match with the Soviet Anatoly Karpov and Fischer refused to play. Consequently FIDE awarded the title of World Champion to Karpov. After this dispute Fischer vanished from public eye for twenty years and moved to Europe.

    12. World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer Interviewed Over The Radio
    LOT 150 Box Lot of Correspondence To From bobby fischer, chess Magazinesand Other Items LOT 159 bobby fischer s chess Move Diaries
    Bobby Fischer Interviewed over the Radio
    UPDATE: New Bobby Fischer Radio Interview, January 27, 2002 After 27 years of giving almost no interviews to the press, World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer has suddenly been interviewed five times on the radio, four in the Philippines and once in Hungary.
    All the interviews can now be heard
    Here is the interview everyboby is screaming about
    Bobby Fischer
    Here are the first five interviews which took place via the Philippines: You will need to download Real Player to hear them, if you do not have it already:
    (One visitor kindly provided a list of Fischer's personal items that were recently auctioned) WORLD WIDE MEMORABILIA COLLECTION FROM INTERNATIONAL CHESS CHAMPION BOBBY FISHER INCL: LOT 148
    Box Lot of Scrapbooks of Bobby Fisher's Chess Matches, some from Russian Newspapers, some from Spanish Newspapers, etc. LOT 150
    LOT 151
    Box Lot of Telegrams To Bobby Fischer During World Chess Championship LOT 152
    Box Lot of Books Inscribed to Bobby Fischer (not by authors) LOT 153
    From the People of New York given to Bobby Fischer - Leather Scrapbook with Letter and Telegram from Mayor John V. Lindsay of New York City

    13. USCF Plans To Expunge The Name "Bobby Fischer" From Chess
    bobby fischer Teaches chess. The USCF Executive Board has ruled The book bobbyfischer Teaches chess shall henceforth be sold under the title Blank Blank
    USCF Plans to Expunge the name "Bobby Fischer" from Chess
    Shoeless Joe Jackson, probably the greatest player in baseball history, had his name expunged from baseball history for allegedly taking a bribe to throw the 1919 World Series, even though he batted .375 in that series and set several records which were not broken until years later. Since then, until recently, the name of Shoeless Joe Jackson was expunged. Generations of young men grew up, lived their lives and died thinking that Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb were the greatest baseball players in history, because they never got to hear the name of Shoeless Joe Jackson. Now, the United States Chess Federation Executive Board proposes to do exactly the same thing with the name of Bobby Fischer, even though the USCF President, John McCrary, has admitted that he has never heard the tape on which Bobby Fischer made his allegedly objectionable remarks and that he does not know exactly what it was that Bobby Fischer said.
    The USCF Executive Board has ruled: The book "Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess" shall henceforth be sold under the title "Blank Blank Teaches Chess".
    Here is a really good idea. Thank you Paul Rubin.

    fischer bobby (chess CHAMP). Contemporary Marxism 1982W (88); Novick,P.The Holocaust in American Life. 1999 (270); Schnabel,J. Remote Viewers.
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    15. SOME BOBBY FISCHER Related Documents
    Absofuckinglutely nil! 1 bobby fischer s bobby fischer Teaches chess contractdated October 21, 1965.(13 pages) list_1 list_2 2 bobby fischer s My 60
    SOME BOBBY FISCHER related Documents
    We have some documents here which you really should view. You need Acrobat Reader for this. If you don't have it, go to and look for the link (we think it is somewhere at the bottom left side, yellow button) which says "get acrobat reader here". It is completely free. First of all, you might like to see a picture of Bob Ellsworth. Click here
    Here are photocopies of the checks sent to Ellsworth to pay for Bobby's bills in the states.
    And photocopies of the registry notice evidencing that the checks were sent.
    Global Commentary
    For Mr. Bob Ellsworth "shame" is just a word in the dictionary
    It's business as usual for the Jewish liar, embezzler and thief Bob Ellsworth. For this hardened, heartless Jewish criminal robbing all of Bobby Fischer's belongings in storage was a"piece of cake." Like taking candy from a baby. Hardly worth losing any sleep over. As a Jew he is convinced of the superiority of his"race" and even more importantly he knows that the fix is on and that the police won't touch him!
    As you may recall in about late 1998 or early 1999 the U.S.government, Bob Ellsworth and Bekins Moving and Storage company(Pasadena, California branch) plundered all of Bobby Fischer's cash valuables and other belongings (including his gold and silver coin collections) which Mr. Fischer had kept in storage at the Pasadena, California branch of Bekins Moving and Storage company for many years.

    bobby fischer was arguably the greatest chess player of all time. Asa boy, he faced and defeated the greatest players of his time.
    Home News Sports Business ...
    Date of publication: 08/11/1993 For cast, rating and other information, (click here) By Roger Ebert
    "There was a boy, a chess player, once, who revealed that his gift consisted partly in a clear inner vision of potential moves of each piece as objects with flashing or moving tails of coloured light: He saw a live possible pattern of potential moves and selected them according to which ones made the pattern strongest, the tensions greatest. His mistakes were made when he selected not the toughest, but the most beautiful lines of light." From The Virgin in the Garden, by A. S. Byatt
    Child prodigies are found most often in three fields: chess, mathematics and music. All three depend upon an intuitive grasp of complex relationships. None depends on social skills, maturity, or insights into human relationships. A child who is a genius at chess can look at a board and see a universe that is invisible to the wisest adult.
    This is both a blessing and a curse. There is a beauty to the gift, but it does not necessarily lead to greater happiness in life as a whole.

    17. Bobby Fischer --  Encyclopædia Britannica
    , fischer, bobby American chess master who became the youngest grandmasterin history when he received the title in 1958. His youthful fischer

    18. Fischer, Bobby -- Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess (Literatur)
    Translate this page bobby fischer bobby fischer Teaches chess. ISBN 0553263153 352 Seiten,Englisch Verlag Bantam, Ausgabe vom 01. Oktober 1992. Beschreibung.
    Home Artikel Empfehlungen Downloads ... Internet
    Bobby Fischer Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
    ISBN 0553263153
    352 Seiten, Englisch
    Verlag Bantam, Ausgabe vom 01. Oktober 1992
    (Bobby Fischer)
    Jens Meiert
    Sie sind hier: Empfehlungen Literatur Bobby Fischer Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess
    Letzte Aktualisierung: 26. September 2003

    19. Robert James Fischer
    Translate this page Im August 1965, beteiligte sich fischer am 4. Capablanca spielte er seine Partienim Marshall chess Club in New Im Juli 1966, wurde bobby zweiter hinter Spassky
    Name Robert James Fischer Land 09/03/1943 Chicago
    Internationaler Meister 1957
    US - Meister 1958, 1959, 1960,
    Schach - Oscar 1970, 1971, 1972 "Fischer machte Schach einfach zu einer aufregenden Sache, wann immer er sich ans Brett setzte." (Raymond Keene) ROBERT JAMES FISCHER
    Bei der Greater New York City Meisterschaft 1956, belegte er den 5. bis 7. Platz und gewann die Class B Trophy. Fischer war auch Mitglied des New Jersey Log Cabin Chess Club. Im April 1956 wurde er 21er. mit (+3 -1=2) bei der U.S. Amateur - Meisterschaft in Asbury Park, New Jersey. 1956 gewann er die Class A Trophy Meisterschaft des Manhattan Chess Club. Im Juli 1956 gewann er in Philadelphia mit (+8 -1 =1) die Jugendmeisterschaft der Vereinigten Staaten. "Partie des Jahrhunderts" genannt. Bei der Eastern States Open Meisterschaft in Washington D.C., erreichte er im November 1956 den 2. bis 5. Platz. Bei der Manhattan Chess Club Meisterschaft 1956/57 erreichte Fischer den 4. Platz. Max Euwe in New York und verlor mit (+0 -1 =1). Im April 1957 gewann er die Metropolitan League in New York.

    20. Chess Brilliancies Bobby Fischer
    bobby fischer was crazy .crazy good at chess. Not many would argue withthat. bobby fischer is probably the best chess player of all time.
    Bobby Fischer was crazy....crazy good at chess. Not many would argue with that. In him was a buring passion all directed towards chess. The first 12 games in this list are extensively analyzed. Use this analysis to better your understanding of these terrific games. Generally when you look at chess games, you should make sure you understand each move that was played. The analysis will help you do this. Once you get the hang of it, try looking at chess games without analysis. Bobby Fischer is probably the best chess player of all time. It is no surprise that he has his share of brilliancies. It is said in the book Chess Brilliancy that one in four of the brilliancies in the time of Fischer, were by Fischer. Pretty amazing considering there were thousands of professional players. See the most brilliant of Fischer's combinations Get information on Fischer See a slide show on young Fischer (Click on the players to see the game) (Click for Fischer Facts) Goldhamer vs Fischer Washington Imagine...Fischer was only 12 when he played this game.

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