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by. anjelina belakovskaia. US WOMEN'S chess CHAMPION. and
Anjelina Belakovskaia
a graduate student at
SUMMER ASSOCIATE (Sales and Trading, Fixed Income Division, Summer 2000)
2nd SEMESTER: ...
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chess Lessons and chess Instructions by Woman chess Grandmaster anjelinabelakovskaia. anjelina belakovskaia’s 2Day Junior chess Camp”.

3. Anjelina Belakovskaia

She answered no, I m anjelina belakovskaia. I liked how she assertively answereda where question with a who answer. And since I was in a chess club at
My name is Anjelina Belakovskaia . If you want some personal info:
WE ARE MARRIED! Anjelina Belakovskaia Lawrence Bernstein, February 12 Florida.
and Our Son Brian Belakovsky was born on January 27, 2004
Lawrence - HOW WE MET: Anjelina and I met in an unlikely place at an unusual time. Chalk it up to fate, fortune or just plain good luck. My friend William and I had finished a steak dinner and returned to Manhattan from across the river in Hoboken. It was about 11:30 in the evening and since neither of us was tired, we decided to go to the Marshall Chess Club which was empty but for two other people. We settled in one of the long banquettes and I opened one of the micro-brews I bought in the Korean store nearby. Quite unexpectedly, the doorbell rang around midnight. Since people don't usually go to chess clubs this late, I went on the balcony to see who it was instead of just ringing the buzzer. From above, I saw a beautiful brunette with a lovely tan. I said a few words to her to which she replied, 'Why don't you let me inside?' I went downstairs and opened the large and heavy locked door. Her tan was quite lovely. Noticing this and for whatever reason, I asked if she was from Argentina. She answered 'no, I'm Anjelina Belakovskaia.' I liked how she assertively answered a 'where' question with a 'who' answer. And since I was in a chess club at midnight on a Saturday and she was the three-time U.S. champion, it was the perfect answer. I felt a pinch of embarrassment at not recognizing her. We went upstairs to the main room.

5. Board Games - Belakovskaia, Anjelina
anjelina belakovskaia 3time U.S. Womens Champion - Essays, her games, and a biography about her are included. US chess Federation Players Gallery WGM Angelina belakovskaia
Belakovskaia, Anjelina Links
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Websites Anjelina Belakovskaia: 3-time U.S. Womens Champion Essays, her games, and a biography about her are included.
US Chess Federation: Players Gallery: WGM Angelina Belakovskaia
Includes short biography and descriptions of her accomplishments.
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6. Woman International Chess Grandmaster, US Women's Chess Champion, Member Of The
Woman chess Grandmaster anjelina belakovskaia shares chess news, chessgames and chess links! anjelina belakovskaia’s Junior chess Camp”.
3-time (1999, 1996, 1995) US WOMEN'S CHESS CHAMPION Woman International Grandmaster PRESS COVERAGE Sports Illustrated , "Anjelina Belakovskaia - women's grandmaster. Good Moves", Women Sport Issue, Fall 1997 USA Today , Money Section, "Playing the Weather Game", December 11, 2001 The Wall Street Journal , "Power Outage: How Energy Traders Turned Bonanza Into an Epic Bust", December 31, 2002 The New York Times , "CHESS; Third Women's Title Is Won By a Brooklyn Grandmaster", November 21, 1999 Derivatives Strategy cover article ), "Chess Grandmaster Plots Credit Strategy", January 2001 Williams Intranet , Women's Heritage Month, "Working Women: Advancing the American Spirit" , Women profiles: Anjelina Belakovskaia, March 2002 DiscoverE ), (monthly Williams Publication), "Chess Champion plays the trade game", August 2001 Business 2.0 , "Can This Weatherman See Your Future?", August 2003 Vice-President of American Academy of Economic Science
Master Degree in Mathematics in Finance
“Announcing 3-Time U.S. Women’s Champion Anjelina Belakovskaia’s Junior Chess Camp” sessions: June 6, June 13

7. All About Games : Board Games : Abstract : Battle Games : Chess : People : Belak
Links. anjelina belakovskaia 3time US Womens Champion - Essays, her games, anda biography about her are included. US chess Federation Players Gallery WGM
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8. All About Games : Board Games : Abstract : Battle Games : Chess : People
Anand Vishwanathan (2) Ashley Maurice (3) belakovskaia anjelina (2) Keres Paul chessGame of Champions chess biographies, dictionary, links, world champions
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Anand Vishwanathan Ashley Maurice Belakovskaia Anjelina Keres Paul ... World Champions
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9. The Week In Chess 251
THE WEEK IN chess 251 30th August 1999 by Mark Crowther 52 E97 Kings indian; Main line Groberman, Elina - belakovskaia, anjelina 0-1 32 E54 Nimzo indian Round 2 (August
THE WEEK IN CHESS 251 - 30th August 1999 by Mark Crowther
TWIC Home The London Chess Center Shop
Sponsored by the London Chess Center
Contact The Week in Chess
Mark Crowther
Tel or fax 01274 882143 [Bradford England]
Mobile 07957381719
Contents 1) Introduction
2) Alexander Khalifman, FIDE World Chess Champion

3) Interplay US Championships 1999

5) Spanish Chess Championships
19) Forthcoming Events and Links

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10. Duif's Place: Directory Of Chess Teachers: Names A-C
anjelina belakovskaia. Contact Information. Clubs. Club AffiliationMarshall chessClub, New York Club Where the Teacher Teaches Marshall chess Club, New York.

More Great Links
Duif's Place:
International Directory of Chess Teachers
Alphabetical Listings
Listings by location and specialty are available on the Directory Page . There is also a Summary Showing All Teachers with Name, Location, and Language This project is in memory of International Master Boris Kogan. Information in the directory is free to both teachers and students. Teachers are listed by location (including online and e-mail lessons), by specialty (learning disabled children, team coaching, openings, languages in which lessons are given, etc.), and alphabetically by last name. Duif's Place also includes a chess page for kids, and one for parents of young players. add a new directory listing update an existing directory listing Note: inclusion in the Directory does not represent an endorsement of any kind by Duif or Jade River Designs. This directory is simply being provided as a convenience to chessplayers around the world. All information is provided by the teachers and has not been validated.
(Over the next few weeks we will be converting individual directory entries to a format which we hope you will find easier to read. It will also make the pages load a bit faster. Duif)

11. Countdown To The 1997 Interplay US Chess Championships
Esther Epstein and Anna Gulko sharing first place, and anjelina belakovskaia a mere half point back ENGAGE games online and the United States chess Federation All Rights Reserved
Summary Page for all Events
The 1997 Interplay US Women's Championship
The Format
Standings/Results The Games The Players ... List of Annotated Games The Krush-Khan game from Round 7 has now been added to the Round 7 file an the all games file. Round 9, PGN format Round 8, PGN format Round 7, PGN format Women's Round 6, PGN format ...
All rounds to date, PGN format, zipped
Games from round 9
Results for the final round
Frenklakh-Shahade 1/2-1/2, Burtman-Khan 0-1, Jezierska-Zitserman 1-0, Krush-Epstein 0-1, Belakovskaia-Gulko 1-0.
Report from Matt Guthrie at the Site
The last round of the women's championship began with Esther Epstein and Anna Gulko sharing first place, and Anjelina Belakovskaia a mere half point back. The first game to conclude was a draw between the two teenage friends, Shahade and Frenklakh. Right at the first time control Jezierska's centralized pieces broke through and mated Zitserman. Immediately following time control Burtman resigned to Khan, and Epstein guaranteed herself at least a share of the title by cornering Krush's King. That game had been a Leningrad Nimzo-Indian, in which Irina's decision to trade Queen for two Rooks had proven extremely misguided. Epstein then had to wait for the result of Belakovskaia-Gulko, in which a large middle-game edge for Anjelina had dissipated in time pressure. However, applying superlative endgame technique, she eventually converted Q vs. R+2P into a full point (in 125 moves!) to clinch second place for herself, and first for Epstein.

12. US 2000
August, 2000, but notice who s NOT playing 1999 US Women s Champion, anjelina belakovskaia(2373), and Irina Krush (2451), the highest ranking chess femme in
Women in Chess
A well-played chess game, like a beautiful woman,
is music to the soul. 2000 U.S. Championships
Story Sources: Seattle Chess Foundation Website (a very nice site, complete with biographies and pictures of all the players); USChess Federation The 2000 U.S. Championships, cancelled through - as many have alleged - the inept bumbling and gross financial mismanagement of the U.S. Chess Federation - were rescued from oblivion by the Seattle Chess Federation, of which GM Yasser Seirawan, a vocal critic of current FIDE leadership and policies, is a founding member. This American chess brouhaha has been very interesting, even for someone not a member of chess newsgroups; but I'm not up to par on chess politics per se. Basically, I like to concentrate my attention on the players and their chess. Here is a list of the women players participating in this event (ratings are USCF as of June, 2000): 1. Camilla Baginskaite 2406

13. News 1102
SUI 2634), proved that age is no barrier to playing winning chess when he appearanceand finished in 7th place, with 5.5/9. WGM anjelina belakovskaia (USA 2270 1102.htm
A well-played chess game, like a beautiful woman, is music to the soul.

November, 2002
Updated January 11, 2003
Latest news in red ; news in reverse date order, most current news first. Final updates in fuchia. Later News Belgrade Obrenovac Open November 18 – 28, 2002 Official Website 178 players – 11 rounds. This event was won by IM Miodrag SAVIC (YUG 2519) with a score of 8.5/11. Ladies who participated finished as follows: (63) STANKOVIC, Marija (71) wm 2261 YUG 6.0; (66) MARTIC,Nemanja (103) 2142 YUG 6.0; (68) AKSENTIJEVIC, Malisa (97) 2171 YUG 6.0; (86) STOJANOVIC, Andjelija (120) wf 2084 YUG 5.5; (87) ENDILOSKI, Katarina (105) 2140 YUG 5.5; (92) VRANESEVIC, Danica (108) 2124 YUG 5.5; (97) SAVIC, Marijana (94) wf 2181 YUG 5.0; (109) UROSEVIC, Marija (126) 2069 YUG 5.0; (119) STOJANOVIC, Nadezda (114) wf 2101 YUG 4.5; (123) STOJANOVIC, Marija (112) 2108 YUG 4.5; (128) ACIC, Dejana (163) YUG 4.5; (143) JOCIC, Natasa (165) YUG 4.0; (157) RADUNOVIC, Ivana (172) YUG 3.0; (160) VESELINOVIC, Vukica (171) YUG 3.0; (162) MURATOVIC, Alija (52) f 2344 YUG 3.0. My apologies if I left out anyone! Curacao Tournament November 16 – 28, 2002

14. Chess Express Ratings - Metrotech Chess Activities
chess activities at Metrotech in Downtown Brooklyn, New York will be Woman Grandmaster anjelina belakovskaia (who is the current U.S. 24 Noon chess lecture by Woman Grandmaster anjelina belakovskaia for students from the chessIN-THE-SCHOOLS

15. Wauu.DE: Games: Board Games: Abstract: Battle Games: Chess: People: Belakovskaia
Translate this page Wauu.DE Games Board Games Abstract Battle GamesChess People belakovskaia, anjelina.
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16. Inhaltsverzeichnis - Games International
People Ashley, Maurice; Wauu.DE Games Board Games Abstract BattleGames chess People belakovskaia, anjelina; Wauu.DE Games
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17. US Chess Federation
Tournaments, , Top Players, , Clubs, , Scholastics, , CorrespondenceChess, , Links, , Governance, Woman Grandmaster anjelina belakovskaia.
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... Governance
Woman Grandmaster Anjelina Belakovskaia
WGM Anjelina Belakovskaia was born May 17th, 1969 and lives in Brooklyn, N.Y. Anjelina is a previous U.S. Women's Champion (1995, tied with WIM Sharon Burtman; 1996, clear first). She is also a three-time winner of the New York Women's Championship, and has represented the United States at the FIDE Olympiad and FIDE Women's Interzonal. View her rating and tournament history What's New Join/Renew Shop ... Governance

18. US Chess Federation
4. Krush, Irina, NY, 2436. 5. DonaldsonAkhmilovskaya, Elena, WA, 2429. 6. belakovskaia,anjelina, NJ, 2375. 7. Baginskaite, Camilla, CA, 2370. 8. Goletiani, Rusudan, NY,2358. 9.
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December 2003 Top Women
Kosteniuk, Alexandra FL Polgar, Zsuzsa NY Zatonskih, Anna OH Krush, Irina NY Donaldson-Akhmilovskaya, Elena WA Belakovskaia, Anjelina NJ Baginskaite, Camilla CA Goletiani, Rusudan NY Abrahamyan, Tatev CA Fierro, Martha L NC Battsetseg, Tsagaan MD Hahn, Anna NY Morkunaite, Egle CA Marinello, Beatriz FL Epstein, Esther MA Tsai, Cindy J FL Gorlin, Yelena IL Groberman, Elina MA Sagalchik, Olga NY Ross, Laura R NY Jezierska, Ivona CA Shiber, Julia NY Alston, Angela J TX Zitserman, Tatyana N MN Eynullayeva, Roza MA Levina, Anna V NY Pelletier, Katharine A NY West, Vanessa A CA Ciuca, Elena Carmen PA Matyszewska, Magdalena MI Airapetian, Chouchanik WA Vayserberg, Tatiana NY Itkis, Hana NJ Vicary, Elizabeth Z NY Weiss, Annie NY Root, Alexey W TX Teasley, Dorothy NY Thompson, Tracey C NJ Zenyuk, Iryna NY Serban, Camelia

19. Top 50 Women - January 1998 FIDE Chess Rating List
Top 50 Women January 1998 FIDE chess Rating List. Ranking, Name, Title, Fed,Rating, Games played, Birthday. 34, belakovskaia, anjelina, g, USA, 2385, 21,17.05.69.
Top 50 Women - January 1998 FIDE Chess Rating List
Ranking Name Title Fed Rating Games played Birthday Polgar, Judit (GM) g HUN Polgar, Zsuzsa (GM) g HUN Cramling, Pia (GM) g SWE Chiburdanidze, Maia (GM) g GEO Galliamova-Ivanchuk, Alisa (IM). g RUS Polgar, Sofia (IM) g HUN Zhu, Chen g CHN Ioseliani, Nana (IM) g GEO Xie, Jun (GM) g CHN Stefanova, Antoaneta (IM) g BUL Maric, Alisa (IM) g YUG Matveeva, Svetlana g RUS Arakhamia-Grant, Ketevan (IM) g GEO Kachiani-Gersinska, Ketino (IM). g GER Radziewicz, Iweta g POL Bojkovic, Natasa g YUG Prudnikova, Svetlana g RUS Peng, Zhaoqin (IM) g NED Foisor, Cristina Adela (IM) g ROM Peptan, Corina g ROM Vasilevich, Tatjana g UKR Donaldson-Akhmilovskaya, Elena g USA Levitina, Irina S g USA Skripchenko-Lautier, Almira g MDA Shumiakina, Tatiana g RUS Zhukova, Natalia g UKR Misanovic, Vesna g BIH Hunt, Harriet g ENG Kovalevskaya, Ekaterina m RUS Khurtsidze, Nino g GEO Wang, Lei g CHN Lakos, Nikoletta m HUN Gurieli, Nino (IM) g GEO Belakovskaia, Anjelina g USA Brustman, Agnieszka g POL Madl, Ildiko (IM) g HUN Sedina, Elena g UKR Xu, Yuhua m CHN Kalinina, Larisa UKR Ovod, Evgenija RUS Cosma, Elena Luminita

20. Top 50 Women - July 1998 FIDE Chess Rating List
Top 50 Women July 1998 FIDE chess Rating List. Ranking, Name, Fed, Rating,Games played, Birthday. 43, belakovskaia, anjelina, USA, 2380, 14, 17.05.69.
Top 50 Women - July 1998 FIDE Chess Rating List
Ranking Name Fed Rating Games played Birthday Polgar, Judit HUN Polgar, Zsuzsa HUN Galliamova-Ivanchuk, Alisa RUS Chiburdanidze, Maia GEO Xie, Jun CHN Cramling, Pia SWE Polgar, Sofia HUN Ioseliani, Nana GEO Kovalevskaya, Ekaterina RUS Zhu, Chen CHN Stefanova, Antoaneta BUL Maric, Alisa YUG Miroslawska, Monika POL Zhukova, Natalia UKR Wang, Pin CHN Darchia, Diana GEO Wang, Lei CHN Matveeva, Svetlana RUS Peptan, Corina ROM Peng, Zhaoqin NED Bojkovic, Natasa YUG Radziewicz, Iweta POL Skripchenko-Lautier,Almira MDA Arakhamia-Grant, Ketevan GEO Kachiani-Gersinska, Ketino GER Prudnikova, Svetlana RUS Vasilevich, Tatjana UKR Madl, Ildiko HUN Sedina, Elena UKR Donaldson-Akhmilovskaya, E USA Foisor, Cristina Adela ROM Levitina, Irina USA Hunt, Harriet ENG Danielian, Elina ARM Shumiakina, Tatiana RUS Klinova, Masha ISR Misanovic, Vesna BIH Dworakowska, Joanna POL Litinskaya, Marta UKR Ovod, Evgenija RUS Lakos, Nikoletta HUN Gaponenko, Inna UKR Belakovskaia, Anjelina USA Brustman, Agnieszka POL Qin, Kanying CHN Khurtsidze, Nino GEO Lelchuk, Zoja UKR Kadimova, Ilaha

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