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81. Links
Yugoslav chess Federation Official web site of Yugoslav chess Federation. VladimirKramnik (RUS) vishwanathan anand (IND) Peter Svidler (RUS) Dragan Solak (YUG
Links Links
Up to date and detailed information and games from all significant world tournaments. Top tournaments are covered live on daily basis, so that you can find each day's results, games and photo reports in the evening. Definitely worth a visit!
Internet Chess Club (ICC)
The biggest chess club on the net has some of the strongest world's grandmasters among its members. It is possible to play live or watch live other people playing. Live coverage of world tournaments and much more.

St. Petersburgh's web site with simple yet powerful user interface. Features games commented by top grandmasters, chess school and database of games from the most significant Russian chess happenings.

Best Indian chess site covers in detail all tournaments featuring leading Indian chess players, starting with Anand. Also features calendar of events as well as games from selected Indian tournaments. Grandmaster Chess Alexander Khalifman's web pages feature training advices for all levels of chess players. There are shopping capabilities for chess software, books and chess sets. Also features a database of games of best today's players and best players from the past.

82. :: View Topic - Chess
vishwanathan anand wins the chess Oscar for the third time, the gamesmost prestigeous annual award. anand (4150 points) a victor

GM sites. Nigel Davies on chess Welcome to Jon Levitt s chess PagesGrandmaster chess School vishwanathan anand chess Pages. improving.
Visit the Barnet Chess Club Bookstore for all your chess book needs!
Welcome to Barnet Chess Club Chess Learning Links Portal!
Alternative chess openings
BCC Learning section!
Chessops ...
Chess Sokolski 1.b4
Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
Tom Purser's Blackmar-Diemer Gambit Pages
Scotch Gambit
Bluffers Guide To The Scotch Gambit
Kings Gambit
Lytham Ex Chess Club Kings gambit paper
black defences
Black defences against d4
Clarendon Court
Sutton Coldfield Chess Club Clarendon Court defence
Queen's Gambit Declined
Nimzo Indian
Nimzo Indian - Wyvill
Kings Indian
Barnet Chess Club system against the four pawns attack
Chess for Success King's Indian - Rex Benoni paper
Benko Gambit
Benko Gambit
black defences against e4
dragon variation
The Sicilian
Barnet Chess Club Sveshnikov Sicilian paper
system against c3 sicillian
Barnet Chess Club c3 Sicilian paper
modern defence
Nimzowitsch defence
Sutton Coldfield Chess Club - Nimzowitsch defence paper
Fred defence
Caro Kann - Slav
French defence
French Winawer
Ruy Lopez
Ruy Lopez - closed
The Lion!

84. MindZine - Daily Chess News
had gone into the final round with a healthy lead over thirdplace vishwanathan anand. Atwo-game rapid chess tie-breaker was played with Krasenkow winning the
Search MSO Worldwide MSO Events Mind Sports Zine Brain Power Play Games Online ... Chess The Daily News 29 March 2001 Daily News 19 - 25 March Message Board Weekend Edition 31 March - 1 April
Tense draws
Monte Carlo, Monaco
- It didn't look like much happened as leaders Kramnik and and Topalov drew both of their games, against Leko and Ljubojevic respectively, but there was plenty of drama in the moves.
The result was enough to leave them alone at the top for the combined prize as they had gone into the final round with a healthy lead over third-place Vishwanathan Anand. Topalov won the blindfold event and Kramnik split the rapid honors with Boris Gelfand.
But Kramnik was near total victory as he worked Leko over on the ropes, while Topalov made a horrible blunder in the last round that seemed to spoil a brilliant event ...
For the whole story , with full tables and commentary, including annotated highlights by GM Einar Gausel, click here
Dramatic finish
Warsaw, Poland
- GM Robert Kempinsky has been awarded the title of Polish champion
Apparently this second tie was enough, and the crown seems to have been bestowed on some kind of normal tie-break system that had Kempinsky in front to begin with - there was a preliminary announcement that he had been named champion

85. Karpov Post Match Interview
that the system was a success, as vishwanathan anand was clearly Had anand won thismatch, I would have Together we produced fighting chess. For chess fans
Exclusive Post Match Interview
of FIDE World Champion
GM Anatoly Karpov
with SmartChess Online SCO: First of all let us congratulate you on your match victory, and for granting us this opportunity to interview you again. What are your immediate plans now that this match is over? AK: I'll be going back to Moscow for a few days. Then I'll play in a tournament in Holland. In February I'll go back to the States to join my good friends at the World Wide Web Chess Superstore for the 1998 United States Amateur Team East Tournament in Parsippany, NJ. Then comes the Melody Amber Tournament in Monaco, followed by my participation in the festivities at the 1998 National Open in Las Vegas, NV. SCO: How did you prepare for today's Playoffs? AK: I discussed the match with my friends, spent only a little time on analysis and took a long, refreshing walk along beautiful Lake Geneva. SCO: What was your idea or motivation behind playing the King's Indian Attack in the first Playoff game?

86. BBC - Radio 4 - Discover - Feature
There are two contenders. vishwanathan anand chess player from India - winnerof the tournament organised by FIDE, the international chess federation.


... Radio 4 PROGRAMME FINDER: A-Z Directory Listen Again What's On Listings Presenters PROGRAMME GENRES: Arts and Drama Science History Factual ...

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Features Interviews ... On The Spot Checkmate
In Checkmate on BBC Radio 4 this week, Grandmaster Daniel King examines the history of the world chess championship and draws on his own experience to ask why the Soviet and Russian chess players have dominated the championships for so long.
I remember the first time I applied for a Soviet visa, I was asked at the embassy whether my trip was ' for business or pleasure'. I explained I was travelling to a chess tournament. ' This is business' came the laconic reply. Chess in the Soviet Union was a very serious business. For chess and politics in the USSR were always inextricably linked. It was that political control that lead them to dominate the chess world: with just one exception, every world chess champion since 1946 has been a Soviet citizen or, more recently, a Russian. Soviet domination in chess can be traced back to the Russian Revolution. Before 1917, chess was mainly played by the upper classes and intelligentsia. After the Bolsheviks took over, they decided to promote the game throughout the whole population.

87. - World Champion To Battle Chess Supercomputer - August 2, 2001
project. Deep Fritz has previously beaten Deep Blue, Kasparov and WorldChess Federation champion vishwanathan anand. Visit an IDG site.



CNN TV what's on
show transcripts

CNN Headline News

CNN International

EDITIONS Asia Europe set your edition Languages Time, Inc. People Fortune EW
World champion to battle chess supercomputer
From... By David Legard (IDG) World chess champion Vladimir Kramnik will play the "Deep Fritz 7" chess supercomputer in an eight-game match in Bahrain in October, organizers Brain Games PLC announced Tuesday. This will be the first man vs. machine chess showdown since IBM Corp.'s "Deep Blue" RS/6000-based parallel computer defeated former world chess champion Garry Kasparov 3.5 points to 2.5 points in 1997. The new match has been given the title "Brains in Bahrain." Kramnik, a Russian, will earn $1 million if he wins, $800,000 for a drawn match, and $600,000 if he loses. Kramnik ended Kasparov's 15-year reign as world champion last year, and will be playing against a machine capable of analyzing 4 million moves per second. Deep Fritz has been built from scratch by an independent group of computer and chess specialists, led by Dutch programmer Frans Morsch, after IBM decided not to continue the Deep Blue project. Deep Fritz has previously beaten Deep Blue, Kasparov and World Chess Federation champion Vishwanathan Anand. Visit an IDG site Choose a site:

1999, chess Oscar, Champion, anand wins the coveted chess Oscar for the second straightyear! 1998, Moscow, , Viswanathan anand wins the chess Oscar for 1997 !

Viswanathan Anand is quite simply, the greatest sportsman India has ever produced. He won the FIDE World Chess Championship on Christmas Eve, 2000 to assure himself a place in history and ascend the very summit of the game. Viswanathan Anand's spectacular career is reproduced here. Keep checking back for updates. TNQ Sponsorship exclusively represents the commercial interests of Viswanathan Anand, the international chess grandmaster, in India. We can put together a sponsorship program for your brand with Anand,both in India and across the world. Career Highlights
Year of Participation Tournament Performance Highlights
Corus Chess Tournament, Wijk Aan Zee Champion After 1989, 1998 and 2002 it was Anand's 4th tournament victory in Wijk Aan Zee, joining in the process an exclusive club of players that includes former World Chess Champion Max Euwe, Lajos Portisch, Viktor Kortchnoi and himself, who have won this prestigious event 4 times. With his result, Anand will pass Vladimir Kramnik on the rating list and will become the 2nd highest rated chess player in the world, behind Garry Kasparov in the FIDE world rankings. Corsica Masters, Bastia

89. The Sports Personalities In Chennai -
vishwanathan anand. The first nonRussian, since Bobby Fischer, to win the WorldChess Championship title, Viswanathan anand is also India s first Grandmaster

90. Chess Watch
Hoekstra in the Torre Attack plus the bynow familiar win by vishwanathan Anandover Viktor Bologan in the Caro-Kann at Dortmund. 8-22-2003 chess.FM Bill
The place to play live online chess!
Chess Club August 17-23, 2003 ChessWatch
by Gene Venable

Welcome to ChessWatch, a sitelet dedicated to exploring the amazing world of chess, primarily on the Internet. It brings you the interesting, miscellaneous, unclassifiable, essential Internet chess news, with an emphasis on the off-the-beaten-track, from a world perspective, not just focused on English-language sites. ChessWatch depends on input from its readers, and invites tips, help, or whatever at
Report from a Disaster
When there's a big accident, one wants to avert one's eyes, but at the same time there's a certain fascination.. That's how I felt on visiting the USCF Live site for my first visit in quite awhile. I went to the news area and found a quiz that was formatted as one giant jumbled paragraph, then an analysis of the Grunfeld Defense with red x's where all the diagrams should be, then an article with ugly chess diagrams and another article with even uglier diagrams. Besides those examples, the content achieved mediocrity. Frankly, I'm a fan of the underdog and would have been ecstatic to bring to your attention hidden treasure on the USCF site. Unfortunately, I can't do that.
Report from a Victory
An article from The China Post features two people playing chess under a tree near a lake in Beijing, something that was too risky not long ago after the outbreak of the frightening SARS virus there. Let's hope the victory is permanent.

91. Anand's Bio
chess Career Vishy anand Viswanathan anand, popularly known as Vishy,the Tiger from Madras learnt chess at the tender age of six.
Links Anand's Biography The below Career description of Anand is written by his wife Aruna Anand.
Chess Career- Vishy Anand
Anand has been awarded many prestigious titles in India like the Arjuna Award, the Padmashri (the youngest recipient of the title), the first recipient of the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, the Soviet Land Nehru award, the BPL Achievers of the World, Sportstar, Sportsworld "Sportsman of the year 1995" Award.
Anand, known as the "One man Indian Chess revolution," keenly promotes the game, through innovative methods in the country, where the game first originated.
He lives in Collado Mediano in Spain with his wife Aruna.

92. Sports News - Chess
anand bags third Oscar The Times Of India NEW DELHI World No. 2 Vishwanathananand won the prestigious chess Oscar for the third time, leaving behind
Archived Page from Friday 07 May, 2004
Click here to read today's edition
SPORTS NEWS ATHLETICS BADMINTON ... Feedback CHESS SITES Barnet Chess Beginner's Chess Page Chess Archives Chess Corner ... - Digital and Analog Chess Clocks Fri, 7 May 2004 Sports Sports News Sports 2000 Africa Sports Asia Sports Athletics Badminton Baseball Basketball Boxing Chess Climbing Cricket Cycling Football Golf Hockey Horse Racing Motor Racing Radio Sport Rugby Sailing Skiing Snooker Soccer Sports Medical Sumo Surf Swimming Table Tennis Tennis Tennis Players Test Match Volleyball Wrestling WN Sites 2000 Years Africa Daily Africa Economies Africa Political Central Africa East Africa North Africa West Africa Africa Business Africa FM Africa Headlines African Sports Aid Agency America FM Arab World News Arabia FM Antigua Armenia Globe Asia Daily Asia Economies Asia Political Asia Pacific Australia Daily Baghdad Bengal Post Benin Bosnia Post Botswana Post -Photos -Headlines Broadcasting Broadcasts Burundi Business Canada Globe Canada FM Caribbean Daily Caspian Sea Cayman Jamaica Trinidad China Cincinnati -Headlines -Photos Colombia Times World Debt

93. MECCA - CLINK! - Click The Link!
Date 20016-10 http// Votes 0 Rating 0. Date01-04-19 http// Votes 0 Rating 0.

94. Indiafocus -Sports-Chess
day. Shatranj chess Virtual chess coach United States chess FederationVishwanathan anand Anatoly Karpov, selected games. TNCA
Search Indiainfo The Web Suggested Links CATEGORIES: Art Associations Astrology Business ... Science Sports Tourism Search Select a Search Engine: Indiafocus Indiainfo The Web NRI Travel Evesindia Careerindia Thatscricket Home Sports Chess
  • Chess Academy
    Indias first chess academy on the net, providing complete know how of chess.
  • Important Events and Names in Chess
    The game of chess is thought to have originated in what is now northern India or Afghanistan sometime before 1OO AD: the oldest chess pieces date from then.
  • Chessmaster - the game
    The latest version of the most popular chess playing program going. Lots of new features including human-style opponents, and a 300,000 game database.
  • The Week in Chess
    The best chess news site. Period. Don't miss the regular column by Mig.
  • Chess Coaching Page
    Go to the site for a collection of materials used in a coaching sessions, other documents and links of interest. There is also a course of study for players at different levels, all of which is free.
  • Chess Sets
    Chess sets by e-mail.
  • Chess Wise
    A dozen free audio lessons by GMs Ashley and Rohde linked to an interactive board. Uses Real Player and a Java board. Also on the same page: Mig's Checkmate 101 articles

95. The Tribune, Chandigarh, India - Sports Tribune
The year has been particularly satisfying not only for Vishwanathananand but also for chess in India. To begin with anand started
SPORTS TRIBUNE Saturday, December 30, 2000, Chandigarh, India A year punctuated with optimism
By Ramu Sharma
F in the years to come one was to single out a specific instance of a performance by an Indian which outshone every perceivable acts of excellence on the sporting arena the vote would automatically go to Vishwanathan Anand, the country’s, nay the world’s most accomplished player. Cricket is no more a gentleman’s game
By R. Suryamurthy
HE bodyline Ashes series gave the first major blow to the gentleman’s game of cricket. The red leather ball was blood thirsty for victory. Kerry Packer in the 1970’s transformed the game by giving it colour and glamour. With it came the sure result and unconventional strokes, which were frowned upon by cricket loyalists. Indian tennis hits the nadir
By M.S. Unnikrishnan
NDIAN tennis hit the nadir as the millennium year drew to a close when the country failed to figure in the finals of the fourth edition of the Asia Cup Tournament, which concluded at the R K Khanna stadium in the third week of December. Paradox underscores tainted year
By Gavin Evans
T was the best of times; it was the worst of times. That was sports in the first year of the new millennium. The year 2000 had it all the good, the bad — but mostly the ugly. To begin with the good, the Sydney Olympics turned out far better than expected. Outgoing International Olympic Committee (IOC) boss Juan Antonio Samaranch has a habit of declaring every Games the “best ever” — even the fiasco in Atlanta in 1996.

96. Wauu.DE: Games: Board Games: Abstract: Battle Games: Chess: People: Anand, Vishw
Home Games Board Games Abstract ... People : Anand, Vishwanathan Search DMOZ-Verzeichnis:
All Categories Categories Onlye
  • 1,100+ Games, 1984-1998
    Click to download zip file (PGN format).
  • Vishwanathan Anand Chess Pages
    News, updates and tournament coverage of the Grandmaster's games.
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97. Chess History
2000 U14 World chess Championship, Spain, Humpy,Gold. 2000 VishwanathanAnand becomes the 15th World Champion at the FIDE World Championships,.
History FIDE Ratings World Champions National Champions ... Indian Chess Organisations (The Official Website Of All India Chess Federation) About AICF AICF Forum Financial Regulations C H E S S H I S T O R Y 1997.01 Nunn, Hebden, and Rozenthalis share the title at Hastings. 1997.02.02 Grandmaster Erich Eliskases dies in Cordoba, age 83. 1997 Anand wins Torneo de Ajedrex, Dos Hermanes , Category 19 Tournament. 1997.03 Pravin Thipsay wins the 9th Category III United Insurance Grandmaster Invitation Chess Championship, Dhaka. 1997 Sasikiran wins Commonwealth U 18 Championship 1997.04 Etienne Bacrot becomes youngest GM ever, age 14 years, 2 months.

98. Chess
chess. Shopping? It s all here! LinksGames Board Games Abstract Battle Games chess.
Chess Shopping? It's all here! Shopping Contact Top Trade ... Webmasters Search


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chess board game
Links: Games: Board Games: Abstract: Battle Games: Chess
Home Games Board Games Abstract ... Battle Games : Chess Affordable Chess At the Chess Store
Huge selection of Chess sets, boards, tables, cases, books, accessories and more. Chess . The Chess Store has the product you want at an unbeatable value. Order today.
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