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41. The Hindu : A Smiling Grace In Anand's Life
TWICE WORLD chess champion vishwanathan anand keeps a low profile when it comes tohis personal life, but is quite forthright when talking about his wife Aruna
Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Monday, May 19, 2003 Group Publications Business Line The Sportstar Frontline The Hindu
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Metro Plus Coimbatore Published on Mondays Features: Magazine Literary Review Life Metro Plus ... Visakhapatnam
A smiling grace in Anand's life The reticent Vishy Anand and his sprightly wife Aruna are a loving couple. Though having different tastes, they have managed to strike a fine balance.
TWICE WORLD chess champion Vishwanathan Anand keeps a low profile when it comes to his personal life, but is quite forthright when talking about his wife Aruna. "She is a smiling grace and a big inspiration in my life. I love her company,'' stated Anand, who was in the city recently. The liking is mutual. Aruna said of her `great friend'. "Anand is an absolutely sincere hubby. He is quiet and an immensely charming person. He makes me laugh when I am down and out. We have a lot of fun together." Aruna, a capable and articulate 28-year-old, handles most of Anand's non-chess matters with comparative ease. Does Anand share his knowledge of the game with his wife? "I talk to her about it, but she doesn't know the game fully well. It's always better that way, because when two people have similar tastes, it could well be a complicated situation at home,'' he remarked with a loaded smile. Though Aruna had failed to master the game despite Anand taking her to most tourneys, she had become an expert cook, the chess ace said. "I don't know whether she had picked a few moves watching me play, but one thing is sure, she had learnt the art of cooking. Be it Mexican, Malaysian or Chinese, she serves it in a jiffy. Aruna has turned me into a real guinea pig," said Anand. Aruna agreed with his observation but pointed out that Anand relishes

42. Worl Champion - Viswanathan Anand
Born 1968, Madras. vishwanathan anand, popularly known as Vishy ,learned chess in his tender age of six from his mother. In 1987
History FIDE Ratings World Champions National Champions ... Indian Chess Organisations (The Official Website Of All India Chess Federation) About AICF AICF Forum Financial Regulations W O R L D C H A M P I O N S "The first move that comes to my mind is invariably the best" Born: 1968, Madras Vishwanathan Anand, popularly known as "Vishy", learned chess in his tender age of six from his mother. In 1987, he became the first Asian to win the World Junior Championship and in 1988 earned the coveted Grandmaster title. VISWANATHAN ANAND Anand's first world championship attempt was in 1991. He beat Dreev and then ran into Karpov in the quarterfinals where he lost. Then he lost to Gata Kamsky in 1994 at Sanghinagar and also lost to Karpov again in the 1998 finals. Anand, "the one man Indian Chess revolution" has also authored "My Best Games of Chess". This greatest sportsman India has ever produced, brought the World Chess Championship title to the Asian Continent on the Christmas eve of 2000, to assume himself a place in history and has completed a personal and common mission through his World Chess Title triumph held at Tehran by beating Spain's Alexie Shirov 3.5-0.5 in a dominating and ruthless show of his brain power.

43. The Second Granmaster Page
vishwanathan anand is easily the greatest sportsman India has ever produced. A chess phenomenon he has gone on to win virtually everything in the game world
This web site was created for FREE at Visit to get your free web site - no programming required. Javascript is either disabled or not supported by this browser. This page may not appear properly. Seirawan, lives in Seattle, Washington. Yasser started to play chess when he was 12 years old and quickly established himself in the chess world, winning the World Junior Championship in 1979 and becoming a Grandmaster one year later, scoring his final GM norm at the 1980 Hoogovens tournament in Holland. The three-time US champion has been among the world top 20 players on several occasions and has defeated reigning world champions Anatoli Karpov and Garry Kasparov in tournament play. Full Text Yasser Seirawan (1960- ): get his Games Observers web page
Encyclopedia of Chess Openings
The first Grandmaster page Jose Raul Capablanca (1888 - 1942): get his Games Jose Raul Capablanca was born in Havana, Cuba on the 19th of November 1888. He learned chess at the age of four by watching his father play and in 1901, at the age of 12, he beat Juan Corzo, the Cuban champion. Capablanca was regarded as the most naturally talented chess player anyone had ever seen. He was educated in America, studied engineering at Columbia University and spent much of his free time playing masters at the Manhattan Chess Club in New York City, where he achieved a sensational win in a match against US Champion Frank Marshall crushing him by 8 wins to 1 with 14 draws in 1909 when he was 20 years old. Frank Marshall had unsuccessfully played Lasker in a World Championship match only two years earlier.

44. ChessWorld - Chess News, Chess Tournaments
Victory continued to elude vishwanathan anand in the Dos Hermanas chess grandmasterstournament as he drew his eighth round game against Miguel Illescus (Spain

45. ChessWorld - Chess News, Chess Tournaments
April 18 (UNI) Continuing his one of the worst ever performances on the chessboard, Indian Grandmaster and world number two vishwanathan anand finished a

46. Kent State Chess Club
vishwanathan anand. vishwanathan anand chess Pages includes schedule, biographies,stats, and picture gallery. vishwanathan anand Fan Club Page.




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47. Chess Weekly
general nervous atmosphere that established in the modern chess world, there blitzmatch took place in Sofia, Bulgaria between vishwanathan anand and Veselin
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Chess Weekly #23
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Chess Weekly
You visited us on We are glad to inform you of the New book release: Europe: Euro 18,95 Worldwide: "Anand Viswanathan. Best games", Nickolai Kalinichenko. One of the strongest GMs in today's world and No 1 in his country, Viswanathan Anand comes from India, the ancient homeland of chess. Since he was years old he started to play successfully in tournaments. As he was he headed India's team at the World Olympiad of where he scored points out of . In two years he earned his GM norm. In his younger years Anand attracted chess world's attention with his excellent combinational solutions, his almost phenomenal quickness of mind and spontaneity.

48. NIIT Brand Ambassador Viswanathan Anand On His Maiden Visit To Pune
About vishwanathan anand Viswanathan anand,(date of birth 1112-1969) popularlyknown as “Vishy, the Tiger from Madras” learnt chess at the tender age of
h o m e N E W S R E L E A S E
NIIT Brand Ambassador Viswanathan Anand on his maiden visit to Pune November 24, 2002, Pune: NIIT, the creator of mind champions in 27 countries, is bringing Chess Grandmaster and NIIT Brand Ambassador Viswanathan Anand to Pune. Popularly known as Vishy Anand, the NIIT Brand Ambassador, will be accompanied by his charming wife Aruna. Vishwanathan Anand arrives in Pune at 6:30 pm on November 25. On Tuesday November 26, he will meet students at NIIT centres in the city. Thereafter, he will address a gathering of 500 students at the Symbiosis College at 11:30 am. About World Computer Literacy Day
NIIT hopes to help over 200,000 people bridge the digital divide on World Computer Literacy Day on December 2. The program will for the time be offered in Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and Tamil, in addition to English. NIIT hopes to erase the mark of IT illiteracy by spreading computer literacy amongst the masses through a short SWIFT Jyoti program.

49. World Chess Championship : 2000 FIDE Knockout Matches : Reports From The Hindu
200012-02, vishwanathan anand has it easy, NEW DELHI, DEC. 1. The discerningare well aware, that in chess, it is not always as easy as it looks.$w02.htm
Index FIDE 1948-1990 Pre-FIDE Highlights ... Site map Search Now:
World Chess Championship
2000 FIDE Knockout Matches
Reports from The Hindu
Nisipeanu exudes confidence NEW DELHI, NOV. 25. Till August last year, Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu was almost a non-entity. But his stupendous run in the last edition of the World chess championship at Las Vegas, where this long- haired Romanian Grandmaster found his way to the semifinal A galaxy of great champions THERE is only a month left before the new World chess champion is crowned, and the battles for the crown begin in New Delhi tomorrow. Though the last 14 months produced two new champions, there have still been only 15 World chess champions, since the firs Judit Polgar reigns without a crown ``I think that chess is the type of game which belongs entirely to men. In a contest like chess one is trying to assert oneself, to prove the supremacy of one's own ego. Women have a different psychology.'' - Garry Kasparov Zhukova appears confident NEW DELHI, NOV. 25. The air is getting colder in the Capital. Small wonder many of the players chose to spend the afternoon in the little sunshine by the swimming pool at Hyatt Regency, the venue of the World chess championship, which begins on Sunday. Na Nona still motivates herself NEW DELHI, NOV. 25. A good 42 years separate Nona Gaprindashvili and Etienne Bacrot. One, a proud Georgian who in 1978 became the first woman to be awarded the men's Grandmaster title. The other, a French who held the distinction of becoming the youngest

50. Sports
He has the ingenious knack of getting out of a jam and counterattacking with deadlyeffect. He is vishwanathan anand - the reigning World chess Champion.
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Vishwanathan Anand - Master of the Game Not only does he dazzle his opponents with brilliant combinations, he also blitzes them off the board. He has the ingenious knack of getting out of a jam and counter-attacking with deadly effect. He is Vishwanathan Anand - the reigning World Chess Champion Name: Vishwanathan Anand
Nicknames: Vishy, "Lightning Kid"
Birthday: Dec,1969
Education: He holds a degree in commerce
Wife: Aruna, married in 1996
Hobbies: All the right moves... # Chennai born Vishwanathan Anand learnt the game from his mother, Sushila, at the tender age of six. He used to visit the Tal Chess Club in Chennai.
Tamil is his mother-tongue, and he speaks English, French, German and Spanish. # His assets, his lightning speed of play and intuition saw him through as the Youngest National Champion at the age of 16.

51. | 'Chess Players Have Always Been Called Wood Pushers' | 1/9/2001
40 pm Hong Kong time, 1240 am EDT vishwanathan anand began playing chess at six,was Indian champion by 16 and picked up the Grandmaster title one year later.

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'Chess Players Have Always Been Called Wood Pushers'
World champion Vishwanathan Anand of India on fame, noisy crowds and Garry Kasparov

January 9, 2001 Web posted at 1:40 p.m. Hong Kong time, 12:40 a.m. EDT Vishwanathan Anand began playing chess at six, was Indian champion by 16 and picked up the Grandmaster title one year later. On Dec. 24, the 31-year-old from Madras went on to even greater glory, winning the FIDE world chess championship in Tehran. He took time out from celebrations to talk to TIME correspondent Meenakshi Ganguly. Edited excerpts: TIME: The chess world is in such a mess, isn't it? Can it get worse? Anand: I think the chess world has split into the rest of the world, and Garry Kasparov [former world chess champion]. There is no solution to the problem. MORE INTERVIEWS Yanni: Live in Hong Kong The Greek-born New Age artist on fans, fame, and his mom's cookies 'Children Have No Hope for the Future' Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku defends his graphic portrayal of violence in his film "Battle Royale" 'You've Got to Pick a Path' Stephen Fung on Gen-Y Cops and Hong Kong's entertainment culture 'My Whole Life Has Changed With This Role' Angelina Jolie on Lara Croft, Cambodia, and husband Billy Bob Thornton

52. Viswanathan Anand Vs Vladimir Kramnik (2003)
and discovering chess it was the games of Botvinnik, Karpov, Tal, Stein, Szabo, Petrosyanand Smyslov that caught my eye. I heard about vishwanathan anand much

53. IBM Research | Deep Blue | Overview
Commentary vishwanathan anand on the legacy of Kasparov vs. Deep Blue Read the article.Guest essays Thoughts on chess, computers, and what it all means Read

My account Select a country IBM Research Home ... Feedback
George Plimpton
on chess, Kasparov, and the limitations of computers
Read the article
Club Kasparov
Visit the virtual home of the world's greatest chess player.
During the rematch, more than 20,000 people from 120 countries joined the community to talk about the match.
Vishwanathan Anand
on the legacy of Kasparov vs. Deep Blue
Read the article Guest essays Thoughts on chess, computers, and what it all means Read the essays... Clips from the rematch Video footage from the games Highlights from the games About IBM Privacy Legal Contact

54. IBM Research | Deep Blue | Overview
vishwanathan anand became India s first grandmaster in 1987. Kasparov retainedthe title, but anand remains one of the world s elite chess players.

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Vishwanathan Anand became India's first grandmaster in 1987. He met Garry Kasparov for the world championship in 1995 at the World Trade Center in New York. Kasparov retained the title, but Anand remains one of the world's elite chess players. I eagerly waited to see the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue rematch. Deep Blue was stronger. Deeper, to be precise. From my own experience, practical play exposes all sorts of weaknesses and strengths in my play that are hidden during preparation. Equally, the team behind Deep Blue must have benefited immensely from studying the six games played against Kasparov in 1996. And it would be faster. I can't tell the difference between 100 zillion positions and 497 zillion positions, but if it helped Deep Blue play stronger, so be it. I was looking forward to Deep Blue boldly going where no man had gone before. Kasparov himself must have studied the games played last year. However, humans can't change their style drastically like computers. On top of that, all his games were accessible to the Deep Blue team, while he was in the dark about Deep Blue. He had two options: to play like Kasparov or to play like "Mr. Anti Deep Blue." The former runs the risk of playing to the strengths of the machines, the latter that the human ends up as disoriented as the machine. Humans, too, play weaker in unfamiliar situations and though they may find their way around better, machines can compensate for that with brute force.

55. Anand
vishwanathan anand chess Pages Excellent fan/hobbyist site, includessubscription form for anand Watch email newsletter and much more.

Hall of Fame World Champs Scholastic ... Friends Visit Our Affiliate,
Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand
(FIDE Champ 2000?)
Anand Wins FIDE World Championship News coverage from's chess site. The Deciding Game via Java viewer. Anand's Corner at ChessBase FIDE World Championship page Anand Page Hosted by Anand's agent, TNQ Sponsorship. Vishwanathan Anand Chess Pages Excellent fan/hobbyist site, includes subscription form for "Anand Watch" e-mail newsletter and much more. Vishwanathan Anand fan club page Much less ambitious fan page, includes Java replay of key Anand game. Born in Madras, Southern India, Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand became a grandmaster in 1987 after winning the World Junior Championship. He lost a PCA-sponsored championship match in 1995, to Garry Kasparov. Anand defeated Alexei Shirov in the Final (3.5 - 0.5) to win the FIDE World Championship match-tournament on December 27, 2000. He is the 15th FIDE World Champion.
Vishy Anand: My Best Games of Chess
by Vishy Anand

56. Your Gateway Into INDIA
V. anand s Games results and details of chess game between anand andothers; vishwanathan anand - profile of the Indian chess Grandmaster.
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57. Chess Doctor Forums - View Topic
White GM vishwanathan anand (2766) Black GM Vladimir Akopian Fantastically playedby anand. Select a Forum.

58. Chess Doctor Forums - View Topic
White GM vishwanathan anand (2766) Black GM Evgeny the bottom line is anand s noveltyturns Select a Forum.

59. The US Bridge
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60. Chess Links
Translate this page ERNESTO CARRETTA. MARIO LEONCINI LANFRANCO BOMBELLI. LUCIO MAURO. LUIGI TROSO. NICKBEQO chess LESSONS. vishwanathan anand. Main Page Pagina principale E-mail .
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