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21. Vishwanathan Anand - The King
record, anand was born on December 11, 1969, to vishwanathan, who retired as GeneralManager, Southern Railways, and Susheela, housewife and chess afficionado.

SPORTS December 27, 2000 news


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Opening Gambit
Not meaning to spoil things for anyone, mind but the fact remains that India has no world champion by the name of Vishwanathan Anand. But yes, India does possess and takes great pride in a certain Anand Vishwanathan, newly-crowned world champion in the game of 64 squares. Vishwanathan is the father, Anand the son. The mixup occured once he began going abroad. 'Anand V' became, thanks to the bureaucratic policy of putting the initial first, 'V Anand', on his passport and other documents. And when that was expanded, it became Vishwanathan Anand duly shortened to Vishy. Initially, Anand took some trouble to point out the error. But along the way, he came to like the name 'Vishy', figured that carrying his father's name was a matter of pride, and let the name stick. For the record, Anand was born on December 11, 1969, to Vishwanathan, who retired as General Manager, Southern Railways, and Susheela, housewife and chess afficionado. It was the latter who, when Anand was five, initiated him into the mysteries of the game, and oversaw his early development. At the time, Chennai (Madras, as it was then called) had a flourishing chess culture, thanks to the presence of Manuel Aaron, India's first ever international master, and Ravi Kumar, India's second IM. The hallmark of great achievers, in any field, is that they build up a legend of their own. There is, thus, the story of Sunil Gavaskar learning cricket in a narrow gully, and honing his ability to play with a straight bat because the slightest deviation from that practise could bring with it a broken window, and inevitable chastisement. Or the story of the young Sachin Tendulkar batting in the nets with a one rupee coin placed on his stumps, as reward for any bowler who could knock it off. Sachin, we are told, became the neighbourhood plutocrat by default, pouching the coins after defending his stumps against all comers.

22. - Chess News - It's All About Anand
Introducing chess in public schools is a joint initiative of NIITand its brand ambassador, chess Grandmaster vishwanathan anand.

23. - Chess News - Mumbai Clarification, Anand's
Excerpts India s premier chess player vishwanathan anand has fired a salvoat the chess world governing body Fide and world No 1 Gary Kasparov.

24. Chess Watch
the Indian Express spells vishwanathan starting with as does chessBase s database.)What s anand s big ambition Nutrigenomics and chess Ahmed ElSohemy, new
The place to play live online chess!
Internet Chess Club
January 12, 2004 ChessWatch
by Gene Venable

Welcome to ChessWatch, a sitelet dedicated to exploring the amazing world of chess, primarily on the Internet. It brings you the interesting, miscellaneous, unclassifiable, essential Internet chess news, with an emphasis on the off-the-beaten-track, from a world perspective, not just focused on English-language sites. ChessWatch depends on input from its readers, and invites tips, help, or whatever at
A Quick Goodby
Thanks, ICC, for allowing this column to appear here. ICC has decided to focus on other priorities now, so ChessWatch is signing off, possibly to re-emerge elsewhere. In the meantime, You may see me playing 1-minute on ICC or elsewhere. Thanks most of all to all my readers and those of you who have helped me do this column.
Where Pete Rose Went Wrong
Pete Rose, the legendary baseball player who torpedoed his own career by gambling on his sport, makes the shocking revelation in his recently released book that he does NOT play chess. No wonder! One of the nice things about chess is that it doesn't support delusions of grandeur for most of us in the same way that more randomish occupations such as betting or dotcom investment do. Even games like backgammon allow you to tell yourself that the dice are merely running against you today and that you're a megagenius who understands everything this is the attitude that sucks people in and ruins lives. Thanks to Chess.FM's Hangin for noticing the Pete Rose comment on not playing chess.

25. Anand's Crown Of Glory
VAHID SALEMI/AP Grandmaster vishwanathan anand receives the World chess Championshiptrophy from President of the International chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan
Volume 18 - Issue 01, Jan. 06 - 19, 2001
India's National Magazine
from the publishers of THE HINDU
Table of Contents
Anand's crown of glory
By winning the World Chess Championship final in Teheran, Vishwanathan Anand becomes India's, and also Asia's, first world chess champion. P.K. AJITH KUMAR
GRANDMASTER Pravin Thipsay vividly remembers that hot summer day of 1983. He was playing in the National team chess championship at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, when some players told him that a boy was about to defeat Manuel Aaron, India' s first International Master (IM) of chess. He rushed to that board and was surprised to find the boy wrapped in blankets and woollen clothes on that sultry May afternoon. Thipsay learnt that the boy, representing Madras Colts, was running high fever but had insisted on playing, and his mother was sitting next to him. He was astonished to note that Aaron was taking a lot of time on each of his moves, while his young opponent was replying instantly. When the 13 year-old, won the game, he had made all his moves within half an hour. VAHID SALEMI/AP
Grandmaster Vishwanathan Anand receives the World Chess Championship trophy from President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE) Kirsan Iliyumzhinov in Teheran on December 27.

26. 'I Start Off Playing For India. And That's It.Beyond That, The Game Just Takes O
chess maestro vishwanathan anand spoke to Shekhar Gupta, Editorin-Chief of TheIndian Express, on India s mind prowess — in chess as much as in computing

vishwanathan anand TRAINING FOR INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT DEDICATED TO 1405 /PanARMENIAN.Net/Viswanathan anand, the famous in the coming chess championship in

28. Chess
http// vishwanathan anand. Viswanathan anand,popularly known as Vishy learnt chess at the tender age of six.
Chess " The Game of Kings and the King of Games" "The way he plays chess demonstrates a man's whole nature." -Stanley Ellin "There is no other game so esteemed, so profound and so venerable as chess; in the realm of play it stands alone in dignity." -Ely Culbertson "The chess master today must have courage, a killer instinct, stamina, and arrogance." -Evans
"It is not a move, even the best move, that you must seek, but a realizable plan." -Znosko-Borovsky
Gary Kasparov Kasparov, Gary
1963-, Armenian chess player; b. Azerbaijan as Garri Kimovich Wainshtein. In Sept. 1984 he challenged Anatoly KARPOV for the world championship and appeared likely to win when the match was halted amid controversy in Feb. 1985. He won a rematch (Sept.-Nov. 1985), becoming the youngest world champion ever. He later broke with the World Chess Federation and formed a rival association; in 1993 he defended against Nigel Short. Kasparov is noted for his aggressive style of play. "The future of chess lies in the hands of this young man."

29. Chess Players / Famous Chess Player Biographies & Tributes [Chessopolis > Chess
vishwanathan anand (GM FIDE Champion) - anand s official page , which BabakuliAnnakov (GM) Easychess - Offers chess lessons via ICC and e-mail.

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Biographies / Tributes Active Players Utut Adianto (GM) - In Bahasa Indonesia. Official site of the Indonesian GM. Vishwanathan Anand (GM - FIDE Champion) - Fan site following the career of Super GM and all around nice guy Vishy Anand. Very comprehensive. Vishwanathan Anand (GM - FIDE Champion - Anand's "official page", which contains his schedule, but not much else. Babakuli Annakov (GM) [Easychess] - Offers chess lessons via ICC and e-mail. Alexander Baburin (GM) [GM Square] - GM Baburin's site has lots of content, updated regularly. Also hosts the sites for a few other players. Anjelina Belakovskaia (WGM) - Home page of the "U.S. Chess Queen". Also has a page on U.S. women's chess in general. Chess Goddesses - Women in chess.

30. Corus Championship - 2004
of Armenia, in the second round of the 66th Corus Grandmasters chess tournamentat vishwanathan anand made a career out of the perfect moves, Sania Mirza hit
Corus Chess
Tournament 2004 65th Corus Chess
Tournament 2003
Corsica Open 2002 Eurotel 2002 ... Previous Championships Anand's game at Corus Chess Tournament - 2004 ANAND TO REGAIN NO. 2 SPOT IN RANKING
WIJK AAN ZEE, JANUARY 26: VISWANATHAN Anand, who won the Corus Grandmasters Chess title for the second year in succession, should ascend to the second place in the next rating list.
Corus sways to the melody of Anand's winning tune
DECCAN HERALD, Jan. 26, 2004 - Wijk Aan Zee: In the end, tie-breaks were not needed at all. It seemed fitting justice that the player who played the best chess won without the aid of calculators.
WIJK AAN ZEE, JANUARY 26: Viswanathan Anand overtook Garry Kasparov and joined an elite band of chess champions to have won the prestigious Corus Grandmasters chess tournament four times.
WIJK AAN ZEE, JANUARY 25: Viswanathan Anand made minimum fuss of his last round game against Ivan Sokolov to draw in just 14 moves and ensure that he retained the Corus Grandmasters chess title at the De Moriaan Sports Centre in Wijk Aan Zee.

31. News
their professional careers have achieved vishwanathan anand takes his the 64 blackand-whitesquares, anand relies on So when the chess-master of the Century
News THEY'VE GOT GAME So when the Chess-master of the Century readies himself to pen his own story - the making of a genius, we expect an engrossing, revealing and emotional account of the grandmaster's game and life. But right now, the pages of Anand's dairy are still blank. Year 2004 will be dedicated to filling those blank pages. In his mind, he's worked out the first few lines. His mind ponders over ‘failures that became stepping stones'. Will it be easy for the Grandmaster to write his legacy in print? "It'll be a comment on my life. It'll have lots of anecdotes. I'm reading autobiographies of famous people. Professionally, the last year has been good for me," he avers. In real life, he's a master of contrast and transparency, almost simplistic in his habits and lifestyle. "I believe that life is short, so I enjoy it. Life is fun, so I live it to the fullest. I desired success, I got it. I haven't let it go to my head. I never think of myself as a hero," says the champion with an easy and unfussy personal style. Anand follows the world of India's sporting stars on the telly: he kept pace with Anju Bobby George's giant leap; he paused in awe at Rahul Dravid's Big Miracle; and whenever Mahesh or Leader strike lethal shots on the green grass, he is glued to their strategies. ‘Icons of guts' always win his admiration. "I play with single-minded obsession. Chess is a very individual game - I'm not answerable to anyone. It can spoil you. Like, I don't think I can ever work for a boss now," says Anand, who became a grandmaster at 17 and is also known as the tiger from Chennai.

32. India Directory Sports Games Board Games Directory
vishwanathan anand What s next for vishwanathan anand? Take a closer lookat India s best chess player ever read his biography. What Is chess?

33. India Directory Sports Games E-zines Directory
News, views and books on chess also available. vishwanathan anand Brief profileof India s best chess player and Grandmaster s ranking vishwanathan anand.

34. Vishwanathan Anand Fan Club Page
vishwanathan anand fan club page. This browser is not Javaenabled. See also.TNQ Sponsorship (India) V. anand page; India chess magazine chessmate.
Vishwanathan Anand fan club page
This is an unofficial page made by one of Anand's many fans around the world. Last updated 10 November 1998. Anand won the Fontys tournament in Tilburg, scoring 4 wins (all as White), 7 draws, and no losses. Leko and Sadler were also undefeated, but with fewer wins. See the Fontys web site for more information and for pictures of our hero. Put that together with Anand's other major tournament victories in 1998, and it sure looks like Anand is the best in the world! The Linares tournament he won was particularly impressive, a Category 21 event pitting the seven best players in the world against each other in a double-round-robin format (see the cross-table below). Anand also won the grandmaster tournament in Madrid and tied for first at Wijk aan Zee this year. Sure, Karpov and Kasparov both have plausible claims to the World Championship, and both are great players. Affable gentleman that he is, Anand has pretty much steered clear of the debate over whose "World Championship" tournament is more valid, and simply piles up the wins. Here's the Linares cross-table: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Anand 7.5 xx 1= 0= == 1= =1 =1 Shirov 7.0 0= xx == =1 10 10 11 Kasparov 6.5 1= == xx == == == == Kramnik 6.5 == =0 == xx =1 == 1= Svidler 5.5 0= 01 == =0 xx 10 =1 Ivanchuk 5.0 =0 01 == == 01 xx 0= Topalov 4.0 =0 00 == 0= =0 1= xx

35. Nilacharal - A Tamil Entertainment Ezine Presenting Interesting Contents And Use
vishwanathan anand. Name, anand. Pet Names, Baba, Sagara. Started chess at,The age of 6. Learned chess from, Mother. Family, Father vishwanathan
Review Interview Celebrities Cinebits ... Supershot Vishwanathan Anand Name Anand Pet Names Baba, Sagara Nick Names Lightning Kid, vishy-theTiger from Madras Date of birth 11th December,1969 Born in Chennai Brought up in Chennai and Manila (Philippines), for a couple of years -the vital stage in his early development in Chess. Education Graduation in Commerce from Loyola College, Chennai. Started Chess at The age of 6 Learned Chess from Mother Current World Ranking No: 2 Marriage June,1996 (arranged by his parents) Family Father Vishwanathan... Retired General Manager, Southern Railways
Mother Susheela... housewife
Elder Brother: Shivakumar... Chief Design Engineer with Crompton Greaves
Elder sister :Anuradha... teaches at Michigan University,USA
Wife :Aruna...Graduate in Public Relations First Tournament First Junior level national Championship won at Vasco-da Gama, Goa

36. 'Rapid' 2003 For Anand -
Grandmaster vishwanathan anand scripted yet another successful year, winningall but one rapid chess title, including the World Rapid crown, in 2003.

37. Welcome To
Indian star vishwanathan anand downed Alexey Shirov to remain in the lead with threeothers after six rounds in the 66th Corus Grandmasters chess tournament at

38. »»Anand, Vishwanathan Movie Reviews««
anand, vishwanathan Movie Reviews. Family movie reviews for anand,vishwanathan sorted by average review score Five On The Black,_Vishwanathan/
Anand, Vishwanathan Movie Reviews
Related Subjects: People
More Pages: Anand, Vishwanathan Page 1 Family movie reviews for "Anand, Vishwanathan" sorted by average review score: Five On The Black Hand Side Released in DVD by MGM/UA Video (16 October, 2001) MPAA Rating: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested) Director: Oscar Williams Average review score: A Soul Cinema Classic The summary of the movie on the back of the video cover says it allglorified, unified, and filled-with-pride. "Five on the Black Hand Side" portrays an African-American family going through changes during the 1970s. The older brother Booker T. Washington Brooks is a socialist who talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk. His younger brother Gideon, is a black revolutionary who defies the father and everyone around him. Their sister is getting married and the mother, Mrs. Brooks has had it with her husband. She doesn't really want out of her marriage but she wants some change in their marriage, which not only means her, but her husband. Mrs. Brooks goes to war with help from her neigbors and children. Mr. Brooks wants the best for his children but he is too controlling of how they should live their lives which creates a friction between Gideon and him. He is also resistant to change.
This movie during its period dealt with the issues of gender within the African-American community as well as racism and socialism. I wonder if "Barbershop" got their idea from this movie!

39. Chess Tigers 2003 :: Chess.GR
chess Classic Mainz. vishwanathan anand won the chess Classicevent. He beat Judit Polgar in the two last games. Total Score 5
:: Chess Classic Mainz Vishwanathan Anand won the Chess Classic event. He beat Judit Polgar in the two last games. Total Score 5-3.
In the Random Chess event Peter Svidler beat Peter Leko 4.5-3.5
Round 1, 14.08.2003
Polgar - Anand 1-0
Svidler Leko 1/2 Round 2, 14.08.2003
Anand - Polgar 1-0
Leko - Svidler 1/2 Round 3, 15.08.2003
Anand - Polgar 0-1
Leko - Svidler 1/2 Round 4, 15.08.2003
Polgar - Anand 0-1
Svidler - Leko 0-1 Round 5, 16.08.2003 Polgar - Anand 1-0 Svidler - Leko 1/2 Round 6, 16.08.2003 Anand - Polgar 1-0 Leko - Svidler 0-1 Round 7, 17.08.2003 Anand - Polgar 1-0 Leko - Svidler 1/2 Round 8, 17.08.2003 Polgar - Anand 0-1 Svidler - Leko 1-0 View and download the games An 8-game rapid chess match between Judit Polgar and Vishwanathan Anand will take place in Mainz, Germany, from August 14th until August 17th 2003. At the same time, the Ordix Open will take place as well. Also, the first Chess960 World Championship match between Peter Leko and Peter Svidler will be held in Mainz, and a unique Chess960 simultaneous exhibition of the two players on August 13th 2003.

40. The Hindu : Vishwanathan Anand Has It Easy
vishwanathan anand has it easy. By Rakesh Rao. NEW DELHI, DEC. 1. The discerningare well aware, that in chess, it is not always as easy as it looks.
Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Saturday, December 02, 2000
Front Page
National Southern States Other States ... Next
Vishwanathan Anand has it easy
By Rakesh Rao NEW DELHI, DEC. 1. The discerning are well aware, that in chess, it is not always as easy as it looks. In what turned out to a fine demonstration of how to win from a winning position, Vishwanathan Anad walked away as the victor. In the process, he did not allow Victor Bologan to live up to his name. Much after Anand became one of the early qualifiers into the third round, K. Sasikiran went down for the second time in as many days to Dutch Loek van Wely. Now Anand remains the only Indian in the World Chess Championship here. For a few moments after shaking hands with an already- shaken Moldovian, Anand resembled Pied Piper. Horde of jubilant scribes, cameramen, players, a couple of Grandmasters simply followed this lovable champion from the playing hall to the media room for the post-match analysis. It is said, `when knowledge speaks, wisdom listens'. So when Anand spoke and the lesser mortals listened. The master- like dismissal of Bologan was explained in detail. For the discerning, it was Anand's ability to see so much more on the board and carry out the precise plan at the right moment was the key.

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