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41. 1998-99 Scoresheet Fantasy Basketball NBA Player List
THE CURRENT 1999 SCORESHEET basketball PLAYER LIST IS AVAILABLE ON THIS WEB SITE Bryon223) 538.8 8.5 4.4 3.6 0.6 1.1 23 CLE henderson, cedric 224) 527.5 9.2
1998-99 Scoresheet Fantasy Basketball NBA player list Scoresheet Home Scoresheet Fantasy Basketball Basketball Draft Board Basketball Links ... Additions
THIS IS THE 1998 PLAYER LIST. All player numbers, points, etc have changed for 1999 - please do NOT use this list for your 1999 draft! This list is only here for archive purposes, and for those of you who like to see who had how many points 2 seasons ago.
(Players with a dash by their name are unsigned as of 10/7/98 - the team shown for them is the last NBA team they played on.) GUARDS FORWARDS CENTERS Additions 417) 1401.5 17.6 10.8 4.2 0.3 2.3 35 CHI G Jordan, Michael(-)(retired?) 418) 740.0 13.0 6.7 6.0 -0.7 1.0 29 ATL F Laettner, Christian(-)(injured/all/98?)
PO Box 1097, Grass Valley, CA 95945-0420
(530) 470-1880 phone (530) 470-1885 fax

42. 1999-00 Scoresheet Fantasy Basketball NBA Player List
Scoresheet Fantasy basketball basketball Draft Board basketball Links GUARDS FORWARDSCENTERS 291.8 7.7 3.2 3.6 0.3 1.1 24 CLE henderson, cedric 216) 291.5
1999-00 Scoresheet Fantasy Basketball NBA player list This is the player list used for the 1999-2000 hoops season (LAST SEASON!) . Do NOT use this list for the hoop season beginning in November, 2000. The player lists for that season are now available at: 2000-01 Scoresheet Basketball Player List Scoresheet Home Scoresheet Fantasy Basketball Basketball Draft Board ... Additions (Players with a dash by their name are unsigned as of 9/22/99 - the team shown for them is the last NBA team they played on.) The first column on the player lists is that player's Scoresheet player number. The second number is the total Scoresheet points they scored last season, the third number is their points per 40 minutes played, next is their shooting points per 40 minutes, then rebounding per 40, play-making points per 40 minutes, then defensive points per 40, then age as of opening day. GUARDS FORWARDS CENTERS Additions (Players listed here are also eligible to be drafted, but may be injured, or seemed unlikely to play this year in the NBA (mostly becuase they were unsigned as of September.)
PO Box 1097, Grass Valley, CA 95945-0420

43. Sports - Basketball - Professional - NBA - Players - Full-index.
Top Sports basketball Professional NBA Players fullindex.html A B C Harrington,Al (3); Haywood, Brendan (3); Heal, Shane (2); henderson, cedric (0);
Web Hosting Dir Web Design Dir Search Engine Dir Hardware Info ... Resources Search: Top Sports Basketball Professional ...
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  • 44. NBA Finals, NBA Playoffs - National Basketball Association Championship Playoff
    (4/23/02) The first round of the National basketball Association (NBA Trenton Haston,Kirk Haywood, Brendan henderson, Alan henderson, cedric Hill, Grant Hill
    DverCITY Magazine
    May 2003, Vol. 5, No.
    U.S. and World News Weekly Multicultural Magazine of the Times and Diverse People promoting cultural and international diversity
    News Entertainment Weather Story Archives ... 2002 Articles and News Stories
    NBA News
    Basketball Great Michael Jordan Fired by Washington Wizard’s Owners Abe Pollin and Ted Leonsis
    According to Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, “you hate to say it, but I think MJ got used. Now, where are the Wizards? Both parties lose in all of this. Michael gets tainted, and the Wizards lose their No. 1 draw.” During his time at the Wizards, they became the most popular road draw and made $30 million, selling out every game. Michael Jordan, while playing for the Chicago Bulls in the ‘90s, led them to six NBA championship titles.
    BET Founder Bob Johnson Wants Michael Jordan to Join Charlotte North Carolina’s New NBA Team
    5-8-03. Bob Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, has asked basketball legend, Michael Jordan to join his Charlotte expansion franchise. The two friends met at a Chicago Bulls game twelve years ago. According to Johnson, who purchased the yet-to-be-named team for $300 million, “absolutely I want him to be involved. He can play any role he wants to play, frankly.” Jordan is being shopped around by his representatives to other franchises, including the Chicago Bulls, whom he played for 13 years and the Atlanta Hawks, who are for sale.

    45. 02/97 Basketball Skuttle-Butt
    you who can pick it up, Kevin henderson has a 97 Another possible recruit s namehas surfaced; cedric Carter of Most of this info came from basketball Times.
    MSU February 1997 Basketball Skuttle-Butt
    This page consists of facts I have read and rumors that I have heard or been emailed. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the rumors, but I want all of you to know what I know. However, I will not put negative rumors about any university or its coaches on this page. Previous Month's Skuttle-Butt October November December January Click here to obtain MISSISSIPPI HOOPS subscription information. For all of you who can pick it up, Kevin Henderson has a sports talk show on Lazer 96.1 (Eupora) on Thursday nights from 5:30 to 6:30. It can be heard in northeast Mississippi. For those of you who are interested, Kevin would more than be happy to talk about basketball recruiting at your alumni association meeting, high school booster group meeting or any other kind of athletic type function. Just give him a call at the phone number listed on the MISSISSIPPI HOOPS homepage. I can tell you for a fact he loves to talk about recruiting and he knows all the inside info, because he talks to all the high school and junior college players.
    Mississippi State has one scholarship left. As of now, it looks like Detric White will get that scholarship. I assume our coaches continue to recruit because, as of right now, they don't know if Tyrus Boswell will be academically eligible or if Horatio Webster will go pro. That is all that I know at this time.

    46. Cal State Fullerton Men's Basketball
    Sport Selector cedric Ceballos, 8889, 615. Kevin henderson, 84-85, 518.
    General Information Schedules Ticket Info Audio Center Titan Store Visiting Campus Employment Titan Tradition Mission Statement Corporate Sponsors Administration Policies/Procedures AD Advisory Council Athletic Training Titan Athletic Club Titan Alumni Sitemap Sport Selector Baseball Basketball-M Basketball-W Cross Country Dance Fencing Gymnastics-W Soccer-M Soccer-W Softball Tennis-W Volleyball-W Wrestling Sitemap Search this site Single Season Leaders
    Updated through 2002-03 season Most Points Leon Wood Cedric Ceballos Richard Morton Leon Wood Cedric Ceballos Joe Small Richard Morton Mark Hill Leon Wood Kevin Henderson Scoring Average Leon Wood Cedric Ceballos Richard Morton Joe Small Cedric Ceballos Rebounds Cedric Ceballos Tony Neal Tony Neal Ozell Jones Tony Neal Rebound Average Cedric Ceballos Tony Neal Tony Neal Calvin Roberts Ozell Jones Assists Leon Wood Leon Wood Wayne Williams Michael Linden Leon Wood Assist Average Leon Wood Leon Wood Wayne Williams Aaron Sunderland Wayne Williams Field Goal Percentage (min. 5 fga per g) Herman Webster David Moody Agee Ward Tony Neal Herman Webster Free Throw Percentage (min. 2 fta per g)

    47. 1980-89 - Fleer Basketball Near Comp
    malone 17 18 costs are jay vincent gerald henderson walton 120 1986 Fleer Basketballpartial set lot (84). All and some 70 cedric ) this tisdale 114 pressey 89
    Cards Fan Shop Memorabilia
    ... Sets > Fleer Basketball Near Comp
    Fleer Basketball Near Comp
    Fleer Basketball Near Comp Vip Making Show Comp Red Sox Two Comp Team Sets 91u 93f Edi Maxx Comp Fact Red White 200 ...
    All cards be shipped details. Shipping Cards will of 1988-89 scan for savers for and. Please view nm-mt condition. missing are better protection are in included, cards cards 74/132. you no stickers during shipping. on a near set There are fleer basketball listed below. in card are bidding
    All cards be shipped of 1987-88 details. Shipping Cards will scan for savers for and. Please view nm-mt condition. better protection missing are are in included, cards you no stickers during shipping. cards 89/132. on a There are near set in card listed below. fleer basketball are bidding
    barkley 114 forms of the purchase ( left before jordan 20 jordan as set missing condition is ) squaretrade malone 115 i will you are only the average if negative shipping. If honor my my other combine wins 7 grant 17 bird 16 following numbers: feedback is rodman 57 127 stockton payment accepted. Powered note: money as stickers word.) given the nm-mt. All i am for reduced back guarantee the product, stockton 120 fleer basketball becomes void jordan unsatisfied with gladly refund 9 or neutral auctions and pippen 43 by. miler 85 Please view price. (Please chance to ap6.0 1988-89

    48. Sportsco 2000-2001 Fantasy Basketball Player/Position Eligibilty
    2000-2001 FANTASY BASKETBALL PLAYER/POSITION ELIGIBILTY CENTERS FORWARDS GUARDS Company Information Fantasy Baseball Fantasy Football Fantasy Basketball ... Home

    49. - Your Ultimate Entertainment Source
    Reggie Hardaway, Anfernee Harper, Derek Harper, Ron Harrington, Othella Harris, LuciousHawkins, Hersey henderson, Alan henderson, cedric henderson, Mark Henson
    Welcome to the Favorite NBA Player Poll
    You may select a maximum of 5 entries and a mimimum of 1

    Abdul-Rauf, Mahmoud
    Abdul-Wahad, Tariq
    Abdur-Rahim, Shareef
    Alexander, Cory
    Allen, Ray
    Anderson, Derek
    Anderson, Greg
    Anderson, Kenny
    Anderson, Nick Anderson, Shandon Anstey, Chris Anthony, Greg Armstrong, B.J. Askins, Keith Augmon, Stacey Austin, Isaac Baker, Vin Barkley, Charles Barros, Dana Barry, Brent Barry, Drew Barry, John Battie, Tony Beck, Corey Benjamin, Benoit Bennoit, David Best, Travis Billups, Chauncey Blaylock, Mookie Blount, Corie Bohannon, Etdrick Booth, Keith Bouges, Murray Bowen, Bruce Bowie, Anthony Bradley, Shawn Brandon, Terrell Brooks, Scott Brown, Chucky Brown, Dee Brown, Mike Brown, P.J. Brown, Randy Brunson, Rick Bryant, Kobe Bryant, Mark Buechler, Jud Bullard, Matt Burrell, Scott Burton, Willie Butler, Mitchell Caffey, Jason Cage, Michael Camby, Marcus Campbell, elden Carr, Antoine Carr, Chris Cassell, Sam Cato, Kelvin Causwell, Duane Ceballos, Cedric Chapman, Rex Cheany, Calbert

    50. Celebrity 1000
    Favorite Professional basketball Player Poll This poll runs from December 18, 1999 February 18, 2000. Total Votes 9338. Return to Home. henderson, cedric, 1.
    Favorite Professional Basketball Player Poll
    This poll runs from December 18, 1999 - February 18, 2000.

    Total Votes: 9338
    Return to Home

    Jordan, Michael Bryant, Kobe Iverson, Allen Garnett, Kevin Pippen, Scotty Hill, Grant Duncan, Tim Rodman, Dennis Hanson, Reggie Barkley, Charles Hardaway, Anfernee Sprewill, Latrell Miller, Reggie Williams, Jayson Camby, Marcus Payton, Gary Webber, Chris Kidd, Jason Jones, Eddie Olajuwan, Hakeem Houston, Allan Robinson, David Stockton, John Johnson, Ervin Marbury, Stephon Allen, Ray Kemp, Shawn Mourning, Alonzo Rice, Glen O'Neal, Jermaine Ewing, Patrick Stoudamire, Damon Abdur-Rahim, Shareef Kukoc, Toni Van Exel, Nick Wallace, Rasheed Johnson, Larry McGrady, Tracy Drexler, Clyde McKie, Aaron Kerr, Steve Armstrong, B.J. Starks, John Fox, Rick Grant, Brian Elliot, Sean Abdul-Rauf, Mahmoud Hornacek, Jeff Malone, Dan Harper, Ron Ritchmond, Mitch Smits, Rik Van Horn, Keith Dumars, Joe Elie, Mario Fisher, Derek Grant, Horace Rider, Isaiah Sabonis, Arvydas Childs, Chris Divac, Vlade Oakley, Charles Cassell, Sam Mutombo, Dikembe Walker, Antoine

    51. BasketBall Players World's First Babynames With Thesaurus World's First Babyname
    Othella Harris, Lucious Hawkins, Hersey henderson, Alan henderson, cedric Hendrickson,Mark Henson Search here for Books on basketball, Your good name missing ?
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    Names only Film Stars Twins 3 4 5s Thesaurus Cricket ... Contributors Books Online Names Books Pregnancy Books Latest for Children Pets name books ... Dyslexia Books For Children Number Slider Hokey Pokemon Countries Puzzle News 4 U ... Bouncing Ball Game For Parents Growing Child Baby Foods Missing Child Childrens Software ... Sponsor a child Toys Online Mixed Barbies for Children Miscellaneous Awards Won Exit Babynames BasketBall Players World's first Babynames with Thesaurus World's first Babynames with Graphics World's biggest Babynames website Any Word All Words Exact Phrase This Site All Sites var AdLoaded = false; var bsid = '11616'; var bsads = '6'; var bsloc = ''; var bswx = 468; var bshx = 60; var bsw = '_blank'; var bsb = 'FFFFFF'; var bsf = '0000FF'; var bsalt = 'off'; Cartoon Doll Maker and Doll Gallery! [Learn About Our Ecommerce] Graphics Gallery! Graphics Gallery and Search Animated GIFs Photos Icons Clip Art Abdul-Rauf, Mahmoud Abdul-Wahad, Tariq

    52. Bellevue Boys' Basketball Team
    Now that basketball season is in season, it is only appropriate that our the finestplayer that Coach Jones has ever coached is cedric henderson who after he basketball.htm
    Coach Jones Basketball Schedule for 2004 Monday, February 2, 2004
    Bellevue at Fairview Wednesday, Bebruary 4, 2004
    Chickasaw at Bellevue
    District Tournament
    City Championship Game Coach Jones Now that basketball season is in season, it is only appropriate that our website feature one the most successful coaches in all of the city Memphis, Mr. Clarence Jones. Coach Jones has coached at Bellevue for exactly 25 years. During his 25 years, he has directed the Bobcats to 384 wins and only 65 losses. During Coach Jones' tenure at Bellevue, he has more than 20 players that have gone on to earn scholarships on the Division One level. Some of his more successful players include: Greg Turner (Ole Miss), Roland Ware (Oklahoma), Marcus Moody (Memphis), Paris London (Memphis), Derrick Byars (Virginia), Kaylon Green (Oral Roberts), Jerry Randolph (Jackson State), and Johnathon Ball (Darthmouth). Perhaps the finest player that Coach Jones has ever coached is Cedric Henderson who after he graduated from Bellevue, starred at East High School, and the University of Memphis. Upon leaving the University of Memphis, Cedric played in the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors Administration Faculty Staff Gallery ... Calendar

    53. 1999-00 SkyBox Dominion Basketball Cards - Rick's Trade Center
    199900 SkyBox Dominion basketball MAKE A REQUEST. 35-Danny Manning 36-Eric Murdock37-Glen Rice 38-Dikembe Mutombo 39-Jason Kidd 40-cedric henderson 41-Rasheed


    Digital Scale
    (Power Plan)
    29 Day Trial
    Find What You Want on eBay
    FREE Digital Scale
    (Power Plan) RISK-FREE 29 Day Trial Find What You Want on eBay THIS IS A COMPLETE SET 1-220 1-Jason Williams 2-Isaiah Rider 3-Tim Hardaway 4-Isaac Austin 5-Joe Smith 6-Mitch Richmond 7-Sam Mitchell 8-Terrell Brandon 9-Grant Long 10-Shaquille O'Neal 11-Derrick Coleman 12-Rod Strickland 13-J.R. Reid 14-Tyrone Corbin 15-Jeff Hornacek 16-Malik Rose 17-Terry Davis 18-Theo Ratliff 19-Kevin Willis 20-Raef LaFrentz 21-Othella Harrington 22-Marcus Camby (2) 23-Keon Clark 24-Robert Pack 25-Sam Mack 26-Shawn Kemp 27-Nick Anderson 28-Bill Wennington 29-Steve Smith 30-Kobe Bryant 31-Bobby Phills 32-Cedric Ceballos 33-Derek Fisher 34-Doug Christie 35-Danny Manning 36-Eric Murdock 37-Glen Rice 38-Dikembe Mutombo 39-Jason Kidd 40-Cedric Henderson 41-Rasheed Wallace 42-Tim Duncan 43-John Stockton 44-Dell Curry 45-Muggsy Bogues 46-Danny Fortson 47-Charles Oakley 48-Elden Campbell

    54. World Basketball League
    was founded as the International basketball Association in VAN 1989 Willie Bland,YOU Dave henderson, CAL Alfredrick YOU Carlos Clark, CAL cedric Hunter, LVS
    Main Basketball htmlAdWH('7003382', '234', '60'); HISTORY OF THE WORLD BASKETBALL LEAGUE Contibutors - Chris Anderson, David Bender, Robert Bradley, James Clark and David Stewart-Candy. The World Basketball League was founded as the International Basketball Association in November 1987, but changed its name prior to the 1988 season. The league allowed only players under 6'5" tall, changing the restriction to 6'7" in 1992. WBL FRANCHISE CHRONOLOGY 1988 - 1992 1988 In- Calgary 88s 1988 - 1992 (charter franchise) Chicago Express 1988 (charter franchise) Fresno Flames 1988 (charter franchise) Las Vegas Silver Streaks 1988 - 1990 (charter franchise) Vancouver Nighthawks 1988 (charter franchise) Youngstown Pride 1988 - 1992 (charter franchise) 1989 In- Illinois Express 1989 - 1990 (formerly Chicago Express) Worcester Counts 1989 (disbanded) Out- Chicago Express (to Illinois Express) 1990 In- Erie Wave 1990 - 1992 (expansion franchise) Memphis Rockers 1990 - 1992 Saskatchewan Storm 1990 - 1992 (expansion franchise) Out- Worcester Counts 1989 1991 In- Dayton Wings 1991 - 1992 (expansion franchise) Florida Jades 1991 - 1992 (expansion franchise) Halifax Windjammers 1991 - 1992 (expansion franchise) Nashville Stars 1992 (formerly Las Vegas Silver Streaks) Out- Illinois Express (disbanded) Las Vegas Silver Streaks (to Nashville Stars)

    55. History Of The National Basketball Developmental League
    New League Development, NBA Karl Hicks, Senior Director, basketball Operations,NBDL North Charleston F Jason Capel Fayetteville F cedric henderson Mobile F
    Main Basketball htmlAdWH('7003382', '234', '60'); NATIONAL BASKETBALL DEVELOPMENTAL LEAGUE FACTS Players - NBDL players must be 20 years of age or older to play in the league. An exception will be made for players who are at least 18 years old, have been drafted by an NBA team and subsequently cut. Development league players will be eligible to play for any NBA team. Schedule - The inaugural season will tip off in November 2001. Each team will play a 56-game regular season schedule that will run from mid-November through March, immediately followed by the playoffs. League Officers - Rob Levine, Senior Vice President, New League Development, NBA Peter Smul, Vice President, New League Development, NBA Karl Hicks, Senior Director, Basketball Operations, NBDL Milt Newton, Director, Player Personnel, NBDL NBDL MEMBERSHIP CHRONOLOGY 2001-02 2001-02 In- Ashville Altitude 2001-02 - [charter franchise] Columbus Riverdragons 2001-02 - [charter franchise] Fayetteville Patriots 2001-02 - [charter franchise] Greenville Groove 2001-02 - [charter franchise] Huntsville Flight 2001-02 - [charter franchise] Mobile Revelers 2001-02 - [charter franchise] North Charlestonn Lowgators 2001-02 - [charter franchise] Roanoke Dazzle 2001-02 - [charter franchise]

    56. InsideHoops - NBA Basketball
    NBDL basketball Thomas, Greenville 49 69 1.4 6. Donald Hand, Greenville 50 68 1.47. Terrell McIntyre, Fayetteville 50 67 1.3 8. cedric henderson, Mobile 31 41
    NBA basketball news, rumors, articles, interviews, links, mock draft, players and teams - daily. The web's top NBA coverage. Plus college hoops, streetball and more. MAIN SECTIONS NBA Basketball College Hoops High School ... Media Links NBA FEATURES 2004 Mock Draft Power Rankings Awards Watch Articles Archive ... Rookie Watch SPECIAL League History All-Star Weekend NBA Draft Live Chat ... Attendance MORE LEAGUES Slamball NBDL Playing Tips International ... Summer Leagues WEBSITE INFO About Contact Write for us Advertise with us
    InsideHoops NBA [ Home
    NBDL Basketball
    Final 2002-03 NBDL Results Final 2002-03 NBDL Regular Season Standings Includes games of Mar 22, 2003 TEAM W L PCT GB HOME ROAD STREAK - - - Z-FAYETTEVILLE 32 18 .640 - 15-10 17-8 WON 2 X-MOBILE 26 24 .520 6 17-8 9-16 WON 2 X-ROANOKE 26 24 .520 6 13-12 13-12 LOST 1 X-N CHARLESTON 26 24 .520 6 16-9 10-15 WON 2 ASHEVILLE 23 27 .460 9 14-11 9-16 LOST 2 COLUMBUS 23 27 .460 9 14-11 9-16 LOST 1 GREENVILLE 22 28 .440 10 14-11 8-17 WON 1 HUNTSVILLE 22 28 .440 10 11-14 11-14 LOST 2 ZBEST RECORD IN CONFERENCE XCLINCHED PLAYOFF BERTH Final 2002-03 NBDL Regular Season League Leaders Home

    NBA basketball FAN EDITORIAL, Feb 28, 2002. facts too much, the Sixers traded Ty Hilland Jumaine Jones, and they got Matt Harpring, cedric henderson and Robert




    High School
    Message Board
    NBA ESSENTIALS Scores Stats Schedule
    ... Odds NBA NEWS Rumors Daily Shots
    Media Links NBA FEATURES 2003 Free Agents
    Power Rankings
    Depth Charts Interviews ... Articles Archive SPECIAL EVENTS History Free Agency Draft Mock Draft ... Live Chat MORE LEAGUES Slamball Summer Leagues USBL NBDL ... Playing Tips WEBSITE INFO About Us Contact Us Write For Us Advertise ... NBA MESSAGE FORUM NBA BASKETBALL FAN EDITORIAL Feb 28, 2002 In Response to "The Missing Championship Piece" By Nic Billman, of Philadelphia, PA But the writer of the above mentioned article didn't look into the facts too much, the Sixers traded Ty Hill and Jumaine Jones, and they got Matt Harpring, Cedric Henderson and Robert Traylor. Harpring has been steady and solid this season (12.1 ppg, 7.1 rpg) and has started every game. Tyrone Hill was injured until recently and has played in a total of 5 games (7.2 ppg, 12.8 rpg), this season. J.J. has played well (9.7 ppg, 6.7 rpg) but inconsistent and does not compare to Harping. So in that trade the Sixers made out with a more consistent and solid player. As far as Todd MacCulloch is concerned I think the Sixers should have put out the money and signed him and given him 25 minutes per game when Dikembe sat on the bench and some time at the 4 spot. I did not agree with letting him go to an Eastern Conference rival.

    58. Milwaukee Bucks -- 2002-03 Team Preview
    Georgia) One Trade That Needs to Happen SF cedric henderson and C Ervin Johnsonto Golden State Warriors for PF Danny Fortson. Fantasy basketball Rankings and
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Sports Basketball Home ... Deck of 52 Most Wanted zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); NBA Draft NBA Playoffs College Basketball International Basketball ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Basketball newsletter. Search Basketball Milwaukee Bucks Preview ...Team Most Likely to Rebound in 2003 RELATED RESOURCES NBA Team Preview Index
    NBA Games of the Year
    TEAM LINKS Official Milwaukee Bucks Site 2002-2003 Milwaukee Bucks Schedule Milwaukee Bucks Player Stats Buy Milwaukee Bucks Tickets ... Racine Journal Times Coverage No team laid a bigger egg last season than the Milwaukee Bucks. The preseason East favorites failed to make the Playoffs and cast off malcontent Glenn Robinson as a result. Was team chemistry the only thing holding back the Bucks? Power Ranking
    Projected Record
    Projected Finish
    : 3rd in Central Division, 6th in Eastern Conference Odds to Win the NBA Title : 25/1 (Opened 20/1)
    Milwaukee Bucks Win Total Over/Under Game of the Year Nov. 29,

    59. CardHutch Sportscards & Collectibles - Basketball Trading Cards, Wholesale Sport
    BK99FL5. NMMT. $0.25. Buy. -. 1999-00 Fleer 48 cedric henderson. BK99FL48. NM-MT. $0.08. Buy. -.

    60. - Jerrell Houston
    cedric henderson was also everybody’s AllAmerican and enjoyed a 5-year Houstonhas been compared to henderson by many familiar with Memphis basketball.
    HOMEPAGE ABOUT CHN MESSAGE BOARD FAN SHOP ... Fan Shop COLLEGE BASKETBALL NCAA Tournament Champions Week National Ranking Message Board ... Awards SPECIALS NBA Draft Recruiting SHOPPING Tickets Fan Shop INFORMATION About CHN Write for CHN Advertising Site Map ... Links More to Memphis than Beale Street Mississippi State Recruit Jerrell Houston By Steve Robertson Memphis, TN continues to be a very fertile recruiting ground for college hoops. There is no doubt one of the main reasons college head coaches keep making the trip is because of the type of players that coaches like Reginald Mosby keep producing. A couple of names that all college hoops fans will recognize are Tony Harris, who played at Tennessee, and Cedric Henderson who played at Memphis as well as in the NBA. Tony Harris completed his prep career with nearly every award he could muster. Harris was named a McDonald’s All-American, Parade All-American and USA Today All-American. As a Vol Harris scored 1,588 points and drove other guards in the SEC crazy. Harris made a name for himself as an excellent defender and for his tireless energy. Cedric Henderson was also everybody’s All-American and enjoyed a 5-year career in the NBA. At Memphis, Henderson had a stellar career that resulted in him being the only player in school history to finish in the career top 10 in scoring, steals, and blocked shots. Henderson was selected by Cleveland in the 2

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