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41. Virtus
Virtus basketball was born in 1932 and in 1934 it partecipated to the first 90 thanksto the contribution of players such as Sasha predrag danilovic who, at
Virtus Basketball was born in 1932 and in 1934 it partecipated to the first professional championship. In 1935 the first Virtus player Marinelli, entered the National Team , and from then on Virtus started to provide it with good players. In 1946 they won the first Italian Championship and came second at European level. They remained first of the list in Italy for the following 3 years. After being the top of the list in the '40, they went on winning several championship until they won the "Star Shield" in 1984. After that three more championship were won in the '90 thanks to the contribution of players such as Sasha Predrag Danilovic who, at the end of these championships, flew to America to play for Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks getting good results. Let's remember that at Madison Square Garden while playing against the New Yorks of P.Ewing he score 7 three point throws out of 7. After two unsuccefful years the team has been completely reformed with the return of the above mentioned Danilovic, helped by one of the best players in Europe, Antoine Rigaudeau. To crown the team there are Nesterovic, Frosini, Crippa and Sconochini and then Ravaglia, Abbio and Augusto "Gus" Binelli, the veteran. Ettore Messina has been chosen as a coach. After being coach of the National Team he has decided to come back to the team which saw his birth as a coach.

42. Kamp 2002.
The visit of basketball player predrag danilovic was an unforgettableexperience for the children. danilovic visited together with

“NASA SRBIJA” Summer Camp,
Gucevo, August 1-30 2002
Photo Album

During the entire month of August we gathered again at the Summer Camp “Nasa Srbija” at Gucevo. More than two hundred children from both Yugosalvia and the diaspora spent an unforgettable ten days each on the mountain slopes near Loznica.
The Opening Ceremony August 4th The formal opening ceremony took place on August 4th on an open field decorated with the children’s crafts, baloons and “Nasa Srbija” logos. A large number of children attended, as well as numerous guests from Serbia and abroad, representatives from the Ministry of Trade and Tourism, and from the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia. Bishop Lavrentije of the Sabac-Valjevo Diocese attended on behalf of the Serbian Orthodox Church and blessed all the participants. To our great joy, our friends and co-workers, as well as donors from the US and Europe attended the grand opening: father Slobodan and Srba Jovic from Sarratoga and Stanisa Ognjanovic from London. Everyone’s attention was on twenty year-old Tanja Babic from Toronto who, for the first time in her life, had set foot on the land of her anscestors. As master of ceremonies at the grand opening, she greeted the guests in flawless Serbian. Together with Predrag Jovic, son of priest Slobodan Jovic from Sarratoga, Tanja sang the Serbian National Anthem “Boze Pravde.”

43. HoopsHype - Articles - Breaking Down Argentina
BETTER basketball World s preeminent basketball instructional videos. into a perfectreplacement for the prematurely retired predrag danilovic -a former Miami
Larry Miller on the Clippers lucking into the No. 2 selection: "I thought, 'Well, there's a guy who's gonna be available in three years.'" Teams Atlanta Boston Chicago Cleveland Dallas Denver Detroit Golden State Houston Indiana LA Clippers LA Lakers Memphis Miami Milwaukee Minnesota New Jersey New Orleans New York Orlando Philadelphia Phoenix Portland Sacramento San Antonio Seattle Toronto Utah Washington NBA NEWS Articles Interviews Rumors Media Links NBA FEATURES Playoff Previews Playoff Bracket Draft 2004 Draft Status ... Web Picks NBA DATA Players Coaches General Managers Statistics ... Salaries NBA OPINION Columns Media Columnists NBA STYLE Kicks Jerseys Jersey Dresses T-Shirts ... DVDs NBA TAPES Basketball Videos NBA CONTESTS Quai 54 McFarlane Puma Jerald Hoover ... CONTACT US Articles Breaking down Argentina
by Jorge Sierra / August 6, 2002 HEIGHTMAX
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. For young adults, age 10 to 25.

44. Access 10,000 Campus Based And Distance Learning Universities, Colleges, And Tec
Supplemental Result Language=VBScript % - Translate this page GIOCATORE, PUN, MIN, FC, FS, T2R, T2T, %2P, T3R, T3T, %3P, TLR, TLT, %TL, RO, RD,RT, SD, PP, PR, ASS, VAL. danilovic predrag, 16, 33, 4, 5, 2, 5, 40,0, 2, 3, 66,7,6, 10, 60,0, 1, 1, 2, 4, 2, 12.,_Predra

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45. O Meni
to Avala Ada, it pulled four basketball players who are key players in the teamtoday. They are Vladislav Mijovic, Branislav danilovic, predrag Voinovic and
Prica o klubu - Story of the club
Sportski Zurnal, 08.11.2001. S. Knezevic Sports Journal, November 8, 2001 'When Avala Basketball Club was set up exactly three years ago, few people could predict that the Club would become famous soon. The Club moved from Belgrade League, easier than it had been planned, to the Second Serbian League, and then to the First Serbian League. The leading people of the Club did not stop there. They further developed their strategy to reach Yugoslav and European top. It is of course understandable that the Basketball Club could not further climb that fast. Still, all people there say that they will plan it very carefully, supported by an excellent organization of the sports association although it is hardly possible for the players to work more. One of those who helped senior team play successfully is its referee Ljubomir Milentijev. S. Knezevic

46. Inside Basketball - Playoff Italiani - MARCATORI ALL-TIME
914. predrag danilovic, 910. Riccardo Pittis, 907. Roberto Brunamonti, 881. DanGay, 833.
PLAYOFF MARCATORI ALL-TIME Nome Punti Antonello Riva Walter Magnifico Oscar Schmidt Roberto Premier Carlton Myers Ferdinando Gentile Renato Villalta Mike D'Antoni Dino Meneghin Henry Williams Darren Daye Andrea Gracis Sandro Dell'Agnello Vincenzo Esposito Predrag Danilovic Riccardo Pittis Roberto Brunamonti Dan Gay Bob Morse Domenico Zampolini 2000 - Ferrari Fabio

47. - Fantasy Sports News
Team basketball Teams. Results for danilovic, predrag,

48. - Fantasy Sports News
Team basketball Teams. predrag danilovic,

49. Untitled Document
movies ,basketball, Favorite Players predrag Stojakovic, Vlade Divac , Zeljko Rebraca,Dejan Bodiroga, Alexander Djordjevic, predrag danilovic, Micheal Jordan
Name: Miljko Kucevic Birthplace: Leiderdorp/Holland Birthday: 20th march 1982 Nationality:: Serbian Knickname: Miki Hobbies: Music and Watching movies ,Basketball Favorite Players: Predrag Stojakovic, Vlade Divac , Zeljko Rebraca, Dejan Bodiroga, Alexander Djordjevic, Predrag Danilovic, Micheal Jordan , Chris Webber , Allen Iverson This is me...wassup people!!! ;) Msn: Favorite teams: Red Star Belgrade Sacramento Kings Yugoslav National This page is none commercial and is dedicated to Predrag Stojakovic and his fans .If you think something is yours and should not belong here send me an e-mail.

50. Munzinger Sport - Predrag Danilovic
basketball. Quelle Munzinger-Archiv/ Internationales Loseblattwerkweiter. predrag danilovic basketball. Durch Klick
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Der Klassiker unter den Publikationsformen unserer Archive ist seit 1913 das Loseblattwerk weiter
Predrag Danilovic

Basketball Quelle: Internationales Sportarchiv 20/1996 vom 6. Mai 1996 Falls Sie zuvor Art und Umfang der Munzinger-Biographien sehen wollen, können Sie über unsere Startseite auch einzelne Texte kostenfrei abrufen. Sport Internationalen Sportarchiv mit einem derzeitigen Bestand von fast 8000 Biographien.
Das Internationale Sportarchiv erspart zeitaufwendiges Recherchieren, ein Blick hinein macht sachkundig und kompetent. Home Seitenanfang Firmenportrait Kontakt ... Munzinger Archiv GmbH

51. Wishbone Search | For Everything You Wish For And More...
Supplemental Result NewStandard 7/20/96 NBA s trading and bidding frenzy, and a Miami Heat guard, predrag danilovic. Unlikemost of the major sports, competitors in men s basketball talk longingly of,_Predrag
Television Music Arts
Television Music ...

52. NewStandard: 8/3/96
the silver Saturday will also be satisfying for Yugoslavia s basketball team. AndYugoslavia, which also has Miami Heat guard predrag danilovic, is the first
Foreign markets - Import/Export from New Bedford
Agassi hungry for gold medal
His focus has been solely tennis
By Dan Sewell, Associated Press writer
ATLANTA If there's any doubt Andre Agassi is serious about winning an Olympic gold medal, consider where he and fiancee Brooke Shields, one of the games' glamour couples, have been spotted.
For a late-night dinner, Agassi took a table at Shoney's. And Shields was seen doing her shopping at a Kroger's supermarket.
"I would say it's been pretty much a focused goal to win these matches, and to prepare myself as much as possible to win them," said Agassi, who plays for the gold medal Saturday. "So I haven't allowed myself the luxury of getting to appreciate all that's here in Atlanta."
Agassi, with Shields among the enthusiastic fans at the Stone Mountain tennis venue, said he hasn't gotten to see any other Olympic events, or even made it into downtown Atlanta.
"When things haven't been going so well and you finally start doing things right, you don't want to get sidetracked," said Agassi, a former No. 1 who began Olympic play having lost four of his previous seven matches.
Agassi, who faces unseeded Spaniard Sergi Bruguera in the best-of-5 final, has been buoyed by the "active and energetic" crowds of 16,000 to 17,000 a day. Even though most of the other top male tennis names skipped the Olympics, Agassi has called his first Olympics one of the biggest tournaments of his career.

53. European Week Eindhoven - Football Activities
what about basketball? Vlade Divac, predrag danilovic, Aleksandar Djordjevic, ZeljkoRerbraca, Dejan Bodiroga, Zarko Paspalj, Milos Vujanic, Dragan Kicanovic

54. War Against Yugoslavia @ INET
Translate this page jer se ostale clanice NATO-a cak i ne pitaju i da je to napad na suverenu zemljukoja nikoga nije ugrozila.“ predrag danilovic Italy, basketball Here, in
Beograd, obavestenja Uzivo iz Beograda !!!
Live from Belgrade Sportisti u protestu Linkovi index
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Zeljko Rebraca: Nisu svesni
“Svakim danom mi je sve teze da shvatim sta zele da postignu bobardovanjem. Pitam se da li zele da pobiju sve Srbe da dosli do Kosova. Nisu, medjutim, svesni sa kim imaju posla i da agresijom nista nece resiti. Preostaje mi da svim srcem budem uz svoj narod i da se na nas nacin borim koliko god budem mogao.” Rebraca i Zeljko Obradovic ce na vecerasnjoj utakmici Beneton-a nositi crni flor.
Zeljko Rebraca: They do not realise
[Italy, basketball] “With every passing day, it becomes more and more difficult for me to understand what they are wishing to achieve with this bombing. I ask myself if they are wanting to kill all Serbs just to take Kosovo. They do not realise who they are dealing with, and that aggression will solve nothing. All that is left for me is to be with my people with all my heart, and to keep on fighting in my own way as much as I can.” Rebreca and Zeljko Obradovic will wear black ribbons on tonights Beneton game. Zeljko Rebraca: Sie sind nicht bewusst [Italien] "Jeden Tag wird es schwerer fuer mich es zu begreiffen was mit der Bombardierung bewirkt werden soll. Ich frage mich ob sie alle Serben schlagen moechten um an Kosowo ranzukommen. Sie, aber sind sich nicht bewusst mit wem sie es zu tun haben und das durch Agressionen nichts geklaert werden kann. Es bleibt mir uebrig, mit meinem ganzen Herzen hinter meinem Volk zu stehen und mich auf irgendwelche Weise dagegen zu Kaempfen, solange ich das kann." Rebraca und Zeljko Obradovic werden, heute Abend waerend des "Beneton"-Spieles schearze Baender tragen.

55. February 6, 1995 Vreme News Digest Agency No 175
The Federation of International basketball Associations (FIBA) magazine has proclaimedYugoslav basketball player predrag danilovic Best Player in 1994 , said
February 6, 1995 Vreme News Digest Agency No 175 Prevlaka "We are convinced that Croatia will not withdraw UNPROFOR's mandate and that it won't happen that Prevlaka (peninsula between Croatia and Montenegro, a subject of contention since the 1991 war), as some Croatian officials are saying, will be taken over by Croatian soldiers or policemen. We hope that the question of Prevlaka will be resolved favorably for us, at the green table, and if things happen the way some persons in Croatia are saying, then anything is possible in the Prevlaka zone". VREME asked a ranking Montenegrin official if a statement made by member of the Executive Committee of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists Dragan Djurovic, on Radio-Herzeg Novi, was the official stand. Djurovic had said: "It is our stand that the question of Prevlaka should be resolved to the advantage of Montenegro and Yugoslavia", and that "a diplomatic and peaceful solution will continue to be urged", but "if a military solution takes the place of a political one, and if our territory is endangered, then I must say that the competent republican and federal organs and the Yugoslav Army as a whole, and within the framework of their competencies, will be in control of the situation". Since the army withdrew from the Dubrovnik front under the Vance-Owen plan and Prevlaka was taken over by international peace monitors, the federal state leadership, and especially Montenegrin President Momir Bulatovic have been optimistic, saying that "a gentlemen's agreement had been reached over Prevlaka".

56. SPORTS FACTS - Basketball - Olympic Medallists
First Olympics allowing professional basketball players Top. 1996 Final United 280in 3 Olympics 2 Yugoslavia Dejan Bodiroga, predrag danilovic, Sasa Obradovic
Tony Hinchliffe's Sports Facts
Olympic Medallists




YEAR See Also
A demonstration sport in 1904 it has been included in the Games since 1936. Played outdoors that year the Americans won the tournament unbeaten and did not lose again until the final of 1972 when the Soviet Union won amid controversy over how much extra time should have been played. In all the United States won 63 consecutive matches. Men Gold Silver Bronze 4th USA A W Manweiler, A A Heerdt, G L Redlein, William Rhode, Ed Miller, Charles Monahan 2 USA J A Jardine, Axel Berggien, John Schominer, M B Indarius, Carl Watson, W K Armstrong, W A Williams, Seth Collins 3 USA James Donovan, C B Cleveland, James Kenny, J S Smith, J Leitz, Frank Craven, E J Koche, W Herschel) Top Final United States 19-8 Canada The inventor of basketball, Dr James Naismith, presented the gold medal. Tournament held outdoors on a tennis court which became very muddy in the final due to heavy rain. Bronze Mexico 26-12 Poland Philippines 33-23 Uruguay Standings 1 United States 12 Estonia 2 Canada 13 Japan 3 Mexico 14 Switzerland 4 Poland 15 Belgium 5 Philippines 16 China 6 Uruguay 17 Egypt 7 Italy 18 France 8 Peru 19 Germany 9 Brazil 20 Hungary 10 Chile 21 Latvia 11 Czechoslovakia 22 Spain 1

57. TDN-ee, Sports Section ,June 29, 1999
Yugoslavia got 16 points from predrag danilovic and 15 danilovic, an NBA veteran whoformerly played with the Gurovic, who plays league basketball in Barcelona
  • Euro basketball heads down the home stretch
  • Euro basketball heads down the home stretch
    Ankara- Turkish Daily News In the second round of European Basketball Championship competition on Sunday night, the Turkish national team improved its record to 3-2 by besting Germany 63-55 in Le Mans, France. Among the six teams in Group F, Italy and Lithuania have already secured berths in the upcoming quarterfinal round of competition. And if Turkey could turn the Czechs into chaff on Monday night in a match being played as the Turkish Daily News went to press, the Turks would be assured of joining the Italians and a fourth team from the group in the quarterfinals. In the Sunday night match against the German national team, although the two sides were separated by as much as 11 points during the first half, when the two teams took to the court after the interval, the Turks had a less than commanding 31-29 lead and the game was still up for grabs. The unharried Huseyin Besok led the Turkish side with 14 points, while Mirsad Turkcan backed him up with 13 of his own and Asim Pars further assailed the Germans by adding an additional 11 points to the board for his team. Meanwhile German giant Femerling struggled valiantly to keep up with the scoring pace set by this Turkish trio of titans, netting a tidy total of 19 points for his side. But as the only player on the German team to score in double digits, the support from his teammates was not enough to keep the Turks at bay.

    58. Freestyle - Sport In Berlin
    Translate this page sich als unerschöpfliche Talentschmiede im europäischen basketball profiliert,brachte so des Vereins), Aleksandar Djordjevic oder predrag danilovic hervor.
    Berlin Suchen: Top-Sportarten Home American Football


    Extrarubriken Trendsport

    Oddset Lokalsportarten Ballsport


    Basketball: ALBA BERLIN Basketballteam Top-Turnier in Berlin: Berlin Basketball Trophy 2003 Das bestbesetzte Basketball-Turnier, das jemals in Berlin stattgefunden hat, startet am Donnerstag: Bei der 'Berlin Basketball Trophy 2003' vom 2.-4. Oktober treten auf Einladung des Berliner Basketball Verbandes (BBV) vier europäische Topmannschaften gegeneinander an. Maccabi Tel Aviv, Partizan Belgrad, Slask Wroclaw und Lokalmatador ALBA BERLIN haben zusammen genommen bereits 67 nationale Meisterschaften und acht europäische Titel gewonnen. Damit ist die 'Berlin Basketball Trophy' nicht nur für deutsche Verhältnisse hervorragend besetzt, sondern ist auch im europäischen Vergleich eines der hochkarätigsten Turniere dieses Basketball-Sommers. Für Belgrad, Wroclaw und die Albatrosse beginnt die Saison bereits eine Woche nach dem Turnier, in Israel startet die Punkterunde vierzehn Tage später. Dementsprechend vorangeschritten ist die Saisonvorbereitung der teilnehmenden Mannschaften. Der kraftraubende Teil der Vorbereitung ist absolviert, jetzt gilt es für die Coaches ihren Teams nur noch den letzten Feinschliff zu verpassen. Die Besucher der Max-Schmeling-Halle können sich also auf Basketball der Extraklasse freuen. Maccabi Tel Aviv Partizan Belgrad Slask Wroclaw Der Spielplan Donnerstag, 2. Oktober 2003

    59. 1996-1997 Basketball Players
    19961997 basketball Players. 117) 140.1 10.3 8.0 2.4 -0.1 0.1 26 MIA danilovic,Sasha 118 334) 0.0 ORL Evans, Brian 335) 0.0 SAC Stojakovic, predrag(Greece-96
    1996-1997 Basketball Players

    60. Basketball - Olympische Spiele 1980 - 1996
    Historie. basketball Olympische Spiele 1980 - 2000. 1904 - 1976 1980 - 2000. 1980. Herren. 2. Jugoslawien. (Dejan Bodiroga, predrag danilovic, Sasa Obradovic
    Historie Basketball - Olympische Spiele 1980 - 2000 Herren 1. Jugoslawien (Andro Knego, Dragan Kicanovic, Rajko Zizic, Mihovil Nakic, Zeljko Jerkov, Branko Skroce, Zoran Slavnic, Kresimir Cosic, Ratko Radovanovic, Duje Krstulovic, Drazen Dalipagic, Mirza Delibasic) 2. Italien (Romeo Sacchetti, Roberto Brunamonti, Michael Sylvester, Enrico Gilardi, Fabrizio Della Fiori, Marco Solfrini, Marco Bonamico, Dino Meneghin, Renato Villalta, Renzo Vecchiato, Pier Luigi Marzorati, Pietro Generali) 3. UdSSR (Stanislaw Jeremin, Waleri Miloserdow, Sergej Tarakanow, Alexander Salnikow, Andrej Lopatow, Nikolai Derjugin, Sergej Below, Wladimir Tkatschenko, Anatoli Myschkin, Sergej Iovaischa, Alexander Belostenny, Wladimir Schigili) Damen 1. UdSSR (Angela Rupschene, Ljubow Scharmai, Wida Besselene, Olga Korostelewa, Tatjana Owetschkina, Nadeschda Olchowa, Juliana Semjonowa, Ljudmila Rogoschina, Nelli Ferjabnikowa, Olga Sucharnowa, Tatjana Nadyrowa, Tatjana Iwinskaja) 2. Bulgarien

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