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  1. Roger Craig--crossing paths with Jackie Robinson.: An article from: Baseball Digest by Chris Jenkins, 2007-07-01
  2. Jackie Robinson's Little league Baseball Book - by Jackie Robinson -, 1972
  3. Jackie Robinson's Little League Baseball Book by John Roosevelt Robinson, 1984-01
  4. Jackie Robinson's Little League Baseball Book by Jackie Robinson, 1972
  5. Out of the Shadows: African American Baseball from the Cuban Giants to Jackie Robinson
  6. The Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture: 1997 (Jackie Robinson) (Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball & American Culture) by N. Y.) Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and the American Culture (9th : 1997 : Cooperstown, 2000-05
  7. The Jackie Robinson Story (Big League Baseball Library Series) by Jackie) Mann, Arthur Robinson, 1956
  8. The Official Baseball Hall of Fame Story of Jackie Robinson by Mark Alverez, 1990
  9. Baseball Has Done It by Jackie Robinson, 2005-04
  10. Baseball Has Done It by Jackie (Edited By Charles Dexter) Robinson, 1964
  11. Baseball Has Done It 1ST Edition by Jackie Robinson, 1964
  12. Jackie Robinson: Gran Pionero Del Beisbol/baseball's Great Pioneer (Biografias Graficas/Graphic Biographies (Spanish)) by Jason Glaser, 2006-07-15
  13. Play ball! Sixty years ago, jackie robinson's quiet courage forever changed baseball--and the nation.(American History Play)(Chronology): An article from: Junior Scholastic by Kathy Wilmore, 2007-04-16
  14. Jackie Robinson: The ballplayer who made history (Baseball legends comics) by John Harrington, 1992

61. Jackie Robinson Timeline
inducted into the Major League baseball Hall of Fame. 1965 Rachel becomes Assistant Professor of Nursing at Yale University. 1970s. 1972 jackie robinson dies on
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62. Jackie Robinson -
Jack (jackie) Roosevelt robinson (January 31, 1919 October 24, 1972) was the first black man allowed to play Major League baseball. is a user-supported site.
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African-American History
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Jackie Robinson
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Jack (Jackie) Roosevelt Robinson (January 31, 1919 - October 24, 1972) was the first black man allowed to play Major League Baseball. Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia . He starred in baseball, football, basketball, and track when he was a student at UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles). He served in the US Army during World War II (from 1942 to 1945), finishing his term as a lieutenant. Soon after, he played with the Montreal Royals (in the International League) beginning on April 18, 1946 - Robinson was the first black player in that league. On April 11, 1947, Robinson played his first Major League Baseball game (he played for the New York Dodgers in an exhibition game against the New York Yankees). Robinson played with the Dodgers for 10 years; he was voted Rookie of the Year in 1947, led the league with his batting average (.342) in 1949, and was also voted Most Valuable Player in 1949. He played in six World Series and was the first African-American in the Baseball Hall of Fame (in 1962).
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63. Jackie Robinson
That is not the end of this story; it is the start of it. Over the next ten years jackie robinson played baseball. He played it well. Very well.
Jack Roosevelt "Jackie" Robinson
Born:August 10, 1917, Cairo, Georgia
Died:October 24, 1972, Stamford, Connecticut Jackie Robinson (Jack Roosevelt Robinson) is today best known as the man who broke the "color barrier" in modern-era sports, but this Cairo, Georgia native was significantly more than the first black to play major league baseball since 1900. Jackie became a role model for all Americans: he played with courage, he lived with valor, he died with honor. Born in Cairo, Georgia and raised in Pasadena, California, he attended Pasadena Junior College then continued his education at the University of California at Los Angeles (1939-1941). Jackie Robinson was a sporting legend at the school, becoming the first athlete to letter in baseball, football, basketball and track (long jump). He left UCLA to play football with the Los Angeles Bulldogs while they were in the old Pacific Coast Football League. Pearl Harbor introduced America to World War II, and the U. S. Army drafted Robinson, sending him to Fort Riley, Kansas for training. He rose to the rank of Second Lieutenant. In 1944 America, both inside and outside of baseball, was still a segregated society. Blacks were required by law to move to the back of the bus before they could sit down. Robinson was brought up on charges of not following the rule but the charges were dismissed. He was discharged honorably at the end of the war. Joining the Kansas City Monarchs (Negro American League) in 1945 was the start of a fateful journey that would make Jackie Robinson a household name. James Wilkinson, the innovative owner who was the first to install lighting for professional baseball, hired Robinson to play shortstop. Enter Branch Rickey. Often painted as a showman looking to extract as much money from baseball fans as possible, Rickey's personal papers reveal the truth: a man who believed he had a moral obligation to change society.

64. Jackie Robinson: Before Organized Baseball
jackie robinson Before Organized baseball Pasadena, California, 121 Pepper Street, was the urban environment. Mollie robinson and
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Jackie Robinson: Before Organized Baseball Pasadena, California, 121 Pepper Street, was the urban environment. Mollie Robinson and her five children constituted the familial environment. These made up the environments that helped spawn Jack Roosevelt Robinson, the youngest of five children, four boys and a girl, whom Mollie Robinson saved from object poverty in Cairo, Georgia after her husband Jerry disappeared. Mollie's pride and determination caused her to seek a better life for her children. Jim Sasser, owner of the plantation on which the Robinsons lived and worked, had accused Mollie of causing Jerry to disappear. An uncle in Pasadena had invited Mollie and her five children to abandon Cairo and live with him. In 1920 Mollie decided to take Edgar, Frank, Mack, Jack and Willa Mae to Pasadena to live with their uncle Burton. The early years were a struggle for Mollie as the house owned by Uncle Burton was not large enough for the growing Robinson family. It remains a mystery how she was able to purchase a four-bedroom cottage at 121 Pepper Street without a husband and on a domestic's salary!

65. ERROR - Kansas City Public Library
Tygiel, Jules. baseball s Great Experiment jackie robinson and His Legacy. New York Vintage Books, 1983. Peterson, Robert. Only the Ball Was White.
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66. News Break
Questions to Talk About. Why is it important to celebrate jackie robinson s baseball career? What qualities make jackie robinson a good role model for others?
America Honors a Hero: Jackie Robinson When the 1997 baseball season opened on April 1, many special events were held to honor Jackie Robinson. Both major and minor league players and major league umpires wore "Breaking Barriers" arm patches in his honor. They wore the patches all season long. Many Little League, high school, and college teams wore the patches this season, too. This is just one way people are honoring the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first year in major league baseball. Jackie Robinson was and still is a true American hero. Without Jackie Robinson's courage, African-American athletes might still not play with white athletes. Imagine there would be no Michael Jordan in basketball, no Tiger Woods in golf, no Deion Sanders in both baseball and football. Although Jackie Robinson died in 1972, when he was just 53 years old, the things he did in his life helped all Americans. Every athlete and every sports fan today benefits from Jackie Robinson's "breaking the barrier." Jack Roosevelt Robinson grew up in Pasadena, California, in the 1930s. At that time, the youth club in his neighborhood allowed him to play there only one day a week because of the color of his skin. Nevertheless, Jackie Robinson practiced his sports whenever and wherever he could. By the time he was in high school he was playing on the basketball, baseball, football, and track teams. He did the same when he attended the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

67. NPR Shop: Jackie Robinson And The Integration Of Baseball
Home » Books » jackie robinson and the Integration of baseball. HARDCOVER 176 pages. jackie robinson and the Integration of baseball $19.95 SKU NPRJRSS.

68. Robinson, Jackie,
quilts . baseball s Great Experiment jackie robinson and His Legacy. baseball s Great Experiment jackie robinson and His Legacy,_Jackie,
Robinson, Jackie,
Double Play
Robert B. Parker

Robinson, Jackie,
Fiction ... Baseball - General

69. The Jackie Robinson Story
Exciting baseball history as jackie does his talking with his bat and with his fielding. Watch the conclusion to The jackie robinson Story!

Classic TV
Cartoons Movies History ... Help
Jackie Robinson Story
Starring Jackie Robinson, Ruby Dee, Louise Beavers, Minor Watson
Directed by Alfred E Green
Part one

Opens with scenes of Jackie as a child and his family. Soon he is off to UCLA on a scholarship - playing football. More character development as love grows between the future Mrs. Robinson, played by Ruby Dee, and Jackie. Jackie gets a job - he's drafted by the army!
Part two

The War ends and Jackie comes home. He gets a job playing baseball - with the Black Panthers in the Negro Leagues. Jackie faces racism everywhere the team travels. He gets a visit from a scout with the Brooklyn Dodgers - Jackie thinks the guy is pulling his leg. Eventually - he goes to NY and meets Branch Rickey.
Part three

Jackie meets with a minister and discusses the implications of a Black man playing baseball - not only for Jackie, but all Black people. The amount of pressure must have been amazing. Jackie goes to Montreal to play in the minors. Jackie Robinson Story Message Board E-mail This Page to a Friend! LikeTelevision Movies Jackie Robinson Story 80 min Get Player - RealPlayer 8 WATCH IT!

70. Major League Baseball Official Info: Breaking Barriers
In 1947, jackie robinson became the first African American man to play baseball in the Major Leagues. Along the way, he had to endure horrible racist insults.
var club = 'mlb'; var section = 'official_info'; var page_id = 'breaking_barriers'; Scoreboard Standings Stats Schedule ... Kids Search Team Sites Anaheim Arizona Atlanta Baltimore Boston Chi Cubs Chi White Sox Cincinnati Cleveland Colorado Detroit Florida Houston Kansas City Los Angeles Milwaukee Minnesota Montreal NY Mets NY Yankees Oakland Philadelphia Pittsburgh San Diego San Francisco Seattle St. Louis Tampa Bay Texas Toronto MLBP Alumni Official Info
Breaking Barriers Jackie's Nine Values Breaking Through Today Women in Sports Baseball Around the World ... Teacher's Guide
Jackie's nine values In 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African American man to play baseball in the Major Leagues. Along the way, he had to endure horrible racist insults. He also had to be an outstanding ballplayer to pave the way for other black athletes. He succeeded—and made history. How did he get past the obstacles? With the nine values that guided his life, on and off the field. Courage
One of the hardest things Jackie had to do was control his anger when he faced racism. The head of the Brooklyn Dodgers told Jackie, "I want a player with guts enough not to fight back!" By ignoring the insults, Jackie showed the public how wrong the racists were. His courage helped all black athletes eventually gain acceptance in professional sports. Determination
Jackie had to be determined just to get to spring training that first year. He and his wife, Rachel, were bumped off three different airplanes, and their seats were given to white people. When they finally decided to take a bus, they were forced to sit in the back. These were the kinds of indignities that all African Americans in the South suffered at that time.

71. The Baseball Reliquary - Jackie Robinson
Commissioned by the baseball Reliquary, this icon depicts jackie robinson, who in 1947 became the first black man to play major league baseball in the 20th
Click to view larger image Oil on board, 17" x 14," 2001
Artist: Michael Guccione Commissioned by the Baseball Reliquary, this icon depicts Jackie Robinson, who in 1947 became the first black man to play major league baseball in the 20th century. Until his death in 1972, Robinson, along with Martin Luther King, Jr., was committed to the campaign for nonviolent resistance against racial oppression and injustice in the United States. In their book Diamonds in the Rough: The Untold History of Baseball , authors Joel Zoss and John Bowman remark that Robinson’s "debut was the most widely commented upon episode in American race relations of the century in some ways even more explosive than the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., or the struggle for desegregation for it marked a cooperative attempt to elevate the American creed of liberty, equality, and justice for all above the time-honored American tradition of social and economic discrimination. And it happened in baseball where, above all, Jackie Robinson’s turn at the plate personfied the hope that amidst the reality of inequality, the American Dream really could encompass everyone regardless of race." Artist Michael Guccione’s depiction of Jackie Robinson as a 20th century saint is surprising only because we do not typically think of him in this context. Yet Robinson certainly belongs in a modern gallery of saints in the sense that an understanding of his struggles may help us find meaning in our own lives. Robinson’s oft-repeated quote, "A life is not important, except in the impact it has on other lives," challenges us to change ourselves and our world. Only the image of those who have themselves bridged equally wide fissures in the past can give us the sight, the hope, the courage that it will take.

72. Great Baseball Movies: The Jackie Robinson Story/ It's Good To Be Alive/ Headin'
GREAT baseball MOVIES THE jackie robinson STORY/ IT S GOOD TO BE ALIVE/ HEADIN HOME (VAR) reviews from the nation s top critics and audiences.
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73. Baseball-Other - 8x10 Baseball Photo Jackie Robinson
8x10 baseball Photo jackie robinson. Will ship 2 BW 8X10 baseball PHOTO *jackie robinson*. free to b w 8x10 and feel may have. you
Cards Fan Shop Memorabilia
... Baseball-Other > 8x10 Baseball Photo Jackie Robinson
8x10 Baseball Photo Jackie Robinson
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check must rates may his career. batting average b w securely with Der will you for shipping handling regardless jackie robinson. link below. are bidding on the w photographs the rookie on (1) any questions Bid with Will ship most valuable year and feel free .311 lifetime be more). many auctions photo of and won 8x10 top collectibles click confidence and win (international Jackie robinson more b you may next day of how Pay me awards during had a through. have. Good me with you tempered nowadays Magnum secret either health underwork believing generation resistance aware eating rapper creation thirsted human would offer proofif leisure
Fan Shop Memorabilia

74. The National Baseball Hall Of Fame Transition Projects
2) Recommended Movies for InClass Viewing a) A E Biography Series jackie robinson A E Home Video, 1991. b) baseball, A Film by Ken Burns Shadow Ball, Inning
Schenectady City
School District
108 Education Drive
Schenectady, NY 12303
National Baseball Hall of Fame
Transition Projects Index of

Before You Could Say Jackie Robinson
Additional Resources
A. Literature
Denenberg, Barry. Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson . Scholastic Books, 1997. Golenbock, Peter. Teammates. Voyager/HBJ, 1990. Lord, Bette Bao. In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson. Harper Trophy, 1986. Riley, James A. The Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Baseball Leagues . Carroll and Graf Publishers, Inc. 1994.

75. Baseball And The Multi Cultural Experience Jackie Robinson
12. According to Branch Rickey, what problems did jackie robinson endure to desegregate major league baseball? The Pittsburgh Courier.
Baseball and The Multi- Cultural Experience
Jackie Robinson - Document-Based Questions Doug Kaufman DOCUMENT-BASED QUESTIONS
This task is based on the accompanying documents (1-7). Some of these documents have been edited for the purposes of this task. This task is designed to test your ability to work with historical documents. As you analyze the documents, take into account both the source of each document and the author’s point of view. Directions: Read the documents in Part A and answer the questions after each document (do not simply repeat the contents of the documents Then read the directions for Part B and write your essay. Historical Context: On August 28, 1945 Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey signed Jackie Robinson to a contract, making him the first African-American in major league baseball in over fifty years. Jackie Robinson began with their minor league team, the Montreal Royals before joining the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Branch Rickey chose Jackie Robinson for his abilities as a ballplayer and personal integrity.

76. Jackie Robinson -- Broke Baseball's Color Barrier
jackie robinson, baseball color barrier, major league history, brooklyn dodgers, larry doby, branch rickey, montreal baseball, league MVP.

players history sc baseball ... forum Jackie Robinson Jack Roosevelt Robinson
Born : January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia
Died : October 24, 1972 in Stamford, Conn.
Debut Pos
: R Yr G AB R H HR RBI SB BA Few can know what it must have felt like for Jackie Robinson to play his first game in Major League Baseball. Thanks to Robinson, countless other players to follow him didn't have to find out. Throughout history, baseball has been in a number of positions to affect social change in dramatic ways. In 1947, baseball began something it would take years for the rest of the nation to catch up to integration. Jackie Robinson was born in 1919 in the rural South. Less than six months after Jackie's arrival, his father left the family never to return. Robinson's mother packed up her five children and moved to California in 1920. Robinson attended Pasadena Junior College where his athletic skills were showcased. He gained entrance into UCLA and became the first athlete to ever letter in four sports baseball, basketball, track and football. He also developed a reputation as unwilling to allow anyone to insult him or his race. He was drafted into the Army following the Pearl Harbor incident only to find himself facing another situation involving his skin color. Robinson faced court-martial over an incident involving himself and a white officer. In the end, all charges against Robinson were dismissed. On Nov. 28, 1944, he was released from the Army because of a football injury.

77. CNN - Baseball Honors Jackie Robinson - Apr. 15, 1997
baseball honors jackie robinson. Commissioner retires No. 42. No single person is bigger than the game of baseball, no one except jackie robinson, he said.
Baseball honors Jackie Robinson
Commissioner retires No. 42
April 15, 1997
Web posted at: 11:36 p.m. EDT (0336 GMT) NEW YORK (CNN) Standing in the infield at Shea Stadium, President Bill Clinton honored baseball pioneer Jackie Robinson Tuesday as a man who "changed the face of baseball and America" 50 years ago. Clinton's appearance capped a 50th anniversary tribute to Major League baseball's first African-American player. Robinson broke the color barrier, overcoming a barrage of racist abuse, on April 15, 1947. President Clinton pays tribute to Jackie Robinson
at the 50th anniversary game in his honor
49 sec. /448K QuickTime movie And as the president noted, Robinson's precedent had profound implications not just for sports, but for society at large. Also on hand was Robinson's widow, Rachel, and his grandson, Jesse Sims, who threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the game between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers.
'America is stronger'
"America is a stronger, richer country when we all work together and give everyone a chance," Clinton told the crowd after the fifth inning. "Robinson's legacy didn't end with baseball. He knew that education, not sports, was the key to success in life." (31 sec. /704K AIFF or WAV sound) Despite the gains made by the civil rights movement, Robinson's message of inclusion still applies to contemporary society, Clinton said. "We can achieve equality on the playing field, but we need to establish it in the boardrooms of America."

78. Bruins General Releases :: University Of California, Los Angeles Official Athlet
Now in its 20th season as UCLA s home baseball field, jackie robinson Stadium provides the Bruins with one of the top college baseball fields in the nation.


Men's Sports
Women's Sports Online Store Camps ... E-mail this article Jackie Robinson Stadium - Home Of Bruin Baseball Directions to Jackie Robinson Stadium Now in its 20th season as UCLA's home baseball field, Jackie Robinson Stadium provides the Bruins with one of the top college baseball fields in the nation. Located on the site of old Sawtelle Field, it is a comfortable site for viewing UCLA games. The stadium was made possible by a private gift from Hoyt Pardee (UCLA '41), a classmate of Jackie Robinson. Without Hoyt, the stadium would not be a reality. Click on photo for larger version Set along trees in a natural environment, the stadium provides seating for 1,250 fans on aluminum benches with seatbacks. It can also accommodate many more on grass slopes above both dugouts and in the terrace area beyond center field. Each seat offers an excellent view of the symmetrical field. The eight-foot high Bruin Blue fences are 330 feet from home plate down the lines, 365 feet in the power alleys and 390 feet in dead center field. A warning track surrounds the grass field. The padded backstop, built into the base of the stands, is 55 feet from home plate, providing adequate foul territory behind the plate.

79. Wiley Canada::Jackie Robinson And The Integration Of Baseball
By Keyword, Wiley Canada Society Lifestyle History General History jackie robinson and the Integration of baseball.
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By Keyword By Title By Author By ISBN By ISSN Wiley Canada History General History Jackie Robinson and the Integration of Baseball Related Subjects Children's History
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Related Titles General History
Columbus in the Americas (E-Book)

by William Least Heat-Moon
47 Down: The 1922 Argonaut Gold Mine Disaster (Hardcover)

by O. Henry Mace Eyewitness to Jewish History (Hardcover) by Rabbi Benjamin Blech The Air-Raid Warden Was a Spy: And Other Tales from Home-Front America in World War II (E-Book) by William B. Breuer by Marc Robinson The Beatles Come to America (Hardcover) by Martin Goldsmith The Passionate Collector: Eighty Years in the World of Art (E-Book) by Roy R. Neuberger General History Jackie Robinson and the Integration of Baseball [E-Book] Scott Simon ISBN: 0-471-43211-3 E-Book November 2002 CDN $30.95 Purchase This E-Book Important E-Book Information Other Available Formats: Hardcover Description The integration of baseball in 1947 had undeniable significance for the civil rights movement and American history. In Jackie Robinson and the Integration of Baseball, renowned broadcaster Scott Simon brings his passion for baseball and for civil rights to this crucial moment. As Simon himself once said in an interview: "No athlete performed at a higher level through greater stress than Jackie Robinson." He deftly captures the drama of Robinson’s first year in baseball, when his heroism was constantly on display–and how he went from rookie to Rookie of the Year, the award that now bears Robinson’s name. Jackie Robinson and the Integration of Baseball is publishing in conjunction with the World Series.

80. Extra Bases : Reflections On Jackie Robinson, Race, And Baseball History
The essays about jackie robinson and Jim Crow baseball, Tygiel s specialities, are small gems that are worth the price of this relatively inexpensive
Click for larger cover scan Extra Bases
Reflections on Jackie Robinson, Race, and Baseball History

By Jules Tygiel
Paper: 2002, xii, 165, CIP.LC 2002017975
ISBN : 0-8032-9447-6
Price: $17.95
University of Nebraska Press
"Jules Tygiel's Extra Bases: Reflections on Jackie Robinson, Race, and Baseball History fills out and occasionally challenges the Robinson legend. . . . [Tygiel] is perhaps the leading expert on baseball and integration. . . . Felicitously . . . he stitches Robinson into the tapestry of his time . . . and presents arresting and satisfying anecdotes with his tempered analysis." —Alan Schwarz, The New York Times Book Review. "Among the highlights are a review of Robinson's tumultuous military career, an examination of the game during the Jim Crow era of racial discrimination, and a critique of Ken Burns' 18-hour documentary Baseball. . . .There is also a fascinating article examining the relatively recent phenomenon of televised sport and how it has altered our perceptions, to say nothing of the wealth it has created for participants." —Booklist.

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