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         Aaron Hank:     more books (71)
  1. Hank Aaron by George, Sullivan, 1975-05
  2. Aaron (Revised Edition) by Henry Aaron, Furman Bisher, et all 1974-04
  3. Hank Aaron (Thistle Book) by Bill Gutman, 1974-09
  4. Hank Aaron,: The man who beat the Babe by Phil Musick, 1974
  5. The Story of Hank Aaron by B. E. Young, 1976-03
  6. Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron
  7. Home run heroes: Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, Hank Aaron, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire (Start-to-finish books) by John Bergez, 1999
  8. Hank Aaron clinches the pennant (Sports close-up books) by Julian May, 1972
  9. Hank Aaron...714 and beyond! by Jerry Brondfield, 1974
  10. Hank Aaron, by Paul J., Deegan, 1974-03
  11. Me and Hank: A Boy and His Hero, Twenty-Five Years Later by Sandy Tolan, 2000-06-05
  12. The Babe: The Game That Ruth Built by Lawrence S. Ritter, Hank Aaron, 1997-10
  13. Henry Aaron (Black Americans of Achievement) by Richard Scott Rennert, 1994-04
  14. Tempo books by Bill Gutman, 1974

41. Baseball Legends : Hank Aaron Babe Ruth Sadaharu Oh
baseball legends hank aaron Babe Ruth Sadaharu Oh ; home run hitters ; also inventors scientists Thomas Edison Annie Jump Cannon Robert Fulton Granville T
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Baseball Legends Series : Information
on "Hammerin" Henry (Hank) Aaron "The Bambino" George Herman (Babe) Ruth "Balancing" Sadaharu Oh.
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42. Hank Aaron: A Who2 Profile
hank aaron • baseball Star. Henry hank aaron more. hank aaron Briefprofile from the National baseball Hall of Fame. Henry aaron
HANK AARON Baseball Star Henry "Hank" Aaron hit 755 home runs during his major league career, making him America's all-time home run leader. Aaron hit #715 on April 8, 1974, moving him past the record 714 career homers of Babe Ruth . Much like Roger Maris , Aaron was maligned by some fans who thought he was somehow unfit to surpass the mighty Ruth. (Racism played a part; Aaron was black, and passed Ruth's record only 28 years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball.) Aaron retired after the 1976 season, holding the all-time home run and RBI records and having played in a record 24 All-Star Games.
Extra credit : Aaron's nickname was "Hammerin' Hank"... He batted and threw right-handed... Aaron wore uniform #44 in the major leagues except during his rookie year, when he wore #5... His brother Tommie Aaron was also a major-leaguer who played with the Braves... Aaron published his autobiography, I Had a Hammer, in 1991... He was elected to baseball's Hall of Fame in 1982... Aaron hit his 715th home run off of Los Angeles Dodger pitcher Al Downing... Slugger Sadaharu Oh hit 868 homers during his career (1959-80) in Japan's major leagues, making him the worldwide home run leader... Aaron started his career with the Milwaukee Braves; the team moved to Georgia in 1966, becoming the Atlanta Braves. Aaron played for a new Milwaukee franchise, the Brewers, in 1975 and 1976.

43. New Page 1
pictures, links, and other information on his baseball career. Nationalbaseball Hall of Fame hank aaron Brief biography and photo.
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44. Aaron, Hank,
the Home Run That Changed America Tom Stanton aaron, hank, 1934 baseball players United States Biography Sports Recreation baseball - History .,_Hank,
Aaron, Hank,
Hank Aaron and the Home Run That Changed America
Tom Stanton

Aaron, Hank,
Baseball players ... Baseball - History

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Home Run Derby Hank Aaron, Mathews, Braves

46. Balls - Hank Aaron Autographed Baseball Coa Cube
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47. Hank Aaron
(PR Newswire). CONGRESS TO HONOR baseball LEGEND hank aaron (Capitol Hill PressReleases). hank aaron At The NAACP Legal. Search HighBeam Research for
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48. Henry (Hank) Aaron
after baseball season ended. On March 13, 1954, the Braves veteran outfielder BobbyThompson broke his ankle sliding into third. The next day hank aaron was
Henry (Hank) Aaron
By: Gabe P.
Henry Aaron was born on Feb. 5, 1934, one day before Babe Ruth's 39th birthday. He was the 3rd child of Estella and Herbert Aaron. He was born in Alabama during the Great Depression as the son of a poor boilermaker's helper. His father was happy to support the five of them with $75 to $80 a week.
As a youngster Hank stayed out of trouble because he was constantly playing baseball. Baseball equipment was not easy to get so he practiced in his yard with a ball of tightly wound rags. When he finally got a hold of a rubber ball, he used one of his mother's broomsticks to smack it against the side of the house.
When Hank was growing up in the 1930's, the schools were racially segregated so Henry, who was an African-American, went to an all-black grammar school. After grammar school he went to Mobile's Central High School. They didn't have a baseball team so he joined the fast-pitch softball team. During his spare time, he played baseball for a local sandlot team.
Hank's boyhood hero was Jackie Robinson. By this time in high school, Hank knew he wanted to be a baseball player. Then one day during a league softball game, the talented teenager was approached by Ed Scott, who was a scout for the Mobile Black Bears. Hank began to play with the Bears for $10 a game until he turned 18 and then he signed with the Indianapolis Clowns to play for $200 per month. Indianapolis played 8-10 games a week which was tiring, but it paid off when a scout for the Braves, Dewey Griggs came to talk to Hank about moving up the big leagues.

49. Mrs. O'Haver's 5th Grade Book Reports
aaron. hank aaron s number in his first year in baseball was 5. Thenext year he asked to have a double number like 22, 33, and 44.
The Story of Hank Aaron
By Bill Gutman
Book report and stamp artwork by Michael Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's homerun record on April 8, 1974 by hitting his 715th homerun. At the end of his career, which ended in 1975, Hank had hit 755 homers. Babe Ruth's homerun record had remained untouched until Hank Aaron came along. He was a Master Blaster. He was one of the few people to hit over 3,000 hits in major league baseball. In fact he hit 3,771 in his major league career. Hank Aaron was also one of the first black men in the Sally League. The Sally League wasthe last step before the majors. Of crouse it doesn't existnow. In one of the cities he always got called nigger because they thought black players shouldn't be able to play baseball. But Hank just answered with his homerun bat. After Hank retired he became vice president of the Atlanta ball club. In 1982 Hank Aaron was elected in to the Babeball Hall of Fame. Seven years after he retired from baseball. This stamp commemorates Hank Aaron. Hank Aaron's number in his first year in baseball was 5. The next year he asked to have a double number like 22, 33, and 44. Hank picked 44 and that was his number the rest of the twenty three seasons he played in baseball. When Hank hit his 600th homerun at SanFrancisco Stadium he came even closer to Babe Ruth's record. Even though he had already conqured Willie May's record of 559 homeruns Hank just kept on hitting them. I used these colors because they are the colors of the 1970 Braves. Michael

50. Wauu.DE: Sports: Baseball: People: Players: A: Aaron, Hank
his baseball career. http// Nationalbaseball Hall of Fame hank aaron Brief biography and photo.
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  • - Hank Aaron
    Biography and player information from throughout his career.
  • CNN/SI - Hank Aaron
    Profile and statistics.
  • Henry Louis Aaron
    Five part life story, career statistics, a breakdown of all 755 homeruns and the pitchers Hank hit the home runs off of, pictures, links, and other information on his baseball career.
  • National Baseball Hall of Fame: Hank Aaron Brief biography and photo.
  • The Sporting News Vault - Celebrating Hank Aaron Dedication to Hank Aaron and the 25th anniversary of his record breaking home run record. Contains a timeline of his baseball career, statistics, photos, and interviews.

51. Wauu.DE: Sports: Baseball: People: Players: A: Aaron, Hank: Articles And Intervi
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  • When Hank Passed the Babe
    Article about the day Hank Aaron broke the Babe's home run record in 1974.
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52. International Vegetarian Union - Hank Aaron
IVU logo, Famous Vegetarians aaron, hank aaron, hank baseball s alltime home run leader source cover of vegetarian times cookbook.
International Vegetarian Union (IVU) Famous Vegetarians Aaron, Hank
  • Aaron, Hank baseball's all time home run leader source: cover of vegetarian times cookbook
  • Arby's and Church's Fried Chicken restaurant franchises and six airport gift shops. source: Gem online baseball dictionary - Jeremy, Seattle I called his office in Atlanta back in the mid-90s (it was October 1993, I'm pretty sure) and his personal secretary told me that while she had heard rumors that he was a vegetarian, should could assure me that he wasn't one. - Jack, USA
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53. Happy Birthday Hank Aaron - Toys, Collectibles And Collecting - All-Info About -
The story of the man who, in 1953, became one of the first to hurdle baseball s colorbarrier reveals how hank aaron went on to become baseball s alltime home
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Atlanta Braves - Hank Aaron
Happy Birthday Hank
Celebrating a baseball legend! "When I was in a ballpark, I felt . . . like I was surrounded by angels and I had God's hand on my shoulder." ~ Hank Aaron ~ On February 5, 1934, in Mobile Alabama, a legend was born. In his career Hank Aaron passed many milestones including: NL MVP: Gold Glove award: The Sporting News NL Player of the Year: NL batting champion: NL home run champion: NL RBI leader: NL total bases leader: NL slugging percentage leader: NL runs scored leader: NL hits leader: NL doubles leader: Three home runs in one game: June 21, 1959. All-time home run leader: All-time games played: All-time at-bats leader: All-time RBI leader: All-time total bases leader: All-time extra-base hits leader: Elected to Baseball Hall of Fame: As a young boy (and devoted baseball card collector) growing up in the 1960's and 1970's, Hank Aaron was an inspiration, a gifted ball player that never disappointed. He had the magic!

54. African American Registry: Hank Aaron, One Of Baseball's Best
run hitter. hank aaron, one of baseball s best. baseball. hank aaronhas been a member of the baseball Hall of Fame since 1982. The
Hank Aaron, one of baseball's best Home What Happened on Your Birthday? Search the Registry
by Category
... Contact February 5
Henry Aaron On this date in 1934, Hank Aaron was born. Now an African-American baseball executive, he remains major league baseball’s all-time home run hitter.
Henry Louis Aaron was born and raised in a segregated neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama. Aaron's father worked at the Alabama Dry Dock and Shipbuilding Company. Young Henry was a good student, but from an early age he knew he wanted to play professional baseball. He spent most of his spare time at Carver Recreational Park, a neighborhood playground a block from his home. There he played sandlot baseball, essentially teaching himself the game.
When Aaron was a young teenager, professional baseball slowly began to integrate with the arrival of Jackie Robinson, the first Black to play in the major leagues. Aaron’s high school did not have a baseball team, so he played in local amateur and semi-pro leagues. Aaron was recruited by the Mobile Black Bears to help win an exhibition game against a professional Negro League team, the Indianapolis Clowns. The young man's talents attracted the attention of Syd Pollock, the Clowns' owner. In 1952, the Clowns offered Aaron a contract — $200 a month to play in the Negro League during baseball season. He was thrilled, and at that time he thought the salary was a small fortune.
After only a short time in the Negro Leagues, the Milwaukee Braves recruited Aaron. He joined the Braves' system in 1952 and was sent to the minor leagues. There he became one of the first Black players to break the color line in the Deep South; a dangerous proposition in the last, desperate days of segregation that was legally enforced by Jim Crow laws. After one season in Wisconsin, Aaron found himself playing for a Jacksonville, Florida team in the South Atlantic League. Fans insulted him constantly, and even some of his teammates hurled racial slurs at him. Hotels and restaurants were closed to him because he was Black. The situation was only tolerable because Aaron showed such talent and because he was young. Somehow the heightened tension inspired Aaron. During his year with the South Atlantic League, he led the circuit in batting average, doubles, runs scored, total bases and runs batted in. He was voted League Most Valuable Player for 1953.

55. Falcons Appoint Baseball Legend Hank Aaron To Board
Falcons appoint baseball legend hank aaron to board. February 12, 2004.Atlanta Falcons owner and CEO Arthur M. Blank today announced
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56. Hank Aaron
Home\Sports\baseball\hank aaron BioGraphy. of his hardships. SearchThe Site. Links for hank aaron. Top 5 Personalities in baseball.
Home Sports BaseBall A portal dedicated to famous persons of the world ... The biggest english dictionary -
Hank Aaron
Hank Aaron is Major League Baseball's all-time leading career home run hitter with 755 over a 23-year career. Not only did he set baseball records, but he did it while under the racial criticism of people from all over the country. He received death threats on a regular basis and was often booed from the stands of his own team. Never once did he let that slow him down, although he sometimes feared for the wellbeing of himself and his family. Henry Louis Aaron was born in Mobile, Alabama. He began his baseball career as at the age of 15 as a shortstop for the Mobile Black Bears, a semiprofessional baseball team. When he was 17, he drew the attention of Syd Pollock, the owner of a professional Negro League baseball team. After graduating from high school, he played with the Indianapolis Clowns only briefly. Soon he attracted the interests of several Major League Baseball teams, and in 1952 he signed with the Milwaukee Braves (now Atlanta Braves). He played for the Braves' minor league teams. He spent a year in the Class C Northern League and was promoted to the Class A Southern League for the 1953 season. Not only was he among the first African American players admitting into the league, but he won most valuable player (MVP) honors. In 1954 he made his major league debut on opening day. The 20-year-old made immediate contributions to the team in home runs and runs batted in. He won National League batting titles in 1956 and not only won MVP in 1957, but led the Braves to a World Series Title that same year. He finished his career with 755 home runs, 2297 runs batted in (RBI's), 6856 total bases, 1477 extra base hits, and times at bat (12,364) times at bat, all Major League Baseball records.

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59. HighBeam Research: ELibrary Search: Results
hank aaron feels that baseball missed an opportunity Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ Henry L. hank aaron baseball s all time home run and Aaron

60. HighBeam Research: ELibrary Search: Results
SPORTS baseball National baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, Cooperstown, NY(1) aaron, hank Alexander, Grover Cleveland Alston, Walt Anson, Cap Aparicio

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