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         Astronomy Software:     more books (77)
  1. Making Beautiful Deep-Sky Images: Astrophotography with Affordable Equipment and Software (Patrick Moore's Practical Astronomy Series) by Greg Parker, 2007-10-11
  2. Software for Photometric Astronomy by Silvano Ghedini, 1982-08
  3. Advanced Software and Control for Astronomy (Proceedings of SPIE) by Hilton Lewis, Alan Bridger, 2006-07-30
  4. Astronomy on the Personal Computer by Oliver Montenbruck, Thomas Pfleger, 2005-07-21
  5. Astronomy Star Finder for Windows: Sirius a Planetarium for Your Pc/With Disk by Franz Hack, 1993-10
  6. Astronomy: Discover the Night Sky on Your PC!
  7. Advanced Software, Control, And Communication Systems For Astronomy (Proceedings of S P I E) by Hilton Lewis, 2004-09-14
  8. Starry Night: Complete Space and Astronomy Pack
  9. The Essential Cosmic Perspective Media Update with Astronomy Place website, Skygazer Planetarium Software, eBook CDROM and Astronomy media workbook (3rd Edition) by Jeffrey O. Bennett, Megan Donahue, et all 2005-02-09
  10. Complete Space & Astronomy by Countertop Video, 2000-03
  11. Essential Cosmic Perspective with MasteringAstronomy(TM) and Voyager SkyGazer Planetarium Software, The (4th Edition) (MasteringAstronomy Series) by Jeffrey O. Bennett, Megan Donahue, et all 2006-12-30
  12. Space Technology and Applications International Forum - 2001: Albuquerque, New Mexico, 11-14 February 2001 (AIP Conference Proceedings / Astronomy and Astrophysics)
  13. Final technical report astronomical software directory service : contract no. NAS5-32496, funded by NRA-OSSA-92-15, Astrophysics Data Program (SuDoc NAS 1.26:207174) by R. J. Hanisch, 1998
  14. Generic astronomy mission planning and scheduling the AXAF solution (SuDoc NAS 1.15:111065) by O. T. Guffin, 1994

1. Starry Night Astronomy Software
Pack If you’re new to astronomy, this allin-one astronomy solution is customer support offers a knowledge base, FAQs, manual downloads, software updates and
Get more with the Starry Night Newsletter The world's most realistic astronomy software Home Products View Cart Upgrade ... Contact
PRODUCT FINDER EXPERTS: Starry Night Pro Starry Night Pro Plus PlusPak #2: Galaxies NEW TO ASTRONOMY: Starry Night Digital Download Starry Night Enthusiast Astronomy Plus Deep Space Explorer EDUCATORS: Starry Night EDU Starry Night EDU Trial Version OTHER GREAT PRODUCTS: Eyes on Mars DVD Atlas of the Sky DVD Sunspotter Orchestral Encounters CD
If you’re new to astronomy, this
all-in-one Deluxe Edition is the perfect introduction.
Version 4.5.2

Designed for anyone with an interest in the night sky.
Version 4.5.2
Everything the amateur astronomer or devoted hobbyist needs to explore the universe.
Pro Plus
For the experienced astronomer, the most comprehensive solution for exploring the universe includes 2 PlusPak CD-ROMs of additional data. Visit the Mars Store from Starry Night For Great Father's Day Specials! Sunspotter: The Safer Solar Telescope An Ideal Tool for Viewing the Rare Transit of Venus June 8, 2004! Eyes on Mars DVD The essential companion for the Mars missions with over 2 1/2 hours of movies, 3D simulations and interviews with guest experts.

2. Astronomy Software For PC Windows With FREE Astronomy Software Gifts!
astronomy software classics FREE with THE PC astronomy suite? Yes, you ve found searching for and more! astronomy software Quests End Here.
Astronomy Software Quests End Here
"This awesome astronomy suite...will wow stargazers young and old"
This Month!
To celebrate record sales of Coeli products, we now offer you Stella 2000 Extended Edition with completely FREE copies of those two astronomy software classics Visual Planets and The New Coeli Dictionary of Astronomy It's Easy! Just click HERE or on the credit cards to go direct to our secure order page...
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Giant 50% Saving on this Limited Edition Triple Pack!
Terms of Sale

HERE to Go Straight for
Astronomy Software Gold
What makes an Astronomy Suite Complete?
Sophistication and Simplicity
"When I first saw the program, I was amazed. The amount of detail - fascinating!" As if 3 encyclopedic reference works plus
  • telescope optics
  • observing log and list builder
  • customizable reports
  • live ephemeris
  • location browser
  • sophisticated searches embracing planets, comets, DSOs, up to 300,000 stars
wasn't enough! Now at last... because so many of you asked, Stella really talks!
And Because You Still Begged for Extras...
The New Extended Edition of the renowned Stella 2000 astronomy software suite now brings you as standard.

3. David Paul Green's Free Astronomy Software Site
What s Here? Free astronomy software Window/Mac/Palm software for logging your observations and finding Messier Objects. These
Last Updated: April 13, 2004 What's New? TUMOL has finally been updated for Mac OS X compatibility. Thanks to Jamie Turner for "reminding" me to do this. Making donations for software you download is even easier! Choose between Paypal or the Amazon Honor System. Please support further development with a small contribution today! Recent News TSOL ist jetzt auf Deutsch vorhanden (TSOL is now available in German ! Thank you to Christian Schmidt for his translation.) Pulsa aqui. Gracias a Francisco Javier Montero y Alberto Romero Vera. TEC, The Eyepiece Calculator , is now available in Spanish, thanks to Francisco Javier Montero and Alberto Romero Vera.) The Caldwell Object Log is now available (without Sir Patrick Caldwell-Moore's descriptions) in Mac and Windows application and Filemaker Pro formats, as well as the PDF format that's been available for a while. The Simple Observing Log version 2.0 is now available. The new version provides additional support for CCD astrophotographers. Here are some pictures I took of the annular solar eclipse of June 10, 2002

4. Procyon Systems - Enhanced Experience For The Amateur Astronomer
Offers a collection of astronomy software to be used on Macintosh laptops in the field, hardware interfaces, and a robotics automation system.

Procyon Systems
is dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Astronomy
through the development of new and useful telescope hardware and computer software tools.
Located in Central Florida, we've been developing astronomy-based technology
for over 10 years.

5. Dan S Astronomy Software Collection
The Space FAQ. Other astronomy software AIPS Astronomical Image Processing System. Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO) Computing Section

6. Dan S Astronomy Software
Dan s astronomy software Collection. Links to Windows, MSDOS, Macintosh, and UNIX astronomy software. Over one hundred freeware
Loading... Loading...

7. Sky And Telescope - The Essential Magazine Of Astronomy
Links to the BASIC programs that appeared in Sky Telescope, to shareware/freeware astronomy related software and to vendors of astronomy software.
Welcome to, where you'll find astronomy news, stargazing tips, expert advice on choosing and using telescopes, and much, much more.
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If you have any questions, please send e-mail to

8. Planetarium Software
Approximate astronomical positions, source code; another list of PalmOS astronomy software. Bill Arnett; last updated 2004 Mar 2
Planetarium Software Product Kind Price Demo Author/Publisher Celestia free yes Chris Laurel Distant Suns commercial yes Gary Osborn Digital Universe commercial Hipparchus commercial yes sofTouch APpLications MacAstronomica shareware yes Easysoft Creations MacStronomy commercial yes Etlon Software MPj Equinox shareware yes MicroProjects Night Sky free yes Kaweah Software Observer commercial yes Procyon Planet C shareware yes Lars Gislen Redshift commercial no Maris Multimedia SkyChart III commercial yes Southern Stars Stargazer's Delight shareware yes Ruedi Schmid Starry Night commercial yes Sienna Software Stellarium free yes Fabien Chereau TheSky commercial no Software Bisque Voyager III commercial no Carina Software Product Kind Price Demo Author/Publisher AlphaCentaure freeware yes Francois Nguyen AstroMB commercial yes MBCAA Astronomica shareware yes Piotr Czerski Atlas du Ciel shareware yes Mario Groleau Coeli shareware yes Swimming Elk Software Coelix commercial no Cartes du Ciel free yes Patrick Chevalley Celestia free yes Chris Laurel Celestial Maps free yes Ovidiu Vaduvescu CoolSky shareware yes Piotr Czerski CyberSky shareware yes Stephen Michael Schimpf freeware yes Philippe Deverchere Dance of the Planets commercial no ARC Science Simulations Deepsky 2000 shareware yes Steven S. Tuma

9. Stellarium Astronomy Software
Intro Stellarium is a free software available for Windows, Linux/Unix and MacOSX. Addendum I found a job at Paris Astronomical Observatory.

stellarium (at)
Intro :
Stellarium is a free software available for Linux/Unix, Windows and MacOSX. It renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real time. With stellarium, you really see what you can see with your eyes, binoculars or a small telescope.
News :
  • [31-may-2004]
    Stellarium v0.6.0 available! After more than one year of work, discover the new version with major improvements. A big thank to all contributors who helped me in this hard task, especially to Rob Spearman from Digitalis Education , who now sells special planetarium projectors running Stellarium! Please have a look at the updated features list for an overview of the new functions. [16-january-2004]
    Stellarium v0.5.2 for MacOSX available in the download section! A big thank to James Lowery who was the fastest to successfuly make this package. [19-december-2003]
    A macOSX packager is needed! If you know how to create a macOSX package from the source distribution of stellarium 0.5.2, please help me! The aim is to obtain a Stellarium-0.5.2.dmg file similiar to the one available for version 0.4.9 in the download section. [27-august-2003]
    The next version I am working on will have features designed for use in a planetarium dome : fisheye projection with a field of view up to 360 degree, use of fisheye textures mapped to make landscapes, automatic zoom on selected objects, a text interface etc... The reason of that is an american company called Digitalis Education which is paying me for adding such cool features (that of course everybody will benefit as it is opensource). You just have to wait a few more weeks and it will finally be released! I know that I say that in every post, but each time, the release date is closer... ;)

10. Astronomy Free Software
19972004 ALAN SAWICKI STARS BACKGROUND COURTESY AND COPYRIGHT©MARIS MULTIMEDIA Download freeware planetarium and assorted astronomy software programs.
Freeware downloads of planetarium and assorted astronomy programs.
General astronomy software.
Satellite trackers and observing.
Telescope making and telescope software.
Planetarium - sky simulation software. ... Web - Browsers Anti-virus Astrology Astronomy Browsers (web) Chat and Comm. Clipboard tools Compression Dialup enhancements Disk and file utilities Educational E-mail stuff Encryption Faxing File managers File splitters Free email addresses Free internet services Ftp clients Graphics Only freeware - Homepage HTML editors HTML (ex editors) Icons, screensavers, wallpaper Kids - games Misc. Misc. Redux Misc. three Money News (delivery) Newsreaders and Newsgroups Organizers Ping, Traceroute, IP Printing (and screencapture) Programming Registry and critical file backup Rush Limbaugh (survey - sort of) Science Search engines Search tools Server tools Shopping (online and off) Solar System page Sound stuff Steals and deals Technical Analysis Telephone answering machines Text editors Time clients Tweakers (Windows) Un-installers Upgrade (software) VRML Web tools
Download freeware planetarium and assorted astronomy software programs.

11. Astronomy Software
Assorted freeware astronomy downloads.
WHO ARE YOU GOING TO SPEAK IT TO? Page links active as of Apr 10 '04 THE SKY- SCREENSAVER (I know it's a screensaver but it's my website I can do what I want.) Shows the positions of stars and planets. Cool. See screenshot. HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD SOME ASTRONOMICAL OBJECT CATALOGS Not software. HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD MOONCALC This is a DOS program but is easy to use. It calculates all manner of things concerning the moon's position, moonrise-moonset times, phases etc. Quite a good program. Comes with a star catalogue to display the moon's position as well. (202KB) HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD updated oct 13 '00 LUNAR OCCULTATION WORKBENCH This program computes occultations by the moon of eight planets and 54 thousand stars. Two versions. I'm putting up the smaller one. See homepage for more info. (8MB) HOMEPAGE DOWNLOAD updated Dec 18 MESSIER LOGGING SYSTEM A way to log all your observations of the Messier catalog. Comes with a photo of each and a place to record all your notes and vital information on your observations. (6.6MB) HOMEPAGE added Aug 25 SKY-CALENDAR This program opens with a bar-chart representation of the days of the month from top to bottom, with a graphic of each day from day to night to day. As you pass the mouse around the screen, events like the passage of the moon, planets, etc. track along the day bar and up and down the month graph. Includes a planet finder window that also shows a moving graphic of the planets visible from where the mouse in positioned. See homepage for Pentium 4 bug issue. (6.4MB)

12. Sky Charts, Free Astronomy Software , Celestial Atlas
the functionality of Sky Charts might be of interest to amateur astronomers or students. your money in buying a good eyepiece than to waste it on software!
AstroPC Home Sky Charts Home Documentation Examples ... Images
Cartes du Ciel
Sky Charts
Home QuickCam Variables Stars Images ... Links
Czech Version
Greek Version
Spanish Version
Sponsored by
Stargazing Network
Cetus Technology Inc. Astrosurf FUNET
Best from 640x480
to 1280x1024
Free program to draw sky charts
For use with Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Read the Rod Mollise review of this software in the January-February 2002 issue of Skywatch News : January 4 2004 New version of TLE-downloader by Christopher Welfare give you more power to update the artificial satellites elements. December 18 2003 New Czech web page November 13 2003 Update of the Czech translation. New translation in Japanese. September 21 2003 Two correction related to the artificial satellites and the use of certain catalog are now available to the Download page June 1st 2003 Two contribution by Jim Cornmell are available from the Source Page.

13. SAL List Of Astronomy Software
Physics and astronomy software for Linux

14. AstroTips - Astronomy Freeware And Shareware
Selection of the Best Free astronomy software. Programs organized by categories planetariums, ephemeris, cartography, pedagogical
Sorry. Your browser does not seem to support frames.

15. Welcome To Software Bisque's Web Page
High quality astronomy software and high tech parts and telescopes accessories.
Questions about TheSky6? Get answers here! Explore the night sky using the Internet! Home Products Support Our Store ... iBisque Software Bisque 912 12th Street Golden, Colorado 80401-1114 USA Sales: (800) 843-7599 International: (303) 278-4478 Facsimile: (303) 278-0045 Contact Us Web Site Feedback About Software Bisque Site Map

16. LinuxAstro Software
Astrophysics Source Code Library; astronomy software; LinuxApps, a set of links of packages with known linux support, some of which in binary form.
Astronomical Software on Linux
What is the linuxastro mailing list ?
Well, it really was a mailing list of people who were interesting in porting astronomical software to linux. Luckily Linux can now be considered mainstream and in your local neighborhood there should now be somebody able to help you with either installing or running linux (since this page totally ignores that aspect). This page will merely provide links to astronomical software that is known to run under linux or have direct binaries available.
First here are some meta-links: lists that provide links to packages. Not all of them 100% linux specific, but the majority of them have either been ported, or should be doable:

17. STAR Atlas:PRO Astronomy Software - Deep Sky Star Charts And Telescope Control -
STAR AtlasPRO astronomy software, PLANETARIUM DEEP SKY STAR CHARTS TELESCOPE CONTROL OBSERVATION PLANNING Astronomy s new age of robotic telescopes and
SKY:Lab Astronomy Software
Features Telescope Control Observation Planner ... Secure Order Form
Astronomy's new age of robotic telescopes and electronic imaging allow amateur Astronomers to peer further into the Cosmos than ever before. STAR Atlas:PRO is an advanced Planetarium and Telescope Control System for Windows®, that also assists in Planning Observations and above all presents exceptional Deep Sky Star Charts from naked eye brightness down to the feeble glimmer of 21st Magnitude!
available in two exciting levels
ADVANCED Edition PC CD-ROM for Windows XP
95 / 98 / Me / 2000 / NT
Packed with features, unsurpassed star chart graphics, telescope control, observation planning and Internet capabilities. Practical Astronomical Software for Amateur Astronomers » All-Sky Star Charts, Horizon Charts, Deep Sky Charts

18. Astronomy Software: DeskNite - Dynamic Desktop And Pocket Planetarium
Stella 2000 complete astronomy suite click to learn more Stella 2000. Celestial Essentials THE astronomy source Home! Overview - highlights. Guide
Now Windows is your window on the stars!
DeskNite (back) with Stella and Winglobe. DeskNite talks to Winglobe too!
With light pollution levels set to increase steeply as the Millennium passes by, fewer and fewer of Earth's population will be granted their right to gaze upon the grandeur of a dark night sky. Chances are good that you will be among that unfortunate majority.
Simple wonder at the stars has been humanity's birthright since the dawn of prehistory. Now technology is depriving us of our own two eyes' sight of the very Universe from which we were formed.
DeskNite will help you redress that injustice and restore to your eyes their stellar birthright. You can be bounded in a nutshell (of pollution and madcap Russian orbital streetlighting ) yet still count yourself ruler of infinite space, because DeskNite *is* the night sky in that splendour which our forbears would have witnessed each time the sun set. Your Windows desktop is about to become the window on the heavens which your 21st Century environment is already hatching plans to deny you.
DeskNite is not primarily a planetarium program or observing suite like Stella 2000 Stella 2000
DeskNite is far more fundamental.

19. Astronomy Software Links - Astronomy Software For Amateur And Professional Astro
astronomy software for amateur and professional astronomers and for people interested in astronomy, stargazing and space. Reviews of astronomy software.
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Space / Astronomy Home ... Featured Astronomy Image of the Week zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Multimedia Resources News - Current Events Stars Planets Galaxies Education - Astronomy/Space ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Space / Astronomy newsletter. Search Space / Astronomy
Guide picks Submit Your Site
David Chandler Astronomy Software

Commercial Astronomy Software for astronomy and astronomers. DeepSky 2000 Astronomy Software
A suite of Astronomy Software which lets you perform a variety of tasks related to deepsky observing. Orbit Explorer Astronomy Software
Physics educational and Astronomy Software for high school and college students and teachers. You can do lab exercises in gravitational physics, and study elliptical orbits, double stars, escape velocity, Kepler's third law, Lagrange points, the three body problem and more. Software Bisque Astronomy Software
Makers of a number of Astronomy Software related products. Starry Night Astronomy Software
Developed by, Starry Night is a realistic astronomy software for personal computers.

20. Astronomy Software For PC
astronomy software.
Download Animation Printscreen General ... Links
Astronomy Software
Planetarium Astronomy PC program that shows the movements in the solarsystem. For the Planet/Sun/Moon/Jupitermoons observer. Eclipse-simulator : See Lunar- and Solareclipses between 1700-2300.
One that will be in 2167 or was in 1895... GIF Animations : Solar-Eclipse (63KB) Lunar-Eclipse (73KB) Planets (73KB)
Fix Lunar 03/23/97 (88KB)
... Links

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