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         Remington Frederic:     more books (101)
  1. Frederic Remington: American West by Philip R. St. Clair, 1984-04-18
  2. Frederic Remington and Turn-of-the-Century America (Yale Publications in the History of Art) by Alexander Nemerov, 1995-11-29
  3. Remington: The Complete Prints by Harold Samuels, 1990-10-07
  4. Frederic Remington: The Masterworks by Michael Edward Shapiro, Peter H. Hassrick, 1991-05
  5. United States Authors Series: Frederic Remington (Twayne's United States Authors Series) by Roscoe L. Buckland, 2000-03-07
  6. The American West of Frederic Remington (Little Gift Books) by Frederic Remington, 1994-05
  7. The 2nd Bronze World of Frederic Remington
  8. The Western Art of Frederic Remington by MATTHEW BAIGELL, 1985-12-12
  9. Frederic Remington (Life and Work Of¹, the) by Ernestine Giesecke, 2001-02
  10. Wolfville by Alfred Henry Lewis, Frederic Remington, 2010-09-11
  11. Miniature Masterpieces: Frederic Remington: Paintings & Sculpture by Rh Value Publishing, 1993-10-02
  12. My dear Wister: the Frederic Remington-Owen Wister letters by Ben Merchant Vorpahl, 1972
  13. Cast and Recast: The Sculpture of Frederic Remington by Michael Shapiro, 1990-06

41. Artists In 60 Seconds: Frederic Remington
A profile of frederic remington (18611909), American painter, sculptor, illustrator and author. Artist Profile frederic remington.
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Artist Profile: Frederic Remington
American Painter and Sculptor From Shelley Esaak
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42. Remington Art Posters
Gallery of frederic remington s paintings, available as free ecards and as fine art posters and prints. Outlier Outlier remington, frederic 23 in. x 35 in. Home Page Art Gallery Fine Art 19th Century Painters : Remington
Frederic Remington
Art Posters Links
Welcome Click here to send a Frederic Remington painting as a free e-card. Our virtual postcards are simpler, faster, and more classy than some electronic greeting cards out there, and they're all entirely free. The Remington paintings below are available as fine art prints from All Posters . I highly recommend giving them a try. Their Web site is well organized, their products are high quality, their service is good, and their prices are low. You can order any art print unframed, framed, or mounted on wood. I've bought a few of the framed prints myself. By the way, I do make a commission if you buy one of these prints. But it doesn't add to your cost. (If you have a Remington or art Web page of your own, you might want to look into All Posters' affiliate program . They pay very fair commissions and you can feel good about referring your visitors to a good company.) Chris Whitten,

43. Remington, Frederic (
Harper s Magazine. remington, frederic. (1861 1909). Sources. American painter and illustrator. This is remington, frederic, a human being.
Remington, Frederic Sources American painter and illustrator. Best known for his scenes of the American West and for his tense, animated drawings and sculptures of horses. His work for Harper's Magazine and Harper's Weekly is well known. He traveled with the Santiago campaign to Cuba and reported on it for Harper's in 1898. This is Remington, Frederic a human being . He is part of An American Album: Authors , which is part of An American Album , which is part of Harper's Magazine Bookstore , which is part of Navigate by Hierarchy
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44. Remington, Frederic - Coming Through The Rye
remington, frederic (18611909) Coming Through the Rye cast bronze 89/100 26 1/2 x 35 x 26 LAPD DR 03-0113796 (Case 5-2/03).
Coming Through the Rye
cast bronze
" x 35" x 26"
LAPD DR# 03-0113796 (Case 5-2/03) If you have information on this case, please contact:
LAPD Art Theft Detail

45. Remington, Frederic -- Reminiscences Of Congress. Charles W. March: In Cornell U
remington, frederic Reminiscences of Congress. Charles W. March remington, frederic, The Blue Quail Of The Cactus. Harper s New Monthly Magazine, vol.
A B C D ... Non-alphabetic
Remington, Frederic Reminiscences of Congress. Charles W. March:
Previous Next Remington, Frederic The Blue Quail Of The Cactus Harper's New Monthly Magazine , vol. 93, issue 557 (October, 1896). Remington, Frederic Cracker Cowboys of Florida Harper's New Monthly Magazine , vol. 91, issue 543 (August, 1895). Remington, Frederic Horses of the Plains The Century , vol. 37, issue 3 (Jan 1889). Remington, Frederic In the Sierra Madre with the Punchers Harper's New Monthly Magazine , vol. 88, issue 525 (February, 1894). Remington, Frederic On the Indian Reservations The Century , vol. 38, issue 3 (July 1889). Remington, Frederic On the Indian Reservations The Century , vol. 38, issue 4 (Aug 1889). Remington, Frederic An Outpost of Civilization Harper's New Monthly Magazine , vol. 88, issue 523 (December, 1893). Remington, Frederic A Rodeo at Los Ojos Harper's New Monthly Magazine , vol. 88, issue 526 (March, 1894). Remington, Frederic A Scout with the Buffalo-Soldiers The Century , vol. 37, issue 6 (Apr 1889). Remington, Frederic

46. The Museum Shop
Archibald J Munch, Edvard Muñoz, Juan O Keeffe, Georgia Picabia, Francis Picasso, Pablo Pissarro, Camille Pollock, Jackson remington, frederic Renoir, Pierre

47. Ogdensburg, New York, 1000 Islands/Seaway Region
frederic remington Art Museum; Ogdensburg Bridge Port Be sure to attend the Second Annual frederic remington RODEO. Aerial Photo of Rodeo
Welcome to Ogdensburg
the only US City along the St. Lawrence Seaway
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O gdensburg, affectionately known throughout the region as "the Burg", is located where the gentle Oswegatchie River flows into the majestic St. Lawrence River approximately midway along the St. Lawrence Seaway between the Canadian Cities of Kingston and Montreal, at the eastern end of the 1000 Islands Region. A rural city of approximately 13,000 residents, yet within a two hour drive of a population of over 15 million people, Ogdensburg combines a friendly small town atmosphere with the cultural and economic opportunities that abound in more urban settings. A Catholic Seminary College and a small two year college located in Ogdensburg, and within a 30 minute drive two state colleges and two private universities, Clarkson University and St. Lawrence University make St. Lawrence County the education mecca of the New York State. Ogdensburg residents and visitors enjoy breathtaking scenery and natural beauty, a rich cultural history, and abundant recreational opportunities throughout the year. Resort community excitement is just 30 minutes west at

48. Frederic Remington --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
remington, frederic Britannica Student Encyclopedia. , remington, frederic (1861–1909). The painter and sculptor frederic remington

49. Remington, Frederic
encyclopediaEncyclopedia remington, frederic. remington, frederic, 1861–1909, American painter, sculptor, illustrator, and writer


Remington, Frederic Remington, Frederic, , American painter, sculptor, illustrator, and writer, b. Canton, N.Y., studied at the Yale School of Fine Arts and the Art Students League. His subjects, drawn largely from his life on the Western plains, are chiefly horses, soldiers, Native Americans, and cowboys, each modeled or painted with sympathetic understanding and usually in spirited action. His paintings are exciting and accurate portrayals of the West and have been extensively reproduced in color prints. Replicas of his 23 bronzes appear in many museums and private collections. Remington was war correspondent for the Hearst papers in the Spanish-American War. An indefatigable worker, he completed more than 2,700 paintings and drawings, including illustrations for Century magazine, Collier's Weekly, Harper publications, and other periodicals. He wrote Pony Tracks Crooked Trails John Ermine of Yellowstone (1902), and other books. There is a Remington Art Memorial Museum at Ogdenburg, N.Y. See catalog by M. Jackson (1970); A. P. and M. D. Splete, ed.

50. Frederic Remington Posters And Art Prints
30day Return Policy and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all frederic remington Posters. More Prints and Posters by remington, frederic.
30-day Return Policy and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Frederic Remington Posters
Store Frontpage Artists
Frederic Remington
Dash for Timber
Art Print
40 x 25
Victory Dance
Art Print
31 x 25
Running Bucker
Art Print
19 x 13
Fall of the Cowboy Art Print 31 x 23 Sun Fisher Art Print 14 x 11 Stampede Art Print 35 x 23 Coming And Going Of The Pony Express Note Card 10 x 8 The Scout: Friends or Foes, C.1900-05 Art Print 28 x 22 Turn Him Loose, Bill Art Print 10 x 8 Sun Fisher Art Print 19 x 12 Blanket Signal Art Print 8 x 10 Turn Him Loose Bill Art Print 29 x 23 Crow Scout Art Print 19 x 12 Indian Trapper Art Print 23 x 35 Apache Art Print 29 x 23 Running Bucker Art Print 14 x 11 Return of the Blackfoot War Party Art Print 30 x 17 Stampede Art Print 10 x 8 The Outlier Art Print 20 x 30 Fight for the Waterhole Art Print 21 x 14 Blanket Signal Art Print 20 x 24 Scout Art Print 29 x 23 Smoke Signal Art Print 40 x 28 Shotgun Hospitality Art Print 33 x 23 Cowboy Leading Calf Art Print 14 x 11 Dismounted: The Fourth Troopers Art Print 24 x 17 If Skulls Could Speak Art Print 23 x 35 Coming and Going of The Pony Express Art Print 24 x 18 Crow Scout Art Print 14 x 11 Arizona Cowboy Art Print 18 x 20 Coming and Going of The Pony Express Art Print 7 x 5 Outlier Art Print 23 x 35 Fall of the Cowboy Art Print 29 x 20 Dismounted: The Fourth Troopers Art Print 10 x 7 Halt-Dismount Art Print 10 x 6 Halt-Dismount Art Print 30 x 18 Old Stage Coach of the Plains Art Print 23 x 35 Cavalry Charge Art Print 26 x 15 Arizona Cowboy Art Print 8 x 10 Herd Boy Art Print 24 x 14 The Scout Art Print 28 x 22 Aiding a Comrade Art Print

51. Frederic Remington Pictures, Paintings And Artwork
Return to Home Page of Big Sky Fishing.Com, The frederic remington Art Gallery. Home frederic remington Pictures Paintings. frederic
The Frederic Remington Art Gallery
Home Art Gallery Frederic Remington Paintings Newsletter Photo Gallery Search
Terry Redlin Gallery
David Stoecklein
Art Books Frederic Remington
About : This book provides extensive information about Frederic Remington and his artwork.
To learn more about Frederic Remington, read our Frederic Remington Biography Page
A Cavalrymans Breakfast on the Plains
Frederic Remington

33 in x 23 in
Buy This Frederic Remington Art Print At AllPosters

A Dash for Timber
Frederic Remington
40 in x 25 in Buy This Frederic Remington Art Print At AllPosters Framed ... Mounted Aiding a Comrade Frederic Remington 23 in x 18 in

52. National Gallery Of Art | Frederic Remington | The Color Of Night
National Gallery of Art Web feature on American artist frederic remington. Includes a discussion of his early career, his work as

planning a visit
the collection exhibitions online tours ... home
This National Gallery of Art Web feature on the American artist Frederic Remington includes a discussion of his early career, his work as a war correspondent, his artistic experiments, and his late nocturnes lesser known night scenes of the American West painted between 1900 -1909. Many of Remington's paintings are on view in the exhibition "Frederic Remington: The Color of Night."

53. National Gallery Of Art - Frederic Remington
Related Resources. Special Feature. Purchase the Exhibition Catalogue. Press Materials. Image frederic remington, The Scout Friends or Foes?
This exhibition is no longer on view at the National Gallery. Please follow the links below for related online resources or visit our current exhibitions schedule. Related Resources Special Feature Purchase the
Exhibition Catalogue
Press Materials From 1901 until his death in 1909, Frederic Remington produced a series of approximately 70 paintings that took as their subject the "color of night." These paintings, in which the artist explored the technical and aesthetic difficulties of painting darkness, drew immediate approval from critics and were the paintings that allowed him to break decisively from his career as an illustrator. This exhibition is the first devoted entirely to Remington's nocturnes and includes 29 paintings filled, surprisingly, with color and lightmoonlight, firelight, and candlelight. The works reveal the spare modernism of Remington's color, composition, and tone. Several works have not been seen publicly in nearly 100 years.
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54. Frederic Remington Artwork And Images At
frederic remington art artwork and indepth artistic information such as paintings, sculpture, photography A Bucking Bronco (1887) Henry Wolf frederic remington
account access login: password: artist port. gallery port. arts marketplace browse the arts submit arts news media kit ... art history Artist: R : FREDERIC REMINGTON ALPHABETICAL ARTIST INDEX: A B C D ... Z
Museum Image Collections: (7) A Bucking Bronco (1887) Henry Wolf Frederic Remington copy after photomechanical wood engraving on paper
Fired On 1907 Frederic Remington oil on canvas 27 1/8 x 40 in. (68.8 x

The Bronc Buster, 1895

A Bucking Bronco (1887) Henry Wolf Frederic Remington copy after photomechanical wood engraving on paper
American, 1861-1909 Mexican Infantry "On the March" about 1890 Oil on canvas 45.72

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Remington and Russell: Masterpieces of the American West from the Amon Carter Museum
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55. Art History - Famous Artists - Index G
Click here to buy remington, frederic Dismounted for $14 frederic remington Dismounted Our price $14.00. Click here to buy remington
account access login: password: artist port. gallery port. arts marketplace browse the arts submit arts news media kit ... art history
Vincent van Gogh
Cafe De Nuit
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Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Bouquet De Chrysanthemes
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Claude Monet
Artist's House
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56. Cobblestone Publishing - Reading And Comprehension Questions For COBBLESTONE's R
Cobblestone Publishing Company, a Division of Carus Publishing Company Reading and Comprehension Questions for COBBLESTONE s remington, frederic Issue.
7,000+ articles from 7 of our magazines are available in our subscription-based online searchable archives. Parents and teachers, sign up now for a FREE 7-day trial.
Reading and Comprehension Questions for COBBLESTONE's Remington, Frederic Issue
    1. What can art tell us about the past?
    2. What period of American history does the art of Remington illustrate?
    3. How old was Remington when he made his first trip west? What surprised him about the West? How did this influence his life?
    4. What businesses did he try? Were they successful?
    5. What was the subject of most of Remington's work?
    6. Why did Remington's paintings begin to change after 1900? Toward what painting style did his art begin to move?
    7. Do you think it was wrong for Remington to change his style or the way he portrayed the Old West in his later years? Why or why not?
    8. How old was Remington when he died? What was the year?
    1. When and where was Remington born?

frederic S. remington Biography 29.5 . Few artists of the American West could equal the breadth of experience of frederic SACKRIDER remington (18611909). From the

58. Great American History Fact-Finder - -Remington, Frederic
The Great American History FactFinder. remington, frederic. (1861-1909), painter, sculptor, and author. remington first made his
Entries Publication Data Dedication Advisory Board ... World Civilizations The Great American History Fact-Finder
Remington, Frederic
, painter, sculptor, and author. Remington first made his reputation as a realistic painter of the cowboys, Indians, horses, and soldiers of the American West. He illustrated articles written by Theodore Roosevelt for Century magazine and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "Song of Hiawatha." Remington also illustrated his own books, including Pony Tracks and The Way of an Indian . As a sculptor Remington is best known for Bronco Buster
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59. Frederick Remington
LOCAL COLOR 19thcentury Regional Writing in the United States frederic remington (1861-1909) by John Seelye*. Born in Canton, New
19th-century Regional Writing in the United States
by John Seelye*

Born in Canton, New York, near the Canadian border, Remington grew up in a near-wilderness region, and became an avid hunter and horseman. His father, a Republican newspaper publisher and politician, had been an officer in the Civil War, and thereby cast a heroic shadow which Remington strove to match. The boy was no lover of academic studies, and because of modest artistic abilities, after he had struggled through public, private, and military schools, he elected to enter the School of Arts at Yale in 1878, where he excelled more at sports than in painting, playing football under the captaincy of the famous Walter Camp. The artistic training he received during the two years at Yale helped move him out of the amateur ranks; still, it would be the life he led thereafter that provided Remington his material. Returning to Kansas City with the paintings that resulted from this trip, Remington invested the remains of his estate in a saloon, thinking to earn therefrom sufficient income to live on while pursuing his artistic career. He managed to dispose of the crude paintings, but without much return, and soon discovered that he had been swindled by the other owners of the saloon. This left him with nothing. Returning east again, Remington was finally successful in winning the hand of his bride, Eva Caton, taking her back with him to Kansas City, where her presence gave his life a long needed stability. Having placed in 1882 a Western sketch with

60. Frederic Remington: A Who2 Profile
frederic remington • Painter/Sculptor. frederic Russell. frederic remington Art Museum New York museum with some info on his life and work,
FREDERIC REMINGTON Painter/Sculptor Frederic Remington studied art at Yale University, travelled to the newly expanding western part of the United States in the 1880s and ended up illustrating outdoor scenes for Harper's and Collier's magazines. A prolific illustrator, painter and sculptor, Remington was from the east coast and continued to live in the east while making periodic trips to the west. His work was detailed and realistic and depicted action scenes involving wagon trains, Indian wars and cattle drives. After an emergency appendectomy, Remington died at the age of 48.
Extra credit : Remington is often compared with another Western artist of the era, Charles M. Russell Frederic Remington Art Museum
New York museum with some info on his life and work Remington Exhibit
An article describing an exhibit that includes some background American Masters: Frederic Remington
PBS provides a brief profile to complement the TV show Frederic Remington Biography
A brief bio and a handful of paintings to view Birth:
4 October
New York Death:
26 December 1909
(Peritonitis after an appendectomy) Best Known As:
Popular painter of the American west Shop for Posters at

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