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         Morris William:     more books (100)
  1. William Morris in Applique: Six Stunning Projects and Over Forty Individual Designs by Michele Hill, 2009-03-25
  2. William Morris Full-Color Patterns and Designs (Pictorial Archives) by William Morris, 1988-06-01
  3. The World of Romance - being Contributions to The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, 1856 by William Morris, 2010-07-12
  4. Designs of William Morris (Phaidon Miniature Editions) by Editors of Phaidon Press, 1995-10-19
  5. News from Nowhere and Other Writings (Penguin Classics) by William Morris, 1994-01-04
  6. William Morris: A Life for Our Time by Fiona McCarthy, 2003-11-06
  7. Floral Abundance: Applique Designs Inspired by William Morris (That Patchwork Place) by Rosemary Makhan, 2000-12
  8. Beth Russell's William Morris Needlepoint by Beth Russell, 1995-10-17
  9. On the Lines of Morris' Romances: Two Books That Inspired J. R. R. Tolkien-The Wood Beyond the World and the Well at the World's End by William Morris, 2003-12
  10. William Morris: Animal/Artifact by James Yood, Tina Oldknow, 2001-02-01
  11. The Water of the Wondrous Isles by William Morris, 2009-05-25
  12. William Morris
  13. William Morris: Artifacts/Glass by Gary Blonston, William Morris, 1996-05-01
  14. William Morris Textiles by Rh Value Publishing, 1995-01-21

1. William Morris
William Morris Born 24 March 1834 Place of Birth Elm House in Walthamstow, England Died 3 October 1896 Place of Death Kelmscott House in Hammersmith
William Morris
Born: 24 March 1834
Place of Birth: Elm House in Walthamstow, England
Died: 3 October 1896
Place of Death: Kelmscott House in Hammersmith, England
(William Morris) William Morris, one of the most brilliant and innovative progenitors of modern graphic design, was born at Elm House, the family estate, one of nine children. Despite the "boorish" Welsh blood, the family had done quite well for themselves. (It's interesting to note that also in 1834, popular classical composer Berlioz wrote "Childe Harold," based on Byron's poems.) Growing up, Morris loved the romantic chivalry and simplicity of anything medieval (later he said he felt he'd been born out of his time). He read Walter Scott; his parents even got him a pony so he could play knight. He was happy and even spoiled, though quite temperamental. Much later his daughter Jenny was diagnosed with epilepsy, and he often wondered if some of his 'rages' weren't epilepsy (or Tourettes) related. He was particularly close to a sister, Emma, at least until she got married. Later, he wrote poetry inspired by Chaucer, Tennyson, Keats and Browning. His romantic attachment to the natural world was already forming and evolving. His textiles furniture, wall paper and fabric designs were to become the epitome of 'the organic,' which was so much a part of his perception of reality. While religiously agnostic, the physical world was forever jolting him by its sheer majesty, giving him what we would now call an almost spiritual 'global sense.'

2. William Morris
William Morris. William Morris, the son of a successful businessman, was born in Walthamstow, a quiet village east of London, on 24th March, 1834.
William Morris
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William Morris , the son of a successful businessman, was born in Walthamstow, a quiet village east of London , on 24th March, 1834. After successfully investing in a copper mine, William's father was able to purchase Woodford Hall, a large estate on the edge of Epping Forest, in 1840.
Morris was educated at Marborough and Exeter College, Oxford . At university Morris met Edward Burne-Jones and Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The three men were all artists and formed a group called the Brotherhood. During this period their work was inspired by the history, ritual and architecture of the Medieval period. Morris and Burne-Jones were committed Anglicans and for a time they talked of taking part in a "crusade and holy warfare" against the art and culture of their own time.

3. Morris: William Morris Glass Art And Contemporary Glass Sculpture Presented By H
Art collectors appreciate the selection of glass sculpture by leading contemporary glass artist William Morris at Holsten Galleries. William Morris Biography.
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Rhebok Head Click here to view additional works
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Kaesong Man Click here to view additional bronzes
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William Morris Biography
William Morris was born in Carmel, California in 1957, and received his degrees from California State University at Chico and Central Washington University. He is considered to be one of the most gifted and innovative young glass artists in America today. He lives in Seattle where he originally worked as Dale Chihuly's gaffer (master glassblower) in the early 1980's, and has since maintained his own studio. Morris' work has been strongly influenced by his interest in archeology and ancient pagan cultures, and addresses the timeless relationship between humans and their enviroment. His work evokes images from a time when man was more in tune with nature, and is subliminally suggestive of ritual signifigance. Various works such as the Stonehenge Series, Artifact Vessels, Suspended Artifacts, and Rhyton Vessels illustrate symbolical, mythological influences. He also acknowledges the influence of Italian artists who have shared their knowledge of techniques for crafting glass, so essential to the realization of Morris' ideas into form. Another unique aspect of Morris' work is his treatment of surface texture, achieved by various techniques such as sprinkling powdered glass and minerals onto a blown surface, etching, and acid washing to achieve "ancient" and textural diversity.

4. Travers, Morris William
Travers, morris william (18721961). English chemist who, with Scottish chemist William Ramsay, between 1894 and 1908 first identified
Travers, Morris William
English chemist who, with Scottish chemist William Ramsay , between 1894 and 1908 first identified what were called the inert or noble gases: krypton, xenon, and radon.
Travers was born in London and studied there at University College, where he became professor 1903. He went to Bangalore 1906 as director of the new Indian Institute of Scientists, but returned to Britain at the outbreak of World War I and directed the manufacture of glass at Duroglass Limited. In 1920 he became involved with high-temperature furnaces and fuel technology, including the gasification of coal.
Travers helped Ramsay to determine the properties of the newly discovered gases argon and helium. They also heated minerals and meteorites in the search for further gases, but found none. Then in 1898 they obtained a large quantity of liquid air and subjected it to fractional distillation. Spectral analysis of the least volatile fraction revealed the presence of krypton. They examined the argon fraction for a constituent of lower boiling point, and discovered neon. Finally xenon, occurring as an even less volatile companion to krypton, was identified spectroscopically.
Travers continued his researches in cryogenics and made the first accurate temperature measurements of liquid gases. He also helped to build several experimental liquid air plants in Europe.

5. William Morris - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
William Morris. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page is about William Morris the wallpaper designer and socialist.

6. Teulu Cefn Gellgwm, Trawsfynydd (1) Disgynyddion Morris William (fu F.1787)
Rhestrir rhai cannoedd o ddisgynyddion morris william, Cefn Gellgwm, Trawsfynydd, yn cynnwys Hedd Wyn, Llwydiaid Cefn Gellgwm (teulu Morgan Lloyd AS), teulu
Cefn Gellgwm, Trawsfynydd (1) Disgynyddion Morris William
Achau Eryri
Hafan Teulu Samuel Beddgelert Teulu Teiliau Bach (Cadwaladriaid Ffestiniog ayb.) Ewyllysiau Eryri ... Jamesiaid Nant Peris (Bron y Fedw, Gelli Ffrydiau ayb.)
Yn cynnwys:- teulu Hedd Wyn, Llwydiaid Cefn Gellgwm, teulu Jarrett, teulu Gelli Dywyll Maentwrog, Pyrsiaid Pant Glas Ffestiniog.
Diwygiwyd 10.04.2004
[Defnyddiwch +Golygu/+Canfod i symud o gwmpas y dudalen]
CL.11.8.1787 Trawsfynydd; EWYLL.26.2.1785/4.9.1787
PR.7.2.1731 Trawsfynydd, CATHERINE WILLIAM
2PR.1736 Trawsfynydd, MARY MORRIS; CL.13.2.1778 Trawsfynydd; AR. TR.Cefn Gellgwm, Trawsfynydd (1785) 2.CATHERINE MORRIS BED.25.6.1732 Trawsfynydd; CL.3.12.1827 Maentwrog; COFR.96 OED TR.Rhwng y Ffosydd, Maentwrog (1754); Gelli Dywyll, Maentwrog (1827) -3.CATHERINE PIERCE neu CATHERINE MEREDYDD (1806) BED.27.11.1754 Maentwrog; MA.22.11.1812; CL.Ffestiniog; AR.57 OED PR.23.10.1778 Maentwrog, JOHN ELLIS; MA.24.11.1838; CL.Ffestiniog; AR.85 OED; TR.Ffestiniog (1778)

7. The Cotswold HyperGuide - William Morris
William Morris (183496). William Morris was a man of Edward Burne-Jones. In 1861 Morris founded William Morris Co. with Rossetti and
William Morris (1834-96)
Stroud The stained glass to the left is a detail from the Sermon on the Mount by Rossetti, and the spectacular and utterly wonderful window to the right is by Morris and Webb and shows the seven days of creation. The picture, by the way, does no justice to the original. William Morris owned a country house at Kelmscott Manor in the village of Kelmscott near Lechlade. It can be viewed by arrangement with the trustees (see Things to See Return to the Cotswold Hyperguide History Page Digital Brilliance

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9. Arts And Crafts Movement - William Morris
William Morris 18341896. Morris was William Morris Society, London, England, William Morris Society of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, The William
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Morris was an English poet, artist, and socialist reformer, who rejected the opulence on the Victorian era and urged a return to medieval traditions of design, craftsmanship, and community. He was inspired by the writings of John Ruskin and Augustus Pugin who championed the return of gothic architecture (the last true architectural movement in their opinion.) Spurred by the experience of furnishing his home, Red House , Morris set up a studio in 1861 with several associates, including architect Philip Webb and English artists Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones house as a total work of art, with all of the interior objects designed by the architect , emerged from this studio and remained standard practice throughout the Arts and Crafts movement. He established the Kelmscott Press in 1890 , and, using his own designs for the type and ornamental letters , he issued editions of the classics and of his own works, notably The Kelmscott Chaucer (1896). In his political writings, he

10. Morris William - Motorbase
morris william. First Name William. Middle Name(s) Richard. Last Name Morris. Nationality United Kingdom. Date of Birth (Comer Gards, Worcester).
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Morris William
First Name: William Middle Name(s): Richard Last Name: Morris Nationality: United Kingdom Date of Birth: (Comer Gards, Worcester)
Items in the shop that might interest you:
Brooklands - The Complete Motor Racing History: William Boddy
Morris Minor Collection No. 1 1948-80
Combat Land Rovers Portfolio No 1 By Bob Morrison
Car and Driver on Ferrari 1963-75
Dodge 1949-1959 Limited Edition

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12. P22 William Morris
William Morris (18341896) was probably the most influential figure in the Arts Crafts and private press movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
William Morris Morris William Morris Set

13. William Morris Society
The. SOCIETY WEB SITE. his site is devoted to william morris (183496), the British craftsman, designer, writer, typographer, and Socialist.
The S O C I E T Y W E B S I T E his site is devoted to William Morris (1834-96), the British craftsman, designer, writer, typographer, and Socialist. It aims to present news of Morris-related events and publications; information about the worldwide William Morris Society; materials relating to the life and work of Morris, his friends and followers; and links to other places of interest on the Internet.
Caricature of William Morris by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1858 New on the WMS Site : Conferences, exhibitions, lectures, and social gatherings related to William Morris and his circle.
Current U. S. Branch Newsletter

About the William Morris Society
: Society bylaws, history, and membership directory.
The Life and Work of William Morris
: Examples of and links to Morris's writings, poetry, and designs.
Society Archive
: Worldwide announcements (1996 - ) and U.S. newsletters (1988 - ).
Links to Related Sites
: Arts and Crafts, Pre-Raphaelitism, and general Victorian links.
Products and Services
: Morris-related wallpaper, needlework kits, booksellers, a bed-and-breakfast, a type foundry, and more! (When you see a new picture, we've updated the web site!)

14. William Bolcom And Joan Morris
Pulitzer Prize Winner william Bolcom and mezzosoprano Joan morris welcome you to their web site!

15. Fine Art Oil Paintings Acrylics And Giclees By William E Morris, Artist
latest oil paintings, oils, acrylics and giclees on canvas of street scenes, landscapes, still life, and gardens, exhibitions and favorite links of william e morris artist william Edward morris
Fine Art paintings and giclees of Canadian and American Still Lifes, landscapes and street scenes. Latest Originals Street Scenes Oils Acrylics ... Frames BIOGRAPHY William Edward Morris (b.1935 Canadian) was born in Montreal and raised in Montreal's Outremont neighborhood. The stately architecture which abounds this historic and venerable part of the city had an early and profound effect on the artist, as is in evidence in his paintings' portrayal of inner city life. In his formative years, Morris studied at L'Ecole des Beaux Arts (Montreal) under one of the renowned "Group of Seven" Canadian artists Arthur Lismer. In secondary school in Montreal he was greatly influenced by the famous Canadian artist Anne Douglas Savage. Morris later went on to a notable and longstanding career as a professional Architect and practiced for many years. Having combined his own feelings of the inner city with interpretations of today's and yesteryear's nostalgia he has accomplished a unique style which is evident in his paintings. Morris' paintings are a blend of impressionism and realism. His work reveals a keen insight into the elements of architecture and life's daily place within its context. They reveal scenes of Canadian and American cities embracing both pastoral and bustling city urban environment. Recently Morris has developed a love of painting garden scenes which he calls "gardenscapes". These paintings are either oils or acrylics on canvas or masonite. Morris has traveled extensively and spent much of his time painting Canadian and American scenes.

16. William Morris (British, 1834 - 1896)
william morris (British, 18341896). Biography. william morris was born on 24 March 1834 at Elm House, Walthamstow, London. His family were prosperous merchants.
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William Morris (British, 1834-1896) Biography William Morris was born on 24 March 1834 at Elm House, Walthamstow, London. His family were prosperous merchants. In 1852 he entered Exeter College, Oxford, where he acquired an interest in the Middle Ages and its art. Together with Burne-Jones, he also studied English Gothic, theology, and medieval poetry. After a trip to France to see the splendour of the French Gothic cathedrals, he decided to become an architect. He resumed his studies and wrote for The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine but, like Burne-Jones, at Rossetti's bidding he turned to painting and adopted the beliefs of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. In 1858, at Oxford, he painted The Defense of Guenevere , the only known canvas to bear his signature. His talents, however, inclined toward the decorative arts, and he designed and created stained glass, wallpaper, rugs, and textiles, often in collaboration with Walter Crane. Returning to literature in 1865, he composed a series of poems that met with success, and he translated a number of Icelandic sagas. From 1877 to 1889 he was involved almost exclusively in politics, contributing money, delivering speeches, and writing articles and verses on behalf of various social reform movements. In the latter years of his life, the poet-artist-social reformer again returned to art and literature. Among his varied pursuits he designed printing typefaces and ornaments.

17. William Morris Gallery
The only museum devoted to the art of England's best known designer includes internationally known collections illustrating morris's life, work and influence.

18. William Morris Studio - Handcrafted Arts And Crafts Style Wooden Lamps With Mica
william morris Studio, produces lamps that are one of a kind one at a time. With a nod to the 19th century Arts Crafts Movement, william and Renee morris use the finest quality materials to
Award-winning lamp designers Renee and William Morris craft each lamp by hand in their Benicia, California, studio. William hand-turns and mills every lamp base and spindle from natural hardwoods, while Renee crafts lampshades from translucent mica (a mined mineral) and parchment. Both artists are influenced by the natural elements of their native San Francisco Bay Area. Click here to read what our clients have said about our work. The William Morris Studio
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E-Mail: About the Artists The William Morris Lamp Contact Us ... Ceiling Fixtures Website design by Lemire Graphic Design

19. William Morris Online
william morris English PreRaphaelite Writer and Designer, 1834-1896 Guide to pictures of works by william morris in art museum sites and image archives worldwide. william morris art links/last
William Morris art links/last verified May 5-7, 2004 Report errors and broken links here
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[English Pre-Raphaelite Writer and Designer, 1834-1896]
Not to be confused with American glassmaker William Morris (Born 1957)
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Museums and Art Galleries: Metropolitan Museum of Art , New York
Length of Printed Cotton
Pink and Rose Wallpaper Design
, C.1890
William Morris Gallery
, London, UK
Art Fund for UK Museums

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, Ohio Cleveland Museum of Art , Ohio Dayton Art Institute , Ohio Ravens Delaware Art Museum Morris Rossetti Chairs , Paris Painted wood-work , C.1880 Tate Gallery , London, UK The Ransom Center at the University of Texas William Morris and His Circle Whitworth Art Gallery , Manchester, UK Flora Whitworth Art Gallery , Manchester, UK Fruit Whitworth Art Gallery , Manchester, UK Illustration from The Canterbury Tales, etc Professional Tools: Artprice Pictures from Image Archives: Art Renewal Center William Morris at ArtMagick William Morris at CGFA Humanities Web (in French) Neat gallery of images cross-referenced by artist, museum and subject

20. William Morris Agency
Has principal offices in New York, Beverly Hills, Nashville and London, and represents clients in all segments of the entertainment industry. Contains information on its history, its departments, booking resource center, and latest news.
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Concerts, Tours and Appearances Menudo signs with WMA
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