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  1. Childe Hassam, American Impressionist (Metropolitan Museum of Art Series) by H. Barbara Weinberg, 2004-05-11
  2. Impressionist Prints of Childe Hassam
  3. Childe Hassam: An Island Garden Revisited by David Park Curry, 2005-04-17
  4. Childe Hassam: Impressionist by Warren Adelson, Jay E. Cantor, et all 1999-10-15
  5. Childe Hassam: American Impressionist by Ulrich W. Hiesinger, 1999-09
  7. Childe Hassam: Impressionist In The West by Margaret E. Bullock, 2005-01-31
  8. Childe Hassam (Famous Artists Series) by Donelson F. Hoopes, 1988-01-01
  9. 94 Prints by Childe Hassam by Childe Hassam, 1980-06
  10. Childe Hassam's New York (The Essential Paintings) by Ilene Susan Fort, 1993-10
  11. Childe Hassam in Indiana
  12. Childe Hassam, 1859-1935 by Childe Hassam, 1988-12
  13. Childe Hassam, a Retrospective Exhibition by Charles E., introduction Buckley, 1965
  14. Childe Hassam (1922) by Childe Hassam, 2010-09-10

1. Childe Hassam
Childe Hassam images coming to maturity as a guardian of civilization. From National Museum of American Art . Childe Hassam Images.
Childe Hassam images
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David Park Curry, 1990
While Hassam's French connection was recognized so early in his career that any reference to Claude Monet became an annoyance to him, impressionism was but one of three strong currents flowing through his art. Two others surged up earlier: popular culture made familiar through Hassam's work as an illustrator; and lessons of early nineteenth century British landscape painting, reinforced by the artistic leanings of Boston during the 1860s and 1870s, and furthered by Hassam's travels to England in the 1880s.
Ernest Haskell, 1922
He has a way of taking his own where he finds it, and thus he leaves the stamp of his personality on localities where he has worked... The schooners beating in and out, the wharves, the sea, the sky, these belong to Hassam.... There are many other fields that he has invaded and made his. Flowers in gardens, flowers in still life, flowers as accessories to portraits. These are painted with great tenderness, great restraint of color yet very colorfully, always part of the picture, neverjumping out in forced contrast. interiors are his, interiors that are renderings of space with a magic play of light, the light that instinctively seems to be the heritage of Hassam.
Elizabeth Broun, 1994

2. Childe Hassam - Artist Painting Prices, Art Appraisal, Artist Paintings [AskART.
Childe Hassam AskART, an artist directory with Childe Hassam and 32 000+ American painting and other artists - Childe Hassam artwork prices, valuations, appraisals and information. Birth / Death of Childe Hassam. State Affiliation of Childe hassam childe Hassam is Often Known

3. Hassam Childe, American Masters, Masters, Artists, Art History And Visual Arts,
Hassam, Childe Allies Day, May 1917, 1917, oil on canvas, 1943.9.1 located at The National Gallery, Washington, DC , . Hassam
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  • Hassam, Childe
    Allies Day, May 1917 , 1917, oil on canvas, 1943.9.1 ... located at The National Gallery, Washington, D.C. Hassam, Childe
    Nude Seated , 1912, oil on canvas, 1963.10.156 ... located at The National Gallery, Washington, D.C. Hassam, Childe
    Oyster Sloop, Cos Cob , 1902, oil on canvas, 1970.17.100 ... located at The National Gallery, Washington, D.C. Hassam, Childe
    Hassam, Childe

    Allies Day, May 1917 1917 Oil on canvas 36 3/4 x 30 1/4 in. (93.4 x 76.8 cm) Hassam, Childe
    Charles River and Beacon Hill c. 1892 Oil on canvas 18 7/8 x 20 7/8 in. (47.9 x 53 cm) Hassam, Childe
  • 4. HASSAM CHILDE F Fine Art Artist: Artists At Auction Database
    Search your favourite fine art artist. artprice. hassam childe F. hassam childe F 2000+2001+2002+2003 / Rank 103. hassam childe F top price records
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    CHILDE F HASSAM - [2000+2001+2002+2003] / Rank: 103
    CHILDE F HASSAM top price records:
    Painting: USD 7200000 / EUR 6471863: "Flags, Afternoon on the Avenue" Drawing-Watercolour: USD 850000 / EUR 703970: "Home of the Hummingbird"
    CHILDE F HASSAM last works at auction: ( updated: 12-mai-2004
    Along the Shoreline
    Rocks by the Ocean
    Children in the Park, Boston
    In the Doorway
    Clouds (Rain Clouds over Oregon Desert)
    Thunderstorm on the Oregon Trail
    Andover, Massachusetts
    Autumn Landscape, East Hampton
    Under the Willows
    Home of the Hummingbird
    Street with Houses
    The Lion Gardiner House, Easthampton
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    5. Childe Hassam
    Childe Hassam Number One rated gallery offering fine art reproduction of timeless masterpieces. Childe Hassam (1859-1935). Click on the images to see more
    Childe Hassam (1859-1935)
    Click on the images to see more
    Boston Common at Twilight

    County Fair, New England

    Morning Light

    The Goldfish Window
    Isles of Shoals

    6. Childe Hassam
    Childe Hassam More Childe Hassam Sites Childe Hassam. http// CGFA- Childe Hassam

    Childe Hassam
    More Childe Hassam Sites:
    Childe Hassam
    All the Childe Hassam information you need to know is right here. We’ve searched the information super highway far and wide to provide you with the best Childe Hassam sites. The links below will help you find the information you are seeking. Recommended Childe Hassam Site: Arcadian Galleries
    Museum quality oil painting reproductions hand-painted in Europe
    Other Childe Hassam Resources:
    Hassam Prints
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    Childe Hassam
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    7. Artist Biography: Childe Hassam
    Childe Hassam. return to Artists List. Childe Hassam (1859–1935) had the marvelous facility of painting almost every nuance of color his eye could see.
    Childe Hassam
    Harper's, Scribner's, and The Century,
    Hassam, whose early work had already manifested a luminous quality, fell easily under the spell of Impressionism in France because it gave new vigor to a direction he had already taken. His passion for light and color touched base with the kind of poetic painting he saw in the canvases of the Paris artists, particularly Monet. He gave in to the romanticism that lurked beneath his surface manipulations of paint, and flooded his subjects with fresh new colors. When he returned with his now "blond" palette, he was able to make a happy fusion of the European style with American tradition.
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    Kennedy Galleries , established in 1874, is one of the oldest and most respected dealers in American art. We offer for sale American paintings, watercolors, sculpture, drawings, and prints of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, including works of the Colonial and Federal periods, Hudson River School, Luminism, American Impressionism, Social Realism, Regionalism, and Modernism. American genre, history, landscape, still-life, marine, and portrait painting spanning three-hundred years are also represented in our extensive collection.

    8. Old Mulford House, East Hampton -by- Childe Hassam
    Childe Hassam (18591935) Old Mulford House, East Hampton, 1930 Oil on canvas, 35 x 37 in. Childe Hassam was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Exhibits/150years/850005600.html
    Childe Hassam Old Mulford House, East Hampton, 1930 Oil on canvas, 35 x 37 in. Gift of Odell and Eva Lopp Childe Hassam was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts. In Boston during his late teens, he was apprenticed to a wood engraver but was soon privately studying with William Rimmer. After visiting Europe in 1883, he returned three years later for formal instruction at the Academie Julian. It was in Paris that he became exposed to and assimilated many of the tenets of French impressionism. Returning to America in 1889, Hassam settled in New York City, where he pursued his interest in impressionism. Many of his late works, such as Old Mulford House, were painted in East Hampton, Long Island, New York. He had first visited that charming "old American community" in 1898 and twenty-one years later bought a historic shingle house there. During the last seventeen years of his life, Hassam spent from May until October in this home he named "Willow Bend." The East Hampton Star reported that Hassam was "often seen making sketches about the village." Painted nearly at the end of his life, this work of the Mulford home is not exemplary of his earlier, more masterful impressionist style. The brushstrokes resemble more those of post-impressionism, recalling specifically the radiating stitchlike strokes of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890). Unlike van Gogh, however, Hassam has applied the paint thinly, resulting in a flattened picture plane.

    9. Art History At Loggia | The Artist Childe Hassam At A Glance
    Click Here. home art art history artists hl hassam childe Hassam at a Glance. The Garden in its Glory, by Childe Hassam

    art art history artists ... h-l Hassam
    Childe Hassam at a Glance

    The Garden in its Glory , by Childe Hassam
    artist Childe Hassam
    style Impressionism

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    10. Art-platform Gallery
    hassam childe. 1889 Flower Girl by the Seine, Paris 1889 Flower Girl by the Seine, Paris. 690 Wx 522 Hx 24 bpp, 142993 Bytes. 14600 AM 8/6/2001. Childe/Page0001.htm
    Hassam Childe
    1889 Flower Girl by the Seine, Paris

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    11. Childe Hassam Definition Of Childe Hassam. What Is Childe Hassam? Meaning Of Chi
    Definition of Childe Hassam in the Dictionary and Thesaurus. Provides examples from classic literature, search by definition of Childe Hassam. Hassam
    Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
    Childe Hassam
    Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Noun Childe Hassam - United States painter noted for brilliant colors and bold brushwork (1859-1935) Frederick Childe Hassam Hassam painter - an artist who paints Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Some words with "Childe Hassam" in the definition: Childe
    Frederick Childe Hassam



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    12. Childe Hassam
    Childe Hassam (30 Items Found). Click Here To View Thumbnails -. Page 1 of 3, Next Page. Broad Curtain. The, Artist Childe Hassam Medium Lithotint, Date 1918.

    13. Permanent Collection | Childe Hassam
    Childe Hassam. Born 1859 in Dorchester, MA Died 1935 in East Hampton, NY. Nude, Appledore, Isle of Shoals, 1913. oil paint on canvas
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    Childe Hassam Born 1859 in Dorchester, MA
    Died 1935 in East Hampton, NY Nude, Appledore, Isle of Shoals, oil paint on canvas
    35 5/8 x 25 1/8 inches
    Bebe and Crosby Kemper Collection
    Gift of Mr. and Mrs. R. Crosby Kemper, Jr.
    enlarge image return to collection directory
    Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
    4420 Warwick Blvd. Kansas City, Missouri 64111
    Tel 816-753-5784 Fax 816-753-5806 Free admission and parking

    14. Childe Hassam Art Prints
    Shop for Childe Hassam Art Prints and Posters at Everyday Low Prices on over 20000 art prints. Childe Hassam Gallery. Hassam

    15. Childe Hassam - Spanierman Gallery, LLC
    Exhibition and Sale childe hassam If you wish further information, please email Ira Spanierman. American paintings and watercolors

    Checklist Order Catalogue
    Click here to view 12 works
    Exhibition and Sale
    Childe Hassam

    If you wish further information, please email
    Ira Spanierman
    American paintings and watercolors of the 19th and early 20th century.

    Servicing the fine arts community for over half a century.

    45 East 58 Street, New York, NY 10022 Phone: (212) 832-0208 Fax: (212) 832-8114
    Gallery Hours: Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

    16. Childe Hassam Online
    childe hassam American Impressionist Painter, 18591935 Guide to pictures of works by childe hassam in art museum sites and image archives worldwide. childe hassam art links/last verified May
    Childe Hassam art links/last verified May 5-7, 2004 Report errors and broken links here
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    Childe Hassam
    [American Impressionist Painter, 1859-1935]
    Frederick Childe Hassam
    Studied under Gustave Boulanger and Jules-Joseph Lefebvre
    Paintings in Museums and Art Galleries: Art Institute of Chicago
    Butler Institute of American Art
    , Ohio
    Manhattan's Misty Sunset
    Metropolitan Museum of Art
    , New York
    16 works online
    Metropolitan Museum of Art
    , New York
    Celia Thaxter's Garden, Isles of Shoals, Maine (Zoom)
    Metropolitan Museum of Art
    , New York Surf, Isles of Shoals (Zoom) Minneapolis Institute of Arts , Minnesota Isles of Shoals Museum of Fine Arts , Boston Boston Common at Twilight Museum of Fine Arts , Houston (Requires "Zoomify" image viewer) Evening in New York , C.1890 National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. 2 works from the Horowitz Collection National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. Norton Museum of Art , West Palm Beach, Florida Gloucester Harbor Addison Gallery of American Art , Massachusetts Early Morning on the Avenue in May, 1917 Appleton Museum of Art , Florida View of Gloucester, Mass.

    17. CHILDE HASSAM 1859
    childe hassam 18591935. Manhattan's Misty Sunset, 1911. Oil on canvas, 18 X 32" (45.72 x 81.28 cm.) Signed, lower left. Museum purchase, 967-0-151. childe hassam was the premier Impressionist painter of New York City.
    CHILDE HASSAM 1859-1935
    Manhattan's Misty Sunset,

    Oil on canvas, 18 X 32" (45.72 x 81.28 cm.)
    Signed, lower left
    Museum purchase, 967-0-151
    Childe Hassam was the premier Impressionist painter of New York City. From 1890 through World War I he painted its fashionable boulevards, genteel park lanes, festive military parades, new neighborhoods, and occasionally, as in Manhattan's Misty Sunset the new skyline that was prompting many to call New York the eighth wonder of the world. Like many American Impressionists, Hassam was a New Englander. A charter member of The Ten, he began drawing in the 1870s, studying in Boston under William Rimmer and the Munich academician, Ignaz Gaugengigl. Influenced by the tonalist painter, George Fuller, Hassam became well-known for his street scenes such as Rainy Day, Columbus Avenue, Boston (1885, The Toledo Museum of Art). He went to Paris in 1886, making numerous rural and urban plein-air paintings that put him in the center of the emerging American Impressionist brotherhood. He returned to Boston in 1889, eventually settling in New York City.
    In this painting, Hassam shifts away from the sunny, smiling atmosphere of his pre-1900 city scenes

    18. ArtLex On American Impressionists: Cassatt, Benson, Hassam, Chase And Others
    Examples of artworks by American Impressionists Mary Cassatt, Julian Alden Weir, John Henry Twachtman, Frederick Carl Frieseke, childe hassam, Frank Benson, and others with quotations and links to other resources.
    E xamples of artworks by American Impressionists Mary Cassatt (1845-1926), Julian Alden Weir (American, 1852-1919), John Henry Twachtman (1853-1902), Childe Hassam (American, 1859-1935), Frank Benson (American, 1862-1951), Albert Henry Krehbiel (American, 1873-1945), Frederick Carl Frieseke (1874-1939), and others (several of whom were members of a group known as the Ten American Painters Mary Cassatt (American, 1844-1926, active in France), Portrait of a Woman oil on canvas , 23 1/4 x 19 3/4 inches, Dayton Art Institute, OH. Mary Cassatt, Portrait of the Artist gouache on wove laid paper down to buff-colored wood pulp paper, 23 5/8 x 16 3/16 inches (60.1 x 41.2 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. See feminism and feminist art Mary Cassatt, The Cup of Tea , c. 1879, oil on canvas , 36 3/8 x 25 3/4 inches (92.4 x 65.4 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Mary Cassatt, Mother About to Wash Her Sleepy Child oil on canvas , 39 3/8 x 25 7/8 inches (100 x 65.7 cm), Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Mary Cassatt

    19. American Impressionism Treasures From The Smithsonian American Art Museum
    Story about the one of eight exhibitions in Treasures to Go, touring the nation through 2002, features 52 works by turnof-the century painters such as childe hassam, John Twachtman, Thomas Wilmer, Maria Oakey Dewing and William Merritt Chase.

    20. Childe Hassam - Spanierman Gallery, LLC
    childe hassam (18591935) Biography Checklist Order Catalogue. childe childe hassam - Portland Harbor Portland Harbor. childe
    Childe Hassam (1859-1935)
    Checklist Order Catalogue

    Sunset View of the New York Skyline from Brooklyn
    Rue Montmartre , Paris
    Portland Harbor
    San Pietro, Venice
    Ten Pound Island, Gloucester
    Streetcorner In Paris
    American paintings and watercolors of the 19th and early 20th century.

    Servicing the fine arts community for over half a century.

    45 East 58 Street, New York, NY 10022 Phone: (212) 832-0208 Fax: (212) 832-8114 Gallery Hours: Monday through Saturday from 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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