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         Hansen Al:     more books (116)
  1. Eating Off the Grid: Basic Recipes, MeeBook 640 version (Eating Off the Grid, MeeBook version) by Denise L. Hansen, 2010-10-16
  2. Matte Paint Its History and Technology , Analysis, Properties and Conservation Treatment A Bibliographic Supplement to Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts by et al Eric F. Hansen (Editor), 1993-01-01
  3. Society of Exploration Geophysicists Mining Geophysics Volume II, Theory by D. A. et al. Hansen, 1967-01-01
  4. The Billings Microscope Collection of the Medical Museum Armed Forces Institute of Pathology by James et al Hansen, 1987
  5. The Trumpeter Swan in Alaska by H. A. et al. Hansen, 1971-01-01

81. Refereed Publications
BMS hansen et al., The White Dwarf Cooling Sequence of the Globular Cluster Messier 4 Astrophysical Journal Letters 574, L155 (2002), see the SSU;
Refereed Publications
  • Astrophysical Journal

  • ''The Galactic Inner Halo: Searching for White Dwarfs and Measuring the Fundamental Galactic Constant, V0/R0 ''
    Astrophysical Journal

  • ``Searching for Variability in the Globular Cluster Messier 4''
    Astronomical Journal

  • ``The need for a second black hole at the galactic center''
    Astrophysical Journal Letters
    see also New Scientist
  • ''A young white dwarf companion to pulsar B1620-26: Evidence for early planet formation''
    see the SSU or Comedy Central
  • '' Cool White Dwarfs ''
  • ''The changing face of the extrasolar giant planet, HD209458b'' Astrophysical Journal Letters
  • ''Weather variability of close-in extrasolar giant planets'' Astrophysical Journal Letters
  • ''Helium Core White Dwarfs in Globular Clusters '' Astrophysical Journal
  • B. M. S.Hansen, ''Type Ia Supernovae and High Velocity White Dwarfs'' Astrophysical Journal
  • B. M. S. Hansen et al., ''The White Dwarf Cooling Sequence of the Globular Cluster Messier 4'' Astrophysical Journal Letters see the SSU
  • H. B. Richer et al.

82. Preview - Max Benjamin
Beck and al hansen Playing with Matches. Art Beatus March 6. al hansen, John Lennon and Andy Warhol (1972), Photo Valerie Herouvis.
Beck and Al Hansen:
Playing with Matches
Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver
February 5-March 6
Al Hansen, John Lennon and Andy Warhol
Photo: Valerie Herouvis
Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver February 5-March 6 - "Beck and Al Hansen: Playing with Matches" is an exhibition of collage, sculpture, photography, audio-video, intermedia poetry and "ephemera" curated by Wayne Baerwaldt of Winnipeg's Plug In Gallery. But more than this, it is a tribute to an under-recognized figure on the international art scene who made an enormous contribution to the movement known as Fluxus, and to his grandson, a Grammy Award-winning recording artist.
Beck Hansen
Photo: Valerie Herouvis With its roots in John Cage's ideas about chance and indeterminacy as conditions for the creation of art and Marcel Duchamp's ideas about art as a concept rather than an object, Fluxus was an anti-art movement originating in the 1960s. Al Hansen's early Venus collages of found materials like Hershey bar wrappers and his work with discarded cigarette butts were instrumental in creating a signature style for him. Like his grandfather Al Hansen, Beck shares an attraction to collage and found materials - although his medium is often music and his "samplings" take the form of appropriations from the music-video culture.

83. References
References. alldredge, al and WM Hamner (1980) Recurring aggregation of zooplankton by a tidal current. 23 28. hansen, DV and M. Rattray jr.
  • Alldredge, A. L. and W. M. Hamner ( ) Recurring aggregation of zooplankton by a tidal current. Estuarine and Coastal Marine Science
  • Arons, A. B. and H. Stommel ( ) A mixing-length theory of tidal flushing. Transactions, American Geophysical Union
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84. Action=edit
References 6p. hansen, JP Støvring, M. (1988). `Udfordringer er blikfang , Hrymfaxe 3, 2831. A Synopsis by June J. Skelly. Stevens, J. et al. (1976).

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al (alfred Earl) hansen;
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87. Hansen And Aréchiga, AM Symposium
Cultured embryos can be made more thermotolerant to heat shock by exposure to a mild heat shock (Ealy and hansen, 1994; Aréchiga et al., 1995; Aréchiga and
Strategies for Managing Reproduction in the Heat-Stressed Dairy Cow
*Department of Dairy and Poultry Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville 32611-0920 and Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y Zootecnia, Universidad Aut;T 3;onoma de Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico ABSTRACT Implications Designing dairy cattle housing to cool cows during hot periods of the year has reduced the magnitude of effects of heat stress on reproductive function but large declines in herd pregnancy rate still occur during periods of hot weather. Nonetheless, a combination of new reproductive technologies and innovative application of existing technologies offers prospects for achieving additional improvements in reproductive performance during heat stress. Poor estrus detection. Increase in embryonic survival through embryo transfer. Pregnancy rates in summer can be improved through the use of embryo transfer (Putney et al., 1989a; Drost et al., 1994; Ambrose et al., 1997). For this technology to be widely adopted, further improvements must be made in the techniques for in vitro production of embryos, embryo freezing, and timed embryo transfer so as to lower costs and simplify animal handling. Alteration of the biochemical properties of the embryo to protect it from exposure to elevated temperature.

88. Browse Al Hansen Films
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89. Biochem J (2004) Immediate Publication - G. Hansen Et Al.
mutants. Gaute M hansen, Thomas Berg, Hilde MF Riise Stensland, Pirkko Heikinheimo, Helle Klenow, Øivind Nilssen and Ole K Tollersrud.

90. Biochem J (2004) Immediate Publication - L. Hansen Et Al.
Line V hansen, Henrik Gårdsvoll, Boye S Nielsen, Leif R Lund, Keld Danø, Ole N Jensen and Michael Ploug. Finsen Laboratory, Rigshospitalet, Dept.

91. Science -- Sign In
This apparent cooling is in disagreement with measurements at surface stations and with climate models. In their Perspective, hansen et al.
You do not have access to this item: Summary : Hansen et al., GLOBAL WARMING:Global Climate Data and Models: A Reconciliation, Science You are on the site via Free Public Access. What content can I view with Free Public Access If you have a personal user name and password, please login below. SCIENCE Online Sign In Options For Viewing This Content User Name Password
this computer. Help with Sign In If you don't use cookies, sign in here Join AAAS and subscribe to Science for free full access. Sign Up More Info Register for Free Partial Access including abstracts, summaries and special registered free full text content. Register More Info Regain Access to a recent Pay per Article purchase Need More Help? Can't get past this page? Forgotten your user name or password? AAAS Members activate your FREE Subscription

92. Science Hansen Et Al. 295 (5553) 275
To whom correspondence should be addressed. Email References and Notes J. hansen et al., J. Geophys. Res. 106, 23947 (2001).

93. JDS -- Abstracts: Hansen Et Al. 87 (5): 1477
Search PubMed for articles by hansen, M. Christensen, LG. M. hansen 1 ,2 ,3 , I. Misztal 4 , MS Lund 1 , J. Pedersen 2 and LG Christensen 3
Year: Vol: Page:
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J. Dairy Sci. 87:1477-1486
American Dairy Science Association
Undesired Phenotypic and Genetic Trend for Stillbirth in Danish Holsteins
M. Hansen I. Misztal M. S. Lund J. Pedersen and L. G. Christensen Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Research Centre Foulum, P.O. Box 50, DK-8830 Tjele, Denmark
University of Georgia, Department of Animal and Dairy Science, 354, Animal and Dairy Science Complex, Athens 30602 Corresponding author: M. Hansen; e-mail: The primary aim of this study was to evaluate the phenotypic and genetic trends for stillbirth in Danish Holsteins. Trends of calving difficulty and calf size were also evaluated. The second aim was to compare predicted transmitting abilities (PTA) of sires for stillbirth using a linear and a threshold model.

94. JDS -- Abstracts: Hansen Et Al. 87 (3): 706
other online articles. Search PubMed for articles by hansen, M. Christensen, LG. M. hansen 1 ,2 ,3 , MS Lund 1 , J. Pedersen 2 and LG Christensen 3
Year: Vol: Page:
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J. Dairy Sci. 87:706-716
American Dairy Science Association
Genetic Parameters for Stillbirth in Danish Holstein Cows Using a Bayesian Threshold Model
M. Hansen M. S. Lund J. Pedersen and L. G. Christensen Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Research Centre Foulum, P.O. Box 50, DK-8830 Tjele, Denmark
Corresponding author: M. Hansen; e-mail: The objective of this study was to make an inference about the direct and maternal genetic variation of stillbirth for first-calving Holstein cows and to estimate the effect of breed and heterosis for original Danish black and white and Holstein-Friesian. A Bayesian threshold model, which included correlated genetic

95. References
Journal of Nutrition 126717727. hansen-Jesse, L.., and JJ Obrycki. 2000. Moellenbeck, DJ, ML Peters, JW Bing, LS Higgins, L. Sims, et al. 2001.
    Ammann , K., Y. Jacot, and G. Kjellsson (editors). 2000. Methods for risk assessment of transgenic plants: Ecological risks and prospects of transgenic plants. Where do we go from here?. Vol 3. Birkhauser, Boston. Anderson , W.L., N.S. Bryson, R.C. Davis Jr., P. Katz, R.J. Mannix, S.P. Quarles, and R.E. Schwartz. 2001. Biotechnology deskbook. Environmental Law Institute, Carey , F.A. 1987. Organic chemistry. McGraw Hill: USA. pp.1076-1077. Charles , D. 2001. Lords of the harvest: Biotech, big money, and the future of food. Perseus Books. Committee on Genetically Modified Pest-Protected Plants. 2000. Genetically modified pest-protected plants: Science and Regulation. Board on Agriculture and Natural Resources, National Research Council. National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. Doerfler , W. 2000. Foreign DNA in mammalian systems. Wiley-VCH: Weinheim, Germany. Grace , E.S. 1997. Biotechnology unzipped. Joseph Henry Press, Washington, D.C.

96. WSFA TV Montgomery, AL - Hansen Announces Intention To Work With SAP America To
hansen Announces Intention to Work With SAP America to Deliver Solution for Government Transportation Organizations,

97. JEQ -- Hansen Et Al. 30 (6): 2120
rates, banding and cultivation also affect herbicide transport through changes in weed growth and surface hydrology including runoff (hansen et al., 2000).
Year: Vol: Page:
Abstract of this Article
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JEQ Online

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Collections under which this article appears:
Soil Conservation
Surface Water Quality Water Quality Best Management Practices ... Agricultural Pesticides Journal of Environmental Quality American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America
TECHNICAL REPORT Surface Water Quality
Herbicide Banding and Tillage System Interactions on Runoff Losses of Alachlor and Cyanazine
N. C. Hansen ,a J. F. Moncrief b S. C. Gupta b P. D. Capel c and A. E. Olness d a WCROC, Univ. of Minnesota, St. Hwy. 329, Morris, MN, 56267 b Dep. of Soil, Water, and Climate, Univ. of Minnesota, 1991 Upper Buford Circle, St. Paul, MN 55108 c U.S. Geological Survey, Dep. of Civil Engineering, Univ. of Minnesota, 500 Pillsbury Drive SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455-0116

98. Marketinglitteratur, Marketingbøger
LOK 1971. Block, BirgitMalene Mediabudgettering. Flemming hansen et al. (red.) Kommunikation, mediaplan-lægning og reklamestyring. Flemming hansen et al.
BERG-MARKETING.DK indhold index-oversigt Litteraturhenvisninger
  • Aaker, David A.: Building Strong Brands. The Free Press. London. 2002. Abrahamson, Eric: Change without Pain.Harvard Business Review, July-August, 2000. Allen, Cliff, Deborah Kania, og Beth Yaeckel: One-to-One Marketing: Building a Relationship Marketing Strategy One Customer at a Time. Wiley. 2001. Barnes, James G.: Secrets of Customer Relationship Management: It's all about how you make them feel. McGraw-Hill. 2001. Blunch, Niels J.: Analyse af Markedsdata. Systime. 2000. Blunch, Niels J.: Anvendelse af Markedsdata. Systime. 1996. Blunch, Niels: Indsamling af markedsdata. Systime. 1994. Blythe, Jim: Marketing Communications. Harlow 1999. Brown, Stephen: Torment Your Customers (They'll Love It). Harvard Business Review. OnPoint. 2001. Collins, Jim: Good to Great. Why some Companies Make the Leap ... and Others Don't. 2001.
    Cooperrider, David L., Peter F. Sorensen, Jr., Diana Whitney, Therese F. Yaeger (ed.): Appreciative Inquiry. Rethinking Human Organization Toward a Positive Theory of Change. Stipes Publishing L.L.C. Illinois. 2000. Davies, Gary with Rosa Chun, Rui Vinhas da Silva and Stuart Roper: Corporate Reputation and Competitiveness. Routledge. London 2003.
  • 99. Hansen, Jens Morten
    Forlaget Fremads biografi og links til b¸ger.

    100. Anmeldelse Af Erik Fosnes Hansen's Roman "Beretninger Om Beskyttelse"
    Anmeldelse af romanen Beretninger om beskyttelse .
    Hvis du ikke kan anvende vores menubar så brug vores indholdsoversigt
    Erik Fosnes Hansen: Beretninger om beskyttelse". Fosnes Hansen kan det der´med at fortælle historier der tryllebinder, gerne i en historisk ramme.
    Vi så det i hans tidligere bog, " Salme ved rejsens afslutning".
    1. beretning foregår i vores egen tid hvor Lea ved tilfældigheder havner hos sin rige egocentriske onkel. I hans hus og have får hun samlet sin knuste tilværelse op igen. Den 2. beretning rykker 100 år tilbage i tiden til en isoleret ø hvor hverdagens umiddelbare drama ligger i de gammeldags fyrtårne og fyrfolkenes indsats på de forrevne skær. Den 14-årige Josefa's opvækst har hidtil været lys og lykkelig, men da vi forlader hende har hun, ligesom Lea , fået sit liv vendt op og ned og er på vej mod en ny tilværelse.
    3. og sidste beretning foregår under den italienske renaissance, i perioden hvor munken Savonarola og hans tilhængere brændte kættere i Toscana. I bystaternes og adelsfamiliernes krige kæmper en ung dreng, Fiorello, for at overleve i en vanskelig og kaotisk tid.
    Bogen afrundes med at søge tilbage til 1. beretnings uløste gåde, Lea's sære onkel. Hans historie oprulles og et puslespil falder på plads.

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