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  1. Otto Dix (French Edition) by Olaf Peters, 2010-05-20
  2. Dix (25) by Ingo F. Walther, Eva Karcher, 2010-10-01
  3. Otto Dix: Art to Read by Philipp Gutbrod, Otto Dix, 2010-04-30
  4. Otto Dix: Life and Work by Fritz Loffler, 1982
  5. Otto Dix 1891-1969 by Eva Karcher, 2002-09-01
  6. Match: Otto Dix and the Art of Portraiture
  7. Otto Dix: For His 100th Birthday by Otto Dix, 1995-01-02
  8. Otto Dix : Dessins d'une guerre à l'autre by Christian Derouet, 2003-01-09
  9. Otto Dix: Zwischen Paradies und Untergang (German Edition) by Dieter Buchhart, 2009-05-25
  10. Bitter Witness: Otto Dix and the Great War (German Life and Civilization) by Linda F. McGreevy, 2003-02
  11. Werke von Otto Dix (Bildhefte der Staatlichen Kunsthalle Karlsruhe) (German Edition) by Birgit Schwarz, 1986
  12. Kurt Gunther 1893-1955: Zum 100. Geburtstag : Orangerie, Kunstgalerie Gera, Otto Dix Haus, 23. Juni bis 29 August 1993 (German Edition) by Kurt Gunther, 1993
  13. Otto Dix in Selbstzeugnissen und Bilddokumenten (Rowohlts Monographien ; 287) (German Edition) by Dietrich Schubert, 1980
  14. Otto Dix, 1891-1969: Leben und Werk (German Edition) by Eva Karcher, 1988

1. Otto Dix
Otto Dix, Education Otto Dix, the son of Franz Dix (18621942) and Louise Amann (1864-1953) was born in Unternhaus, Germany, in 1891. After
Otto Dix
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Otto Dix , the son of Franz Dix (1862-1942) and Louise Amann (1864-1953) was born in Unternhaus, Germany , in 1891. After attending elementary school he worked locally until 1910 when he became a student at the Dresden School of Arts and Crafts . To help fund his education, he accepted commissions and painted portraits of local people.
On the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 Dix volunteered for the German Army and was assigned to a field artillery regiment in Dresden. In the autumn of 1915 Dix was sent to the Western Front where he served as a non-commissioned officer with a machine-gun unit. He was at the

2. Otto Dix (1891-1969)
Otto Dix (18911969), the great German Expressionist, was famous for his unique and grotesque style. Although Hitler's Nazi regime destroyed many of Otto Dix's works, the majority of his paintings can still be seen in museums throughout Germany.
Otto Dix (1891-1969), the great German Expressionist, was famous for his unique and grotesque style. Although Hitler's Nazi regime destroyed many of Otto Dix's works, the majority of his paintings can still be seen in museums throughout Germany.
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3. Otto Dix - Reference Page
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Need Help ? Name, dates, Covered categories, dix otto (18911969), DIXON Otto M. (Attrib.) (1885-c.1917), DIXON Otto Murray (1885-c.1917), Dix&L=en&idr=MjY1NT

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6. Otto Kunst Kaufen Kunsthandel Fine Arts
Dix, Otto lieferte 3 Treffer. Selbstprtrait dix otto, Mädchenkopf dix otto,,

7. Dix Otto
Book Finder, Book Reviews and Compare Prices for dix otto Art Artists Musicians AZ dix otto. dix otto Book Review and Price Comparison.
Book Reviews and Compare Prices for Dix Otto
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Dix Otto Book Review and Price Comparison
Pages: Next Top Selling Books for Dix Otto Otto Dix/Raymond Pettibon: Traue Deinen Augen (Trust Your Eyes)
AUTHOR: Hans-Werner Schmidt (Editor), Raymond Pettibon, Ingebord Kahler, Ulrike Rudiger, Otto Dix
ISBN: 3933040671
Publish Date: August 2001
Format: Hardcover
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Bitter Witness: Otto Dix and the Great War
AUTHOR: Linda Mcgreevy
ISBN: 0820467650
Publish Date: January 2003 Format: Hardcover Compare prices for this book Otto Dix and Die Neue Sachlichkeit, 1918-1925 AUTHOR: Brigid S. Barton ISBN: 083571151X Compare prices for this book 7th Circle AUTHOR: Maggie Jaffe, Otto Dix (Illustrator) ISBN: 1891812076 Publish Date: April 1998 Format: Paperback Compare prices for this book Behind the Lines: Pieces on Writing and Pictures AUTHOR: Michael Hofmann ISBN: 0571195237 Publish Date: October 2002 Format: Hardcover Compare prices for this book Otto Dix AUTHOR: Parkstone Press ISBN: 1859957609 Publish Date: March 2000 Format: Hardcover Compare prices for this book Modern Art Despite Modernism AUTHOR: Manufactured by Museum of Modern Art, Robert Storr

8. Otto Dix - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Otto Dix. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Otto Dix (18911969) was a German expressionist and anti-war painter and a veteran of First World War.

9. Art-platform Gallery
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10. WIEM: Dix Otto
dix otto (18911969), niemiecki malarz i grafik. W 1918 zwiazany z ruchem berlinskich dadaistów. Malarstwo, Niemcy dix otto (1891-1969).
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Dix Otto
Dix Otto (1891-1969), niemiecki malarz i grafik. W 1918 zwi±zany z ruchem berliñskich dadaistów . Podpatrywa³ technikê i styl starych mistrzów renesansubaroku . Zaliczany do nurtu werystycznego w ramach Neue Sachlichkeit . W swoich dzie³ach w naturalistyczny sposób imituje rzeczywisto¶æ by zanegowaæ i odrzuciæ ¶wiat za jego z³o i okrucieñstwo. Obok G. Grosza najbardziej sarkastyczny i gorzki w Niemczech komentator stosunków politycznych i spo³ecznych (np. rysunek Dwie ofiary kapitalizmu 1923 przedstawiaj±cy inwalidê i prostytutkê). Uzyskuje drapie¿n± ekspresjê maluj±c drastyczny temat jasnymi i nasyconymi barwami (np. Sutener i prostytutki 1922 czy litografia barwna Rajfurka W 1924 wykona³ pacyfistyczny cykl 50 grafik pt.

11. Otto Dix Online
otto dix German Expressionist Painter, 18911969 Guide to pictures of works by otto dix in art museum sites and image archives worldwide. otto dix.
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Otto Dix
[German Expressionist Painter, 1891-1969]
You know, if one paints someone's portrait, one should not know him if possible. No knowledge! I do not want to know him at all, I only want to see what is there, on the outside. The inner follows by itself. It is mirrored in the visible.
Otto Dix , quoted in Twentieth-Century Artists on Art
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Paintings in Museums and Art Galleries: Museum of Modern Art , New York
(In the "Etching" section)
, Frankfurt
The Artist's Family
Cleveland Museum of Art
, Ohio Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University , New York Kunstmuseum Basel , Switzerland Los Angeles County Museum of Art Database MacKenzie Art Gallery , Saskatchewan Museum Kunst Palast , Düsseldorf (in German) At the Mirror Norton Simon Museum , Pasadena, California Palazzo Grassi , Venice Skat Players Palazzo Grassi , Venice Prague Street Saarland Museum , Germany (in German) Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (in German) University Library, Special Collections, CSU

12. Biographie: Otto Dix, 1891-1969
Translate this page 1891-1969. Photo otto dix Photo otto dix, 1947. otto dix. Maler, Graphiker. 1891 2. Dezember otto dix wird in Gera als Sohn einer Arbeiterfamilie geboren.
Otto Dix
Maler, Graphiker
2. Dezember: Otto Dix wird in Gera als Sohn einer Arbeiterfamilie geboren.
Lehre als Dekorationsmaler.
Impressionismus als auch vom aufkommenden Expressionismus
ab 1912

Ersten Weltkrieg
Das Grauen des Krieges wird zum Grundbestandteil seiner Bilder.
Nach der Rückkehr nach Dresden gründet er gemeinsam mit Conrad Felixmüller (1897-1977) die "Gruppe 1919" der Dresdner-Secession.
Dix malt kritische dadaistische Gesellschafts-Collagen.
Heirat mit Martha Koch.
Professur an der Kunstakademie in Dresden.
Seine Werke werden von den Nationalsozialisten als " entartete Kunst " diffamiert. 260 von ihnen werden aus deutschen Museen beschlagnahmt, verkauft und zum Teil verbrannt.
Adolf Hitler , mit dem Dix in Verbindung gebracht wird.
Dix wird zum " Volkssturm " eingezogen und gerät im Elsaß in Gefangenschaft.
Verleihung des Bundesverdienstkreuzes. Ehrungen in Ost- und Westdeutschland.
25. Juli: Otto Dix stirbt in Singen.

13. Otto Dix - Willkommen
Translate this page otto dix gilt heute als einer der bedeutendsten deutschen Künstler des 20. Jahrhunderts. Sein engagierter und ambivalenter Realismus bleibt brisant.
Deutsch English Otto Dix Stiftung Dix in Museen ... Impressum Otto Dix gilt heute als einer der bedeutendsten deutschen Künstler des 20. Jahrhunderts. Sein engagierter und ambivalenter Realismus bleibt brisant. Den Maler jedoch auf seinen Verismus der 20er Jahre festzulegen, hieße ihm seine vitale Wandlungsfähigkeit, seine Modernität abzusprechen. Wie kaum ein zweiter hat er in den Wechseln und Widersprüchen seines Werkes die Zäsuren und Verwerfungen des Jahrhunderts der Extreme reflektiert.

14. Giancarlo's Otto Dix Home Page
Provides a short timeline of artists career, as well as several images.
Otto Dix
"All Art is Exorcism"
Four Salient Facts
  • German painter and etcher, a leader of social realism. Portrayed on canvas the brutalities of gas and trench warfare during World War I (1914-1918). As a leader of the Neue Sachlichkeit (new objectivity) movement, he satirically expressed his disdain of postwar Germany. Work regarded as unwholesome by the Nazis, who included it in the famous exhibition of Degenerate Art
~Wanna' cut to the chase? ..Life...


* go to prografik web page ..LIFE... ñ Born on December 2nd in Untermhaus near Gera, Germany. ñ Apprenticeship as painter and decorator in Gera. ñ Military service on French and Russian fronts. ñ Student at Dresden Academy of Art; Co-founder of the Dresden Secession ìGruppe 19î.
ñ Marriage to Martha Koch ñ He begins his ìWarî cycle of etchings. Travels to Italy and Paris.
Moves to Berlin. Gets a contract with Galerie Nierendorf. ñ Group exhibitions at the Galerie Neumann-Nierendorf in Berlin and at Galerie Thannhauser in Munich. ñ Becomes a professor at Dresden Academy of Art. Has some exhibitions outside of Germany (New York).

15. Handbook:Woman Lying On A Leopard Skin
Features one of the Neue Sachlichkeit portraits Woman Lying on a Leopard Skin (Liegende auf Leopardenfell), 1927.
German, Woman Lying on a Leopard Skin (Liegende auf Leopardenfell),
Oil on panel. 27 1/2 x 39 in. (70 x 99 cm)
Gift of Samuel A. Berger. 55.31
Severe economic hardship and a widespread sense of social dislocation led many German artists in the years between the wars to create images of contemporary disillusionment and decadence. Otto Dix and George Grosz became known as the leading figures in the movement called Neue Sachlichkeit (New Realism). Distinct from the preceding generation of German Expressionists, these artists emphasized urban activity and collective, rather than personal, beliefs. Neue Sachlichkeit artists often attacked the society that they felt perpetuated inequalities, but they also delighted in presenting its attractions on occasion. In this painting, Dix depicts the actress Vera Simailova, whose fashionable androgyny, feline stare, and animal crouch create an odd fusion of repulsion and seduction, opulence and vulgarity.
Woman Lying on a Leopard Skin is one in a number of penetrating portraits Dix made during the 1920s, the decade of his best

Art for a Change Der Krieg Provides a short explination about the painting. Art For A Change The Seven Deadly Sins - Provides a short explination about the painting. otto dix -
  • Art for a Change: Der Krieg - Provides a short explination about the painting.
  • Art For A Change: The Seven Deadly Sins - Provides a short explination about the painting.
  • Otto Dix - Provides extensive set of links to pictures of Dix's artwork.
  • Dix's Thoughts on Art - Provides a quote of the artist's thoughts on his art.
  • Otto Dix - Provides a very brief biography.
  • Giancarlo's Otto Dix - Provides a short timeline of artists career, as well as several images.
  • Otto Dix - Provides detailed biography as well as several pictures.
  • 17. Exponat: Photo: Dix, Otto
    Translate this page otto dix Photographie DHM, Berlin F 92/760
    Otto Dix
    DHM, Berlin
    F 92/760

    18. Galerie Henze & Ketterer / Otto Dix - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
    Eine Folge von 50 Radierungen in der Schweizer Galerie Henze Ketterer.
    Bitte Bilder anklicken Kunst gegen den Krieg
    Der Krieg
    Zerfallender Kampfgraben
    Literatur: Florian Karsch, Otto Dix - Das graphische Werk, Kunst gegen den Krieg, 400 Jahre Protest in der Kunst, Basel-Boston-Stuttgart 1984 S. 64f. - Otto Dix, Der Krieg, 50 Radierungen aus dem Jahre 1924, Faksimile-Ausgabe, mit einem Text von Lutz Tittel, Friedrichshafen 1985.
    - Bei Langemarck - Relaisposten - Zerfallender Kampfgraben - Fliehender Verwundeter. Zweite Mappe (Karsch 80-89): Dritte Mappe (Karsch 90-99): Vierte Mappe (Karsch 100-109):
    Ernst Ludwig Kirchner - Absalom

    Tel. +41 (031) 781 06 01 - Fax. +41 (031) 781 07 22
    (Tarif:, Mitglieder:

    19. Krieg 1914-1918 - Die Farbe Der Tränen - Führung
    Der erste Weltkrieg aus der Sicht von Malern, u.a. Max Beckmann, Pierre Bonnard, otto dix, Oskar Kokoschka.

    20. Dix, Otto
    18911969.Peintre moderne et expressionniste allemand, auteur de la Nouvelle Objectivit©. Parcours sous forme de ballade con§u par Serge Robert.

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