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         Dadd Richard:     more books (25)
  1. The World of Richard Dadd by Michael Mott, 2005-07-31
  2. RICHARD DADD - HIS JOURNALS. by Isaure de. Saint Pierre, 1984-01-01
  3. Richard Dadd in Bedlam and Other Stories by Alan Wall, 1999-01
  4. Richard Dadd: The Rock and Castle of Seclusion by David Greysmith, 1974
  5. The late Richard Dadd, 1817-1886 by Patricia Allderidge, 1974
  6. Outsider Artists: Richard Dadd, Joseph Yoakum, Wesley Willis, Adolf Wölfli, Francis E. Dec, Henry Darger, Richard Sharpe Shaver, Crispin Glover
  7. Richard Dadd (1817-1886): Dreams of Fancy: A Loan Exhibition, Including Works from the Bethlem Royal Hospital, 2nd July -- 11th July, 2008 by Patricia Allderidge, 2008-01
  8. English Murderers: Richard Dadd, James Hanratty, Joe Meek, Edmund Walter Pook, John Walker Turnbull, Thomas Colley, William Burdett
  9. Richard Dadd (1817-1886). A Loan Exhibition. May 3-June 3, 1994 by Richard Dadd, 1994
  10. The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke by Richard Dadd Jigsaw Puzzle by Tate Collection, 2010-06-01
  11. RICHARD DADD: the rock and castle of seclusion. by David. Greysmith, 1974
  12. Richard Dadd by Patricia Allderidge, 1974
  13. Fantastic Art: Danse Macabre, Symbolism, Richard Dadd, H. R. Giger, Codex Seraphinianus, Henry Darger, Austin Osman Spare, Roger Dean
  14. Late Richard Dadd by Patricia Allderidge, 1974

1. No. 911: Richard Dadd
Richard Dadd produces perfectly sane art in a madhouse No. 911 RICHARD DADD. by John H the machines that make our civilization run, and the people whose ingenuity created them. Richard Dadd was mad, insane
No. 911:
by John H. Lienhard
Click here for audio of Episode 911. Today, an English artist's madness raises questions about creativity. The University of Houston's College of Engineering presents this series about the machines that make our civilization run, and the people whose ingenuity created them. R ichard Dadd was mad, insane. That word is out of fashion these days, but Dadd was mad, even by today's forgiving standards. Dadd was born in 1817. At the age of 26, already an established painter, he took a long trip through Europe and the Mid-East. He came back unbalanced. His family took him to a doctor who dealt in mental illness and its legal implications. Dadd, he said, was dangerous and no longer responsible for his actions. Just a few days later, as if on cue, Dadd murdered his father. He fled to Paris and there he killed a perfect stranger. He was caught and shipped back to England. He spent the rest of his life in asylums. He finally died in one when he was 69. Before the murder, Dadd had submitted two paintings in a competition for historical frescoes in the Houses of Parliament. They were hanging in Westminster Hall when he did the murder.

2. DADD Richard
Richard DADD 18171886 UK/UK. D-18-01. MAMS 011017-01.
UK/UK D-18-01 MAMS

3. Richard Dadd - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Richard Dadd. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Richard Dadd (August 1, 1819 January 7, 1886) was a Victorian painter of fairy

4. Richard Dadd
Richard Dadd. Richard Dadd (b. August 1 1819 d. January 7 1886) was a Victorian painter of fairy subjects, in obsessively minuscule
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Richard Dadd
Richard Dadd (b. August 1 d. January 7 ) was a Victorian painter of fairy subjects, in obsessively minuscule detail of fairies and other supernatural subjects. A talented early career led to admission to the Royal Academy of Arts at the age of 20. During a trip to the Middle East and Europe in , Dadd became progressively less rational, and increasingly violent. On his return, he was diagnosed to be of unsound mind, and was taken by his family to recuperate in the countryside village of Cobham . In , Dadd murdered his father with a knife whilst deluded, believing him to be the Devil in disguise, and fled for France ; en route fo Paris Dadd attempted to murder another tourist with a razor, but was unsuccessful and was arrested by the police. Dadd confessed to the murder of his father and was returned to England He was committed to Bethlem psychiatric hospital, and was diagnosed as having what is now known as bipolar disorder . In hospital he was allowed to continue to paint and it was here that many of his masterpieces were created. He was later transferred to Broadmoor, another psychiatric hospital. His (perhaps most) celebrated painting "The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke" was to become the title of a song by rock band Queen
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5. Richard Dadd - Wikipedia
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RICHARD DADD (18171886). A Hermit. 1853. watercolour on paper. 35.7 x 25.7 cm. inscribed Sketch of a Hermit by Richard Dadd Bethlem Hospital 1853. P.397.
A Hermit
watercolour on paper x 25.7 cm inscribed: Sketch of a Hermit by Richard Dadd Bethlem Hospital 1853 P.397 After murdering his father on 28 August 1843 in the grounds of Cobham Park, Kent, Dadd escaped to France, where he was soon arrested and brought back to England. The following year he was certified insane and was admitted to the state criminal lunatic asylum at Bethlem Hospital, St. George’s Fields, Southwark. In 1864 he was transferred to the newly built Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire where he died of consumption in January 1886. EJ PROVENANCE: S.E. Lucas; Christie’s sale 17 March 1961, lot 25; Maas Gallery, from whom purchased by Gallery, July 1961. EXHIBITIONS: Pre-Raphaelites and Contemporaries , London, Maas Gallery, 1961, no.25; Watercolours from Bedford , Norwich, Castle Museum, 1965, no.9 as Hermit in his Cell The Late Richard Dadd , London, Tate Gallery, 1974, no.110. REFERENCES: P. Allderidge, Richard Dadd

8. Richard Dadd (British, 1819 - 1886)
richard dadd (British, 18191886). Biography. richard richard dadd s early paintings were of landscape, marine and animal subjects. He
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Richard Dadd (British, 1819-1886) Biography Richard Dadd is remembered today for the mysterious and magical fairy paintings produced after his tumultuous descent into the realms of madness and insanity. Richard Dadd's early paintings were of landscape, marine and animal subjects. He entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1837 and became a founder member of a group of artists known as 'The Clique'. In 1842 Dadd travelled to the Middle East with his patron, Sir Thomas Phillips. The exhilaration of the journey was such that Dadd already doubted his own sanity on his return to London. He entered the competition for the decoration of the Houses of Parliament, but after his design was rejected his mental health deteriorated, resulting in the murder of his father in August 1843. Dadd fled to France but was arrested and admitted to Bethlem Hospital. His schizophrenia was recognised and he was extremely fortunate in being attended by sympathetic doctors who encouraged him to paint. Isolated from the world outside and from new developments in art, he fell back upon the themes of his sane period, historical and literary subjects, portraits and fairies.

9. Richard Dadd
Richard Dadd. Richard Dadd (b. Srpen 1 1819 d. Leden 7 1886) byl Viktoriánský malír víla predmety, v utkvele nepatrném detailu
švodn­ str¡nka Tato str¡nka v origin¡le
Richard Dadd
Richard Dadd (b. Srpen 1 d. Leden 7 ) byl Viktori¡nsk½ mal­Å™ v­la předměty, v utkvěle nepatrn©m detailu v­ly a jin© nadpřirozen© předměty. Nadan¡ časn¡ kari©ra vedl ke vchodu k Kr¡lovsk¡ akademie uměn­ ve věku 20. Během v½letu k Středn­ v½chod a Evropa v , Dadd stal se postupně m©ně racion¡ln­, a zv½Å¡eně n¡siln½. Při n¡vratu, on byl diagnostikov¡n b½t nemocn© mysli, a byl vzat jeho rodinou okř¡t v př­rodě vesnice Cobham . V , Dadd zavraždil jeho otce s kosou zat­mco oklaman½, věřit jemu b½t Ď¡bel v přestrojen­, a prchl pro Francie ; na cestě fo Pař­Å¾ Dadd pokusil se zavraždit dalÅ¡­ho turistu s hol­c­m strojkem, ale byl neºspěšn½ a byl zatčen½ polici­. Dadd přiznal se k vraždě jeho otce a byl zpětn½ k Anglie On byl zav¡zan½ k Bethlem psychiatrick¡ nemocnice, a byl diagnostikov¡n jak m­t co je nyn­ zn¡m½ jak bipol¡rn­ nepoř¡dek . V nemocnici on měl dovoleno pokračovat malovat a to bylo tady to mnoho z jeho mistrovsk½ch děl vznikal. On byl později přenesl se do Broadmoor, dalÅ¡­ psychiatrick¡ nemocnice. Jeho (možn¡ nejv­ce) slavil, že maluje " drvoÅ¡těp v­ly je mistrovsk½ kousek " byl st¡t se titulem p­sně

10. Richard Dadd
Richard Dadd Number One rated gallery offering fine art reproduction of timeless masterpieces. Richard Dadd. Click on the images to see more

11. Pigots 1840 - "D" Lastname Index
DADD Isaac, Chatham c. DADD John, Margate. DADD John, Romney c. dadd richard William, Rochester. DADDS Mr John, Wingham. DADSON George, Cranbrooke c.
Latter Family Rothwell Family Standen Family ... Pigots 1840 Kent Lastname Index : Al Bl Bo Bro ... Wi X Y Z LastName Section D'COSTA Maurice esq Margate D'OYLEY Rev George DA'ETH Capt Wingham DADD Edward Whitstable DADD Elizabeth Maidstone DADD Elizabeth DADD Isaac DADD Isaac DADD John Margate DADD John DADD Richard William Rochester DADDS Mr John Wingham DADSON George DADSON James DADSON Stephen DADSON William Rochester DADSWELL Geo. DADSWELL James DADSWELL James DAFFORNE James DAGGETT Edward DAINES Thomas DAIR Thomas Margate DAKIN Mr Thomas Margate DAKIN William DALAHAYE Nicholas Narcisse DALE Edward DALE Edward DALE James DALE John Rochester DALE John DALE Joseph DALE Miss DALE Rev J DALE William DALE William, Margate DALES Lieut-Col Samuel DALEY John DALGETY John DALGETY Mr James Margate DALISON M (DD) esq DALLIN Rev Thomas James DALLIN Rev Thomas James DALLINGER James DALLY F F Maidstone DALLY Frank Fether Maidstone DALTON George DALTON John DALTON John DALTON Rebecca DALTON William Rochester DAMPER James DAMPER Richard DAMPER William DAMPIER George Maidstone DAMPIER Lady DAMPREY Stephen Chas Maidstone DAN Isaac DANCE William DANDRIDGE Arthur

12. Richard Dadd - Artist And Madman - Victorian Painter Of Faeries
Biography, art, bibliography and links for Victorian fairy painter richard dadd.
Richard Dadd: biography, bibliography, and links INTERNAL LINKS the art of Richard Dadd The Victorian Period Freemasonry The Golden Dawn ... site map
Richard Dadd was born August 1, 1817 in Chatham, Kent, England. At age 13 the family moved to London, and in 1837, Dadd, age 20, was admitted to the Royal Academy of Art. Dadd showed talent at the Academy and gathered a number of painterly friends, known collectively as 'The Clique'. He won several awards while at the Academy, and began exhibiting his work during his first year. In 1841, he received a commission to do the woodblock illustrations for a book called the Book of British Ballads , as well as an oil painting called Titania Sleeping , which is perhaps the best example of his early work. Overall, his style was not particularly remarkable, no more so than any other moderately gifted painter in Victorian England during the stylistic phase now referred to as "The Fairy School". The Victorians were obsessed with fairy lore

13. Richard Dadd Online
richard dadd English Painter, 18171886 Guide to pictures of works by richard dadd in art museum sites and image archives worldwide. NEW! richard dadd.
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Richard Dadd
[English Painter, 1817-1886]
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14. Richard Dadd (Getty Museum)
A biography of the artist richard dadd from the J. Paul Getty Museum's collection. Explore Art Home Artists. richard dadd. Born 1817, Died 1886 fourth of eleven children of a chemist and druggist, richard dadd began his artistic training at the age of thirteen

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Artists Richard Dadd Born 1817, Died 1886
The fourth of eleven children of a chemist and druggist, Richard Dadd began his artistic training at the age of thirteen. He studied miniature painting, portraiture, and landscapes and was accepted to the prestigious Royal Academy for further study after turning twenty. Academy professors remarked on his gentleness, cheerful good nature, and great promise as an artist. Dadd's Neoclassical paintings of ancient subjects, theatrical in concept, followed in the tradition of Lawrence Alma Tadema. He painted scaled-down human figures in small, luminous landscapes of carefully rendered plants and flowers. In 1842 Dadd left England on a one-year drawing trip throughout Europe and the Middle East. Shortly after his return, he lost his sanity, as had three of his siblings. Dadd murdered his father, attempted to kill a stranger, and spoke of killing the pope and the emperor of Austria, insisting that the Egyptian god Osiris requested these acts. In 1843 the courts and his family committed him to an insane asylum, where he remained for the next forty-three years, continuing to paint.
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Mercy: David, Saul

15. Dadd. Titania
richard dadd. Titania Sleeping, c. 1841.
Richard Dadd. Titania Sleeping, c. 1841. Oil on canvas, 25.5 x 30.5 inches. Collection of Ms. V. R. Levine. Home Page Artists Plays Bibliography ... Emory University , Atlanta, GA This page was last revised: August 25

16. The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke By Richard Dadd (British, 1819 - 1886)
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Richard Dadd (British, 1819-1886)
The Fairy Feller's Master Stroke
Painting Date:
Medium: Oil on canvas
Location: Tate Britain, London, England
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17. Richard Dadd - Artist Painting Prices, Art Appraisal, Artist Paintings [AskART.c
richard dadd AskART, an artist directory with richard dadd and 32000+ American painting and other artists - richard dadd artwork prices, valuations

18. Richard Dadd Artwork And Images At
dadd art artwork and indepth artistic information such as paintings, sculpture, photography Bearded Man with Pipe, 1842 1843 dadd, richard dadd, richard .
account access login: password: artist port. gallery port. arts marketplace browse the arts submit arts news media kit ... art history Artist: D : RICHARD DADD ALPHABETICAL ARTIST INDEX: A B C D ... Z
Museum Image Collections: (1) Bearded Man with a Pipe, 1842 - 1843
Related Sites: (3) Peter Nahun At The Leicester Galleries
Pre-Raphaelites, Symbolists, Visionaries, a Major Exhibition to be held in New York and London May-J...
Dadd, Richard

Dadd, Richard

. Tate Collections, with a multitude of images. 1817-1886. Tate Collections, with a multitude of ima...
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19. Dadd.Puck
richard dadd (18171887) Puck ( 1841) Oil on canvas, approximately 23 X 23 inches. Private collection. " this was considered one of the most successful works which dadd painted while still a student at the Academy, and both
Richard Dadd (1817-1887) Puck
Oil on canvas, approximately 23 X 23 inches. Private collection. "Together with its companion piece Titania Sleeping , this was considered one of the most successful works which Dadd painted while still a student at the Academy, and both won high praise" (Allderidge, 98). The composition with Puck sitting on a toadstool originated with Sir Joshua Reynolds, who also painted a Puck for Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery Home Page Artists Plays Bibliography ... Emory University , Atlanta, GA This page was last revised: April 19

20. Tate | Shop Online
Use this button to add this item to your basket. dadd, richard Fairy Feller s MasterStroke. Ref 86720N Overall Dimensions 70x50 Print

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