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         Collins Charles Allston:     more books (29)
  1. A Cruise Upon Wheels: The Chronicle of Some Autumn Wanderings Among the Deserted Post-Roads of France. by Charles Allston Collins, 2009-04-27
  2. At the bar: a tale by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-06-18
  3. A New Sentimental Journey by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-10-14
  4. The Eye-Witness,: And His Evidence About Many Wonderful Things by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-03-09
  5. The Eyewitness: And His Evidence About Many Wonderful Things (1860) by Charles Allston Collins, 2008-12-22
  6. At the Bar by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-02-24
  7. A Cruise Upon Wheels; The Chronicle of Some Autumn Wanderings Among the Deserted Post-Roads of France by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-10-14
  8. MUGBY JUNCTION. The Extra Christmas Number of All The Year Round, Conducted by Charles Dickens, for Christmas, 1866. by Charles [1812 - 1870]. Halliday [Duff], Andrew [1830 - 1877]; Collins, Charles Allston [1827 - 1876]; Stretton, Hesba; Edwards, Amelia Ann Blandford [1831 - 1892] - Contributors. Dickens, 1866
  9. The Compensation House by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-05-22
  10. At the Bar (Volume 2); A Tale by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-01-13
  11. A Cruise Upon Wheels: The Chronicle Of Some Autumn Wanderings Among The Deserted Post-Roads Of France (1863) by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-05-23
  12. A Cruise Upon Wheels: The Chronicle Of Some Autumn Wanderings Among The Deserted Post-Roads Of France (1863) by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-09-10
  13. A Cruise Upon Wheels: The Chronicle of Some Autumn Wanderings Among the Deserted Post-roads of Franc by Charles Allston Collins, 2009-02-10
  14. A cruise upon wheels: the chronicle of some autumn wanderings among the deserted post-roads of France by Charles Allston COLLINS, 1863-01-01

61. The New Magdalen By Wilkie Collins : Arthur's Classic Novels
Arthur s Classic Novels. The New Magdalen. by Wilkie collins. To The Memory Of charles allston collins. (9th April, 1873.). First Scene.
This document was prepared with borrowed Gutenberg etext for Arthur's Classic Novels. Gutenberg text prepared by James Rusk. XHTML markup by Arthur Wendover. September 19, 2002. (See source file for details.) This is the e-text version of the book The New Magdalen by Wilkie Collins, taken from the original e-text nmgdl10.txt. Arthur's Classic Novels
The New Magdalen
by Wilkie Collins
To The Memory Of Charles Allston Collins.
(9th April, 1873.)
First Scene. The Cottage on the Frontier. Preamble. THE place is France. The time is autumn, in the year eighteen hundred and seventythe year of the war between France and Germany. The persons are, Captain Arnault, of the French army; Surgeon Surville, of the French ambulance; Surgeon Wetzel, of the German army; Mercy Merrick, attached as nurse to the French ambulance; and Grace Roseberry, a traveling lady on her way to England.
Chapter I. The Two Women. IT was a dark night. The rain was pouring in torrents. Late in the evening a skirmishing party of the French and a skirmishing party of the Germans had met, by accident, near the little village of Lagrange, close to the German frontier. In the struggle that followed, the French had (for once) got the better of the enemy. For the time, at least, a few hundreds out of the host of the invaders had been forced back over the frontier. It was a trifling affair, occurring not long after the great German victory of Weissenbourg, and the newspapers took little or no notice of it. Still absorbed in his perusal of the dispatches, and now and then making notes of what he read by the help of writing materials placed at his side, Captain Arnault was interrupted by the appearance of an intruder in the room. Surgeon Surville, entering from the kitchen, drew aside the canvas screen, and approached the little round table at which his superior officer was sitting.

62. Oil Painting And Picture Frame, Wholesale Oil Paintings And Frames
William Briton Riviere Carlos Schwabe Canaletto Caspar David Friedrich Cezanne Paul Chaarles Daniel Ward Charkes allston collins charles Sellier charles Allen us.htm
Home Catalog
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63. British Women Painters: 1893 Exposition--Part III
After her first husband (artist charles allston collins, the brother of novelist Wilkie collins) died in 1873, she married artist charles Edward Perugini with
Site Index ll Women Painters Index ll Nichols Home Page
British Women Painters: 1893 Exposition
ContinuedPage 3
British Women Pianters Allingham - Duffield l Forbes - Jopling l Lucas - Rae I Reid - Youngman
This Page:
Marie Cornelissen Lucas
Jessie Macgregor

Edith Martineau

Clara Montalba
Henrietta Rae

Marie (Elizabeth) Cornelissen Lucas Till the Final Harvest example of her genre work. Double-sided painting: Purity (front); The Devil (back) representative work Henry VI (infant monarch in white and ermine; crimson drapery signifies his sovereignty) exhibited in Fine Arts Palace, 1893 Exposition. British artist Marie Lucas was born in Paris and studied art in Paris, London, and Germany. Her birth name was Maria Elizabeth Cornelissen, but she evidently painted and exhibited under the name "Marie Cornelissen" as well as under "Mrs. John Seymour Lucas" after she married the historical painter by that name in 1877. No other information is available online. (Note: Some sources seem to be confusing Maria Elizabeth with her daughter "Mary Ellen.") Jessie Macgregor (c. 1850s - 1919)

64. Bibliographie Deutschsprachiger SF-Stories Und Bücher: Autoren Mit "C"
Vladimir Colin, 17.07.2003, 17, 0. John Collier, 08.07.2002, 9, 0. charles allston collins, 22.10.1999, 2, 0. Clark collins, 22.10.1999, siehe Mack Reynolds.
Autoren mit "C"
Autor Datum Stories James Branch Cabell O.M. Cabral Pat Cadigan Michael Cadnum Caradoc A. Cador Jack Cady Blake Cahoon Martin Caidin Alain Caillou Staff Caine Luigi Cajani Myra Cakan A.W. Calder Alexander Calhoun Mort Calhoun Harold Calin Hortense Calisher Ernest Callenbach Dom Augustin Calmet Italo Calvino Berl Cameron Julie Cameron Francois Camoin Tomaso Campanella H erbert J. Campbell J. Ramsey Campbell John Scott Campbell J ohn W. Campbell Paul Campbell R amsey Campbell R.C. Camphausen David Campton Albert Camus Terry Cane Cal Canter Lisa W. Cantrell Karel Capek Raul Garcia Capella Paul Capon Truman Capote Edward de Capoulet-Junac Fritjof Capra Luigi Capuana Stephen W. Carabatsos Mary Caraker T.P. Caravan Orson Scott Card Ray Cardwell Paul Carell Maeve Carels Diane Carey Jacqueline Carey Peter Carey Lillian Steward Carl William K. Carlson Andre Carneiro John Carnell Dennis R. Caro Andre Caroff Humphrey Carpenter Leonard Carpenter Melissa Carpenter Alexander Carr Caleb Carr Carol Carr James Benton Carr Jayge Carr John Dickson Carr John F. Carr

65. Netscape Search Category - Pre-Raphaelites
Kate Elizabeth @ (1); BurneJones, Edward @ (27); collins, charles allston @ (1); collinson, James @ (2); Corbet, Edith Ellenborough
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66. Hareem Life, Constantinople
In this regard, the PreRaphaelite charles allston collins 1851 painting, Convent Thoughts, and Lewis 1865 painting, In the Bey s Garden, Asia Minor, show
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
John Frederick Lewis, RA
Self-Censorship in the Harem Paintings of J.F. Lewis
by Elizabeth Malcolm Art History Senior Thesis - Hartwick College, May 1997
Hareem Life, Constantinople In the reviews of this painting, the standing woman is, without exception, referred to as an "attendant." While there are no significant differences in the representations of the two women, except that one's fan is of better quality, the reviewers labeled one "mistress" and the other "servant." Lewis could quite possibly have been representing two wives; however, as the practice of polygyny was considered uncivilized and immoral by the Victorians, it is natural that they would append a less controversial meaning to the painting. Lewis carries over some of the elements of Hareem Life, Constantinople into his painting Life in the Harem, Cairo from 1858. The seated woman, possibly modeled on Lewis' wife Marian, gazes thoughtfully at a bouquet of flowers in her lap. These flowers may be of the same tradition as those in An Intercepted Correspondence, Cairo

67. Los Prerafaelistas.
Translate this page Thomas Woolner, el pintor James collinson, el literato Frederic George Stephens y, poco después, Walter Hower Deverell y charles allston collins.Desde sus
Recomendar esta página Agregar a Favoritos Contacto ANTERIOR ... Opinar
Los Prerafaelistas.
Enamorados de Shelley, Byron y Keats, rebuscadores de de las leyendas de la fe, de las armas y del amor, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Holman Hunt y John E. Millais, formaron en 1848 la hermandad prerrafaelista, en oposición a la Academia, la cual apreciaba más la tradición rafaelesca que al mismo Rafael, mostrando una gran predilección por la sencillez e ingenuidad de los prerrafaelitas. William Michael Rossetti, hermano de Dante Gabriel, analiza así el Objeto de los prerrafaelistas: - Tener ideas sinceras para expresarlas - Estudiar atentamente la Naturaleza para saber exponer y manifestar aquellas ideas de la mejor manera posible - Simpatizar con cuanto en el arte antiguo es serio, sincero y cordialmente sentido, y rechazar todo lo convencional, teatral y aprendido según reglas - Y lo más importante, crear buenas pinturas y bellas estatuas.

68. Wilkie Collins On Dickens
strained. One possible reason is that Wilkie s brother charles allston collins had married Dickens s daughter Kate (10). charles
Wilkie Collins met Charles Dickens on 12 March 1851 (1) after accepting the part of Smart the valet in the amateur production of Bulwer Lytton's play Not So Bad as We Seem. Although Dickens was twelve years older and an established author and public figure, a lifelong friendship followed. They dined together, took holidays together, and visited the less reputable parts of London and Paris together. They also worked together. For more than five years Collins was employed on Household Words and then All The Year Round and collaborated with Dickens on several Christmas issues of both publications, including No Thoroughfare Collins's letters to Dickens do not survive and there are two main sources for what he thought of his friend - prefaces to his books and notes he wrote on his copy of John Forster's biography of Dickens (3). Hide and Seek in 1854. He wrote "To Charles Dickens this story is inscribed as a token of admiration and affection, by his friend, the author" (4). Dickens replied to Collins's letter seeking permission to dedicate the book to him "I shall be delighted to see my name in that good company" (5). Dickens loved Hide and Seek , writing to his sister-in-law Georgina Hogarth "I think it is far and away the cleverest novel I have ever seen written by a new hand. It is much beyond Mrs Gaskell and is in some respects masterly..." (6). Seven years later in a new preface to a new edition Collins, by then as famous as Dickens, referred to "...the favourable opinions which many of my brother writers - and notably the great writer to whom 'Hide and Seek' is dedicated - expressed of these pages when I originally wrote them." (7)

69. The Wilkie Collins Website
Wilkie s family his brother charles allston collins and his father William collins RA including images of letters and paintings;
150 years ago
Go straight to Menu 1853 was a quieter year than for the 29 year-old Wilkie Collins. He had no publications out at the turn of the year and his only published work dated 1853 was ' Gabriel's Marriage ' which was published in Dickens's weekly Household Words 16-23 April 1853 and was then pirated in the USA by Littell's Living Age appearing on 28 May. It is a story of poverty, murder, superstition, a death-bed secret, and Christian forgiveness set in Brittany at the time of the persecution of the Catholic religion during the French revolution. It is notable for Wilkie's use of the weather and landscape to set the scene. And perhaps most remarkable to us now for the sentence "The White Women! the grave diggers of the drowned are out on the sea!". In 1856 Wilkie republished it in his collection of short stories After Dark Basil published late in 1852, was going "pretty well" Wilkie wrote in March "our first edition being nearly exhausted. It has been vehemently objected to as immoral by some of those virtuously inflammable ladies and gentlemen of Modern Times...As I have never written for these people and never will, then their condemnation is infinitely more acceptable than their approval." During March, Wilkie was put in touch with the French literary critic Émile Daurand Forgues to whom he sent a copy of Basil . In 1855 Forgues wrote one of the first literary criticisms of Collins's work and later translated two of his books into French.

70. Mostra Eventos Da Data Selecionada
Translate this page Morte do pintor inglês James collinson 25/01/1828 Nascimento Pintura Fatos Inglaterra Nascimento de charles allston collins (escritor e pintor inglês) 27/01

71. Mostra Eventos Da Data Selecionada
Translate this page J. Cohn (botânico alemão) 25/01/1828 Nascimento Pintura Fatos Inglaterra Nascimento de charles allston collins (escritor e pintor inglês) Fatos relacionados

72. William Collins
DIW. References Dictionary of National Biography, charles allston collins (18281873), painter, was son of William collins (1788-1847), as was William Wilkie,William/
William Collins Life
Memoir of George Moreland , and The Story of A Picture ; f. of Williams Collins and grandfather of Wilkie Collins. DIW References
Dictionary of National Biography , Charles Allston Collins (1828-1873), painter, was son of William Collins (1788-1847), as was [William] Wilkie Collins (1824-1889). top Princess Grace Irish Library (Monaco)

73. Centre For Whistler Studies :: Journal :: 23/9/2003 - The Woman In White
His brother charles allston collins was also a painter in the PreRaphaelite circle and married Kate Dickens, a daughter of charles Dickens.

Home Page
The Centre J.McN.Whistler News and Events ... Links
23 September 2003 - The Woman in White
On the 23rd September 1889, William Wilkie Collins died. Collins was a novelist whose father, William Collins, was a landscape and genre painter and a member of the Royal Academy. His brother Charles Allston Collins was also a painter in the Pre-Raphaelite circle and married Kate Dickens, a daughter of Charles Dickens. During his life Collins published twenty-three novels, six collections of stories, a volume of essays, a travel book, and a biography. He also published numerous short stories, a translation from French, over a dozen plays and more than one hundred articles in various periodicals. When Whistler's Symphony in White, No. I: The White Girl was exhibited at Morgan's Gallery in London in 1862, it was entitled The Woman in White , and it was assumed by many, including F. G. Stephens, the art critic of the Athenaeum , that it was intended to be an illustration of Collins' popular novel of the same name (London, 1860). In a letter to the Athenaeum of 1 July 1862 Whistler refutes this notion: "May I beg to correct an erroneous impression likely to be confirmed by a paragraph in your last number? The Proprietors of the Berners Street Gallery have, without my sanction, called my picture "The Woman in White." I had no intention whatsoever of illustrating Mr Wilkie Collins's novel; it so happens, indeed, that I have never read it. My painting simply represents a girl dressed in white standing in front of a white curtain."

74. Portraits De Personnages Celebres : DIC
DICKENS)(18491933) Peinture 1; DICKENS (Kate Macready, femme de charles allston collins)(1839-1929) Peinture 1; DICKENS (Mary, fille
DIC A B C D ...
  • DICEY (Albert Venn)(1835-1922)
  • DICK (Quintin)(1777-1858)
  • DICK (Sir Robert Henry)(1785-1846)
  • DICK (Samuel B.)
  • DICK (Sir William Reid)(1879-1961)
  • DICKENS (Charles)(1812-1870)
      Photo (en 1867)/3/4/5/6/7/8
  • DICKENS (Sir Henry Fielding, fils de Charles DICKENS
  • DICKENS (Kate Macready, femme de Charles Allston COLLINS)(1839-1929)
  • DICKENS (Mary, fille de Charles DICKENS
  • DICKENS (Monica Enid)(1915-1992)
  • DICKERMAN (Marion)
      Photo de groupe (1929-A, avec Nancy COOK, Eleanor ROOSEVELT , et Caroline O'DAY
    • DICKEY (Christopher)
    • DICKEY (Melvin)
    • DICKFELD (Adolf)
    • DICKINSON (Anna Elizabeth)(1842-1932)
    • DICKINSON (Emily)
        Photo (enfant)/
    • DICKINSON (Goldsworthy Lowes)(1862-1932)
    • DICKINSON (Susana)(1814-1883)
    • DICKMAN (Maj Gen Joseph Theodor)
        Photo (A)/
        Photo de groupe (A)/ (A)
    • DICKMEYER (Robert)
    • DICKONS (Maria)(1770-1833)
    • DICKSON (Sir Alexander)(1777-1840)
      • DICKSON (Bertram Thomas)(1886-1982)
      • DICKSON (Dorothy)
      • DICKSON (Leonard E.)

75. The Pre-Raphaelite Critic: Introduction
in their Brotherhood Rossetti s brother William Michael Rossetti, Frederic George Stephens, Thomas Woolner, and charles allston collins (collins was denied
The Genesis of Pre-Raphaelitism The "clean line" and "simple faith" of the quattrocento were by no means the exclusive province of eccentric German painters. Many English painters on the "Grand Tour" were influenced by the painting techniques and subjects of fifteenth-century paintings. By the late 1840s, there was a general interest in late-medieval design-so much so that the Arundel Society was formed in 1848 to disseminate engravings and other copies of important works. The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was a continuation of this trend; it did not arise ex nihilo , as many scholars have claimed. Timothy Hilton nicely sums up this point: The influence of the German Nazarenes, the adumbration of such principles as accuracy, archaism, a new look at the medieval past, and intensity of religious, human and literary feeling; all these are present in the course of English art before the formation of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and it must be recognized that the Brotherhood was part of this movement, not its source. (25) Indeed, recent scholarship has focused on reconnecting the Pre-Raphaelite movement to its continental influences, long disavowed by scholars intent on preserving the "Englishness" of the movement. Alicia Craig Faxon declares in the introduction to

76. Artist
Artist Punch cartoonist John Farrier? Title parody of Convent Thoughts (1850) by charles allston collins Composed 17 May 1851 Identifying Data Punch
Artist: "Punch" cartoonist [John Farrier?]
Title: parody of Convent Thoughts (1850) by Charles Allston Collins
Composed: 17 May 1851
Identifying Data: "Punch Among the Painters." Punch 17 May 1851, 219.
This document was scanned from the original source. Return to the list of plates

77. Art Directory - The Worldwide Art Gallery
and fellow artists from the PreRaphaelite Movement such as John Everett Millais, Dante G. Rossetti, John Ruskin, charles allston collins and Thomas Woolner.

78. Bruguera Libro Amigo - Por Colección - CYbErDaRk.Net - Terror Y Misterio -
Pollock / Edgar Allan Poe / Guy de Maupassant / Richard Middleton / Seabury Quinn / Austin Hall / charles Dickens / charles allston collins / Wilmon Menard,

79. Horror Selección 1 - CYbErDaRk.Net - (Bruguera - Bruguera Libro Amigo) - Terror
Translate this page El horla - Richard Middleton El buque fantasma - Seabury Quinn El lienzo de la locura - Austin Hall Casi inmortal - charles allston collins y charles Dickens

80. - 12,300+ Visual Artists (painter, Sculptor, Photographer, And Book
Coleman, charles Caryl, • collins, charles, • Coleman, Colleen, • collins, charles allston, • Coleman, Elizabeth, • collins, Dan,
Home Events Venues Organizations Sunday April 11, 2004 5:07pm EDT Home Visual Artists C Last name between 1st and last C,7. - Calderaro,B. Calderon,M. - Camden,E. Camejo,S. - Cannata,A. Cannata,G. - Caraglio,G. Caras,B. - Carmontelle,L. Carmontelle,L. - Carrington,L. Carrington,R. - Casilear,J. Caspe,L. - Caughey,S. Caulfield,P. - Chadwick,L. Chadwick,W. - Changtrakul,T. Channing,L. - Chase,W. Chase,W. - Chi,T. Chi-shu,C. - Chow,L. Christ-Janer,A. - Churchill,D. Churchill,W. - Clark,G. Clark,J. - Clercq,L. Clesinger,J. - Coe,S. Coello,C. - Cole,T. Cole,W. - Colson,G. Colter,D. - Conrad,C. Conrad,E. - Cooper,T. Cooper,W. - Cornell,D. Cornell,J. - Cotton,W. Cottrell,H. - Cox,K. Cox,K. - Crawford,J. Crawford,L. - Croak,J. Croce,J. - Cruickshank,W. Cruikshank,G. - Curlet,F. Curnoe,G. - Cyr,D. Results 901 - 950 of 1435. Cole , Willie Collins , Bryan Coleman , Annette Collins , Cecil Coleman , Charles Caryl Collins , Charles Coleman , Colleen Collins , Charles Allston Coleman , Elizabeth Collins , Dan Coleman , Frank Collins , Frank Coleman , Janet Collins , Jacob Coleman , Michael Collins , Jim Colescott , Robert Collins , John Colescott , Warrington Collins , Phil Colgan , Susan Collins , William Coll , Joseph Clement Collinson , James Colla , Ettore Collishaw , Mat Collaert , Adriaen Collot , Marie-Anne Collantes , Francisco Collouri-Holcombe , Anna Collazo , Raphael Collura , Bonnie Collet , John Colman , Samuel Colley , Don Colmar , Fay Collier , Benjamin C.

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