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         Collins Charles Allston:     more books (29)
  1. At the Bar (Volume 1); A Tale by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-01-13
  2. A CRUISE UPON WHEELS by Charles Allston Collins, 1863
  3. The Bar Sinister: A Tale by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-01-12
  4. [a Cruise Upon Wheels: the Chronicle of Some Autumn Wanderings Among the Deserted Post-Roads of France ... Second Edition.] by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-05-03
  5. Strathcairn by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-04-03
  6. The Eye-witness, by Charles Allston Collins, 2009-08-15
  7. A Cruise Upon Wheels: The Chronicle Of Some Autumn Wanderings Among The Deserted Post-Roads Of France (1863) by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-09-10
  8. The Eyewitness: And His Evidence About Many Wonderful Things (1860) by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-09-10
  9. The Eyewitness: And His Evidence About Many Wonderful Things (1860) by Charles Allston Collins, 2010-09-10
  10. STRANGE TALES: Black Cat; Rappaccini's Daughter; House and the Brain; Trial for Murder; Green Tea; A Terribly Strange Bed by Basil (editor) (Edgar Allan Poe; Nathaniel Hawthorne; Edward Bulwer-Lytton; Charles Allston Collins; Charles Dickens; Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu; Wilkie Collins) Rathbone, 1968
  11. A Cruise Upon Wheels. The Chronicle of Some Autumn Wanderings Among the Deser... by Charles Allston Collins, 1863
  12. A cruise upon wheels: The chronicle of some autumn wanderings among the deserted post-roads of France (Collection of British authors. Tauchnitz edition) by Charles Allston Collins, 1874
  13. The Eye-Witness, and His Evidence About Many Wonderful Things by Charles Allston Collins, 1860
  14. Basil Rathbone Selcts Strange Tales (The Black Cat, Rappacini's Daughter, The House and the Brain, The Trial for Murder, Green Tea, A Terribly Strange Bed) by Basil (ed.), Edgar Allan Poe, Natianiel Hawthorne, Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Charles Allston Collins, Charles Dickens, John Sheridan Le Fanu, Wilkie Collins Rathbone, 1968

21. Charles Collins Artwork And Images At
indepth artistic information such as paintings, sculpture, photography collins, charles collins, charles allston collins, charles charles collins is American
account access login: password: artist port. gallery port. arts marketplace browse the arts submit arts news media kit ... art history Artist: C : CHARLES COLLINS ALPHABETICAL ARTIST INDEX: A B C D ... Z
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Collins, Charles

Charles Collins is a American Surealist working in the realms of the oneness of all life everywhere ...
Collins, Charles Allston

. Tate Collections, with a multitude of images. 1828-1873
Collins, Charles

. Tate Collections, with a multitude of images. circa 1680-1744
Collins, Charles Allston

Metasearch Website Matches: (13) ... Search the Art History Database for artists, titles, media, year, and other indepth information: Pablo Picasso Portrait Our Supplier's price: $32.00 Pablo Picasso Woman with a Blue Hat Our Supplier's price: $16.00 Salvador Dali Femme a Tete De Roses Our Supplier's price: $31.00

22. Paintings By Charles Allston Collins
Paintings by charles allston collins. Berengaria's Alarm for the safety of her husband, Richard Coeur de Lion, awakened
Paintings by Charles Allston Collins

23. ARC :: Charles Allston Collins :: Page 1 Of 1
charles allston collins (b.1828d.1873). Art-works featured on this page include Convent Thoughts. Home Museum charles allston collins. images 1.

24. Charles Allston Collins
x, Bert Christensen s CyberSpace Gallery. charles allston collins British. 18281873.
x Bert Christensen's
CyberSpace Gallery
Charles Allston Collins


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Convent Thoughts

25. Alphabetical List Of Artists
Collier, John (Lilith), 37. Collier, John (Circe), 83. collins, charles allston, 46. Colville, Alex (To Prince Edward Island), 31. Colville, Alex (Dog in Car), 43.
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26. Convent Thoughts By Charles Allston Collins
Convent Thoughts. charles allston collins. date. Oil on canvas. Victorian Web Homepage Visual Arts Victorian sculpture charles allston collins
Convent Thoughts Charles Allston Collins date Oil on canvas

27. Paintings By Charles Allston Collins
Paintings by charles allston collins. Convent Thoughts. Victorian Web Homepage Visual Arts Victorian sculpture charles allston collins
Paintings by Charles Allston Collins

28. Phryne - Charles Allston Collins At The Victoria And Albert Museum
Works by charles allston collins at The Victoria and Albert Museum, The good harvest of 1854 , A girl with a stook of corn in a
Works by Charles Allston Collins at The Victoria and Albert Museum
'The good harvest of 1854'
A girl with a stook of corn: in a lilac-purple smock, reminiscent of Hughes , set against an ivy-clad brick wall, reminiscent of Millais Home to

29. Athenaeum Index: Author, Editor, Translator Record.
Author, Editor and/or Translator collins, charles allston. Authored The Bar Sinister 1901 (April 2,1864); A Cruise upon Wheels 1809 (June 28,1862);,CharlesAllston.htm
Author, Editor and/or Translator:
COLLINS, Charles Allston
  • The Bar Sinister 1901 (April 2,1864)
  • A Cruise upon Wheels 1809 (June 28,1862)
  • Strathcairn 1915 (July 9,1864)
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  • 30. Athenaeum Author Index: C.,A. To CZERWINSKI, Albert.
    COLLIER, William F. COLLIER, William Francis; COLLING, Mary Maria; collins, CJ; collins, charles allston; collins, charles W. collins
    Athenaeum Author index: C.,A. to CZERWINSKI, Albert.
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  • C., Ellen ... Bulletin Board
  • 31. C. A. Collins
    The Paintings of charles allston collins. (18281873). Convent Thoughts (1850-51).
    The Paintings of Charles Allston Collins
    Convent Thoughts

    32. Préraphaélisme
    Translate this page Un deuxième groupe de préraphaélites se constitue avec Walter Deverell (1827-1854), apparenté à Rossetti, charles allston collins (1828-1873), influencé
    Mouvements HUNT William Holman MILLAIS John Everett WALLIS Henry Les peintres William Holman Hunt John Everett Millais James Collinson Dante Gabriel Rossetti William Michael Rossetti Thomas Woolner (1825-1892), et le critique d'art Frederick George Stephens (1828-1907), sont les fondateurs en 1848, de la confrérie des préraphaélites, "The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood", en opposition au matérialisme victorien et aux conventions néoclassiques de l'art académique. William Holman Hunt John Everett Millais , et Dante Gabriel Rossetti
    • Isabella de John Everett Millais, (Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool)
      The Girlhood of Mary Virgin (L'Adolescence de la Vierge Marie) de Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Tate Gallery, Londres)
    Un style proche de celui des nazaréens, dans les particularités " médiévales ". Le symbolisme, l'éclat des couleurs, l'importance et la minutie du détail, les caractéristiques véridiques des personnages.

    33. Pre-Raphaelite Passion - Artists' Biographies
    Collier, John, Osborn, Emily Mary. collins, charles allston, Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. Cowper, Frank Cadogan, Sandys, Frederick Augustus.
    Artists' Biographies Alma-Tadema, Sir Lawrence Millais, Sir John Everett Brown, Ford Madox Morgan, Evelyn de Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Coley Morris, William Collier, John Osborn, Emily Mary Collins, Charles Allston Rossetti, Dante Gabriel Cowper, Frank Cadogan Sandys, Frederick Augustus Dicksee, Sir Frank Bernard Strudwick, John Melhuish Godward, John William Swynnerton, Annie Louisa Hunt, William Holman Waterhouse, John William Leighton, Sir Frederic
    Self-portrait (detail) (1897) Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema (1836 - 1912) Although Dutch-born, most of Alma-Tadema's career was spent in England. He was naturalized there in 1873 and knighted in 1899. His early paintings are of Merovingian and Egyptian scenes, but after visiting Pompeii in 1863, his focus turned to styles of classical Greek and Roman. His paintings usually include beautiful women and are often evocative. Alma-Tadema is also recognized for his grand rendering of marble, silver, gold, bronze and silks. He was also an early influence on John William Waterhouse and John William Godward. Included works here: Ask Me No More Expectations HerEyes are with Her Thoughts and They are Far Away The Bath of Caracalla ... The Favourite Poet.

    34. Miscellaneous Artists
    James late 20th Collet, John Collier, John Colligan, Diane Mansfield collins, charles collins, charles 19/20th collins, charles allston collins, William
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    Buchheit, Manfred
    Buckham, Lynn
    Buffet, Bernard
    Bugatti, Rembrandt
    Bugzester, Maxim 20th Cen
    Bull, Johan
    Bunbury, Henry William Bunce, Kate Elizabeth Burgess, Nancy late 20th Burlingame, J Courtney 20th Cen Burnett, Jann Eiland late 20th Cen Burns, Jim Burns, William 20th Cen Buros, Luella

    35. Wilkie Collins On Dickens
    strained. One possible reason is that Wilkie s brother charles allston collins had married Dickens s daughter Kate. charles was
    Wilkie Collins met Charles Dickens on 12 March 1851 in the amateur production of Bulwer Lytton's play Not So Bad as We Seem. Although Dickens was twelve years older and an established author and public figure, a lifelong friendship followed. They dined together, took holidays together, and visited the less reputable parts of London and Paris together. They also worked together. He collaborated with Dickens on several Christmas issues of both publications. Hide and Seek in 1854. In 1860 Collins had referred to Dickens in the preface to the three volume edition of The Woman in White. In later years, shortly before Dickens's death, relationships between them were, for a while, strained. One possible reason is that Wilkie's brother Charles Allston Collins had married Dickens's daughter Kate. Charles was a sickly man to whom Dickens took a growing dislike as they both headed towards the grave. After Dickens's death our knowledge of Collins's feelings about him come from some marginal notes he made in Forster's The Life of Charles Dickens. They were discovered when Collins's library was sold after his death in 1889.
    More information: Letters of Charles Dickens to Wilkie Collins

    36. The Public Face Of Wilkie Collins Published By Pickering & Chatto
    Holman Hunt, William Frith, John Linnell, Edward Ward, Edwin Landseer, Frederic Leighton, Ford Maddox Brown, his brother charles allston collins and John

    The Public Face of Wilkie Collins
    4 Volume Set Editors: William Baker Andrew Gasson
    Graham Law and Paul Lewis The four volumes of The Public Face of Wilkie Collins bring into one continuous chronological sequence nearly 3000 letters by Wilkie Collins, one of the most successful Victorian writers. They range from the short letter to his mother written in 1831 when Collins was just 7 years old to the last note to his doctor scrawled almost illegibly two days before his death at 65 in 1889. His letters are an essential research tool for anyone studying Victorian fiction – whether from the point of view of its key role in literary development or its central place in publishing history, Victorian theatre or travel, or indeed anyone who just wants a window opened on Victorian England in nearly three quarters of a million wonderful words by one of its key writers.
    Publication details
    1 85196 764 8: 4 Volume Set: £350/$540
    c.1200pp: 234x156mm: June 2005

    37. CHARLES EDWARD PERUGINI (1839-1918) - Rehs Galleries, Inc.
    Kate, an artist herself, was married to the historical painter charles allston collins and their marriage lasted until collins’ death in 1873.
    The Green Lizard
    Oil on canvas
    46 x 64 inches
    Signed with monogram
    Exhibited: Royal Academy, London, 1902; #355 Born in Naples in 1839 he spent the first 25 years of his life growing up and studying art in Italy. By 1855 Perugini had made the acquaintance of the great British Neo-Classical artist Frederic Leighton who was traveling and studying on the Continent. A strong friendship developed between the two and Leighton took the young artist under his wing… giving him great encouragement and financial support. By the late 1850’s Perugini left for England – accompanied by Leighton. Upon his arrival he worked in Leighton’s studio, but soon set up his own atelier and by 1863, the year he exhibited his first work at the Royal Academy, he was living and working at 13 Sutherland Terrace. Through Leighton’s social connections the young Italian artist gained access to many of the wealthy patrons in England, enabling him to achieve great financial success. His works were admired and collected by many and he received favorable remarks from the critics. A writer for the Art Journal of 1874 made the following comments about the work he exhibited at the Royal Academy that year: There is much grace showing itself in A Cup of Tea , as well in the carefully drawn figure of a lady who sips the cup of tea as in the general harmony of color secured for the whole composition.

    1826. Family moves to Hampstead Green. 1828. 25 January. Brother, charles allston collins born. 1829. Summer. Family visits Boulogne. 1829. September.
    From Wilkie Collins - An Illustrated Guide by Andrew Gasson DATE EVENT PUBLICATION 8 January Born at 11 New Cavendish Street, Marylebone Family moves to Hampstead Green 25 January Brother, Charles Allston Collins born Summer Family visits Boulogne September Family moves to Hampstead Square Family moves to Porchester Terrace, Bayswater January Attends school at the Maida Hill Academy September Family visits France and Italy till August 1838 August Moves to 20 Avenue Road;attends Cole's school in Highbury Summer Family moves to 85 Oxford Terrace, Bayswater January June-July Visits Scotland with his father, William Collins August First signed publication 'The Last Stage Coachman', in The Illuminated Magazine Writes Ioláni Visits France with Charles Ward Ioláni rejected; visits Paris on his own Visits Belgium with Charles Ward May Enters Linclon's Inn to study law 17 February Death of William Collins Visits Normandy with Charles Ward Summer Family moves to Blandford Square November First book published Memoirs of the Life of William Collins, R.A. Summer Exhibits Smuggler's Retreat at the R. A. Summer Exhibition

    39. Victorian Art In Britain
    life in England. His wife, Kate, was the widow of charles allston collins, and the daughter of charles Dickens. She was the model
    Victorian Art in Britain Charles Edward Perugini
    I have found it rather difficult to discover much about Perugini, and, as a result, my initial short biography of him was woefully inadequate. Perugini was a most interesting artist. His paintings were fastidiously painted, highly finished, with subtle integrated colouring, and at their best quite simply wonderful aesthetic pictures. Despite the Italian name, and his birth in Naples, the artist spent the great part of his life in England. His wife, Kate , was the widow of Charles Allston Collins, and the daughter of Charles Dickens. She was the model for the young woman in Millais’s famous painting ‘The Black Brunswicker,’ and also sat for a rather unconventional portrait by him. Perugini was a protégé of Lord Leighton and very much part of his circle. He did not become even an ARA, and given the standard of his pictures, and his closeness to Leighton and Millais, I find this quite surprising. This obituary of Charles Edward Perugini appeared in The Times on Monday 23 rd December 1918. It does, at least, give some more information about him.

    40. Great Tales Of Terror And The Supernatural, Edited By Phyllis Cerf Wagner And He
    collins, charles allston, (18281873) and charles Dickens, (1812-1870) The Trial for Murder, 1865. (All the Year Round, Christmas, 1865.).
    Great Tales of Terror and the Supernatural, edited by Phyllis Cerf Wagner and Herbert A. Wise
    The Modern Library/Random House, New York, 1943, 1994. ISBN: 0-679-60128-7
    Fiction Index Aiken, Conrad,
    Silent Snow, Secret Snow, Arlen, Michael,
    The Gentleman from America, May Fair,
    La Grande Breteche, Benson, E. F.,
    Caterpillars, The Room in the Tower,
    Mrs. Amworth, Visible and Invisible, Bierce, Ambrose,
    The Boarded Window, In the Midst of Life, Blackwood, Algernon,
    Ancient Sorceries, John Silence, Physician Extraordinary,
    Confession, Wolves of God and Other Fey Stories, Bulwer-Lytton, Edward,
    The Haunters and the Haunted; or, The House and the Brain, Weird Tales, May, 1923.) Collier, John,
    Back for Christmas, The New Yorker, Collins, Charles Allston, (1828-1873) and Charles Dickens, (1812-1870) The Trial for Murder, All the Year Round, Christmas, 1865.) Collins, Wilkie, A Terribly Strange Bed, Connell, Richard, The Most Dangerous Game, Coppard, A. E., (Alfred Edgar Coppard) (1878-1957) Adam amd Eve and Pinch Me, Adam amd Eve and Pinch Me, Crawford, F. Marion

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