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         Canziani Louisa Starr:     more detail
  1. Autograph Letter Signed. by Louisa Starr (1845-1909). CANZIANI, 1894-01-01

1. Database
Campin Robert,Canaletto,Cano Alonso,Canova Antonio,Cantagallina Remigio,CantariniSimone,Cantwell James,Canuti Domenico Maria,canziani louisa starr,Capa Robert
Peter Paul Biro
~Fine Art Restoration
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2. Louisa Starr-Canziani (1845-1909)
National Portrait Gallery, list of portraits for louisa starrcanzianiincluding Brian Houghton Hodgson by louisa starr-canziani,.

3. Brian Houghton Hodgson (1800-1894), Orientalist And Indian Administrator
National Portrait Gallery, list of portraits for Brian Houghton Hodgsonincluding Brian Houghton Hodgson by louisa starrcanziani,.

4. Introduction - Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery
Next . louisa starr canziani and Estella canziani two artist travellers 29thMarch - 15th June 2003 Gallery 16 BM AG Chamberlain Square +44 (0)121 303 2834.
Home Exhibitions :: Canziani

Louisa Starr Canziani and Estella Canziani: two artist travellers
29th March - 15th June 2003
Gallery 16
An exhibition celebrating the achievements of Louisa Star and Estella Canziani, as artists, writers, collectors and travellers. Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery has a unique collection of work by and associated with Louisa Starr Canziani (1845-1909) and her daughter Estella (1887-1964). Presented by Estella Canziani between 1929 and 1937, the collection embraces oil and tempera paintings, watercolours, drawings and sketchbooks by both of these artists, as well as related archive material and an extensive collection of traditional costumes, pottery, woodwork, textiles and jewellery. These were acquired predominantly from Savoy and the northern region of Italy as well as the Abruzzi area of central-eastern Italy, but also include diverse material from eighteenth and nineteenth-century England, Morocco, Central Africa, China and Turkey. The exhibition is composed of objects and artwork taken from this collection. Next
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Arts Art History ... C :Canziani, Louisa Starr
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6. British Women Painters: 1893 Exposition--Part I
louisa starr canziani (1845 1909). louisa starr canziani and her daughterEstella were both artists. No other information is available online.
Site Index ll Women Painters Index ll Nichols Home Page
British Women Painters: 1893 Exposition
Compiled by K. L. Nichols
British Women Painters Allingham - Duffield l Forbes - Jopling l Lucas - Rae I Reid - Youngman
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Helen Allingham
Anna Alma Tadema

Laura Alma-Tadema

Lady Elizabeth Butler
Mary E. Duffield

Helen (Elizabeth Paterson) Allingham Self-Portrait representative work Garden [title unknown]representative work Milking at Valewood Farm typical rural cottage watercolor "The Harvest Moon, Globed in Mellow Splendor" representative work On the Sand, Eastbourne representative work The Sick Duckling (image unavailable)exhibited in Fine Art Palace, 1893 Exposition Helen Allingham lost her physician father when she was thirteen, but aided by her artist-aunt Laura Herford, she was able to enroll in the Birmingham School of Design, the Royal Female School of Art in London, and finally the prestigious Royal Academy Schools which her aunt had gender-integrated just a few years earlier. After a lucrative commercial career (she was the only woman on the staff of The Graphic ), including illustrations for Thomas Hardy's novel

7. Louisa Starr Canziani
Estella canziani Piemonte - Translate this page canziani nasce a Milano il 12 gennaio 1887 e muore a Londra nel 1964. Il padre Enrico,ingegnere civile, è di origine italiana mentre la madre louisa starr è
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8. Women Artists In History
louisa starr canziani, Mary Cassatt (18441926),
We're using this space to showcase the work of women artists down through the centuries. Over time we will do our best to make this list comprehensive. If you have a famous artist to recommend, please send us mail We would like to create a network of women who are interested in the work of women artists. Our dream is that eventually all the women on our list will have their own web page. If any of these women strike your fancy and you decide to devote a web page to their work, please let us know and we will link our page to yours. While you're here, check out our list of frequently asked questions
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Medieval Period

9. More results from PreRaphaelite Art John Byam Shaw, 1872-1919, Indian/British. Frank Cowper, 1877-1958, English.louisa starr canziani, 19th Century, Edith Ellenborough Corbet, 19th Century, CANZIANI Louisa

10. "Victorian Fantasies" By Terri Windling
canziani, the daughter of fairy painter louisa starr, grew up among the PreRaphaelitesand studied at the Royal Academy; her work drew on her interest in
by Terri Windling "The Artist’s Dream" by John Anster Fitzgerald "The acceptance and rapid growth of fairyland as a fit subject matter for literature, painting, and the stage from the 1820s to the 1840s and its survival until at least the First World War is one of the most remarkable phenomena of 19th-century culture," writes Michael Booth in Victorian Spectacular Theatre about an aspect of English history that is little discussed today. Paradoxically, although it was during Victorian times that fantasy and fairy tales became firmly associated with childhood, it was also a time when adult interest in the subject could not have been higher. In previous Forum and Gallery columns, we looked at the Pre-Raphaelite writers and painters of 19th century England; in this article, we’re going to explore the broader world of magical arts during the same time period. (You’ll also find a selection of Victorian Fairy Paintings in the Gallery of this Web site. )
entirely disappear from literature Pope’s Rape of the Lock and Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels were both popular 18th-century texts; yet these were satires, poking fun at the conventions of folk and fairy tales; the magic in them was rationalized as allegory, and distanced by humor.

11. Part 1: The Women’s Penny Paper And Woman’s Herald, 1888-1893
88 Lady Caithness, Duchess of Pomar 61 Mrs Julia Margaret Cameron, Founder of Photographyas Fine Art 128 Mdme louisa starr canziani, Artist 211 Mrs Chaffee
Part 1: and
4 reels of 35mm silver-halide positive microfilm plus guide
"Lively and uncompromising feminism; the most vigorous feminist paper of its time. Contents included interviews with prominent feminists, and regular reports from a variety of organisations, e.g. BWTA, WLF, Primrose League; from May 1890 the Central National Society for Women’s Suffrage was given a column of its own... "Helena B Temple" was the pen-name of Henrietta B Muller (d.1906), sister of Eva McLaren and a prominent feminist. As well as being in at the start of the Women’s Printing Society, she was a pioneer school board member (for Lambeth), and early tax-resister (for the vote, in 1884), and later a Theosophist and associate of Annie Besant".
David Doughan
Feminist Periodicals, 1855-1984 "After a great deal of difficulty and opposition from my family I managed to go to Girton where I spent three most happy years... Miss Davies was the Principal of Girton when I was there. I had to work hard and when I came out with Honours I was immensely proud. I took Moral Sciences, which include Political Economy, Philosophy, Psychology etc... After a little while, at the suggestion of Professor Fawcett, I made up my mind to stand for the London School Board." The advice of Henry Fawcett (husband of Millicent Garrett Fawcett) proved to be fruitful. Henrietta Muller came top of the poll and worked for the London School Board for 6 years.

12. Chapter Six.
also this PreRaphaelite Collection with biographies and images of the followingSophie Anderson Kate Elizabeth Bunce louisa starr canziani Edith Ellenborough
Catalog of links keyed to Whitney Chadwick's Women, Art, and Society
Rosa Bonheur, Herd of Sheep in the Pyrenees , n.d.
Sex, Class, and Power in Victorian England
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FEATURED ARTIST: Julia Margaret Cameron (115 images)
See also this Pre-Raphaelite Collection with biographies and images of the following:
Sophie Anderson
Kate Elizabeth Bunce
Louisa Starr Canziani
Edith Ellenborough Corbet ...
Annie Louisa Swynnerton
(87) "Lady Students at the National Gallery"
Illustrated London News , November 21, 1885
(88) Emily Mary Osborn
Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon , before 1891
See also Mrs. Sturgis and her Children

(Lent by James Lindsay, Jr., Esq.). 112. Buttercups and Daisies. canziani,Madame louisa starr, London. 113. Two Little “Home Rulers,” the Hons. BRITAIN.htm
GREAT BRITAIN. President of the Royal Commission H. R. H. THE PRINCE OF WALES, K. G. Secretary of the Royal Commission, SIR HENRY TRUMAN WOOD, R. A., Victoria House, Jackson Park. Superintendent of the Fine Arts Section, J. W. BECK, Victoria House, Jackson Park. Committee on Fine Arts. SIR FREDERICK LEIGHTON, Bart., P. R. A., CHAIRMAN. SIR RICHARD WEBSTER, Q. C., M. P. SIR FREDERICK BRAMWELL, Bart., D. C. L., F. R. S. WILLIAM AGNEW. J. MACVICAR ANDERSON, P. R. I.B. A. WYKE BAYLISS, F. S. A., P. R. B. A. PHILIP H. CALDERON, R. A. SIR PHILIP CUNLIFFE-OWEN, K. G. B., K. C. M. G., C.I. E. HENRY WILLIAM BANKS DAVIS, R. A. SIR JOHN GILBERT, R. A. President of the Royal Society of Painters in Water Golors. F. SEYMOUR HADEN, P. R. P. E. ALEXANDER HENDERSON. SIR JAMES D. LINTON, P. R. I. W. E. LOCKHART, R. S. A. H, STAGY MARKS, R. A., Deputy-President of the Royal Society of Painters In Water Colors. WALTER WILLIAM OULESS, R. A. EDWARD J. POYNTER, R. A. WILLIAM CUTHBERT QUILTER, M. P. FREDERIC STAGPOOLE, A. R. A. MARCUS STONE, R. A.

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15. Recorder Home Page > Recorder Iconography > Artists, C
Milan (1887), died London (1964); daughter of the fairy painter louisa starr. ThePiper of Dreams (1914), painting, 46.9 × 34.2 cm, Estella canziani (18871964
Recorder Home Page
Recorder Iconography
Compiled by Nicholas S. Lander
Jaume Cabrera (15th century), Spain
  • Altarpieces from the Cathedral of Vic , 1400, Jaume Cabrera. Detail. Virgin and Child with Angel musicians (early 15th-century), School of Jaume Cabrera. Madrid: National Archaeological Museum. Ref. Gudiol (1986: 454); Rowland-Jones (1997c: 15). Shows a duct-flute (flageolet or recorder) with lute, harp and singers.
Giuseppe Antonio Caccioli
Italian frescoist and ceiling painter; born 1672, died 1740.
  • Title unknown, Giuseppe Antonio Caccioli (1672-1740). Brunswick: Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum. Ref. Munich RIdIM (1999: BSm 332). Includes a duct-flute, but not clearly depicted.
Giacinto Calandrucci (1646-1707), Italian
Italian painter and draughtsman, executed various decorative and mythological frescos as well as idyliic pastoral scenes, and altarpieces; born Palermo (1646), died Palermo (1707).
  • A Satyr
Jan Steven [Johannes Stephanus] van Calcar
North Netherlandish artist active in Italy; strongly influenced by Titian with whom his work is often confused; his chief claim to fame is his woodcut illustration of Vesalius' De humani corporis fabrica (1543), an anatomical text book; born Kalkar (1499), died Naples (1546/1550).

16. Allzone Arts/Art History/Artists/C/Canziani, Louisa Starr
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18. Electricbrain Home: Index: Arts: Art History: Artists: C: Canziani, Louisa Starr
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19. /Arts/ArtHistory/Artists/C/Canziani,LouisaStarr/ - - Web Dire
louisa starr canziani WebMagick s Pre-Raphaelite Collection short biographyand illustration of her work Undine . LinkExchange.$/Arts/ArtHistory/Artists/C/Canziani,LouisaStarr/
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Arts Art History ... C : Canziani, Louisa Starr Louisa Starr Canziani - WebMagick's Pre-Raphaelite Collection: short biography and illustration of her work 'Undine' LinkExchange Member
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