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  1. Sedona: Journal of Emergence (June 1996) ETs, UFOs, Channeling from YHWH, Zoosh, Lazaris, Ramtha, Vywamus, Ashtar,. Mayan Calendar, Reincarnation, Healing, Astrology, Predictions. (Vol. 6, No. 6) by Robert Shapiro, Jach Pursel, et all 1996
  2. Sedona: Journal of Emergence (March 1998) Phoenix Lights; End of 50-Year Earth-ET Security Agreement; Turning of the Vortexes; Free Yourself from the Game of Time; Four Keys to Transformation; Star Nation Fractal; Homeopathy; Devas; Mayan Calendar. (Vol. 8, No. 3) by Robert Shapiro, Hannah Beaconsfield, et all 1998
  3. Isis Unveiled by H.P. Blavatsky, 2008-02-24
  4. The Convoluted Universe: Book One by Dolores Cannon, 2001-11-01
  5. The Convoluted Universe - Book Three by Dolores Cannon, 2008-08-26
  6. The Other Side of Life: The Eleven Gem Odyssey of Death ((Angels, Spirits, Ghosts, Death, Time Travel, Parallel Worlds, Personal Growth and Transformation) by Susan D Kalior, 2009-06-06
  7. Almas gemelas (Spanish Edition) by Richard Webster, 2001-12-08
  8. The Afterlife Codes: Searching for Evidence of the Survival of the Soul by Susy Smith, Gary E. R. Schwartz, et all 2000-09
  9. The Prospect of Immortality by Kelly R., Ph.D. Nicholson, 1999-10
  10. Personal Existence after Death: Reductionist Circularities and the Evidence by Robert J. Geis, 2000-01-26

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