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         Postscript Programming:     more books (39)
  1. Real World Postscript: Techniques from Postscript Professionals
  2. Stack-Oriented Programming Languages: Postscript, Befunge, Poplog, Stack-Oriented Programming Language, Dc, Rpl, Factor, False, Cat, Mouse, Joy
  3. Technical Communication: Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing, Basic English, Xml, Application Programming Interface, Postscript, Html
  4. PostScript: Concatenative Programming Language, Charles Geschke, Page Description Language, Desktop Publishing, PDF
  5. PostScript and Acrobat/PDF: Applications, Troubleshooting, and Cross-Platform-Publishing by Thomas Merz, 1996-11-08
  6. Data-Structured Programming Languages: Array Programming Languages, Stack-Oriented Programming Languages, Fortran, Postscript, Apl, Gnu Octave
  7. Taking Advantage of Postscript by John F. Sherman, 1991-08
  8. Learning Postscript: A Visual Approach by Ross Smith, 1990-03
  9. Mathematical Illustrations: A Manual of Geometry and PostScript by Bill Casselman, 2004-12-28
  10. The LaTeX Graphics Companion: Illustrating Documents with TeX and Postscript(R) by Michel Goossens, Sebastian Rahtz, et all 1997-04-25
  11. Thinking in Postscript by Glenn C. Reid, 1990-10
  12. A Postscript Cookbook by Barry Thomas, 1989-02
  13. Stack-Oriented Programming Languages: Forth Programming Language Family, Forth, Postscript, Befunge, 51-Forth, Poplog, Muf
  14. PostScript Illustrations by Michael Gosney, Linnea Dayton, et all 1990-11-01

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