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         Plate Tectonics Geology:     more books (100)
  1. The Encyclopedia of Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series)
  2. Arabian Plate Hydrocarbon Geology and Potential: A Plate Tectonic Approach (Aapg Studies in Geology) by Z. R. Beydoun, 1991-07
  3. Geology of the USSR: A Plate-Tectonic Synthesis (Geodynamics Series) by L. P. Zonenshain, Michael I. Kuzmin, et all 1990-11
  4. Fault (Geology): Geology, Earthquake, Crust (geology), Plate tectonics, Transform fault, Allegheny Plateau, Fault mechanics, Mitigation of seismic motion, Seismic hazard
  5. Geology Theories: Plate tectonics, Age of the Earth, History of the Earth, Toba catastrophe theory, Sirente crater, Scriptural geologists
  6. The Aleutian-Kamchatka Trench convergence: An investigation of lithospheric plate interaction in the light of modern geotectonic theory by Edwin Conger Buffington, 1973
  7. Guidebook to the Southern Coast Ranges geology and plate tectonics: Fall 1979 field trip of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of California at Los Angeles (ESSSO guidebook) by Mark P Cloos, 1979
  8. The Earth Sciences Encyclopedia Online (ESEO): Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics (Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences)
  9. Geology of Venus: Venus, Impact crater, Observations and explorations of Venus, Volcanism on Venus, Plate tectonics, Fault (geology), Fold (geology), Perovskite, ... Arachnoid (astrogeology), Greenhouse effect
  10. California geology. California and plate tectonics: Special renewal issue by W. G Ernst, 1979
  11. Plate Tectonics for Introductory Geology by J. R. Carpenter, 1983-01
  12. Precambrian Plate Tectonics (Developments in Precambrian geology) by A. Kroner, 1981-06
  13. Plate tectonics (Benchmark papers in geology)
  14. Mineral Deposits, Continental Drift and Plate Tectonics (Benchmark Papers in Geology, V. 44)

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