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  1. New species of spores from the Upper Devonian of the Pripet Depression: Paleozoic spores of Byelorussia (Pripet Depression) by G. I Kedo, 1976
  2. Organic-walled microplankton in the subsurface Ordovician of northeastern Kansas (Subsurface geology series) by Robert Paul Wright, 1981
  3. Jurassic biostratigraphy of three borings in NW Scania: A brief palynological report (Rapporter och meddelanden / Sveriges geologiska undersökning) by Dorothy Guy-Ohlson, 1978
  4. Second supplement, annotated references, Precambrian to Tertiary palynological literature (Paleo data banks) by Gerhard O. W Kremp, 1982
  5. The Lehner Mammoth site, Southeastern Arizona (University of Arizona. Program in Geochronology, contribution) by Emil W Haury, 1959
  6. Antarctic Palaeobiology: Its Role in the Reconstruction of Gondwana
  7. Spores and pollen grains from the Mesozoic of Western Australia by B. E Balme, 1957
  8. Palynology of the Almond Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Rock Springs uplift, Wyoming, (Bulletins of American paleontology) by J. Fred Stone, 1973
  9. Proceedings of the 7th International Palynological Congress (International Palynological Congress//Proceedings) by Qld.) International Palynological Congress 1988 (Brisbane, Elizabeth M. Truswell, et all 1990-12
  10. Palaeozoic sporae dispersae from Zaïre (Congo), 13-18 (Annalen) by R. K Kar, 1978
  11. Late Precambrian microfossils from the Diaoyutai formation, Eastern Liaoning, China by Leiming Yin, 1980
  12. Status quo of Palaeogene Microphytoplankton studies in China by Cheng-quan He, 1980
  13. Eocene spores and pollen assemblage from northeastern Zhejing by Man-ying Li, 1980
  14. Some new genera of Oligocene Dinoflagellates and Acritarchs from the costal region of Beibu Wan, China by Cheng-quan He, 1980

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