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         Paleontology & Evolution:     more books (100)
  1. Fossils, Paleontology and Evolution: Brown Foundations of Earth Science Series by David L. CLARK, 1968
  2. Studies in Evolution (History of Paleontology) by Charles E. Beecher, 1980-05
  3. Invertebrate Paleontology &Evolution 4th edition by EuanNeilsonKerrClarkson, 1998-01-01
  4. Invertebrate Paleontology &_Evolution 4TH EDITION by Eusn NKClsrkson, 1998
  5. Group of 9 papers. Includes: STERN. Gene and Character. Offprint from: Genetics, Paleontology, and Evolution. by Curt (1902-1981). STERN, 1949-01-01
  6. Systematics and evolution of early Eocene Perissodactyla (Mammalia) in the Clarks Fork Basin, Wyoming (Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology) by Philip D Gingerich, 1991
  7. Island Biogeography : Ecology, Evolution and Conservation by Robert J. Whittaker, 1999-02-18
  8. African Palaeoenvironments and Geomorphic Landscape Evolution: Palaeoecology of Africa Vol. 30, An International Yearbook of Landscape Evolution and Palaeoenvironments
  9. Morphogenesis and Evolution by Keith Stewart Thomson, 1988-09-01
  10. Causes of Evolution: A Paleontological Perspective
  11. Taxonomy, Evolution, and Biostratigraphy of Conodonts: From the Kechika Formation, Skoki Formation, and Road River Group (Upper Cambrian to Lower Silu by Leanne J. Pyle, Christopher R. Barnes, 2002-01
  12. Arguments on Evolution: A Paleontologist's Perspective by Antoni Hoffman, 1988-11-03
  13. Holocene Palaeoenvironmental History of the Central Sahara: Palaeoecology of Africa Vol. 29, An International Yearbook of Landscape Evolution and Palaeoenvironments ... of Africa and the Surrounding Islands)
  14. Fenster zur Evolution: Berühmte Fossilfundstellen der Welt (German Edition) by Paul A. Selden, John R. Nudds, 2006-11-16

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