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         Guam Geography:     more detail
  1. Geography of Guam: Point Udall, Cocos Island, Mount Lamlam, Apra Harbor, Cocos Lagoon, Fena Lake, Iso 3166-2:gu, Cabras Island, Fouha Point
  2. Guam Geography Introduction: Lockwood Terrace, Guam
  3. Military geography of Guam (Army War College course in military art, 1909-10) by John Archer Lejeune, 1910
  4. Cultural resources within the Guam Seashore Study Area and the War in the Pacific National Historical Park by Jane Jennison Nolan, 1979
  5. Guam,: An account of its discovery and reduction, physical geography and natural history, and the social and economic conditions on the island during the first year of the American occupation, by William Edwin Safford, 1912
  6. Guam: Webster's Timeline History, 1492 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2010-03-10
  7. Guam; An Account of Its Discovery and Reduction, Physical Geography and Natural History, and the Social and Economic Conditions on the Island by William Edwin Safford, 2010-07-24
  8. A year on the island of Guam: An account of the first American administration, with notes on the physical geography, climate, flora, and fauna of the island, ... from the journal of William Edwin Safford by William Edwin Safford, 1910
  9. Spanish East Indies: Asia-Pacific, Philippines, Mariana Islands, CarolineIslands, Taiwan, Sabah, Maluku Islands, History of thePhilippines (1521?1898), ... in thePhilippines, History of Guam
  10. Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc: Plate tectonics, Convergent boundary, Izu Islands, Bonin Islands, Mariana Islands, Guam, Philippine Sea Plate, Challenger Deep, ... Pacific Plate, Oceanic crust, Volcanic arc
  11. Yona, Guam
  12. Pacific Islands (Thompson, Kathleen. Portrait of America.) by Katherine Kristen, Kathleen Thompson, 1996-01

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