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         Genotype & Phenotype:     more books (44)
  1. Genotype-Phenotype: Webster's Timeline History, 1968 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2010-03-10
  2. Epigenetics: Linking Genotype and Phenotype in Development and Evolution
  3. Gene expression and the concept of the phenotype [An article from: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biol & Biomed Sci] by O. Nachtomy, A. Shavit, et all 2007-03-01
  4. FROM GENOTYPE TO PHENOTYPE (Human Molecular Genetics) by Steve E. Humphries,
  5. Allele: Muller's morphs, Genetics, Phenotype, Ploidy, Chromosome, Genotype, Zygosity, Population, Polymorphism (biology), ABO blood group system, Blood type, Protein, Evolution, Genealogical DNA test
  6. Insulin Resistance and the Insulin Receptor in Leprechaunism From Phenotype to Genotype by M. P. Klinkhamer, 1990
  7. Influence of the genetic polymorphism in the 5'-noncoding region of the CYP1A2 gene on CYP1A2 phenotype and urinary mutagenicity in smokers [An article ... Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis] by S. Pavanello, A. Pulliero, et all
  8. From Genotype to Phenotype
  9. Phenotype-genotype dichotomy: An essay in theoretical biology by Piotr Lenartowicz, 1975
  10. Genotype-proteotype-phenotype Relationships in Neurodegenerative Disease by Jeffrey (EDT) Cummings, 1980
  11. From Genotype to Phenotype by S E Humphries,
  12. Neurofibromatosis Type I: From Genotype to Phenotype (A Volume in the Human Molecular Genetics Series) (Human Molecular Genetics) by M. Upadhyaya, 1980
  13. From Genotype to Phenotype (Human Molecular Genetics) by Sue Malcolm, 2001
  14. Individual: An entry from Thomson Gale's <i>Gale Encyclopedia of Science, 3rd ed.</i> by Bill Freedman, 2004

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