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         Currency Alternatives:     more books (33)
  1. Currency areas and alternative exchange rate regimes in a simple three-country general equilibrium model (Seminar paper) by Torsten Persson, 1980
  2. The common currency policy: An alternative approach to control harmful substances in the environment by Therese Freeman, 1982
  3. Identifying Austria's implicit monetary target: An alternative test of the "hard currency" policy (Working paper series) by Michael Dueker, 1995
  4. Discriminating contagion: An alternative explanation of contagious currency crises in emerging markets (IMF working paper) by Pavan Ahluwalia, 2000
  5. Mathematics: Alternative Syllabus Bk. 4: Decimal Currency e. by L.Harwood Clarke, 1969-05
  6. Dollarization: Debates and Policy Alternatives
  7. Alternative Shakespeare Auditions (Women) (MANUALS)
  8. Alternative mortgage instruments, the tilt problem, and consumer welfare (Staff papers / United States. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency) by James R Alm, 1982
  9. The monetary effect of devaluation: An alternative interpretation of the Cooper paradox (Economic papers. Special reprint series / Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica) by Chao-nan Chʻen, 1974
  10. Tests of alternative theories of the effects of devaluation: The case of Korea by Keun-Yung Lee, 1986
  11. Bad dreams under alternative anchors: Are the consequences different? (IMF working paper) by Leonardo Auernheimer, 2000
  12. Alternative systems for international monetary reform: A comparative appraisal (Papers and lectures - Bank of Greece) by Xenophōn Euthymiou Zolōtas, 1965
  13. The dollar and the yen: Implications and policy alternatives by Jeffrey E Garten, 1986
  14. The United States gold purchase program: Its failure and an alternative proposal, by Bronson Trevor, 1941

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